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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 5 - Sefer Ha-Mafli

(The Book that Astounds) –










Sefer Esther 3




Chapter 12 -


Gnomen 551

I am writing here Wednesday morning; tonight begins Pesah 5759. In the realisation of my situation, I prepared myself in these last 3 days before Pesah. From the dream with the Teacher Haim and his holy father, Moshe, I decided to complete the third blessing for Yehoel Yehoel, a blessing that designates the heir of the direct tradition from the Tzadik Haim that I have received. That was on Tuesday. Between Sunday night and Monday, I wrote the above gnomen beginning with that dream. Monday, also while writing the few gnomen above, I was in tears the whole day, asking God for blessings for all the pupils and for all the children.


Gnomen 552 - I held no doubts because of the particular level of the dream with the Tzadik and his holy father. There was, however, the fact that in the dream no words were spoken. This did leave me some thought. I was 100 percent ready but it is human nature to think. The Donkey had already passed 3 great tests of decrees upon him until the 14th year. The decree of a month ago was the fourth. I have not explained it in writing but only now have I squeezed it into the few above gnomen, in speaking about searching for a house. It was complicated because it was then that the life of HhanaNoga was in danger. Then Noda did teshuva on all her past, Paolo as well, and they began to search for a house in Savona.


Gnomen 553 –

Both Paolo and Noda did not know of the decree upon me and I could not tell it. They had been through too many things to be weighed down now with such a thought. HhanaNoga was saved, thank God. I continued to write and to finish the hand-written draft of Esther 3 while Paolo and Noda did everything to find a house as mentioned above, first Savona, then Milan and then Toscana. The time in which Paolo gave a million lire for a house in Milan and then Noda’s dream which said to look towards Toscana, corresponded to my finishing the Sign of the Breaking of the Tablets in conjunction with the true tradition of the Beit of Bereisheet in the hands of the Final Goel, Haim.


Gnomen 554 - I had committed two grave errors in the writing of the text 1) see Esther 3 chapter 9 on my foolish prognostication concerning opening only Milhhamot Ha-Shem in Israel in the next 4 years and 2) instead of completing the Breaking of the Tablets and the Beit of Bereisheet that I had begun, I had left off in the middle, in order to read the book ‘hhamoro shel mashiahh’ (The Donkey of the Messiah by Teppe Rachelbesky). For sure, I am the true Donkey to be able to make such a grave mistake and to choose to read the book before finishing what was at hand. Nevertheless, with the signs made by Paolo and Noda and with my finishing the hand-written Esther 3, we felt that the decree had been lifted, they from their point of view and I from mine. I worked on re-writing the text on the computer in preparation for the new proposed Site of Beit Sefer Esther for the opening diffusion of the News of the Final Redemption.


Gnomen 555 - It was as I began to approach for the second time the Breaking of the Tablets and the Beit of Bereisheet, that I saw the decree return. In one dream , I was shown that the ‘sin’ had returned. In another, there was an indication that I was trying to forestall my ‘funeral’ but that it would not function. Then I received the dream of the Tzadik Haim and his father, the Tzadik Moshe, and I had no doubts as to its meaning. It was the ‘fifth’ and final decree and frankly I felt that I would not make it even to Pesah, because every time I would put myself down to sleep I would find my circulation stopping and my arms almost left without blood and I was in heavy difficulty. Nevertheless, I went ahead with Esther 3 since I was close to finishing the Beit of Bereisheet. And Monday morning I completed the blessing for Yehoel Yehoel, three days before Pesah.


Gnomen 556 Monday night on the television for the first time was shown the film ‘Esther’. The film was excellent and the Esther chosen was lovely and perfect for the part. The film skilfully follows the text of the Megillat Esther. I had already been crying the whole day, asking of God Almighty blessings for all the talmidim, and I kept crying throughout the film, not being able to keep my thought from thinking at the same time with a hope in my heart that there would be a sign of ve-nahafoch hu. After the film, I finished the Breaking of the Tablets in the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet. Many thoughts turned about in my head and I just ‘happened’ to open the English Bible and it said ‘Don’t boast of what will happen tomorrow for you do not know what will yet happen today’. I slept.


