Sefer Esther 3

chapter 1-

gnomen 1 - DIARY of the DONKEY: Nov. 20, 1998, Kislev 2, 5759. The renewed calculation of the New Stellar Calendar of Big Fish, Leviathan is not yet ready. Paolo is working on it. The conclusion of the Virtues of Esther and the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik (Esther 2) is an extraordinary revelation that touches more concretely for the first time the question of the Hidden Goel, Haim, when he was in the world. In the Book of Esther 1 was revealed the history of the Initial Signs in the School of the Essenes revealing the hitherto hidden history of the Star that Astounds. The Book of Esther 2  concentrates on the exposition of the name ASHER, also filling in the historical gap concerning the Hidden Servants of God, the true Hidden Tzadikim, who maintained the merit for the continuation of the world, especially in the past 2000 years.

Gnomen 2 - I have written here the title The Book of the School of Esther ‘ The New ‘Shin’ and the New ‘Vav’ of the FR - The Tablets of Justice of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik of this Esther 3 which is part of the New Scroll of the Final Redemption. These are the New Letters of SHUSHAN representing the New Purim of the FR. I know yet nothing of the contents of this text.

Gnomen 3 - The Scroll of the Final Redemption, once it opens does not close. Each text has to be closed but the Scroll goes on because it represents the living exposition of the Fourth Generation in course.

Gnomen 4 - (follows chapter 13 of Esther 2) In truth I passed through my Bar Mitzvah School without knowing anything of the Torah. Only when I was 18 with my entrance into Yeshiva University did I begin to walk on the path of the halacha. I was always amazed about everything. I was alive. That seemed to me amazing enough. But here there were Jews who even wore tefillin when they spoke on the telephone with their girl-friends.

Gnomen 5 - I remember Rabbi Riskin’s clamoring vociferously about that one. “I passed him by in the corridor” he screamed with talmudic joy, “and I stopped in my tracks to see the wonder. Did he really have a direct line to the Ribono shel ‘Olam!”

You can see, then, that I already had a full Jewish education before I got trapped into the Habad-cage. Had I had a girl-friend, I would not have spoken to her on the telephone while wearing tefillin. I took to heart that ‘direct line’ expression. It was the ‘direct line’ that I desired. The problem was that every time I searched for the ‘direct line’ I found myself searching for a girl-friend as well.

Gnomen 6 - It was not easy such a blotch on my conscious, so I went to the Campus Freudian Sage with a German Jewish beard to ask him why such a mitzvah as the circumcision was completely ruining my ‘direct line’ with the Master of the world. “Are you not afraid of Him?” asked the Rabbi Doctor with German lucidity. “Of course I am afraid of Him and certainly I wish not to do anything against His will. The problem is that instead of the ‘direct line’ that I must reach, everything I see and touch makes a ‘direct line’ to the middle section. Have you no remedy, Doctor, to help me get out of this body before it drags me under?

Gnomen 7 - “What do you mean ‘everything’ ?” his eyes lit up with psychoanalytic precision, joyous for my readiness to strip my mind before him. “Everything” I said with emphasis. “If it were only the problem of a girl-friend why would I have come to you? No, Doctor, it’s not that. Somewhere along the line, I exited from all distinctions of male, female, animal, plant life and even inanimate objects. Everything finds a way to excite me. The entire world, it seems to me, has come to squish and squash me with sexual desire.

Gnomen 8 -  “Do you think the situation is very serious, Doctor?” “Not at all” he said smiling with the solution on his beard. “It is a simple case of Yetzer ha-ra. You’ll get married. It’ll pass. See how clearly you expound on yourself. If there were a real problem, you would not be able to do such. Do not worry and don’t be afraid. You’re not meshuga. Have a little more fear of Him and then you’ll get married afterwards and all this will go away. Zai a menshe un daiga nisht, vet zain gut.”

He’s certainly more rational than Freud, I concluded in my thoughts. The difference is that Freud never understood the Yetzer ha-ra and so he saw every evil as rooted in the sub-conscious for reasons of its own. But you can’t blame the negatives for the kinds of photos that were taken, can you!

