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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 5 - Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book that Astounds) -

Sefer Esther 3

Chapter 11

Gnomen 501 - The Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption are the Great Treasures of the New Kingdom of Heaven. The Prophets spoke of the Renewal of the heavens and the earth at the time of the final redemption. What was meant by the ‘new heavens’ (shammaim hhadashim) was essentially unexplainable in Tradition except for the general comprehension of the ‘stellar orders’ (ma’arachot ha-cochavim) that change with the historical changeovers that take place in those epochs. In terms of the Completed Signs, a more precise meaning is The New Kingdom of Heaven established with God’s choice of the Final Goel. This is a New Kingdom that did not exist previously.

Gnomen 502 - All has arrived, thank God. We have received for the world the Marvellous News of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel and chosen Teacher of Life, Haim ben Moshe from Saana, Yemen. These are the Marvellous News that will be loved by all, whether by rabbinical scholars of the Torah or by simple, good-hearted folk throughout the world. Eventually the Third and Final Temple at Jerusalem of the Completed Signs of the FR will be built and loved by all those who will have merit in the true faith.

Gnomen 503 - Then the house of Jacob will return to the pure, simple faith of the Patriarchs and to the true Tradition of the Torah indicated by the Beit of Bereisheet. This is the Sign that returns historically in the hands of the Final Goel, Haim, for the sake of straightening out all the distortions that have filtered into Judaism in the past 4 centuries. Amen.


Gnomen 504 - A quick explanation of the Signs of Shushan- I leave here 6 gnomen for them and I look ahead at the Diary that must be yet completed for Esther 3. The New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan contains the New, True Kabbalah of Shushan which is bound to the Hidden Signs of Purim. The New Signs of Shushan are thus of the Middle Pillar of the Triple Meditation bound to the name ASHER and to the Hidden Signs of Isaac, our father, and to the hidden, middle ascent of Moses at Sinai.


Gnomen 505 - The Signs of the New Shin, the New Vav, the New Sheen and the New Final Nun were received by us, I, Paolo, Noda and Adam, in Israel (if I remember well it was some days before Purim 5750, March 1990). They came in the form of extremely clear signs from the clouds. In the sky a Shin appeared, a very particular Shin. This Shin miraculously remained in the sky during our entire trip from Beersheva to Jerusalem and into Jerusalem until we stood in the large courtyard of the Wailing Wall.


Gnomen 506 - The form of the Shin was something like this:

Gnomen 507 - It was thus different than the regular Shin. The length of time that it lasted and the fact that it ‘connected Beersheva to Jerusalem’ was sufficient to call it two times Shin. Recently, in Davide Levi’s dream, the Donkey said “Shin Sheen, it is the Dead Donkey speaking to you”. Thus we know that the second Sheen is longer than the first Shin.


Gnomen 508 - With our arrival at the Wailing Wall, we no longer saw the Shin but there appeared a luminous Vav, just over the courtyard, emanating reflected rays of afternoon sunlight. After a short while, the Vav became longer and thicker and more luminous, enough to be called a Great Final Nun. These were the Hidden Signs of Shushan that we received in Israel, from Beersheva to Jerusalem.


Gnomen 509 The New Letters of Shushan, deriving from the Middle Pillar of the Heart of the Rose, reveal the New Purim of the Fourth Generation of the Final Redemption. As we write the New Scroll of Esther of the Final Redemption, the New Purim has been underway and it will continue until the New Purim will be revealed from Beit Sefer Esther in Beersheva to Beit Sefer Esther in Jerusalem. Then will be revealed the Treasures of the New Kingdom of Heaven of the Third and Final Redemption to the people of Israel and to the Jewish world at large.


Gnomen 510 - This is the purpose of the Books of Sefer Ha-Mafli, particularly the Books of Esther. As the New Scroll of Esther of the Final Redemption is written, the Signs involved in each matter descend in hidden manners, accumulating the Treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in the Palace of the School of Esther until, by the strategies of the Beautiful and Intelligent Queen Esther, they are revealed for all Israel.


