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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok Ha-Hhadash (The Book of the New Law of the Third and Final Redemption -



first sign

Sign of the Book of the Stars of Abraham, father of a multitude of nations

The Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption.

The Sign of the Great Reunification

Sign of Entering the Fourth Generation

Sign of the Sign made by Teacher, Haim, binding the time of the Fourth Generation to the 4000 year cycle of the Star of Abraham

Sign of the Great Velocity of the events of the Fourth Generation

Sign of the Messianic Star of Christ (Star of Malchitzedek before Christianity and Star which Astounds of the Final Redemption), come in Virtue of Humility

This Sign has more titles than any other because it is the First Great Sign which contains in Sign-synthesis the other Five Great Signs that follow. There are, in effect, 5 Stars of the Redemption shown in the First Sign. From the Sign of the Teacher, Haim, we know the position of the Fourth Star and the First Star and thus we know the positions of the rest. We, as pupils, must try to understand the lessons that the Teacher, Haim, is teaching us.

The first necessary prerequisite of the Final Redemption is the declaration of the Time-Decree. The Time-Decree itself is that already established by the Almighty Creator of the universe and Omnipotent Redeemer of Israel concerning the ‘general’ time in which the Final Redemption will arrive for the world. Within that time span, however, there is also an element of flexibility which depends on the merit of the one chosen as Final Goel. In his merit the beginning comes ‘before its time’ so that more time be given to prepare the world for the End Time in which the Lord, our God, manifests Himself in that horrendous period of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, whether or not there is merit.

The traditional Israel awaits the ‘et ha-ketz’ , the ‘time of the end’. This term itself indicates the duplicity of the ‘end of the decree of exile’ and the ‘beginning of the Final Redemption’. When the Final Goel, Haim, indicates the arrival of the Fourth Star, he has declared that the beginning or opening of the ‘end time’ has come. It is correct that the Final Goel himself teach this to the world, since it is in his merit that the Final Redemption is opened. That first opening comes many years before the ultimate time-decree of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord which belongs to the second half of the Fourth Generation, to prepare the world for that terrible wrath of God Almighty prophesied to come.

It is part of the New Kabbalah of the Final Redemption that the last sacrificial suffering of the Tzadik, Haim, was considered as if the Tzadik had borne the ‘weight’ of that terrible world-wide decree for 35 years. After the revelation in dream-signs that the Fourth Generation is a double-generation, the first of 35 years and the second of 30 years, we believe that there is here a correspondence. In another dream there was an indication that in the second half of the Fourth Generation, the acts of mankind (and especially the sins of genetics that issue then) are so hateful before God, that, so to speak, He ‘takes away the protection from the world’, God save us, and humanity becomes as a jungle (it was indicated clearly in the dream, however, that the New Protection of the Completed Signs remains, thank God).

Thus the Fourth Generation is of 65 years; during the first part of 35 years, notwithstanding the great and terrible things that occur also in these years, there is still the Grace of God and His protection in the world. This is in merit of the Final Sacrifice of the humble Tzadik, Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. It is also in this merit that the grace of God is upon us to prepare the necessary teachings of Sefer Mishnat Haim, and to establish the Schools and the Missions of the Final Redemption, a necessity for salvation in the world, especially in that second period.

In the second part of the Fourth Generation must come, unfortunately, the last stand of evil in the world, before its great and final destruction, its last stand in the battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil, in which the forces of evil, seeing, so to speak, that their end is near, rise up in an unrestrained last-chance-to-live-or-die battle. So tremendous is their force that they would overthrow all the positive forces of mankind, if not for the Great and Mighty Wars of God Almighty in that period of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

The expression ‘great and terrible’ also indicates the duplicity of the Fourth Generation, that is ‘great’ in salvation with enormous manifested miracles of God, and ‘terrible’ in destruction, catastrophe, war, famine, diseases and curses that fall upon the world, God save us.

It is likewise proper that the Final Goel give a Prophetic Sign both of his having been chosen by God as Final Goel and for the veracity of the world’s having entered the Fourth Generation. Thus the Tzadik does not say here, “God will make a sign” but “I will make a sign”. He then pronounces a prophetic generality concerning the Fourth Generation, “When we arrive at the Fourth Star, I will make a sign, and all will proceed with great velocity”.

The entire Fourth Generation is characterized by the enormous speed of its events and happenings, radical changes and revolutionary discoveries and technological jumps. At this point we leave it to the reader to remember some of the more noticeable world events from 1983 until 1995, such as the fall of Communism, the fall of the Berlin wall, the Pope’s entering the Synagogue in Rome, the redemption of the Ethiopian Jews, the war against Iraq, the great changeover in Israeli politics, the great aliya from Russia and the ex-USSR Republics, and many other events, as well as the terrible ‘natural calamities’ flooding, fires, earthquakes etc. and unnatural calamities such as the Black Toxic Nuclear Cloud of Chernobil and the terrible extension of AIDS, God save us from all these. *

* I bring here only some thoughts that come to mind, but I am sure that others who have followed the political and non-political events of the world much more closely than we have done for the past 12 years would be able to relate hundreds of historical events which came about with enormous velocity in those years.

The ‘sign’ itself, made by the Teacher, Haim, goes from the Fourth Star to the First Star. The Sign of the Stars, however, does not begin with the Teacher himself. It begins with the opening of the Book of the Stars and the names of a multitude of nations. In this way we recognize immediately that we have to do with the Book of Abraham, our father. For we are involved here in a New Pact based on the Pact of Abraham and based on the Pure Monotheistic Faith of Abraham and based on the Protection of God by way of the Shield of Abraham. The Final Redemption, as was the First Redemption from Egypt, is based on God’s Promises to Abraham concerning his descendants.

By studying the Sign, helped also by the traditional midrashic knowledge concerning the Star of Abraham, it becomes obvious that the term ‘fourth star’ indicating the term Fourth Generation (instead of, for example, the Last Days ‘ahhrit ha-yomim’ or the talmudic Messianic Days ‘yemot ha-mashiahh’) also designates the time of the Closing Period of the 4000 year cycle of the Star of Abraham’. Later it becomes clarified that the 65 years of the Fourth Generation represents the precise number of years needed to complete that 4000 year cycle.