Gnomen 9 -   Nevertheless, that direct-line tefillin discourse of R. Riskin set me off into a long meditation and in the end was the real catalyst of my leaving the University and seeking the ‘direct line’ with Habad. Riskin’s quip irked my growing inner warp and excited my desire to know why my love could not yet be satisfied by tightly binding myself to the tefillin straps. Something was desperately wrong with me, I reasoned, and even for Minhha Shabbat I could not sing freely with the others.

Gnomen 10 - At the Yeshiva University, I found German-Jewish-American halachic Judaism. The German-Jewish part was quite strict and the American part quite watered down but, in general, I was seeing active, halachic Judaism in the context of Traditional studies. I had already a fair knowledge of modern Hebrew, having studied it in Weequahic High School in Newark, New Jersey, with Mr. Chasen, peace be with him, for 3 years. I had also been to Israel the summer before beginning at the University, having won that trip to Israel for 7 weeks for high grades. Mr. Chasen sent me with a Shomer ha-Tzair (non-religious Zionist) group.

Gnomen 11 - I myself had no idea of the various groups of Zionists, religious Zionists, socialist Zionists, non-religious Zionists etc. etc. and I never belonged to any group. Indeed, I never loved being part of groups of people and I never really allowed myself to mix into any group, feeling myself too individualistic to ‘divide’ or ‘share’ myself with others.  My individualism was very spiritual or, at least was taken by me as a question of my spiritual identity which, however, I had yet to delve into and try to define. I was born with strong inner faith in the One Living God, thank God, I’ve never known what doubts on this matter even mean.

Gnomen 12 - I believed, of course, in the Pesah of the Jewish people and I desired to study Torah and to know much more. I was therefore very enthusiastic about the Yeshiva University and the daily program of Jewish studies while greatly appreciating the double-program of secular subjects in which I majored in classical Greek. In truth I was a frustrated study-monger. I was always in the thought of using all my time for studying and reading but I was always thwarted from accomplishing that desire. I was always in conflict with wasted time and the conflict remained because I never used my time as I would have desired.

Gnomen 13 - Diary: see below (not brought here) diagram of the 13 New Mazalot in their respective positions in their convergence with the 13 Stars of the Shoshanah.

Gnomen 14 - some notes received by Giuseppe in the Tent: the New Mazalot give over the comprehension of oneself. In time, in the events (of the world and in one’s personal life) the Mazalot will come to explain themselves progressively;

the ‘eye’ of Balaam is representative of the New Mazalot, that is, the New Level of Prophecy that derives from the New Mazalot.

the ‘eye’ of Balaam permits the person to see himself, after one is on the level of always speaking just words and doing just actions; this is the Third Eye ‘above’ that brings the words and the actions to their completion in the proper and true prospective desired;

Gnomen 15 - the New Mazalot are the new roots of the future; this means that the person born under the New Mazal is already rooted in the ‘sources’ of the Final Redemption;

‘shtum ha-’ain’ and ‘gilui ‘ainaim’ are three eyes;

in one sense, every person has a third eye, possibly called the ‘eye of prophetic vision’;

the ‘third eye’ of the Donkey who eats Bread opens the eye of prophetic vision for the world; in order for mankind to receive this third eye, it needs the third eye of the Donkey;

the third eye represents the true Middle Way between the extremes;

the third eye is hidden above the brain, slightly above the forehead (the Three Eyes of the Donkey (received in Giuseppe’s dream) were in a line, as the 3 Stars in the Sign of the Stars) -



Gnomen 16 - DIARY: some hidden Signs of Esther: in Davide Levi’s dream, Peretz says “Shin, Sheen, it is the Dead Donkey speaking to you”. The double Shin refers to Shushan. Together the 2 Shins give over the New Ktav Shushan. The New Ktav Shushan allows the writing of the New Scroll of Esther, in the permission of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 17 - DIARY: our Michail Esther (who is from Persia (Iran) originally) had her work concerning the Cuneiform Tablets that she possesses requested from someone in Beersheva, someone from Ben Gurion University. At the same time, by an obviously ‘providential’ error, she received a facs which was of the Queen Pahlevi, wife of the ex Shah of Persia who wrote the facs to some poet in the United States. These are ‘hidden signs’: the New Kingdom of the School of Esther of Beersheva is beginning to come unto its Reign among the universal kingdoms (the extensions of Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, of Ahhashverosh. This is in conjunction to our Web-Site Camillo.