Gnomen 511 - DIARY of the Donkey who eats Bread: March 4, 1999, Shushan Purim: I keep dreaming in the past few days about insidious-false-wisdom that eats away and destroys the person. In the dream, this false-wisdom does not specify false-Kabbalah (although certainly related) but false-wisdom. Each time I see it, it is given me to understand that the remedy against false-wisdom is Tzemech (messianic Sign in Prophets- Flourishing, Branching out). - -

The remedy to false-wisdom in the world is the branching out of the true wisdom contained in SMH.


Gnomen 512 - I opened Esther 4 after closing the first hand-written draft with the 661 gnomen required, but in the rewriting here Esther 3, some 150 gnomen have remained for closing the text and with it Sefer Mishnat Haim which must be officially closed corresponding to the closure of the 16 years of preparation. Therefore I keep Esther 4 open, but I need here some of the gnomen for the sake of closing Esther 3, here on Word 6. I have perceived, in the opening of Esther 4, that the 4th Book of Esther must turn the Star-Wheel of Ahhashverosh. For sure, history is turning in the past 13 days (I write here on the 6th day of Pesah 5759) with the war of Nato against the Yugoslavian Pharaoh Milosovitch.


Gnomen 513 - Giuseppe received an important dream: Two angels descended. One was the archangel Michael who said to Giuseppe, “Now you will have to speak words of God”. - -

All the dreams now arriving are in the Sign of the Second Appointed Time and the New and Final Opening of the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread. Sweet-Donkey-Baby-Prophet-Giuseppe is being prepared for his position in diffusing the New Message.

In a second dream, Giuseppe saw Peretz outside in Piazza Duomo , in a sort of open office working on texts with several computers around him. On the computers were written Hebrew letters. - -

The Mission of Peretz has permission to diffuse the texts of SMH outside in public by way of Internet.


Gnomen 514 - Daniele received 2 dreams (a couple of days before Purim) : He saw the Teacher of Life, Haim, who was extremely happy and filled with love for the people around, who were asking questions, and the Final Goel was answering them. Peretz was close to the Teacher, Haim. Daniele was amazed by the heart-warming contentedness of the Tzadik Haim. - -

In another dream, (2 days later - perhaps Purim itself) Daniele saw the School of the Second Commandment with about 20 pupils and a woman who teaching. Then the Teacher of Life, Haim, was present and he showed the same immense contentedness, as in the other dream mentioned. In the dream, Daniele told that first dream to Peretz. Then, as the Final Goel spoke, Peretz became invisible.

All these are Signs of the success of the Mission at this crucial time of the New Opening. The happiness of the Tzadik Haim is certainly related to the fact that the pupils are prepared for the times ahead.


Gnomen 515 - Paolo dreamed: We were in a large, splendid building together with the Queen Elizabeth. Peretz decided to take a shower and, dressed in a bathing suit, he washed himself. Queen Elizabeth was very pleased with this and so she too, with a modest bathing suit, took a shower together with Peretz and there was much joy. -

This is a sign that the language and respect, the derech eretz and modesty taught in Sefer Mishnat Haim are totally consonant with the English Queenand her good manners, and even if the Donkey takes a bath with the Queen, all is clean and in the proper spirit.

The Star-Wheel of the modest Queen Esther is turning in hidden ways to bring the New Scroll of the Final Redemption to the world.


Gnomen 516 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed that she was with her family, mother and sister etc. and they were preparing to eat. Anna ripped-off large pieces of meat and threw them away. Peretz, in a close-by-room with the door open, was having a relationship with a girl. The others were taken aback but Anna reassured them, saying that Peretz in doing such obviously knew perfectly well what he was doing. It was therefore to understand that Peretz had particular ‘intentions’ with that act and most certainly, it was a ‘sign’. Then Anna was at the top of a mountain and with a sword fought against an ‘entity’ that represented ‘evil’.