Thus the First Star, to which the ‘sign’ is made by the Teacher from the Fourth Star, refers to the Star of Abraham, binding in this way 4000 years of the Great Redemptional Cycle from the birth of Abraham, our father, to the Fourth Generation of the Final Redemption.

In the Sign, the Teacher makes a sign but he says “I will make a sign when the world arrives at the Fourth Star all will with great velocity”. This future tense, together with the action made in the present time of the Sign itself, indicates that the counting of the years of the Fourth Generation begins immediately with the coming of the Sign and with the making of the sign, but the times of the Fourth Generation are manifold. * If, for example, the velocity of the events were overwhelming in some cases in the first 12 years, all these are only as introductory signs compared to the substance coming in the following 12 years to verify the prophecy of the velocity of the Fourth Generation. It is thus a continuing sign in which the speed of events continually increases until the very end of the Fourth Generation.

* this is in exact parallel to the prophecy in Habakuk ‘write the vision on a Tablet’ etc. ‘for another vision is coming at the appointed time’ - the ‘sign’ made by the Final Goel opens the ‘first appointed time’ and announces the ‘second appointed time’. see Sefer Esther 3 where it has been established correctly that concerning the Mission of the FR, the ‘second appointed time’ is from the beginning of the 17th year of the Completed Signs from Pesah 5759 April 1999 whereas concerning the times of the Fourth Generation in general the 36th year will represent the ‘second appointed time’ -

From that ‘sign’ made in the Sign of the Stars, I and the others who were following the New Revelation believed literally that the Teacher would make a sign in the heavens. We saw various ‘signs’ in the 4th year and the 5th but it was until the 6th year (under the Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim) that the marvelous ‘sign’ awaited was fully verified before 14 persons at about 10:30 at night under the stars in Sila Forest of Calabria, June 1988. A star (or a star-like object) pitched across the heavens directly in the direction of the four stars of the Handle of the Big Dipper (which correspond to the four stars seen in the Sign of the Stars). As it moved across the sky it became brighter and brighter. Its ‘trajectory’ path had it meet exactly the Fourth Displaced Star. As it encountered the fourth star it exploded, seen as a bright implosion; it continued a bit, became pale, fell in a direct line and touched the first star and dissolved into nothingness.

We had the privilege to witness and to give testimony to the sign indicated by the Teacher, Haim, as the Time of the Fourth Generation. It came in the 6th year because the 6th Sign binds all the preceding Signs to the Sign of the Stars which follows, as we say in the New Rite, ‘Blessed is the God of the Redemption (EHEYE ASHER EHEYE) who conjoins the Sign of the Resurrection to the Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption.’

Now with a framework of 4000 years of the history of the redemption, in the long cycle of the Star of Abraham, and the Sign of the Final Goel, Haim, teaching us about the Stars of the Redemption, the Teacher of Life comes to reveal the coming of the Astounding Universal Messianic Star of Christ which, with its appearance for the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, becomes the Tzafnat Paaneahh ‘the resolver of hidden things’ to all the messianic confusion and redemptional mysteries of the last 3000 years.

This is the Magnificent ‘Multi-Task’ Universal Star of Malchitzedek, which after having tied up the great messianic and redemptional knot created by the Enigmatic Mission of Christ 2000 years ago appears for the Final Redemption to undo the great knot, in its finalized form as the Star of the Completed Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the Final Redemption or the Star that Astounds, in merit of the Resurrection of the humble Teacher of Life, Haim. This opens the Signs of the Great Correction of Christianity and reveals the hidden origins, the purposes and meanings of the Mission of Jesus, both as the failed mission prophesied in Malachi and as the mission of the prophetic historical realization of the Sacrificed Ram in the stead of Isaac, our father.

There is revealed the ‘secret’ of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs known to the hidden Sages of the School of the Essenes, and thus the true origins of Christianity searched for so avidly by the scholars of Essene and Qumran literature for the past 50 years.

Whether Jewish or Christian, a great deal of humility is required to accept and understand the Wonderful New Message that ensues from the Christian Correction. The Jews must be humble in order to come to the realization that the purposes of that historic mission, in the Divine Design of history, has an integral position in bringing, in the end, the universality required for the Final Redemption. Christians, on the other hand, must be humble in recognizing the grave errors of all traditional Christian Theology such as the Trinity, the deification of Christ, the virgin birth, the Logos of John etc. They must indeed exit from traditional Christianity and come to terms with the Renewed Universal Pact for the Descendants of Malchitzedek on the Altar of the Nations (Altar of Malchitzedek) in the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption.

To all, the Teacher explains and warns at the same time that “This is Star of Christ which comes in virtue of humility”. For reason of the Teacher’s profound humility, he himself announces to the world the ‘scandalizing’ message of the ‘return’ of the Star of Christ. As the Final Goel of the Jewish people, this is no small announcement. The ’scandal’ however derives from the habitual thinking about historical Christianity whereas the truth depends on the totally new definitions given according to the totally new criteria of the Completed Signs.

So too as the Final Anointed Judge and Teacher of Life of the Final Redemption of mankind, it is no small thing to announce to all the Christian nations and peoples that all traditional Christianity is false. But the humble and modest Tzadik, having been chosen Goel, must announce humbly what is upon him to announce and to teach the knowledge necessary for the sake of the Final Redemption.

So must we try to follow the example of the Teacher and to be humble and unprejudiced in judging that which has yet to be understood. If you might have been able to know the purposes of God’s Design of History to bring it to its great Final Redemption, then there would have been no need for the Completed Signs and the amazing redemptional solutions that they contain. Read Sefer ha-Mafli and judge afterwards.