Gnomen 18 - The Hherem Mi-Deoraita of the Five Tablets of the Pact (which is on the Web-site Camillo) is bound to the 5 Stars of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik. Since the end of the 13th year and the death of Beniamino noster, the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread was allowed to continue as the successful mission of the last prophecy in Malachi and the final prophesied New Pact of the Prophet Jeremy, the Signs of Purim abound and the Correspondences between the Tribunal and the Kingdom of Esther are continual. Also in the 14th General Volume of the Book of the Stars (written in the 15th year of the Completed Signs and still in hand-writing) was full with ‘hidden Purim Signs’ hidden in the Festival of San Remo.

Gnomen 19 - All the Purim Signs represent the Hidden and Strategic Ways in which the Final Redemption arrives to the Jewish people.

Now Iraq has taken a 4 day beating. This is to cleanse the Babylonian Rosh Star from its poison of chemical weapons. In the meantime, a new stellar formation has been formed in the triangular Israel, America, Great Britain. Probably the next to have its bully broken down is Shiite Islamics. For the Compass of Esther is unwinding. See how the Greek Orthodox Star has separated Russia and cut it off from its own shield of Salvation.


Gnomen 20 - That ‘direct line’ tefillin joke had had meaning for me. Most of the Jews among the Yitzhhak Elhhanan program of Yeshiva University, not the teachers who were, in general, rabbis, but the students, seemed to me ‘part-time’ Jews. I had not the experience to measure meaningfully the various classes of Jews that I found at the University. In general, however, it seemed to me that those who have had the great fortune of studying the true Tradition must be fully dedicated to it.

Gnomen 21 - I did not find the fire that I was searching for to help me ignite the burning faith that was always within me from the youngest days remembered. I was, I suppose, not exactly a run of the mill person. I was, first of all, over-desirous in whatever I wanted.

DIARY: from DIARY of Little-Fishy Natiul: December 30, 1998, Tevet 11, 5759, the first day of the New Month of Big Fish, Leviathan, which enters just as White Horse completed his revision of the New Stellar Calendar of Leviathan. This is the month of the Heavenly Perfume. The days are counted from mid-night to mid-night.

Gnomen 22 - Friday, 1:00, first of January 1999, Tevet 12, 5759, Heavenly Perfume 2: I declared this year, in virtue of the ‘triple nine’ Year of the Triple Verification, Year of the Triple Meditation and the Year of the Triple Jump.

Gnomen 23 - DIARY: Jan. 6, 1999: Dream of Davide Levi of hair growing from his tongue. I told him that he must prepare himself to speak of the Final Redemption without hair on his tongue. - Adam sent me a document on the Essenes. - Dream of Gilat Haim receiving ‘wing’ (of White Horse) as she saw Shaul who had a house between Palestinians and Shiites. - Giuseppe dreamed a decree on north Italy in which it was said that now the decrees will begin to descend rapidly. - Davide Levi dreamed that he said to Netanyahu “You will fall because you made 2 errors. One is that you didn’t do anything to placate the Palestinians. But most of all, and I speak in the name of the Tzadik Haim, Rosh le-lamed-vav tzadikim nistarim, because you were elected by the vote of the Habadiim”. - -

Gnomen 24 - All is faith and faith is all. We are believers. We believe in the Lord, our God; we believe in the Patriarchs; we believe in the Law of God brought by Moses, our teacher. We believe in the Prophets of Israel and in the great mission of the Prophet Elijah and we believe in the 3 Redemptions of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.