Gnomen 517 - This dream followed a fact: The evening before her dream, I had explained to Anna on the telephone that it was not correct to change the term ‘l’uccello risorto’ (the Resurrected Bird - first of the 13 New Mazalot) just because, in vulgar-street Italian, they use the word ‘uccello’ to indicate the male-member. “It’s not fair to the birds” I said. “You take away from them this perfectly legitimate term, only because of street-vulgarity. In such a way, ‘uccello’ can no longer be used in a normal sense”. The last thing that Anna wanted to do, of course, was to offend the birds, with her and her husband Giorgio’s great love for nature, but she was somewhat perplexed, since in the classes she teaches at Public School she must be careful with double-sense vulgarity etc.


Gnomen 518 - I said to her “Listen, Anna, I believe that in 200 years from now, Italy will already be on a higher level and there will be a general elevation”. Anna was extremely pleased about this prediction which, historically speaking, was hardly far away. I added, “Use the term and don’t think about the vulgarity of others. And even if it brings smiles or laughter to some, it doesn’t matter. Also one’s sexual-life is a question of good fortune that derives from the stars”.


Gnomen 519 - Anna took to heart with joy that, in 200 years, things will be better. In her dream of that night, she received the Keys of this battle. It starts with the table; vulgarity breeds on the tables of vulgarity, because vulgarity spoken at the table goes into the food and into the blood. Anna tears away large pieces of crude (uncooked) meat from the meat being prepared for cooking. This is a ‘sign’ of ‘refining’ the table from the crudeness to which it has become accustomed (notice that not all the meat was extracted; there is no vegetarianism connected to this dream). The elevation from a vulgar table to a ‘corrected’ table, isn’t, however, an easy thing and a ‘strategy’ is needed to accomplish it.


Gnomen 520 - And all the strategies concerning an elevation of the ‘spirit’ need a means of linguistic elevation. Enters the Donkey whose language comes to cut down the useless, imprecise and foolish linguistic habits and to ‘convert’ a part of them into useful, precise and intelligent ‘Sign’ language of the Final Redemption. The Donkey, in his usual vest of Peretz, joyously consumes a full sexual relation (with some lovely She-Ass, I suppose) with the door wide open! That’s about as vulgar as a Donkey can get! Anna, however, understands that it is a sign and is not fooled by the appearance. She breaks down the cliché-mentality, as she explains to the others that Peretz knows perfectly well what a sexual relation means and what it means to do such with the door open. There is obviously some teaching to be taken from it. For more than ‘vulgarity’ itself, it is the ‘intention’ that counts. Who is cleaner, one who speaks clean language but his thoughts are vulgar, or one who by habit uses vulgar language but his thoughts are clean or at least sincere?


Gnomen 521 - One of the main purposes of the Donkey who eats Bread is to help elevate the masses and often he digs deep into their mentality. It is necessary to lift up the terms which are of themselves legitimate, but which have descended into the realm of vulgarity by the masses. After the crude pieces of meat discarded, the rest can be prepared for eating. But an elevation on the level of thought is needed for not ‘falling into the meat itself’ so to speak. A sexual relation of itself is not something vulgar. It is natural. Having a sexual relationship with the door open for all to see, is certainly vulgar (and prohibited), but if all is done (in the Sign) for the sake of a necessary teaching that helps educate the masses and thus has a purpose which desired from Above, it is permitted and even praiseworthy.


Gnomen 522 - “You see me doing something totally vulgar” , the Donkey is saying. “You do not realise, however, that vulgarity used at the table while eating, is spiritually equal to having a sexual relation with the door open for all to see. A sexual relation by itself is not vulgarity, it is natural. So too, eating of itself is not vulgar, it is a natural part of life. The same sexual relation, however, with the door open before others, renders the entire action vulgar and hateful in the sight of God and in the sight of people. So too, it is not eating, but using vulgarity at the table where one eats, that renders that table and that eating despicable before Heaven and spiritually disastrous to those who spit out their vulgarity into the table and into the food that they eat.


