Gnomen 551 -

Come then and bind with me some letters and words, that you might conclude your reading of Esther’s Gnomen with a golden smile in your heart. For now you may know where you are and where you have been. Delight with me then in binding words of faith in the joy of Sefer Esther. Alef is Esther in the Kingdom of her faith, in the Palace of that Hidden Kingdom of Providence, in the Castle of her Hidden Virtues.


Gnomen 552 -

Esther in her Palace and Mordechai in his Tribunal secretly bind Israel to its redemption, until Israel is ready for Ester’s revelation, when the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh has succumbed to Esther’s charm and fears her power and is amazed by her truthfulness and loves her modesty. Alef is the teaching of the faith in the hidden ways of God’s great historical redemption of Israel, of the Great Israel and of the universal kingdom of all nations, except for Amalek. Esther binds the modesty of Sarah and the tears of Rahhel to the Final Redemption, so that modesty may return to the world and so that Rahhel’s tears become tears of great joy for the return of the lost sheep of the house of Israel.


Gnomen 553 -

Esther reveals the great elevation of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. Beit is the House of Bread and the Messianic Blessing, the Universal Bethlehem of the Final Redemption. Haman the Amalikite impedes the Manna from being manifest to the whole world, until that hateful people is destroyed from the face of the earth. Then the teachings of the Hidden School of Esther may be revealed at large.


Gnomen 554 -

Blessed are those whose heart is one with the Holy God of Israel who is found among the poor and the sick, the orphans and the widows, throughout the world. Great is the Sign of the Star of Abraham in its long 4000 year course for the sake of proclaiming the commandments of the One Living God. Great is the Creator of all, the Holy Redeemer of Israel who binds the Sign of the Resurrection of the chosen Tzadik Haim to the Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption. Also Vashti made a feast for the women, but her feast became rebellion and rebellion was the cause of her being dethroned.

Gnomen 555 -

Arrogance is the fall of mankind and its destruction, as it is the fall and destruction of every individual who falls into its clutches. The door to happiness belongs to a house filled with prayer and blessing and the knowledge of God. The richness of King Solomon was a spiritual poverty to Israel but the poverty of Yeshua became a spiritual richness to the nations. The Star of the Construction binds the Four Corners of heaven to Jerusalem.


Gnomen 556 -

From Egypt it came to Sinai, from Sinai it came to Israel, in Israel it came to Nob and from Nob to Jerusalem. Whoever desires to reap the benefits of the ‘Star of the Construction Which Remains in Time’ must believe in Israel’s redemption from Egypt and in the revelation at Sinai. The way of humility is the only true way of salvation, and it is the virtue which remains in time. The Star of the Manna has seventy colours and seventy tastes, and I believe it has seventy names.


Gnomen 557 -

When the Star of the Manna[1] conjoins with the Star of Mordechai, then the Four Star (five with the Star of Mordechai) High Tribunal and Phichol, the official spokesman for the nations of Abimelech, judge all questions concerning the Final Redemption. About 330 before the messianic plight, when Alexander the Great was taking the world with his might, indeed Israel and the Temple would have fallen pray, had not a miracle of God come to save His people’s day. So it is told that the High Priest met Alexander and host, and convinced him that to harm Israel would hardly be a boast. Let them instead call Alexander every male born that year, so that the name of the great king would remain in Israel’s ear.


Gnomen 558 -

The light of Sinai in Esther’s living secret pleads His cause, for that cave of light was known before Alexander was, and Mordechai the Tzadik knew its virtue on the Dead Sea’s Raz. Our father Abraham met Malchitzedek just there about, after Sodom and its neighbours were freed by Abraham’s clout, in a cave nearby Abraham prayed to God on high, “Please save, for me to take gifts from Sodom’s king is worse than the grave”. And he lifted up his hands to God on high to make an oath, and binding his heart and prayer to God, he sanctified them both, swearing lest even a shoe-lace be rewarded him for war, from a greedy and wicked monarch who always wanted more.


Gnomen 559 -

That cave became holy from Abram’s unprecedented prayer, and was filled with light inside, the eyes of men did not see where. No one knew the hidden light that had descended in that place, as a prophetic dream before waking, in the midst of the grace. As the burning bush untouched by its non-consuming fire, an incessant unique fount of light which grows ever higher. Unseen by man until the Head of the men of the Ascent, the Prophet Elijah, carried by his spirit there was sent.