Gnomen 557 - In the morning, Tuesday, Noda dreamed that she and I were in an herborist-shop searching for herbs to mix into the bath water, to help with my blood circulation. Those of the shop said that they did not have it but that it existed and to keep looking for it. Peretz then stood at a bus-stop waiting for a bus - -

I saw the dream as positive, even though waiting for the bus was ambiguous. But then Giuseppe, who was with us for a week until the day after the second seder, woke up and told his dream. That was indeed good news and for sure there had been a ve-nahafoch hu.


Gnomen 558 - March 30, 1999; Giuseppe Manigrasso dreamed: He saw Peretz who had been called by the Tribunal as a judge. Giuseppe was dressed as a policeman who was in charge of accompanying Peretz. They were sent to a Hall of Justice in some unknown city in north Italy and they were given a place to sleep. The morning afterwards Peretz was called by the superior judge and Giuseppe accompanied him. Some of the other policemen asked Giuseppe who Peretz was and he explained that Peretz was a judge who had to take up a particular inquiry. Peretz went to his superior to receive the work as judge that he had to undertake. It dealt with a case concerning a family of 6 or 7 people who had committed mafia type crimes many years ago. Peretz said to his superior that it was useless to condemn someone to a life-time in prison (perhaps 50 or 60 years by Italian law, called here ‘ergastolo’) if the condemned person was already advanced in years and that a just time for the punishment had to prescribed; it was useless to condemn someone to ‘ergastolo’, for example, if he was already 60 years old (as those of this family involved, but to 20 years, for example.


Gnomen 559 - (cont.) It was Shabbat. Peretz’ superior said to him that he must be ready to work also on the following Sabbath. In the meantime, Giuseppe went to put on his new uniform as policeman. He was given the uniform and he was told to pay 2000 lire (less than a dollar and a half) but Giuseppe, embarrassed, had only 1000 lire. Armando was there and, on Giuseppe’s request, he lent him the other 1000 lire. Then, in front of the cloak-room, from the back side, were seen orthodox Jews who prayed in a strange manner in the direction of the door. - -


Gnomen 560 - I believe with all simplicity that the decree of my death has been turned over into a decree of life for the sake of the New Law of the Final Redemption. I thank God Almighty for this incredible miracle. I have again been redeemed from the altar of Isaac, our father. The film had been a sign of ve-nahafoch hu as I had inwardly hoped for. I had to complete the Tablets of Justice of Mordechai ha-Tzadik in the Book of Esther 3 in order to have sufficient merit to enter the Sign of Judge of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, the Sign of which represented my salvation. The fifth decree of

death of the Donkey who eats Bread has been transformed into life by the Completed Signs of the FR in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. Amen ken yehi ratzon.


Gnomen 561 - We have seen Armando in other dreams, always in the Sign of Shor Bar; the New Kabbalah of Shor ha-Bar is part of the reception of the New Law in the sign of precision decisions and fine-point distinctions pertaining to the New Law.

The orthodox Jews praying towards the ‘door’ entails both the need of the New Law and the New Rite for large segments of the Jewish people etc.

The sign of from Shabbat to Shabbat is, I believe, an allusion to the completion of the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet since Shabbat represents the Completion of Bereisheet.


Gnomen 562 - This morning, Wednesday, at about 4:30 Giuseppe and I renewed the blessing of the 4 elements wind, water, fire and earth ‘as He created them’. A great blessing came down and we both felt it strongly. I said, “This is the second time that we say this blessing and it is the second time that establishes it firmly for the future. This is for sure the Completion of the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet which is certainly bound up with the 4 elements in their perfect harmony between the heavens and the earth.


Gnomen 563 - At about 8:00 Yehoel Yehoel came into the Tent. “I dreamed a double-dream, Aba; do you know what a double-dream is, Aba?” “No” I

answered. “I dreamed the same dream that I dreamed a couple of weeks ago. Only the first part is new. I was in a forest together with Haim Shimshon and there was a big, beautiful dinosaur who walked by close to us. The rest was exactly as I had dreamed the other time; I and Haim Shimshon were at the beach and Haim Shimshon walked in the shallow water. Then I saw a shark and I was somewhat worried about him but nothing happened. Then I saw open in heaven something like a gigantic television screen and I watched some cowboy film. I had a telecommando in my hand and tried to change the channel but I had to see only what they wanted.” - -

a double-dream! The blessing had been successfully received and Yehoel Yehoel felt the responsibility for his younger brother (twin brother in the Signs of Peretz and Zerah) Haim Shimshon.