Gnomen 523 - With these, Anna receives the Keys of the Correction of the Table: discarding that which cannot be corrected, elevating the remainder with proper intentions, justifying Peretz’s action for the Sign of instruction that it contains, so that the masses stop having sexual relations with the doors wide open, in the mouth and on the table where they eat. With these Keys, Anna is able to combat, from the top of the mountain, the tremendously thick and odious vulgarity of the as yet unsanctified table of the nations. - -

Gnomen 524 - March 8, 1999; Adar 20, 5759, Beauty of Paradise 13: Giuseppe dreamed that the nations had come to love the One Living God and there was harmony and peace in the world. - -

Already in the past few weeks, there are Signs, representing the Renewal of the Completed Signs of the FR for the Second Vision of Habakuk, which officially enters Pesah 5759.

We are getting close but our situation and my situation is quite difficult and it is not easy for me to write. For 2 weeks I had been sick with a ‘flu and it seemed to me, no, I felt clearly, that my end was coming. I was worried about my brother Ted (among other things) because 2 years ago, when I wrote my last will and testament, I had specified, for the sake of Ted, that, if something happened to me in Italy, I wish to be buried in Milan where the Tzadik Haim is buried (and not in our family plot in the United States, as I had received then in a dream). I had, however, never told Ted about it. I decided to tell him now because of the negative signs that I was seeing and feeling, but he had not called for some months and our telephone was cut off (for almost 2 months) from telephoning because we had no money, as usual, to pay the bills. Finally, on Sunday, March 14, Ted called and I told him about it. He said that it was a question of telepathy or something like that because for two weeks (the 2 weeks that I was ill) he had also been sick and in bed and he continually had the thought that, if something happened to me, he did not know how he might bring me to America, also because it would cost some 10.000 dollars, which Ted did not have. He was quite amazed and also relieved when I assured him not to worry about such. Nevertheless, I told him that I was feeling better now.


Gnomen 525 I thank the Lord, my God, for all that He has given me and shone me. I thank the Lord, my God, forever, that He placed me in the hands of the holy Tzadik Haim ,who redeemed me from all evil and saved my soul from the pits of error. He worked with me with immense love and taught me the Law of God. He me up from my falls and assuaged my wounds. He taught me the light of truth in every breath. He taught me the ways of interior faith, of the hidden heart inside. He taught me of God’s love to the simple folk of the world, especially when mankind’s intellect has become sour with arrogance and self love.

Gnomen 526 - To me was given the awesome privilege of witnessing the final sacrifice, so unimaginably painful, so beyond words and thoughts, so beyond human measures, the holy, chosen Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, chastised in God’s immense love for the salvation of mankind. And then from death to resurrection, to the rebirth of humanity in the Completed New Pact of God of the geula shleima. God had chosen the Final Goel, the beloved Teacher of Life, to bring the world to its Final Redemption. And to me, a new-born baby-Peretz, was given the great privilege to announce the truth of God’s choice, as the Completed Signs of the FR descended, renewing the heavens and earth for the coming generations.


Gnomen 527 - I thank the Lord, my God, for the truth and for the sanctification that I have received from the teachings and from the blessings of the Tzadik Haim. I thank the Lord, my God, for the many testimonies of the Final Redemption that I have been able to write down for posterity in these past 16 years. In merit of the Final Goel, Haim, no one has seen what we have witnessed in these past 16 years of history. These facts will eventually become known and understood, how we were in so few and with so few means and being such small donkeys with the heavy weights of the Final Redemption upon us and the many impediments from every side that had to be overcome. All this is the honour of the Lord, our God, who has acted wondrously with us and who has saved us and redeemed us from hour to hour.


Gnomen 528 - There are more than 2000 (probably closer to 3000) redemptional, prophetic and ‘messianic’ dreams written down by me or by the pupils, either in lists or in the diaries of the pupils or in the texts of SMH. These must be reviewed and restudied always, with love and with fear: Great is the Final Redemption and Terrible is the Fourth Generation. Study them always, because much is yet to be discovered in them. The dreams will not cease coming and further understanding of many things will be understood yet more. The dreams and the visions in them represent the great important means in the revelation of God’s spirit at the time of the Final Redemption.