Gnomen 560 -

To know the secret of its light so to reveal it to those who in their ascent may see the distant way fold behind them, to find themselves in far off lands where they have a work to do, or in places of high sanctity known only to a few. From Elijah directly to Elisha, his first talmid, the secret of the cave was shown, the virtue of Abram’s deed. And from Elisha to each Head of the Hidden Tzadikim, in every generation, at least one saw and knew its theme. Time was such, some centuries after Eliahu ha-Navi, times were so low in those centuries before the decree, alone the Prophets received the light of sanctity, marvellous in them Sinai shone within the cloud of glory.


Gnomen 561 -

So too Mordechai was Head of the Hidden Just in his time. He knew the secret cave of Abraham’s prayer. In his day the number 36 was set for the Hidden Just. These are the few who know the truth of God’s never-ending trust.


Gnomen 562 -

Mordechai the Jew was the Goel of that generation, the secret of Purim in the hidden heart of history, the light of the morning star which leads the world into its day, the splender of that Righteous Kingdom which enlightens our way. Someone maintains that he lived four hundred years in good health; he confused a redemptional sign with spiritual wealth.  With Mordechai was the hidden tradition of the Prophet Elijah and with Mordechai was the secret tradition of the Rose. Mordechai did swim in the higher waters of Leviathan. Mordechai ha-Tzadik. the just Head of the Great Sanhedrin.


Gnomen 563 -

Some say that Mordechai did not allow Esther to unite with the King Ahhashverosh, not even on wedding night. He sent instead a female-demon to take her bridely place, saving Ester’s honour and conserving the Queen’s Jewish grace. No doubt Mordechai was able to accomplish such a feat; he was highest competence in Kabbalah Maasit; he was able to command Sheddim and send them anywhere, but let us be more practical concerning Esther’s ‘Chair’.


Gnomen 564 -

The Divine Providence surrounding her elevated Throne, was sufficient to rid Esther of any ungraceful tone. In the end their son Cyrus permitted the great return. Esther is loved by all, in every epoch at every turn. Esther the Queen was buried in Shomron in a hidden place, so that none might speak inadvertently words of little grace.


Gnomen 565 -

Mordechai upon his orders was put in a hidden grave, with immense love for Abraham’s light, he choose the secret cave. That secret was known to a Yemenite sage, Head of the Just, about four hundred years before the destruction of the House. To save the honour of the Tablets which were no longer found, for the Lord had hidden them in Zion’s Temple underground. Word came to that Tzadik to go with ten to the Holy Land.


Gnomen 566 -

In secret they set out, in secret they found the Tablets, in secret they carried them on their proposed cart of merchandise to the secret cave where Mordechai was buried in the sand. Five went back to Yemen and five remained in the Holy Land. From the Head of the Hidden Tzadikim to the Head of the Hidden Tzadikim to the Head of the Hidden Tzadikim, the Teacher of Justice who had to flee from the holy land to establish a holy ground. To Damascus  he fled where he set the rule for the secret he knew, oral tradition of moral rectitude and measured steps.


Gnomen 567 -

To keep the serpent underfoot, to burn him with holiness, and to enhance the living sanctity of life’s every breathe, for the few, not of the Hidden Just, who wished to live for God; that desired to give their life to the soul of the holy climb, to purify their hearts in a world of higher penitence, to turn the evil around into a messianic rod, to place every thought beneath the Higher Tribunal above, and to be extremely modest in speech, in dress and in love. For the God of Abraham loves modesty at all times, and He hates licentiousness while He despises vulgar rhymes. He also hates all kinds of magic, the forces from below, for magic is a great large black curtain which darkens the world. All history has been subtly blackened, unconsciously hurled behind the forces of the demon healers did it go.


Gnomen 568 -

To God alone must one always call, Him alone must one know, in Him alone one must confide and delight and take pride in the gifts of life that He bestows on us with loving-kindness, to serve Him with sincerity in an everlasting bond. There in the School, the mouth and tongue were more than just held in check. The fear of God is judged on every word in the Tribunal, to interrupt another in discourse was an outright sin, to raise one’s voice above normal tones was punishable.