We must, however, all of us, not remain fooled into complacency. As Paulus had to warn his new Roman communities in their newly formed Christianity not to become complacent, so must I warn you of the danger of complacency in the faith.

Gnomen 25 - In truth, the faculty of faith is a God-given gift planted in the depth of one’s heart. In a certain sense, it is our life-time purpose to uncover the worldly encrustations that diminish the feeling of its existence and that defy its exalted simplicity. It is, however, necessary to distinguish between the knowledge of the true faith and between the active living before God in the true faith. For those of the Altar of Judah, for example, it is not sufficient to fulfil the precepts of the Sabbath and the Holidays; every precept must be fulfilled in the active felicity of the heart in feeling the closeness and the love of the Lord, our God, upon us.

Gnomen 26 - For those of the Altar of Efraim, for example, they must straighten out their faith constantly and not become complacent in the faith that they have acquired. For they have become over-simplified in the crusts of the generations among the Christian masses. Often they lost the directness of living in the faith. They were thrown into a situation impossible to accept fully. The inner soul of Sinai cannot but reject the deification of a man. They remained simple in their faith of God but confused in and doubtful of Christian theology.

Gnomen 27 - Many, throughout the ages, were innocent victims of that confusion. Because of the Trinitarian disability, their concentration on God Almighty in prayer was damaged. These lost sheep of the house of Israel often became ‘intellectually’ damaged for reason of the false doctrines and dogmas inculcated in them. All Christians were blocked off from true thoughts and from coherency in the faith.

Gnomen 28 - Christianity was doomed to false Trinitarian bindings and so Christian minds became bound up with the limitations of non-reasoning and non-logic. And Paulus reasoned out reasonings based on non-reasoning to accommodate the minds that thrive on philosophised religious air. The masses, however, were surely less tormented and, in their simplicity, they were saved from worse plights such as arrogance and the negative attributes so easily obtained together with tastes of knowledge; and how much more easily so when the knowledge itself is a merry-go-round turning on a false axis.

Gnomen 29 - Paulus turned life into death in order to make the death of Christ the life of Christianity. Unfortunately, he was successful in both. He killed the Law of God for all future Christianity and he turned Jesus into a deity to which all life and all other lives, such as the Patriarchs, Moses and the Prophet Elijah, became insignificant or at most secondary in importance. Paul of Tarsis contorted and sealed the contorted and idolatrous tongue of all future Christianity and tied up firmly the great Christian Knot of the theological Christ. The millions upon millions of Christians during the centuries who never read or studied his letters were those more fortunate than the others and many of them had this ‘merit’ because they possessed souls of the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Gnomen 30 - But the tongue of Christianity is twisted out of all proportions and the same soul, kept in its simplicity for its ‘long-term’ protection, does not have, at the same time, the means by which to air doubts, and the faculty of faith is squeezed into the absurdity of non-reasoning as a pre-requisite for receiving the Christian faith. All Christians have had their brains tampered with and soaked in non-sense throughout world history.

Gnomen 31 - By fear they have been denied the right to express their no or their yes as in truth they see it. They have been taught by the false terminology itself to lie to themselves in perfect good faith. They have been threatened with the pains of an eternal hell for allowing the process of normal mental logic to open up the channels of the logical-thinking-process. For Paulus did not turn death unto death but he turned life unto death and in the spirit of that contorted and erroneous language, he destroyed the true Tradition of Israel which opens the ways of true perception and true logical reasoning, true discernment and true intellectual freedom to understand the holy words of the Lord, our God.

Gnomen 32 - And in that total lack of true intellectual endeavour rendered impossible by the historical chains that still bound Christianity to its necessary mission on earth, the minds of many of the lost sheep of the house of Israel were left to weather the banks of decent livelihood, losing just about all contact with the stimuli of exploring the treasures of the mind and widening the horizons of reasoned perspective.