Every aspect of the Completed Signs is amazing, prophetic and new. Is it not amazing that this first and essential Sign to all the Signs of the Redemption, containing the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, was received by the non-Jewish, uncircumcised, Catholic born husband of Iliade Levi, our close friend Gino Tampieri? He knows very little of religion, only a few basic concepts, also because he is part of the Levi family, but he is a good person with a generous heart who wishes good for others; he had compassion on the Tzadik when he was in his last suffering. Therefore he merited to receive this marvelous Sign which will eventually become knowledge for the entire world and the object of study and contemplation in all the coming generations.

The fact that Gino is Christian (without affiliation) but, nevertheless, not Jewish and not circumcised and virtually unlearned in matters of religion and faith etc. is itself prophetic. It means that once the Sign has been sent into the world and Gino has received it, this fact itself and relative matters concerning the person of Gino, become of a prophetic content. It is a prophetic necessity in the order of the Signs that the Messages reach the people of the world, people of all walks of life and therefore (we have been witness a thousand times) where it is possible, the Sign comes down to the level of the masses, to the lowest point to which it can descend and still be received intact and without contamination of idolatrous forces.

Thus the Sign of the Stars which opens the Third and Final Redemption to a multitude of nations must be given to a Christian, not a Moslem and not a Jew. If given to a Jew, it would not reacMoslems or Christians; if given to a Moslem, it would reach Jews but not Christians because the idolatrous theology of all Christianity is invalid in the face of the pure monotheistic belief. If, however, a Christian can receive it, for sure it can be received by a Moslem or Jew.

This reception, nevertheless, has been unto a Christian who is a Catholic Christian by culture but not by belief. Gino does not believe in the Trinity or in the deification of Christ or in the virgin birth. The faith that he has in his heart is to the One Living God and Creator of the universe. In his own way Gino lives in his faith. He is also attached to Judaism through his marriage but also in his respect for the Jewish people. This respect for the

Jewish people is an essential element and a sine qua non for salvation through the New Pact of the Final Redemption.

* it was exactly such a faith necessary to maintain the first corrective equilibrium of the ‘House of Prayer for all the Nations’ as it was officially called in the first 6 years; in those years, the Signs established the Universal Synagogue and the Universal Church, representing the New Marriage between Christianity and Judaism in the true monotheistic faith; Gino and Iliade were in the Sign of this New Marriage - see the dream of Iliade ‘Sign of the Divine Presence in the House of Prayer’ the descent of which is impeded in the Catholic world by the cult to the Virgin Mary, and see Gino’s dream ‘Sign of the Messianic House of Prayer’, and see the dream of Sig. Davide Banin ‘Sign of the New Marriage’

On the other hand, it would not be possible for Gino to receive by himself the Book of the Stars. For although the Sign must reach the external limit of reception, it can never be detached from the Source of Revelation at Sinai, and must thus always be in the hands of Israel. If not, it would go out for the multitude of nations who would shun Israel and try to make the revelation its own. Therefore, although it is Gino who receives the Sign of the Stars, he sees the Book of the Stars in the hands of Giordano Levi which thus represents the reception of the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, for the Jewish people.

Giordano Levi, on the other hand, who is a butcher and has been the owner for many years of a Kosher Butcher Shop in Milan (until April 1999) is not a rabbi, scholar, talmudist, or anything of the sort; he is a working family man who loves his family and soccer and good eating and joking and living. He also has exceptional qualities, however, and a great big heart of bubbling joy and a faith of happiness in his love for EL SHADDAI.

In his love for the Tzadik Haim, and because of his personal suffering for the suffering of the Teacher in that last sacrifice, Giordano merited in this marvelous redemptional dream to receive, through Gino, the Book of the Stars of Abraham. Afterwards Giordano received the Sixth Sign, the Great Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher, Haim. While in the 1st Sign Gino dreams and Giordano appears, in the 6th Sign Giordano dreams and Gino appears. This itself was a sign that the cycle of the 6 Great Signs was completed and that it would return to the Sign of the Stars.

Just as Gino becomes the prophetic sign in determining the limits to which the New Revelation can be received among the nations, so too Giordano by way of the Signs becomes a prophetic sign determining the categories of Jews who will be able to fall within reach of the Great New Revelation from the Lord, our God. It has little to do with being ‘religious’ (whatever that means in our times!) or not. It has to do with being kindled actively in the faith of EL SHADDAI. It has to do with being of a simple heart, as a child, with the Lord, our God.

The Marvelous Completed Signs, having waited even from the beginning of creation until now to descend, must merge with the ‘Book of Merits’ of people in the world in order to make that descent. The ‘Book of Merits’ is opened for the world in the merit of the chosen Teacher of the generations, Haim. In merit of the Tzadik, also we may become written in the Book of Merits. In truth, however, the merit is of the Chosen Tzadik, Haim, and in that great merit, we have been written in the Book of Good Fortune. We are the lucky ones, who , in merit of the enormous humility of the beloved of God, have seen the opening descent of the Kingdom of Heaven.


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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok Ha-Hhadash (The Book of the Law of the Third and Final Redemption -

Second Sign

Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven

The visions of the Kingdom of Heaven are unspoken. The masses are yet before the first step. The great privilege of knowing the name of the Anointed Judge of the New Kingdom of Heaven of the Final Redemption is sufficient at this stage of history for personal salvation, if one believes in God’s choice of the Teacher, Haim, as the Final Goel. Personal salvation, aside from whatever spiritual elevation one is able to acquire in his knowledge and faith in the Completed Signs, means that the New Protection, the Renewed Shield of Abraham, of the Final Redemption, will descend from EL SHADDAI to the Kingdom of Heaven and through the Stars of the Final Redemption, to be a Shield of Protection on earth, around the person of that faith.

The New ‘shemirah’ of the Big Fish of the Milky Way which is bound to the Completed Redemptional and Messianic Signs of the Final Redemption represents an essential purpose of the Final Redemption during the Fourth Generation. People will need God’s protection more than ever in this Great and Terrible Displaced Generation. The Hidden Tzadik, Haim, is the ‘heir’ to the Blessing of Abraham and to the ‘secrets’ of the Shield of Abraham. As the newly chosen Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, he binds that Protection to those who come under the Signs of the New Pact.