Gnomen 528 DIARY: March 11, 1999, Adar 23, 5759, Beauty of Paradise 16: Paolo went to Milan to see a house at Capriate because, after the attempt to find a house at Savona failed, we turned to a previous sign that had said that ‘if Savona is not possible, look towards Milan. Paolo and Noda went four times to search in Savona and the situation was difficult for us, here, from all points of view. Nevertheless, when the ‘signs’ of Savona were finished without result, we turned to the Milan direction and we felt a positive change. I now remember that about a week ago, I saw my grandfather Becker, peace be with him, in a dream. He was in a room which I surmised was a sort of reception hall for who was on his way to the other world. We began to embrace but then he said to me “You still have a voice and a place” , thus indicating that my time for the other world had not yet come and that there was still work to complete here.


Gnomen 529 - DIARY: Friday, March 12, 1999; Adar 24, 5759; Beauty of Paradise 17: Noda asked and received in a dream concerning our searching for a house: A mediator showed Noda a Triangle between France, Milan and Toscana. He said that he could not give us a house, unless Paolo pledged that he would work. In Toscana it would be possible to work with the AMC, but not in Milan. - This was the essence of the dream.

We changed direction to search for a house in Toscana.


Gnomen 530 - Monday March 15, 1999; Adar 27, 5759; Beauty of Paradise 20: Paolo and Noda went to speak with Sig. Fubbiani of the AMC, under whom Paolo works and he was content that Paolo desired to live in Toscana and to continue working for the AMC. We took this as a good sign.

The same morning, Gilat Haim saw in a dream that Adam was here and on the television were seen Jews who were selling poisonous water. After that, Gilat warned her grandfather not to drink the poisonous water in the bathroom - -

The poisonous water has to do with the false-kabbalah of the so-called kabbalists and the false propaganda that they sell etc. -

Adam will establish a second Web-site, linked to Web-site Camillo ,for the Announcements and Documents of the Final Redemption. I believe the name of the second site should be Beit Sefer Esther, in full, Beit Sefer Esther - Bersheva.


Gnomen 531 - DIARY Tuesday, March 16, 1999; Adar 28, 5759, Beauty of Paradise 20: Giuseppe dreamed that he was in San Vittore Prison, harassed by other prisoners, until he could take no more and he called on EL SHADDAI to pulverise a rasha who had spoken to him with arrogance and the evil doer was pulverised. There were other arrogant reshaim and, as Giuseppe touched them, they were annulled. Terrible was the wrath of God that descended. Someone accused Giuseppe of killing them. Giuseppe answered “I didn’t kill anyone; this is the wrath of God that is descending against the evil-doers. I only made the ‘signs’ - -

Giuseppe, the night before, dreamed that he saw Anna Gasparotti: He said to her “It is now time that everyone in the whole world come to know that God is One”. There was a pen present that then became a piece of chocolate-cream-cake. - -

All these are signs of the new permission to extend the news of the FR -


Gnomen 532 - With the changeover from searching for a house at Savona for Milan, and then from Milan towards Toscana, we, especially I, have felt that the decree has passed, thank God, and has become instead a blessing from God Almighty who is guiding us also in hidden ways, in the hidden light of the New Purim of the Final Redemption.

The Triple-Meditation of the Final Redemption contains 3 distinct Meditations: Heart of the Prophet, Heart of the Rose and Heart of Big Fish, Leviathan. The Meditation of the Heart of the Prophet is that contained in the Five Tablets of the Pact, concerning the Roots of Idolatry, explaining the great historic prophetic realisation of the sin of the Fruit, the error of the generation of Enosh, the sin of the Tower of Babel, the sin of the golden calf and the breaking of the first Tablets, all these binding the completed understanding of the Second Commandment to the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 533