Gnomen 564 Wednesday morning before Pesah, Eliade called: In a dream, she, Nelda, Giordano and Remo Levi, peace be with him, were on a kind of long cart, the type of which the Kosovars are now fleeing with from Yugoslavia. When the tractor began to move, Remo fell off the cart and blood and anguish ran through him all over - -

I said to Eliade that Sig. Levi is giving over a sign of the blood and suffering of those caught in the war who are trying to flee, so that we say a prayer Pesah to ask God to have mercy on those suffering people.


Gnomen 565

Pesah began with a sign of separation from the habad mafia. Paolo by mistake had not seen that the Pitigliano wine, which in previous years was under the


supervision of the Italian Jewish Community, was now under the supervision of the habadi, Yitzhhak Belinov of Milan. Unfortunately I did not see this until we were into the first sip of the first glass of wine. When I saw it, I said “Stop drinking, this wine is idolatrous and cannot be used. This is habad mafia and the habadiim are excommunicated in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita”. We all stopped drinking from the glass in our hands and spilled all the opened wine in the sink. We had no other wine to make the seder.


Gnomen 566 - I said to Paolo, “Go out and see if you can find wine”. It was late, almost 10 o’clock. Paolo, totally upset by the error committed, went immediately outside to the car to search for some wine. After a short time, he returned with some bottles of Chianti in his hands. I said that the first blessing had been invalid and we re-began the seder from the beginning. “Look”, I said, “just that same habadi upon whom I made the ‘sign’ of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita. It’s all mafia, to make himself a name and earn money”.


Gnomen 567 - We understood that the error had come for the sake of renewing the Hherem Mi-Deoraita against the habadiim and ahainst all the false-Kabbalah at this beginning time of the final opening and for the sign of entering the Sign of ‘judge’ as seen in Giuseppe’s dream. The rest of the Seder went well. We read the New Haggada of the Final Redemption and we made a prayer, in merit of the sign given by Remo Levi, whose compassion for those who suffer was very great in his life-time.



Thursday morning, Giuseppe awoke with an extremely important dream: Sig. Domenico Manigrasso, peace be upon him, was seated at a table with his wife, Cosima, Giuseppe and Peretz. The room was very particular, known in the dream to be in north Italy, but the room was more other-worldly than earthly.


Gnomen 568 - (cont.) They were celebrating Pesah with much joy and enthusiasm, reading various texts of Peretz of the Final Redemption. At a certain point, Sig. Manigrasso arose from his seat and motioned Peretz to stand beside him. Then he said, “I shall accompany you home, thirty days”. Peretz was very happy for this and he followed Sig. Manigrasso. Giuseppe, very happy to feel his father so close, would have desired that he remain. The scene then changed and Giuseppe saw many young children outside standing before long white roads and with immense happiness they were singing ‘daieinu’. Giuseppe heard the Refrain ‘daieinu’ 4 times and each time represented 4 (such as 4 years) and every ‘daieinu’ was filled with positive meanings for the Mission of the Final Redemption. Giuseppe perceived these 4 meanings 1) ‘this is the Pesah of the Fourth Generation’ (this was heard clearly by Giuseppe), 2) ‘the New Protection is ready for its extension in the world’ 3) ‘the long roads that bring the News to the world are now opened’ 4) ‘the documents of the Final Redemption are ready to go out’. - -


Gnomen 569 - The children are the children of the Fourth Generation, extremely happy for this Pesah of the Fourth Generation, due to its positive meaning




concerning the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread.

It was most important to arrive at this Pesah 5759 and to enter it with the sufficient completion of Sefer Mishnat Haim which explains all the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and gives over the New Protection etc. to the children of the Fourth Generation. The success of the School of the Donkey for the Fourth Generation depended on the level reached by the closing of the 16th year.


Gnomen 570 - Only at the end, did it become understood that the success itself depended on the completion of the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet in the great convergence of the Signs in entering the ‘second appointed time’ prophesied in Habakuk. It had been for reason of the as yet incomplete Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet, the first time during the hand-written draft and the second time during the re-writing of the text on the computer for the sake of its opening on Web-Site, that the Donkey had to overcome two decrees of death.