* this is a manner of describing the ‘descent’ of the protection: from EL SHADDAI to the Milky Way (the great territory of Leviathan’s waters, thus establishing the Protection for the general level of the whole world); then to the Kingdom of Heaven, which is, so to speak, a Kingdom amidst the Celestial Harmony of the Redemptional Stars, but higher than the stars; here the Protection is, so to speak, directioned into the paths of the Completed Signs by way of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven who binds it, so to speak, to the Stars of the Redemption and to those who walk in the Signs of the Final Redemption. - so to speak, so to speak, but the Protection is not so to speak: it is a true, real and lasting protection from the Lord, our God, around the person protecting from all evil, from evil eye and evil-tongue, from all forms of magic, from illnesses and from damaging accidents etc. etc. - the use of names such as the Protection of Big Fish, instead of simply saying the Protection of EL SHADDAI or the Protection of God, derives from the Purim aspect of the Final Revelation; as in the Megillat Ester, the name of God is hidden in it but not mentioned; Purim is often said to be the ‘revelation of the redemption hidden in nature and in the natural events of the world’ as the Divine term in Prophets EL MISTATER ‘the God who hides Himself’ in the natural world to redeem His chosen people Israel. The ‘hidden language’ of the Megillah reflects that level of the redemption that must reach the lowest levels of exile, assimilation and ignorance. On those levels, however, it is desired that the name of God not be exposed, lest it be profaned by the unripe masses. After they have been saved, however, and washed from the crusts of exile and have seen and understood the ‘hidden miracles’ that were operating previously to bring about that salvation, they proclaim with profound and unlimited joy, ‘we were redeemed by the God who hides Himself and who prepared us in the dark places to make us ready for the coming of the light’.

The Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread integrates that Prointo the New Rite of the House of the Final Redemption. Those who participate in the New Rite in the proper faith partake of the New Protection.

The Anointed Judge sits upon the Chair of the Kingdom of Heaven. This corresponds to the prophecy in Isaiah: ‘and he will come immediately unto his Chamber, the master whom you are seeking’. Immediately after the death of the holy Tzadik, he was brought unto his chamber in the New Kingdom of Heaven.

He is ‘Anointed’ as the Head of all the Messianic Missions that will be on earth in the historical development of the Final Redemption. Those Missions descend from the House of Peretz, Man of the Signs who works in strict collaboration with the Great Surprise of the New Time, the Marvelous Messianic Donkey who eats Bread. The Donkey eats the various kinds of Messianic Bread and distributes them among the pupils. Peretz then captures the Sign hidden in the Bread, makes corresponding signs to the Signs received and establishes them in the House of the Redemption and explains them in writing. In this way the Messianic Signs descend in their Sign-Forms while forming and explaining the true measures and proper equilibrium of those future messianic missions.

* I do not know except what I may glean from the Signs that our children, God willing, when they come of age will continue to carry the Signs to their various historic phases during this Fourth Generation. More than this I do not know. The ‘House of Peretz’ is also a biblical-messianic Sign as the House that prepares the way for the House of David. Also Deborah’s conversion was in the Sign of Ruth’s conversion. In any case, the Signs are there. May that we merit and that it be the will of the Almighty to bring the House of Peretz unto the prophesied-messianic-fulfillment of the Final Redemption. He knows what will be, not we, blessed is His name in eternity.

I do not know what the Messianic Donkey will do after the Fourth Generation when the actual Messianic Mission of the House of David will be established in Israel. The Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven has been given to the Final Goel to ride on as he wishes. There are also other prophesied missions outside of Israel, such as the Mission of Tzemahh, who, in accordance with signs received, will have the mission of the International Diffusion of the New Pact of the Final Redemption in the United States. That mission is connected to the ‘line of Zerahh, son of Judah and Tamar’ whose Light splendors for the world. There will also be the Mission of Italy which derives from the Messianic Signs of Yosef received in the first 6 years.

Nevertheless, until the prophesied mission of Mashiahh ben David is not realized in Israel (together with the prophesied House of Prayer loved by all the nations or the Seven-Floor House of the Final Redemption given by the Completed Signs (which is itself the Third and Final Temple of Jerusalem that once built will never be destroyed) all the Signs of those Missions carried by us are not called ‘messianic missions’. They are the Signs of the Messianic Missions brought from the Kingdom of Heaven to earth by way of the Messianic Donkey who eats Bread. The Donkey’s preparatory efforts in establishing the Signs of those Missions probably ends with the end of the Fourth Generation when those Missions become a messianic reality in Israel and in the world. In truth I do not how things will go. I’m only a Donkey.

The main point is that the above mentioned prophecy has an extremely important purpose to this effect. The ‘master’ for whom you are waiting is not the Mashiahh ben David nor does that Messiah come immediately unto his Chamber at Jerusalem; the road to Jerusalem is long, even though it is greatly shortened by the immense velocity of the Fourth Generation.

The Mashiahh ben David will also not be Mashiahh after his death. Someone else will be called to that privileged position when he leaves the world. And so too all the Messianic Missions that are coming will be bound to the ‘Anointed Master of the Kingdom of Heaven’ who delegates and directs those missions on earth from the Seat of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is for this reason that the word ‘adon’ is used in this verse, distinguishing it from all other verses concerning the Messiah and the Final Redemption.

Indeed those who study the Torah are put into great difficulty by this use of ‘adon’ especially since they know that Christianity has used this verse to justify calling Jesus ‘Lord’, an absolute theological abomination. (But also the Hasidic groups who refer to their ‘rebbe’ as ‘adoneinu’ in the expression ‘admor’ standing for ‘adoneinu, moreinu ve-rabbeinu’ - our lord, guide and teacher - should also have their theology examined).

* the Tzadik, Haim spoke fire against the creation of this expression ‘admor’ and hurled verbal brimstone at those who had allowed themselves to be ‘crowned’ with the term ‘adoneinu’ ‘our lord’. “Moses, our teacher, refused to let himself be called adoneinu or even melech (King), but simply Moses, son of Amram, or Moses, our teacher” the Tzadik would say, showing utter disgust at the idolatrous errors and arrogant behavior that have crept into the Jewish camp during the last 400 years.