Gnomen 569 -

(-after the reunification of the Donkey of the first 6 years and the Hidden Donkey of the second period - )

Be extremely well-mannered with every person that you meet; remember Jethrow’s banquet when Moses stood up on his feet, to teach us to be God’s humble servant before all mankind, before God’s image in which is created the human kind. The higher ‘mussar’ of derech eretz was taught in the School, a higher sensibility to every movement was known; be afraid to offend Heaven by offending another, let grace to orphans, widows, the poor and to the sick be shown.


Gnomen 570 - 

But also with one’s fellow colleague utmost respect must be, take not for granted his closeness, enter not his private ‘sea’. Respect his opinion even when different than your own. Love your neighbour as yourself respecting each nuance to which one is prone.  Know how to accept teachings from a teacher of the true faith, to the extent you are inclined with all your soul to his words, so might you receive the soul of his teachings after some years, but ears alone, with other thoughts, stay not even in the ears.


Gnomen 571 -

Towards a true teacher make yourself a servant to his mind, and would that you merit to latch his  sandals or to walk behind as he meditates along his way or to sit beside him if he relaxes during the day. But so very few now know the holiness of which I tell. Too many ‘teachers’ for such ‘honour’ their teachings did they sell; and with that their stature dwindled and their pupils became thin, until plagues took their toll from the unwise sages taken in.


Gnomen 572 -

Therefore silence was the solemn seal of the Essene pupil, therefore every word was washed in meditation with scruple. Therefore he learned to scorn all honour unto his own person. Therefore he repented and practised daily his immersion. Hypocrisy was enemy to the Essene way of life. To escape it they refused all possessions even a wife, so as not to fall victim to the corruption of the time, not to be fooled by money’s sweet cunning and enchanted rhyme.


Gnomen 573 -

Great sacrifice was needed to overcome the lack of fear prevalent in Israel with many testimonies to bear. In that base generation where wisdom was put on the shelf, when hatred was loved and each person thought only of himself. Yet what then is the message we must gain from such severe rule? Shall we take Damascus and apply its methods to our School. We’re already past the Gnomen of the Tablets of the Law, and Mordechai’s Tribunal is now here to establish law.


Gnomen 574 -

How shall we distinguish severity from necessity? Are we to create a modern monastery of our own? Will I punish you if you interrupt me in my discourse? Shall I prohibit you from going and having fun in town? Shall I cut your head off just because I have a Guillotine, or shall I lick your feet with tears to purify you clean. Or shall I stop up my mouth from profane speech for evermore, and pray to the Lord twenty hours in every twenty-four?


Gnomen 575 -

No, the New School of Esther is hardly so severe or strict. After two millennia we know better what to restrict. Our purposes and our means are quite far from the Essene cult, so too are we seeking a completely different result. The Signs have returned and their secret has come back now to stay. The vision is not of the past for all that is gone away. Received are the pearls of wisdom which made that covenant thrive, and the secrets of the sacred sources from which they derive.


Gnomen 576 -

But our time is of the future even of five hundred years. We are the redemptional structure that sees the Fourth Generation as it tears into half the workers of good and the doers of evil. Saved will be those who have faith in God and who love His people. In four to five hundred years in the formal Beit ha-Knesset (if the Goel had not said it none could have known it), the Tefillin as a sign on the arm and between your eyes will no longer require their sanctity for Israel’s rise.


Gnomen 577 -

They will be holy on their own right, and perfumed as a rose, they will be pure on the inside and without from head to toes. The light of the Presence will bestow on them prophetic truth, long after the re-establishing of David’s falling booth. Their touch alone will be more then than phylacteries are now. Every impurity will flee from their sight above the brow. Every thought will be crowned with the love of the Almighty God. Every prayer will be holy, every song to the Lord, our God.


Gnomen 578 -

If one asks, yet this is halacha le-Moshe mi-Sinai, remember that the Goel announced this, not I. But the commandment does not cease nor are there innovations. Israel will be bound to God while being Frontlets before the nations. For this was it given in oral law to Moses from Sinai, and for this reason the Goel himself must announce it and not I, for thus no detail of Tefillin was described in the Law, because the precept alone would remain in the time that God foresaw.


Gnomen 579 -

Yet the House of Prayer receives the blessing of that future light, even now new sanctify is gathered to begin its fight. The School of Esther must make its way through the Fourth Generation. From the start that future sanctity now builds its foundation. The School of Esther is the Key to Israel’s Final Redemption, for it binds that future sanctity to the First Redemption, and it binds the first redemption to that future time of joy, so does it bind Purim and re-establish joy.