Gnomen 571 - That second ‘decree’, however, was also positive, in the sense that to receive the Sign of the Tzadik Haim together with his fathe,r the holy Tzadik Moshe, is an enormous privilege that cannot be called ‘negative’, even while meaning that my time had come. In any case, I put myself to the task of finishing the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet and at the same time I concluded the third blessing of the heredity with Yehoel Yehoel. Nevertheless I say ‘decree’ because an error at that point, of not concluding the third blessing and of not completing the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet (the re-written text is properly re-written and re-elaborated compared to the first-draft and another person could not have easily arrived at the final text) would have taken from me the merit to enter the 17th year of the Pesah of the Fourth Generation.



Gnomen 572 - The fact that the Donkey who eats Bread passed through the extremely difficult conclusion of the 16th year and entered the Final Opening of the Second Appointed Time meant nothing less than the success of the entire Donkey-School of the Fourth Generation from the beginning to the end. And that which is now called the success of the Donkey-School is prophetic concerning the entire Fourth Generation. I had as well to complete the blessing of the heredity before the end of the 16th because this blessing to the heir is necessary for the further success of the Fourth Generation and since it did not seem that I would make it, it became urgent. When, however, I had accomplished that blessing and I had finished a final version of the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet, there came the film of Esther to say that the decree not to enter the Pesah of the Fourth Generation had been annulled and ve-nahafoch hu.



Gnomen 573 - Once, however, the Donkey, virtually shorn of all Signs and ready for leaving, had been given permission to enter the Pesah, an adequate vest was required to give the reason of the Donkey’s continuation on earth. Therefore, on Tuesday before the Pesah of Wednesday night and after the Sign of the film Ester,



Giuseppe received the dream in which Peretz is given the position of ‘judge’ with the other signs in it of the New Law and the New Rite. After the film of Esther came the Sign of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik to place the Donkey as ‘judge’ for the sake of the New Law. There was, however, the element of time from Shabbat to Shabbat.



Gnomen 574 - It might mean 7 or 14 or 49 (entering the period of the counting of the Omer). It could have longer meanings, 2 years, 7 years, 14 years etc. Indefinable! After the first Seder, Giuseppe saw the dream of Sig. Domenico Manigrasso and of the children of the Fourth Generation singing ‘daieinu’. In that dream I received the words of Domenico Manigrasso with much joy and , when Giuseppe told me his dream ,I received it with immense joy. I said to Giuseppe, “Perhaps your father will bring us to the new house we are searching for”. My heart, however, was not thinking about a house of this world. I was extremely happy that Sig, Manigrasso had given me this promise and said “I shall accompany you home, 30 days.


Gnomen 575 Also here as in the dream of Peretz’ work ‘from Shabbat to Shabbat’, the place was a city in north Italy, thus connecting the 2 dreams. I reasoned that the unclear time element of ‘from Shabbat to Shabbat’, which might indicate the general time span of the 49 day Omer to count the 7 weeks before Shavuot, was being explained in this second dream in terms of 30 days, even though it was not said ‘in’ 30 days or ‘within’ 30 days. I reckoned that I had 30 days left for my passage. I was not sad about this, but happy because the dream had



informed us of the all-important element - the children of the Fourth Generation sang ‘daieinu’ satisfied with the Bread prepared by the Donkey that they would eventually receive - . Thank You EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is great, EL SHADDAI is One.


Gnomen 576 –

I prepare myself. I must yet finalise at least a part of the texts already written, first of all Esther 3, and then whatever documents I might be able to complete of the New Law. This Esther 3, therefore, represents my written preparation to the pupils. How much I have loved you, pupils and children of the Final Redemption and I shall continue to love you always. I also know how great your love is for the Donkey who eats Bread but if now I must return to the Stable, I will be able to see you better and also you will be able to see me better. It is a matter of the phases of the Final Redemption. If there is an ‘ascent’ for the Donkey, this represents a great elevation for the Donkey that remains on earth.