Nevertheless there is something offsetting in the way this verse throws up the term ‘adon’ and then enigmatically has him come unto his Chamber with great suddenness. What relationship is there, then, between the quickness with which he comes unto his Chamber and the fact that just he is the ‘adon’ that you have always been seeking? The chosen Final Goel is, after his sacrifice, brought immediately unto the Palace and the Chamber of the Kingdom of Heaven where he is made the Anointed Judge for all the other ‘messianic missions’ that will be fulfilled on earth. Therefore he is called the ‘adon’ or ‘master’ over all the other Messiahs of the future.

We have no permission to use the term ‘adon’ in speaking about the Teacher, Haim, because this would be totally contrary to his desire. The explanation of the verse, nevertheless, is part of the necessary textual interpretations of certain prophecies understood only in the light of the Final Revelation of the Completed Signs.

We are now at the beginning of a long, historic course. Except for the few who have heard our announcements and who have remained in the faith of what we are receiving, the entire world knows as yet nothing of this incredible and marvelous revelation. Nor does the world know what the Kingdom of Heaven is about. Nor do we know very much!

The purpose of the Signs, however, is to allow us to hold on to true terms, terms that ‘reflect’ higher truths, even if we cannot reach them with any full understanding. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all recognize that future time when the Celestial Harmony of the Kingdom of Heaven will descend unto the world, bringing its harmony with it. All recognize as well the concept that the Coming of the Kingdom, no matter how glorious it will be, must pass through the historic phase of the terrible Last Days of Judgment. The ‘descent’ of the Kingdom of Heaven is by the nature of its purposes a double-sign. The purity of the Kingdom will not descend into an impure world, and if the time of its descent is decreed, it will destroy all impurity on earth in its descent. Nor will the Divine Presence descend into a world filled with idolatry, idolatrous cults, idolatrous mysticism and idolatrous theology. All these will be totally destroyed along with the arrogant, the money-mongers, the aberration-mongers and the evil-doers of every sort who spring up as grass on the face of the earth. The Fourth Generation is also terrible as it is great in the Last Days of Judgment.

The Kingdom has always been spoken about and its realization has been prophetically declared in many ways. When the sheep will graze with the lion and so on are expressions of how that harmony will manifest itself when it will be ‘married’ with the high faith and harmonious actions of mankind; the Kingdom of Peace.

The Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, chosen by God Almighty for the Final Redemption, is a humble and suffering servant wsacrificed his life before God for the benefit of mankind. So was it decreed from before the Lord, our God, that all mankind would benefit from that sacrifice.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the means by which those higher benefits loved by God for the good of His creations descend into the world. At the appointed time and according to the merit at that time, the Final Goel is put to his last sacrifice, dies for the sake of the total completion of that sacrifice, is resurrected from the dead in the Completed and Final Sign of the Resurrection, is taken to the newly created heavens of the Kingdom of Heaven, is taken into the inner Chamber of the Celestial Palace and is received with the title of Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is of this person that the prophecy decrees ‘and in his hand the desire of God will prosper’.

Ours, in truth, is to do our best to attach ourselves to the benefits that derive from the Kingdom, not to understand what the Kingdom of Heaven is like in its Celestial essence. And whatever may be perceived of it in the way of visions or higher thoughts will be perceived only in silence and in the wisdom of inner modesty, as a gift from God to those who keep His secret.

There is, however, a vast teaching which descends from the Kingdom of Heaven and which becomes, God willing, the enormous patrimony of Sefer Mishnat Haim. Those teachings involve the virtues of character and spirit necessary to become meritorious in the elevation that derives from the White Marble Steps of the Palace of the Kingdom of Heaven. These Steps become elaborated in Sefer Mishnat Haim as the Ten Virtues needed for the ‘ascent’ into the Kingdom of Heaven: Faith, Blessing, the Virtues of the Heart, Prayer, the Divine Presence, the Correction, Sanctification, Renewal, Taste and Silence.

Above the Stairs of White Marble is seated the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom, the Teacher, Haim. Below, at the foot of the White Marble Steps stands Renato Levi. Renato, although he has not yet begun any ascent upon those Steps, is able to see and to look at the Teacher.

This represents a great present of the Teacher, Haim, to humanity. It is sufficient to be on the level of Renato to receive the ‘vision’ of the Anointed Judge from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Renato works with his brother Giordano and is a person quite reserved in his own way, with a special interest is cars. He is not one to speak about ‘religion’ or his personal life unless there is a particular reason. He merited to receive this Marvelous Sign because of his love and great respect for the Teacher Haim. Renato’s study with the Tzadik, Haim, may be summed up with one term EL SHADDAI. Renato had received from the Teacher the instruction to say the name EL SHADDAI at any moment he desired as a protection; particularly against evil-eye and evil-tongue to which Renato was very sensitive and of which he was often afraid. After receiving such from the Teacher, Renato never stopped saying EL SHADDAI.

He does not just say it; he lifts up his faith in it every time and his love to EL SHADDAI is heart-felt. And in this faith he merited to one of the Six Great Historic Signs of the Final Redemption, and that faith is sufficient to bind the Signs of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth.

Renato is basically of a simple structure, not one to have aspirations of contemplating the elevation of the ascent upon the Pure White Virtues of the Kingdom of Heaven. Ask him to tell you all the different models and the differences of structure, material, parts etc. etc. from A to Z of the Fiat or Alpha Romeo and he will gladly tell you. But White Marble Steps? He is totally satisfied that he saw them in his dream.

The masses stand yet just below the first White Marble Steps. They need the merit of Renato’s faith to be bound to the Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, for also they have no such aspirations as yet. This is why it is so significant that although Renato has not yet touched the first step, he is, nevertheless, able to see the Teacher Haim. Many, as Renato, desire to be in the true faith of the true God and to gain His protection. The Almighty God and Holy Redeemer of all mankind has sent the Final Goel, Haim, to help the masses know the true faith of Abraham, our father, in EL SHADDAI, and to bind them with the New Shield of Abraham and to prepare them for the time when their descendants will desire to ascend the White Marble Steps of the Kingdom of Heaven.