Gnomen 33 - They have been shorn of their yes and of their no; they have even become servile to those who claim to know their yes and their no and who at the same time taught the great rewards for blind acceptance of non-thought. Their mental motors have been turned off. You see? No, I mean yes, yes I mean yes but no I do not mean yes as yes but something between yes and between no. They have been caught up in Paul’s dilemma: Yes, I am a Jew, No, I am a Christian. No, I do not believe in anything outside the pure monotheistic faith; yes, I believe that Jesus is our Lord, the Son of God.

Gnomen 34 - Paul twisted the Tongue of Life into a tongue of death which strangles its holder’s neck and blocks off the normal flow and the normal ways of communication between the mind and the heart. For when his heart says yes, his mind is conditioned to say no; and when the heart says no, the mind is conditioned to say yes. And his mind is strangled out of straight reasoning and the spirit of intellectual curiosity is crushed because, in any case, his thoughts have not the foundation rocks of yes or no to stand on.

Gnomen 35 - Those who remained in their simplicity were cut off from all intellectual parameters of verification within themselves and they are unable to search out the treasures of the true faith of the Patriarchs and of Sinai and of Tradition. They were abandoned to instinctive reaction, not knowing the flexibility of conceptual width, depth, height and length. They were stranded on islands of the instinctive moment. Hairs from the unused brain, cut off from its own life by the falsified language that detached all Christians from the direct faith in the Lord, our God, strangled them unto spiritual death.

Gnomen 36 - It is for reason of this rooted superficiality of non-thinking, that the lost sheep of the house of Israel must be warned, after they have already been circumcised and converted onto the Altar of Efraim, not to fall into complacency in their faith. The return is, of course, filled with new joys. The soul is happy having found that for which it has been waiting centuries and even millennia. There is immediate illumination of the mind and the heart, an effulgence of new comprehension and new thought paths in a previous desert flowing with  a renewed spirit.

Gnomen 37 - Now you know and now you fully believe in the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and you are pupils of the chosen Tzadik Haim. You believe too in the Brays of the Donkey whether of Sinai or Bethlehem of Big Fish, Leviathan. Do not be complacent in your faith. You must yet learn to stand straight before God and before people, because your yes has not been a yes and your no has not been a no for generations and the distortions of Paul’s language have left serious historical wounds that must yet be healed.

Gnomen 38 - We are in the generation of the Great Stellar Convergence and that which is life will be called life and that which is death will be called death. The Holy Torah is Life. The language of Paul’s theology is death. This is the generation of its agony and death. This the time of the great fall of the fallen-tongue because the Redemptional Stars are shining only on the New Pure Language of the Third and Final Redemption. Paul’s Christianity has only to live out its agony until it is no more. The Torah will be enlarged for the world. All traditional Christianity will die.

Gnomen 39 - And yet do not become complacent in your faith because of your knowledge of Christianity’s death. For the legs of your tongue are still weakened by the legacy of false language. The dearth of knowledge in God’s Law has left you stammering. It takes time for the letters of true thought to become the substance of your own true thinking. As the happiness and exhilaration of a thirsty man without water in the desert who is suddenly presented with pure drinking water, so have you been given the marvellous news of the great salvation that has entered the world. You have been redeemed but you must yet redeem the faculties within you that have taken the historical brunt of Pauline formations.

Gnomen 40 - You have been saved from death and you been brought out of the desert but now you must drink water every day to replenish the fountains of salvation that are in you and you must eat well every day to strengthen the limbs of your mind that they may stand on their own and walk with confidence on the straight paths of the living faith. I have seen the desperation of the fallen tongue trying to re-sew some essence of the fallen letters back together but it is useless and the broken parts will n’er be fit again to function. Blessed is the Lord, our God, who sends the Pure Tongue of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 41 - Blessed is the Lord, our God, who opens the New Mazalot of Big Fish, Leviathan in the formation of the New Humble Brain of the Final Redemption. For the New Brain is sent into the world when that of the lost sheep of the house of Israel has been shattered beyond all correction. In His great love and mercy for Efraim, His precious son, He cannot suffer, so to speak, to see the forlorn state of mental inactivity. Then does He give orders to the Galactic Whale to begin opening the treasure-houses of the New Humble Brain reserved for the redeemed in the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 42 - You have retained and maintained your derech eretz and now do honour unto your soul; have her stand up before the Throne of Glory to ask of the coming of the New Humble Brain. For there is no correction for you as you are but there is new force for what you may become. Only a totally new imposed structure can lift you out of the past. If you need Donkey Strength, be a Donkey, but you need the direct mercy of the Lord, our God, upon you so that the Bird be Resurrected. And you need the direct force of God upon you to combat the Fish Battles against habit.