Gnomen 580 -

For I will place the Law inside them and write it on their hearts, not a law on paper only but upon the inner parts. My words shall be inside them from the great until the small, nor will they need to ask of Me, for they will know Me all. The Tree of Life permeates the Torah, but there it is not eaten, for only in the end would the forbidden fruit be beaten. The Torah comes to impart the knowledge of evil and good, to correct one’s way and to know what one must not and what one should.


Gnomen 581 -

But does the humble heart upon which the New Law is written still smack of that snake in whose poison all mankind was bitten? Where is the light that bridges the gap of this generation, which binds the separation to the reconciliation? That binds the knowledge of good and evil to the Tree of Life, that binds the time of the redemption to eliminate all strife, that calls from the past and the future to meet in harmony, that binds the heavens and the earth in renewed matrimony.


Gnomen 582 -

How will Israel renew its faith or Christians change their doctrines, If not that the end’s beginning comes to destroy false options? And how would that new prophetic light show its true existence, if it did not break down even the greatest resistance! Egypt was chosen for its idolatry and arrogance, for the brazen face of Pharaoh’s divine extravagance, to see destroyed the bitterest of all foes to the true faith, to uplift the miracles of the Lord and all that He saith.


Gnomen 583 -

Was it not this that convinced Israel’s children to fear the Lord, the most knew no scripts but heard Moses’ word and saw God’s accord. He alone breaks down the barriers of all past history, while in Esther’s secret, the Donkey expounds on this mystery. The Stars of the Fourth Generation are now towering high, the tenth year recedes into hiding and reveals the sky, gangsters will be brought to justice and tyrants will be thrown down, children speak as presidents and America as a clown.


Gnomen 584 -

The Hidden Donkey’s quiet now and so the world must speak out. I surpassed my accusers by silence, now others may shout. The waters of the Persian Gulf will turn to blood as the Nile, and dead Shiite fanatics laid side by side stretch out a mile. Armed Arabs will cross the desert and die in the plague of frogs, and cattle in the States will be attacked by ferocious hogs. The ex-Russian block will split asunder as Europe faces the tidal-wave from Africa and is thousand disgraces. America will say to Russia ‘We’ll give you no more grain, but Europe will come to the rescue, for political gain. Japan will hari-kari in the international eye, and America will put them down without the apple-pie. But the shameless rattler will strike back with a big German deal, thus establishing the axis of Europe which turns the wheel.


Gnomen 585 -

“Stop now” a voice said, “with prophecies that frighten to the bone, but where now is the future light that reflects on Esther’s throne? Sinai has come down to us and a message to the nations, and two thousand years of only Esau-Jacob relations. Where to the front of future’s spectrum has the door been opened? Is it not to the Garden of the Goel resurrected? Are we to war the harlots of time and shun the fruit of love?


Gnomen 586 -

For this the garden of the Tree of Life now descends from above. Life, the Goel’s name, Haim, is the name that arose in Thought before Him, so was the Goel’s name bound to the Tree of Life, even before man and wife walked in the Garden of Eden, was the Higher Thought upon that final time and His chosen Anointed Judge, the Teacher of mankind’s freedom. There in the dense night that covers the soul from its enemies. On the rampage to break holy fetters of unholy times, the Tree of Life was planted in that Marvellous Garden, to resurrect life above nature when the end time would come.


Gnomen 587 -

Moses brought the higher waters of the first name EHEYE. That higher sanctity at Sinai for all to see and hear. Mordechai knew the bitter affliction of the Tzadik’s yoke. He brought the name ASHER which is bound to the first EHEYE. Thus the Torah returned at Purim through the hidden ASHER. And Queen Esther by her tactics scared off the crying angels who said, “Where’s the Torah, where’s Moses, what can Queen Esther do? Will the success of God’s name depend on AHHASHVEROSH’ whim?”


Gnomen 588 -

But history’s of the Name and not the Name, of history. And the Name that bound that first redemption to its place, ASHER, is the Name that binds the first revealed EHEYE to the second EHEYE which reveals in the world the Final Redemption. And although the form is identical, yet the time is not, three thousand five hundred years have come between and filtered through. Long centuries of fettered unholiness have done their time, and God was ‘chained’ to history to save it from itself in the Third Light of the Final Time of the Last Redemption, in the exodus from universal Egyptian chaos, in the New Revelation of the final name EHEYE, the New Law and New Pact of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. 