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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok Ha-Hhadash (The Book of the Law of the Third and Final Redemption -

Third Sign

Sign of the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot

* for the relationships between the traditional festivity of Hhanukah and the New Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot see the whole discussion in the New Law for Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot -

In the First General Sign there appear the Teacher and Peretz. In the Sign of the Stars appear Giordano, Gino, and twice the Teacher, Haim. In the Sign of the Kingdom appear the Teacher and Renato. In the Sign of the New Light, Sig. Remo Levi, peace be with him, sees the Great Hhanukia. In the Sign of the Donkey, Nelda Levi views the scene of the Donkey while Peretz looks on. In the Sign of the Fourth Generation, Davide Levi is onlooker to many scenes in Israel. In the Sixth and last Sign, Giordano meets the Teacher and the Teacher’s wife, Mazal, and Gino appears.

Peretz doesn’t count. Whatever you say he is, he is not, and whatever you say he is not, he is not, except for the Sign called Peretz, Man of the Signs and a Sign called the Donkey who eats Bread.

But the pupils who receive the Signs count. As explained, the Completed Signs were, in a manner of speaking, ‘designed’ by the Lord, our God, to receive their ‘worldly completion’ by way of the merits of people in the world. Thus when a pupil has received a Sign, he is ‘sealed’ into the Sign in such a way that his person becomes a prophetic sign itself, reflecting similar categories of people.

Through the Sign of Peretz, the Signs are recorded in writing, explained etc.

Through the reception of Gino, many categories of Christians (in truth ex-Christians called the Descendants of Malchitzedek) are able to enter the New Pact of the Final Redemption.

Through the reception of Renato, the Jewish masses can receive the benefits of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Through the reception of Remo Levi, those who thrive on the concept of universal love and the reciprocal good-will among all people may become bound to the New Universal Light of the Final Redemption, Light that will issue from the ‘Inauguration of the Inaugurations’ (Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot) of the prophesied House of Prayer loved by all the nations.

Through the reception of Nelda Levi, a vast number of categories of wives, women faithful to their husbands and to their children and who live with enormous heartfelt faith in God, will be able to see the Donkey and to partake of the Bread of the Final Redemption.

Through the reception of Davide Levi, many categories of Jews who have faith in the Holy God of Israel, but who are, for a multitude of possible reasons, more or less estranged, at various levels, from the ways of the halacha, will be able to satisfy all their aspirations and fulfill all their obligations as Jews commanded in the Torah within the framework of the Great Reform of Judaism reflected in the New Law and the New Rite for the Altar of Judah in the House of the Final Redemption.

Through the reception of Giordano, many categories of Jews belonging to the Traditional Synagogue of their country, such as Italian Jews who use the Italian Rite, the American Jews, born and raised as Americans, who are connected to Traditional Synagogues (but without distinction here between Orthodox, Conservative, Reform Etc.) - Jews who would like to be satisfied with the Judaism that they find in the Synagogue or the Judaism that they see around them, but for a thousand reasons can only wish that the Holy One, Blessed is He, have mercy on His - will be resurrected into the Great Happiness that has befallen the world with the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim. The Sign is completed by Gino who extends the merit of the Sign of the Teacher’s Resurrection to the Nations.

In the 1st, 2nd and 6th Signs, Sign of the Stars, Sign of the Kingdom and Sign of the Resurrection, the Final Goel appears. These are the Three Great Signs of the New Revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven. These contain the Three Great Keys and the Three Great Seals of the Final Redemption, Seal of the Time, Seal of the Kingdom and Seal of the Resurrection.

The 3rd and 4th Signs, Sign of the New Light and Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, are called the Signs of the Mission. These contain the Keys and Seals for establishing the Mission of the Final Redemption on earth. The Two Great Keys of the Mission are the ‘Key of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption’ and the ‘Key of the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread’.

The 5th Sign is distinct in its reference to Israel, while at the same time it is general to all the Signs. It contains the Seal of the Prophetic Tradition of the Prophet Elijah for the Displaced-Double-Fourth-Generation of the Final Redemption.

In his love for the Tzadik, Haim, and for his immense anguish for the Tzadik’s suffering, Sig. Remo Levi merited to receive this Marvelous Dream-Vision of the Great Hhanukia the enormous Light of which shines out for the whole world. The Tzadik, Haim, used to say to the pupils that he never saw a heart so filled with compassion for others; their pain was his and their happiness was his pleasure. For the Teacher, Haim, this meant everything.

According to the Hebrew Calendar, Remo Levi died on the same day (23 Sivan) at the same hour (about 4:00 afternoon) and was buried (in the same cemetery in Milan) on exactly the same day (25 Sivan) as the Teacher Haim, twelve years afterwards. That was the 12th year of the Signs, under the Sign of the Resurrection. Thus in this the 13th year, the first year (Sign of the Stars) of the 3rd period of 6 years under the general Sign of the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot, Remo Levi is in his Sign in the New Kingdom of Heaven. At least 6 or 7 signs have come in dreams, demonstrating his new position, his new level of study ( he was clearly seen as a respected ‘rabbi’ who taught Torah to others ), his concern for the problems of the Redemption ( against religious fanaticism, especially in the Hassidic camp ) etc. He has, thank God seen his own resurrection from the dead, in merit of the Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim. For sure he has been blessed above in the Great New Light of the Final Redemption, Light that he himself merited to receive for the world when it will arrive at its Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot.