Gnomen 577 - For me the greatest happiness is that the children of the Fourth Generation will sing ‘daieinu’ with enormous joy for the blessed Bread of the Donkey. Thanks to God on High, the Bread already exists and it even abounds, even I had desired to prepare much more. Our thoughts and calculations, however, are nil and we can never understand all the true parameters of Heaven. The Great Sign of the Success of the Mission, thank God, has now been confirmed and the children sing ‘daieinu’ with enormous joy. Remember always the decreed death of Beniamino Perico, the death that allowed the Donkey to arrive at this successful conclusion to the 16 years of work as Donkey of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 578 - Remember that the Teacher of Life, Haim, the merciful and humble Tzadik himself, had predetermined that ‘sacrifice’ 13 weeks before it happened, as known in the documentation of the end of the 13th year. Beniamino was taken by God on High in favor of the Donkey-Mission. Great was our pain but extremely elevated the substance of that necessary sacrifice called by the Final Goel himself. That event astounds us and it must always be remembered and studied and contemplated in depth for further comprehension and amazement and joy for the great elevation that Beniamino found before the Living God of Israel.

Gnomen 579 - Shabbat morning, third day of Pesah 5759: Haim Shimshon dreamed: He saw a cloud that became a man who killed people that perpetrated evil. Haim Shimshon went to Peretz who explained that the man was the angel of destruction of the Fourth Generation. - -

many signs now coming are ‘transference’ signs from the Donkey to the Donkey-children of the Fourth Generation -

Sunday morning, April 4, 1999, Giuseppe dreamed: He saw his brother Daniele with Marco, a friend; there were Egyptian soldiers of the time of Pharaoh; the army grew greater and greater. Daniele explained that ‘the world had entered under the influence of the star called ‘ra’a’, the star that requires blood and death’. All listened to Daniel’s words and became afraid. The scene was mixed between ancient people of Egypt and people of today. Salvation was only for a few; Daniele and his friend searched for a way to save themselves; Giuseppe was in midst of the people; the time changed rapidly, the colors faded, the world was changing and the air was heavy for everybody. Daniele said to Giuseppe to save himself following the roads of the port that led to the sea. Giuseppe ran towards the port but did not find what had been said; Daniele in the meantime was saved. Then suddenly the sky became totally dark and Giuseppe found himself in absolute emptiness without knowing where he was; and so was it throughout the earth.- -

Gnomen 580 - It’s the 6th day of Pesah, April 6, 1999; Nisan 20, 5759; Resurrected Bird 14: By phone Giuseppe told me a dream of April 5: There was a man who did things just as Peretz with ability and cunning, such cunning that the pupils almost fell into the trap. In the end, Giuseppe understood that he was an impostor who was falsifying all the work and the writings of the Final Redemption (may that God never permit it). The situation was very difficult because of the astuteness of that cursed rasha, but finally Giuseppe prevailed. Peretz was present; he didn’t speak but only seconded Giuseppe in his contestation. - -

Gnomen 581 - Clearly, pupils, Peretz was not in the world when this took place and we must hope that by way of this important warning it will never take place. The warning, however, comes now in this moment in which I am giving orders and instructions to the pupils for the times ahead.

Afterwards, be extremely careful. There are evil-intentioned, wicked and very astute reshaim who would use their cursed cunning for their own purposes without showing their true identity. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by anyone. DO NOT BE SIMPLE OF HEART IN THIS MATTER. Have rather a thousand eyes open to guard the way which has been furnished by the Donkey who eats Bread. Even if someone comes who knows the entire Torah and Tradition and has become expert in the Books of Sefer Mishnat Haim, do not follow him. Follow the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption sent by the Teacher of Life, Haim.

Gnomen 582 - You have the Lord, your God. He has brought you the Teacher to follow. And the Final Goel prepared the Donkey who eats Bread to serve you with the Bread of Truth and the Bread of Humbleness. Guard with enormous jealousy every word and every instruction brought to you by way of the Donkey and do not follow anyone. Have faith in God on High. Follow the teachings of the Teacher of Life, Haim. Eat the Bread of the Donkey who eats Bread. In this manner you will not err and exit from the way given. Follow no person who comebut only the Signs of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 583 - Even if someone arrives and says that he has seen the Teacher of Life, Haim, or the Donkey who eats Bread in marvellous dreams and that it has been said to him to take over in commanding the pupils of the Final Redemption, do not follow him. He is a liar and an impostor who wishes to make a great name for himself even though he cunningly demonstrates the opposite. Do not give ‘official positions’ of the Final Redemption to anyone unless there has been a confirmation of such in three dreams to the pupils who have brayed together with the Donkey in these past years and to their children who have followed in their way. But as to the dreams received by new pupils, judge according to each case.