This text of Esther 3 has proven to be the fifth and final phase of the Meditation of the Heart of the Prophet in which (1) the distinctions between false-Kabbalah and True Kabbalah are completed in it, (2) the sin of the idolatrous ‘concept’ of Emanation as the Root of the roots of idolatry is brought to the fore in a manner not reached in the previous studies, (3) the Conclusive Distinction between false traditions and the True Tradition by way of the Beit of Bereisheet is defined for the first time in history, (4) the binding of the Beit of Bereisheet to the Breaking of the first Tablets is established and (5) the Breaking of the falsified-Tablets of the false-Kabbalah of the Zohar by way of the Beit of Bereisheet in the hands of the Final Goel, Haim, is accomplished.

note: Esther 3 is of the Fifth Petal but, as indicated to me, it represents the Conclusive Book of Sefer Mishnat Haim (which has to be closed by the end of the 16th year). It was indicated as the Tenth Conclusive Book and, since the Tenth Petal of SMH must contain also autobiographical as the beginning of this Book as well as the autobiographical drama in the last all-important phase of concluding the Beit of Bereisheet, thus Sefer Esther 3 has a place also in the Tenth Petal. Look then, it is of Petal 5 while it is the conclusion of the Five Tablets of Petal 1 and it is a Conclusive Text with some autobiographical notes pertaining to Petal 10. Also in the midst of writing Esther 3, Giusepreceived a dream that gave me permission to write 2 Volumes on Wisdom, Ancient and New, on the Wisdom of the Middle-Way and also texts of Wisdom belong to the Tenth Petal. It’s not finished; before that, while in the first chapters of Sefer Esther 3, Giuseppe received word that I had to formulate 4 Volumes of Big Fish, Leviathan, in the Key of the Reconciliation brought by the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. The texts of Leviathan belong to the 13th Great Universal Petal. Esther 3 thus covers the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th and 13th Petals of SMH. And all these could not be concluded and closed until the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet was completed.


Gnomen 534 - The Meditation of the Heart of the Prophet is considered the Left Pillar, the Heart of the Rose, the Middle Pillar and the Heart of the Prophet, the Right Pillar. (see documents on the Triple-Meditation - New Law - Tables). The Left here refers to the severity and precision of God’s justice. The Meditation of Big Fish is on the Universal Right, as it states ‘The right hand of God is exalted’ etc. and the Meditation is that concerning Big Fish, the Galactic Whale of the Milky Way and all the studies that derive from the New True Kabbalah of the Final Redemption, such as the 13 New Mazalot of B.F.L. and including all verses of the Torah and Prophets if he comes to study them.


Gnomen 535 - The Meditation of the Rose is a 13 Petaled Rose, a Meditation of 13 Petals or 13 Meditations because although, there is linkage between them, each one may be considered a Meditation on its own right. To give an idea of how these may be divided (although a different scheme may be possible but, in any case, I have not divided them in the writings of Sefer Ha-Mafli): (1) Meditation on the Teacher of Justice and the School of the Essenes; (2) Meditation on the Initial Signs; (3) Meditation on the mission of Yeshua in the Key of the failed prophetic mission of Malachi; (4) Meditation on the Mission of Yeshua in the Key of the Sacrificed Ram in place of Isaac; (5) Meditation on the Mission of the First Donkey and on the Mission of the Second Donkey who eats Bread;


Gnomen 536 - (6) Meditation on the Gospels Corrected and Paulus Corrected and Yeshuat Yeshu; (7) Meditation on the Signs of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning; Meditation on the historic hidden redemptional role of the Hidden Tzadikim, (9) Meditation on the hidden redemptional role of the Hidden Goel, Haim; (10) Meditation on the Hidden Signs of Isaac, our father; (11) Meditation on the Signs of the New Purim of the FR.; (12) Meditation on the Virtues of the New Heart; (13) Meditation on the Hidden Virtues of Esther. All these are Meditations of the Heart of the Rose.