The Sign of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot binds the ‘Light’ of the Traditional Hhanukah to the New Light of the Final Redemption which issues from the New House of Prayer. The Jewish holidays and festivities, all of which enter into the House of Prayer as they are renewed within the framework of the New Law and New Rite for the Altars of Judah and Efraim, have their Sign-Correspondences in the Six Great Signs:

The Sign of the Stars, from which derives the Law of the New Pact, is bound to Rosh ha-Shana and also to Succot. The Sign of the Kingdom, from which derives the New Sanctification and New Priesthood of the New Rite, is bound to Yom ha-Kippurim and to Purim. The Sign of the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot, from which derives the Great New Universal Message of the Book that Astounds, is bound to Hanukah. The Sign of the Donkey is in the midst of it all, hee-haw. The Sign of the Fourth Generation, from which derives the Prophetic Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, is bound to Shavuot or the Feast of the Ten Commandments. The Sign of the Resurrection, from which derives the New Revelation of the Tradition of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, is bound to Pesah.

The realization of the New Pact and all that it entails comes by way of the prophesied New Light of the prophesied House of Prayer. This is the importance of the Sign of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot.*

* see in Book of the Signs the Sign of the House of Prayer for all the nations- see Brays that I wrote about Sig. Remo Levi just after his demise - see introduction to SMH - ‘A word from the secretary’ - concerning the time when Remo and Nelda stood before the Nazi firing-squad and were saved by Providence after 17 persons were shot dead before their eyes

I relate here very briefly a sign made 11 years ago in Milan. I together with some of the pupils among which were Giordano Levi, Davide Levi, Sig. Davide Banin and Sarah Puddu, came (after Shahhrit {the morning prayer} in the Temple {the central Italian Synagogue in Milan} of Via Guastalla) before the Chief Rabbi, Prof. Doc. Rabbino Giuseppe Laras and other members of the Italian Jewish Synagogue. It was Friday morning before Hanukah which would begin Motzaei Shabbat.

As Man of the Signs and talmid of the Tzadik, Haim ben Moshe Wenna * , of Saana Yemen, I declared before them that I had the obligation to announce a sign and to ask EL SHADDAI to verify the sign as a testimony to the truth of the Great Signs of the Third and Final Redemption that had begun to descend into the world in merit of the sacrifice of the chosen Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, Haim. From the Sign of the New Light of the Great Hhanukia, I understood by the coming Hhanukah that I should make a sign concerning the days of Hhanukah and that the sign must be indicative of New Light. I asked EL SHADDAI to show a sign in the heavens and on earth, that for 8 Days the sun come out and shine in a marvelous way, while at night the stars come out and shine in a marvelous manner.

* this is not the true family name of the Teacher Haim, but was a name taken on in passing from Aden to Egypt for reasons which I do not know. The Teacher once told me what the true family name was, but I afterwards forgot it and am unable to remember it - it is probably better so for reasons that may be imagined - in any case Wenna is not the true family name!

Needless to say, we were not understood very well. *

* see the entire story of what happened, and of the previous announcement two days before that against the false messianism and idolatrous doctrines of the Habad movement, and of various errors that I committed concerning both that announcement and the above announcement, in the Table of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot

Nevertheless, EL SHADDAI, in His love for the Tzadik, Haim, answered our request.

On the first night of Hhanukah, just after we had lit the first candle, a strong wind lifted over Milan and swept away all the clouds and purified all the atmospheric conditions so that the stars shone for 8 nights with a brilliance difficult to describe in words for the manner of their pulsating lights of all colors in a way unseen by us before this or after these. So too the sun by day shone with a luminosity which cannot be described, except to say that we had the great privilege before God Almighty to witness the ‘Light of the Redemption’ in merit of the humble servant of God, the Teacher, Haim.

Here are a few words that I marked down during those 8 days: On the first day the sun was ’alive’. It awakened the spirit. On the second day, the sun was white in its illumination. It was a light of purification which eliminates all egoism. On the third day, the light of the sun was resplendent with an overwhelming beauty. It lifted the spirit to a New Reality of perception. It was a miraculous light (but) that shined on the physical world. On the fourth day, the sun was fiery yellow and the sky was extremely blue. In contrast, around the sun, a white aura was manifest. On the fifth day, the light of the sun shone joy and happiness upon the heart. It was a sun of triumph. Around the sun were the colors of the rainbow.

During the morning of the sixth day, a few light clouds seemed to be accumulating. I called the others by phone, somewhat worried about this fact, because for 5 complete nights and days, since the wind had swept across Milan, not a cloud was to be seen. I ththat perhaps we were not showing enough enthusiasm and that a further participation in the Sign was necessary. * In any case, I asked the others to say prayers for the fulfillment of the sign. This they did and some minutes later the few clouds that had gathered were gone, and no other clouds came until Hanukah was ended. The sun shone brightly on that sixth day and brought with is light an enormous calm.

* I remember associating the fact with its being the 6th day of Hhanukah and Friday as well and that the 6th Day of Creation is when man’s participation and correction begins -

On the seventh day the sun was radiant with a contrasting coldness around it. As you looked at its radiating light you felt it become a protection around you.

On the eighth day, we went to the Beit ha-Haim to visit the Tzadik. The sun that shone was medicine; no words can express it.

So too the illumination of the stars during those 8 nights was incredible and different every night.

Even more incredible and miraculous was the fact that all this happened only in Milan. In the entire region of Lombardy and the rest of north Italy, there were storms and precipitation during all those 8 days. We, of course, praised God fervently in those days for the redemptional miracles that He was showing us in merit of the chosen Tzadik, Haim. This sign, once realized, together with the Sign received by Remo Levi, peace be upon him, became the source of the name Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot.

Yet even more miraculous than all was the fact that only we witnessed the miracle, although anyone else who would have followed the Sign and had faith in God’s power, would have witnessed equally all that we were seeing. It was there for all to see, but no one was looking at it. The measure of the Redemptional Light could not yet be taken.

A similar miracle happened with our publication of a first text the Book of the Donkey who ears Bread (Il Libro dell’Asino che mangia il Pane). It contained an immense light and represented an astounding historical breakthrough, * but virtually no one was able to take it into their hands. It was placed in hundreds of book stores throughout Italy and not a copy was sold. It was there but it didn’t exist yet.

* it was, however, also an obsolete text for the most part, because of the margins of errors created by the Christian terminology in its phase of Correction - but this was understood later on when the basis of the Correction were completed and the previous terminology became obsolete and had to be changed (see the Renewed Universal Pact) - only then did we realize the greatness of the miracle that not even a copy had been sold!