Gnomen 43 - You need the Donkey Weights to remind you to be humble. You need the slowness of the Turtle to slow down the Fourth Generation Pace of your thoughts so that you be Illumined in the richness of God’s closeness. You need the inner height of the Giraffe to help you elevate your thoughts above the day’s banalities. You need the direct mercy of the Lord, our God, to help you enter the Star of the Project so that you organise your thoughts according to the Composite Project of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 44 - You need the closed Refuge-house of sealed lips with an armadillo casing to save you from the habits of the fallen tongue. You need a Lake of Salt to eat away the mental crusts of time-laden disuse. You need a Valley of Mercury to awaken the balances and measures and to gain the courage to enter in depth. In all these you need the direct mercy of God Almighty upon you to guide you so that you be in step with every minute and certainly not later than the Minute’s End.

Gnomen 45 - You need the direct mercy of God upon you to know again the Heavenly Perfume in which the soul delights; for centuries you have been without the scent to which your soul yearns. And once again you need to gird yourself in the precision of the Lion’s Den so that you walk on sure footing in the Law of God. Then shall you feel the Beauty of Paradise in your heart and you will feel the direct mercy of the Lord, our God, within you, shining on the New Tablets of your heart.

Gnomen 46 - This is the Tikkun of White Horse who died, poor Horse, and left a Wing with Gilat Haim. And in the Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim, White Horse has been resurrected having the New Title of the Chief Instructor of all Horses, White or Red or whatever colours they may be. And so the title of White Horse was saved by the Joy of Life while the resurrected Horse himself became a fervent teacher of the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish, Leviathan, in the power of which he himself has seen his own resurrection with the direct mercy of the God of Israel upon him. Amen.

Gnomen 47 - The Tikkun of White Horse with his ‘death’ represents the death of the fallen tongue created by Paulus and the ‘resurrection’ of the Horse represents the salvation by way of the New Language of the Final New Pact. It also coincides with the historical new opening of the New Stellar Calendar of Big Fish, Leviathan, the last great feat of White Horse before this Correction. It is, of course, a general Tikkun, especially designed for the lost sheep of the house of Israel who return unto the confines of the their true origin by way of the Altar of Efraim in the House of Prayer of the Third and Final Redemption of 7 Floors and 7 Altars, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 48 - The great gift of the New Humble Brain has been sent by God Almighty to recompense for the immense historical absence into which their destiny had thrown them. They must therefore try to live inside the New Knowledge and the New Spirit of the Completed Signs and to become another in all ways. Pray only to El Shaddai directly and allow His holy Presence to shine upon you. Amen.

Gnomen 49 - Be bound to the Goel Haim, with all your heart, as much as you are able, for you may fully love the Teacher who is teaching you the true ways of God This relationship as a true pupil to the true teacher chosen by the Lord, our God, is extremely loved before Him. It is also part of the true respect so loved by the Lord, our God.

Gnomen 50 - Bind your thoughts to the teachings of Sefer Mishnat Haim for in them you will find the strength of the coherent voice that accompanies every word, in all its texts, and that binds you to the Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption. In these texts, studied in the true faith of the true Tradition, you will find the Living Voice of Prophecy. For the ways in which God manifests Himself to individuals are infinite but the prophetic Guidance of the Final Redemption is ‘channelled’ into the Prophetic Writings of Sefer Mishnat Haim, on the authority of the Tzadik, the chosen Goel, Haim.