Gnomen 537 - Remember, we are not speaking about any form of Asiatic-Meditation or Mystic Meditation or anything connected with training the soul to leave the body etc. etc. Our Meditation translates ‘hitbonnenut’, repeated reflection on a given subject matter, to find always deeper meanings and clearer comprehension. In SMH we may distinguish between a Book which gives over the information that it has to give, such as the New Law, and between the texts that give over the Keys to the Meditation involved. Certainly, however, also the New Law can be meditated on day and night, as the Torah. We speak, however, for example, in the Five Tablets of the Pact, which represents the Meditation of the Heart of the Prophet, of the Keys to the Torah-Meditation on the Roots of idolatry bound to the Second Commandment. Here it is not simply a question of the information taught. These studies are properly Keys to further meditation on the prophetic historical realisation of what is written in the Torah. Also the argument itself is a profound meditation which has many levels of depth to be reached by continued reflection.

Gnomen 538

The Meditation of Big Fish is so vast that I would not think of dividing it into 13 Meditations, unless we divide them into the 13 New Mazalot, but I think that we must call, whatever comes into Leviathan’s camp, one Big Meditation of our Big Fish, because we have his name and that’s sufficient. Similarly, the Five Tablets might be divided into Five Meditations, but the Heart of the Prophet does not want to be limited by a number. The Heart of the Rose, however, must be limited to 13 Petals, otherwise it would not be possible to close Sefer Mishnat Haim and the thorns would creep in if we would expose the Rose and try to extend it over the limited boundaries that are established in every aspect of each Meditation itself.


Gnomen 539 - One can see this by the type of information given in the Heart of the Rose. There is at first, in each one, a ‘given information’ generally by the studies that I received from the Tzadik Haim and later on by the Completed Signs themselves. We are not researchers nor experts on Essene or Qumran documents. We received it, for example, that Jesus was 3 years in the School of the Essenes and Yohhanan at least 8 years etc. The Final Goel has taught us this fact, a fact that changes the understanding of all past history and it cannot be corroborated by textual studies of the documents of Qumran. So too, we cannot prove our conclusions, deriving from our information received concerning the Teacher of Justice, outside of the context in which we have received them from the Teacher of Life, Haim. If we would extend the questions involved into further speculation, we would only open the doors to thorns. Once, however, the given knowledge is taken, there is no end to the depth of comprehension that may derive from each Meditation.


Gnomen 540 - The Heart of the Prophet has its terminology directly based on that of the Torah and Tradition, so that there is no fear of thorns growing out of it. Leviathan is both true Kabbalah concerning terms and matters written in the Torah and True, New Kabbalah concerning Big Fish himself and concerning the New Mazalot. This represents a new revelation of that which already exists, but is revealed only at the time of the FR. The new terminology, however, is fixed in such a way that it is not possible to extend it to other kinds of speculation or to other fields of information, but must be taken as it is given, no less and no more. Leviathan is the Galactic Fish of our Galaxy, for example. At Rosh ha-Shana his eyes are looking upwards, whereas on Pesah his eyes are looking downwards etc.


Gnomen 541 For the Heart of the Rose, however, where there are roses there are thorns and it is necessary to provide that the thorns protect the rose from outside influences, not that they invite in outside influences to create more thorns. The Key of 13 serves that purpose of limiting each Meditation so that the thorns become warnings to protect the Rose from outside influences.

Diary: Two weeks ago, Sarah Tampieri dreamed that she was in Jerusalem. At a certain point, there was great panic and it was said that there was a threat of an atomic bomb. In the end, however, nothing happened. -

Giuseppe, last night, March 27, 1999; Nisan 10, 5759, Resurrected Bird 4, dreamed that the New Protection deriving from the Completed Signs had reached a new level of Completion.

Gnomen 542 - DIARY: March 28, 1999; Nisan 5, 5759, Resurrected Bird 5: I dreamed this morning that I saw the Tzadik Haim seated at a table. On a chair, to the Tzadik’s left , was his holy father, the Tzadik and Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, Moshe. In the dream, he was ‘dead’ but he was alive. I was seated at the table before the Tzadik Haim. The Final Goel showed me jets that his holy father was ‘dead’ but ‘alive’ and seated at his left at the table. - -


Gnomen 543 - DIARY: March 29, 1999; Nisan 6, 5759, Resurrected Bird 6: I am not sure but may be a sign that my time has come. I do not hope it is so. We were, however, together, the holy Tzadik Moshe, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, and the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, the Final Goel, Haim. Perhaps it must be so and if it is so, I accept it before God Almighty with great happiness. I am the heir of the blessing othe Tzadik Haim and what is decreed from Above is that which is best and no human thought can know the reasons involved.