It was important, nevertheless, that at least 12 people between us, both Jews and non-Jews, had witnessed the Sign of the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot. This was sufficient for establishing the memory of that miracle, in merit of the Tzadik, Haim, in those first years when we had permission to announce to all the Signs that we had been receiving. The Final Goel had been chosen, even if very few knew about it yet. So too a Great New Light had been opened unto the world even if very few had seen it. Such was the measure of the first years and the first phases of the Final Redemption.

There was, however, one fellow from the Jewish Community among those before whom we had announced who had noticed something. After Hhanukah, he saw me and said, “Bravo, Peretz, you know, you were right about the sun during the days of Hanukah. How’d you ever guess it? Bravo, veramente.


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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok Ha-Hhadash (The Book of the New Law of the Third and Final Redemption -

Fourth Sign

Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread

I relate here the second dream of the Completed Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, received by Sarah Puddu * during the second year of the Signs, because it is essential to know both Signs for comprehending the Messianic Keys brought by the Donkey.

* originally from Sardinia, converted to Judaism in the Jewish Community of Milan, living in Israel from 1985, married to Eli Marcus, originally from Canada - In the Signs Sarah is called the Head of the Donkey - see Brays on the Donkey and his Tail in the Genesis -

In her dream Sarah was walking in some country village and she entered a Bakery (Panetteria) to buy bread. She was offered other things instead of bread but in the end they showed her, and she bought, a bag filled with bread-rolls. She took this with her out of the Bakery and began walking along a road with the bag of bread-rolls. At a certain point the bread-rolls ‘jumped’ to the ground and began rolling along the road by themselves. At the same time, from another road that descended from a hill, there was seen an elderly man, sitting upon a cart and guiding the ass that pulled the cart. As the cart came almost to the end of the descending road, the bread-rolls that had been rolling along rolled up to beneath the head of the donkey and stopped there. The donkey, seeing this bread, was in ‘difficulty’ ; he wanted to get away, but then he took courage and ate the bread - -

These two Marvelous Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread:

1) represent the Complete Mission of the Messianic Donkey in his great historic finale.

2) contain all the Signs of Messiah ben Yosef and all the Signs of Mashiahh ben David

3) bind the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption to the world

4) realize the prophetic enigma of the poor Goel who comes riding on an ass

5) integrate the ‘Messianic Salvation’ to the people of the world

6) teach the New Messianic Spirit of the Final Redemption

7) explain the messianic prophecies of Balaam’s ass

8) explain the subtle ‘messianic ass’ of the Torah, such as ‘and Abraham arose early in the morning and saddled his ass’

9) explain the ‘first incomplete and incomplete mission of the Donkey who eats Bread’ involved in the Initial Signs of Yeshua’s messianic plight

10) teach the humility of men, women, children and future messiahs alike, necessary to enter the New Kingdom of Heaven

11) explain the messianic Sign of Bethlehem, the House of Bread

12) bind the Star of Jacob (Star of the Redemption) prophesied in the Torah with the Final Goel, Haim.

13) establish the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread in the world within the framework of the House of the Final Redemption (School of Shoshana and House of Prayer)

I wish not to speak much about the Donkey so that you come to understand him by yourselves. For 12 years now I have been trying to get him to speak more for himself and to let us hear his messianic brays in abundance so that all may come to play with him and to caress him with love. The trouble has been, until that final correction of the Teacher, that I felt myself so much in the Donkey’s role that he was most often afraid to speak lest I messianize his jewels into Peretzonic beads. Now, thank God, and thanks to that correction, we have better come to understand each other’s position. I am no longer jealous of his messiahship and he seeks no claims to the human epithet of my Sign. Therefore I have high hopes that now he will speak up for himself to explain what the earthly messiahs will be like.

It’s not that I don’t want to explain him, but he is able to present his cases in the first person so why should I be a journalist to his messianic whims. He is an extremely flexible Donkey and he knows how to bend every messianic allusion into his own Stable. He is the newly born Messianic Donkey Spirit who descends from the Kingdom of Heaven to bring to us the Cart of Good News of the Final Redemption.

I am only the earthly Sign-holder trying to raise the Banner of the New Revelation. You can well understand why sometimes I was strongly jealous of his Celestial Stable Rights. But in essence both of us are Star-Mongers and we have little choice but to dance together in that Middle Kingdom between the Palace and the Earth. You can see then why the Tail of the Donkey is so essential in maintaining the balance between two dancing Star-Mongers. If I lost my balance, I would fall bato earth and it would end there, but if, God forbid, the Donkey lost his balance, he would slip back up to the Kingdom and the prophecies would be lost, God save us. Thus have you drunk from the Messianic Donkey Waters of the Tail of the Donkey who swings up and down between the Stars and the Earth so that the New Prophecies of the Fourth Generation can descend.

Be then not amazed that the Tail of the Donkey needs two Male-Animal-Signs to have her keep that swinging equilibrium, for she needs as well the Four Great Feet of the White Winged Horse to hold her firmly as she astonishingly undulates between the Dancing Couple and the earth.. Even the Galaxy of Andromeda descends when these four make Liguria turn. All these, dear men, women, children and donkeys all over are for you, to help you receive with joy the stupefying Signs of the Final Redemption.

Hee-haw. I’m White-Rainbow Donkey. Get ready for the Sign that I give you now and from now on be ready for a Sign that I give you and when I give you a Sign from now on remember the Sign that I give you now. For I was in the Genesis Garden with the Tail of the Donkey and with the Head of the Donkey as well. With great emotion we awaited the coming of Man and Woman to carry them proudly on our saddled hides. And so we did in that immense and glorious coming, showing them round the Garden’s wonders, marveling in the intelligence of the words they created as they rode upon our backs.

But with Eve’s fall and Adam’s weakness, we were forced into a long historic separation. Sometimes Providence helped us come together, as when Abraham saddled his ass. It’s a long story I hope to tell you in my Brays - -