Gnomen 589 -

The Tzadik Haim brought the final name EHEYE, name of the final historical Reunification, light of the Tree of Life which could not have been eaten, until the Final Pact was written in the name of eternal life. The Goel Haim is alive for the world but now he is hidden. The roots of the redemptional Light have already been formed. The Tzadik’s loving heart embraced the people of every land and he said what was in his heart, “We are all of the same flesh”. He, similar to Moses, is the humble one of the earth, as he was the highest, the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. He brings the Tree of Life to all and teaches it to mankind. He brings God’s word to the heart of Adam and Eve’s fine children.


Gnomen 590 -

A love so manifest that its binding law will be written on the Tablets of the heart and God will speak within to all. And the Final Goel, Haim,  said, “Tell them I am the Tzadik who is announced three times”. He is the chosen Anointed Judge chosen by EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.


Gnomen 591 -

In the Goel’s name, I say, “Be humble and love modesty, respect each person and the private choice of every person. The completion of mankind comes because we’re all different, for every person has something that no one else possesses. Search for the virtues hidden in your neighbour’s heart and praise him, but find his defects only in yourself and make correction. Then you will perceive the future light of Esther’s secret Star, and you will follow the Teacher into the Garden of Life - - 1:23 Thursday, June 18, 1992 - Sombrero, Sivan 17, 5752 -


Gnomen 592 -

“I am the Alef and I am the Vav and I am the Tav”. I have faith in the New Complete Signs of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel Haim, from the beginning and until the end. I am the Alef and I am the Samech and I am the Tav and I am the Resh. I announce that the Time of the Redemptional Stars have Come. I am the Peh and the Resh and the Tzadi, the mouth which teaches the mind and heart how to be a just man who lives in his faith. I am the Hhet and I am the Mem, I am the Vav and I am the Resh. My lacking and falls, my many mistakes, my corrections and soul searching, to prove the truth of the blessing, ‘Blessed is EL SHADDAI who has closed us into the Pact of truth’.


Gnomen 593 -

I sing a new song

born of the tradition

of the Tzadik  Haim,

From Teman he came, and with him

tens of thousands of holy angels.

Gnomen 594 -

The Renewal of the time

has renewed the true tradition

so does it burn out the false tradition

emanated from the angel, Lucifer,

father of all false light.

Gnomen 595 -

For in their hands

the Ten Spheroth

are exactly as the Golden Calf

at the time of Aaron.

Did they not know that one

may not take hold of the Yod?

For the Yod has no place

upon which to hold.

If you add to its form,

you distorted and destroyed its essence,

and you have created other gods

which do not exist.

Gnomen 596 - ALEF

When the Alef arises

a thousand generations are joined together,

to rise in the faith of the Redemption,

the redemption of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.

Gnomen 597 -

The ALEF stands at the beginning of each name

of the name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE,

to complete the three great revelations of the faith:

the faith of the Fathers

the faith of sons

and the faith of the just man who lives in his faith;

the third revelation contains many levels,

from the highest levels of the just

to the good faith of the simple folk,

because the just man lives in his faith.

Gnomen 598 -

The ALEF teaches the ways of the faith of the three redemptions,

in the severity and sanctity of Jewish law,

in the grace to the humble

in the mercy of God revealed in the Great Correction

of mankind,

at the hand of the chosen Teacher of the faith

who teaches the splender of the faith


Gnomen 599 - BEIT

The ALEF desires a House,

to receive the Blessing of the Faith,

the blessing of Abraham, our father,

and the blessing of Moses, magister noster,

blessed from within and without.

Gnomen 600 -

The blessing of Abraham lies in modesty;

the blessing of Malchitzedek is for the 70 nations

to give Bread and Wine to the world;

the blessing of Isaac is ‘You are sons to the Lord, your God’

the blessing of Jacob is the Cord of the heredity in every generation;

Jacob is the one who receives the blessing at all times,

for the blessing of God is the heredity of Israel

the blessing of Moses lies in humbleness and sanctity;

the blessing of Aaron is in the Priesthood of the Temple;

the blessing of Pinhhas is in the zealousness for God;

the blessing of Elijah is in the Ascent;

the blessing of the Tzadik Haim is in the Tree of Life;


[1]. I believe it is the Star of Abimelech -