Gnomen 544 There have been other signs in the past month, or month and a half, and I felt it was so, until I came to smile in the thought of smiling until the last moment. Then it changed, after the triangular search for a house in Savona, Milan and Toscana, I felt the ‘decree’ removed from me, for which I was very happy. Also Paolo and Noda felt the positive change. Before they had began that drastic search in Savona and until Paolo paid a million lire to hold in waiting a certain house in Milan, I had been sick 2 weeks with a ‘flu and I felt that the end was close. I have indeed not been feeling very well and my blood circulation has been giving me problems. I must also be careful to eat only small amounts of food or else. I have problems with ‘air’ inside from intestines and stomach. Sometimes, when I wake up, I have pains in my mouth and upwards caused by this ‘air’. I have, nevertheless, changed routine in the last weeks, giving much more attention to myself in several respects and I have seen positive results but it is a battle. I try to smoke less. I stopped eating mayonnaise and this has greatly alleviated the air problem. I must not tire myself and I must rest and sleep sufficiently. Sometimes it seems to me that I feel fine and sometimes I feel so bad that I imagine it impossible to continue as such. In truth, I do not really know the state I am in.


Gnomen 545 - There is still hope in my heart that it is not so. Perhaps the dream has another interpretation. I do not know. As the Lord, my God, desires, so will it be. I can say nothing. Perhaps there is still time left. The Donkey has been through 3 great tests with difficult decrees and the third was the most difficult and the Donkey was given to live, but Beniamino was taken in that conclusive Sign of Isaac, our father, in order to save the Donkey then and the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread.


Gnomen 546 - O pupils and children, I do not desire to leave off in my work as I do not desire to leave you and I wish so much not to cause you any grief. I am not sure, because I have seen so many changes and so many decrees, God save us, from which we have been delivered with redemptional salvation. It does not depend, however, on my desire but on what is desired for me from Above. For I have had the great privilege before God Almighty to study with the holy Tzadik Haim for 13 years in his life-time and to announce the Third and Final Redemption and to write explanations of those announcements now for 16 full years. The Lord, my God, has replenished my soul thousands upon thousands of times in these past 29 years.


Gnomen 547 - Nor can I deny that I have seen what no other has seen, the thousands upon thousands of marvellous changes on many, many levels that take place in the light of God’s choice of the Final Goel, Haim. I have been blessed in every sense and the blessing has never left me. So have I had the enormous privilege to announce in the name of the true chosen announcer, the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, the redemptional announcements and the prophetic announcements of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 548 - Be courageous, Paolo and Noda, and go ahead in the beloved work of the Mission, for the sake of the Mission of the Donkey and for the sake of the children of the Donkey-Mission. Do not be afraid and do not lose heart and you will be yet elevated in your faith. Be happy, for you have done much and in your merit the Donkey was able to work and write and to make the Signs of the Donkey in all these years. Do not be sad if my time has come because we must all continue to work towards the Final Redemption as much as it is possible wherever we are.


Gnomen 549 - Remember that people need the News of the Fourth Generation and therefore they need the News of the Final Redemption of SMH. People need the warnings and the New Protection. Do not forget them and, God willing, we will yet work together even if I am where I shall be. That is what we are here for. We are Donkey and we must bray, everyone as best he or she can, wherever one is.


Gnomen 550 - It’s after 7:00 in the morning. Paolo just told me his dream: I rented a house for Paolo and Noda and the children. In that house, Paolo took much initiative in doing all that he had to do. I was very pleased about this and I said, “Very good, this greatly relieves my thought”. - -

I love you all very much and it is anything but easy for me to write these things. God Almighty will have mercy on you and He will help you and keep you and give you strength and understanding. May EL SHADDAI bless you with an elevated faith and bestow upon you long life in good health.