Gnomen 584 - This I ask of you. Follow with love the positions given to Gilat Haim, to Yehoel Yehoel and to Haim Shimshon, may that the Lord, my God guard them and keep them in good health to follow those prophesied positions received in the Completed Signs. These are ‘anointed positions’ for the sake of carrying on the many and manifold kinds of work bound to the School of the Donkey who eats Bread. They are still very young and they will need your support.

Gnomen 585 - The 7th of Pesah 5759: Dear pupils of the Teacher of Life, Haim, friends of the Donkey who eats Bread, something has happened on this miraculous night of the splitting of the Red Sea. I am seeing things in a different light. Listen, I tell you, I have seen tonight the splitting of the Celestial Red Sea and the Thirteen New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan walked on dry land between the Celestial Walls of Water. Was I then given to be a judge of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik for only 7 days or 14 or 30 or 49 days? For if it is so that I must yet complete the New Law and the New Rite of the Final Redemption for Sefer Mishnat Haim, that work requires yet much time. O Lord, my God, who but the Donkey of the Final Goel, Haim, would have been able to go through a Donkey-Purim such as this!

Gnomen 586 - Also Sig. Domenico Manigrasso did not say ‘in 30 days’ but ‘I will accompany you home, 30 days’. This means ‘When the time comes that you must leave, I personally will accompany you to your house and it will take 30 days. The dream of the Teacher Haim and his holy father, Moshe, was indeed a ‘definitive’ sign to complete the passage of the heredity. I have, however, accomplished this and so too have I accomplished this testament for the pupils and for posterity and so too have I made the ‘official closure’ of the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim (as I will give, God willing, in Chapter 13). In this way I have fulfilled the will of my Teacher, the Tzadik Haim, and I have rendered myself free, ready and willing to leave when that time will come.

Gnomen 587 - By doing these things, there has been sufficient merit to pass over the 16th year Completion period. Not only a Donkey-Purim but a Donkey-Passover as well! Giuseppe received the Sign of my being given the position of Donkey-Judge in the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik for the new period that enters with Pesah 5759. ‘From Shabbat to Shabbat’ is not decipherable because it can have many meanings. As for ‘going home’ and ‘30 days’, I believe that this good news came to give me courage for something that was disturbing me on the level of the soul. If the time left were short, as I believed, I would not be disturbed, having fulfilled my obligations, as explained. If, however, the time is yet extended, this creates in me the doubt that perhaps I have not fulfilled my obligations or have not reached the goals for the sake of the Fourth Generation. Therefore came the dream with Domenico Manigrasso to assure me that all is well.




Gnomen 588 - It is known to us in ‘hidden signs’ that Sig. Domenico Manigrasso, peace be with him, in the New Kingdom of Heaven, ‘presides’ over the Sign of the Donkey from there and he absolves the Donkey from his sins and errors whenever it is necessary. It is thus properly he who assures the Donkey: Have no fear for the fact that you must still remain here and that you cannot yet return ‘home’. The ‘house’ is there and when the time will come, I myself shall accompany you. And from that moment that you will leave, 30 days will be needed to bring you there.


Gnomen 589 - I do not know the reason for the 30 days, it being among the things hidden from our eyes. It probably has to do with a ‘particular, slow ascent of the Donkey who eats Bread’ after he has finished his work in this world.

At the same time, --- in order to assure me that what has been done until now already represents the ‘successful’ work done towards the Fourth Generation and that what comes now, in the vest of ‘judge’, is for the sake of further completing that work,-- there come many children of the upcoming generation and with great felicity they sing ‘daieinu’ - ‘it is sufficient unto us’, even that which has been done already, to sustain those who merit during this Fourth Generation with all the Redemptional necessities required for their salvation. Amen, ken yehi ratzon.




Gnomen 590 - In this way, I accomplish the Sign of the Tzadik and I am ready to go ‘home’ when the work of ‘judge’ will finish and at the same time I go ahead in my work with the tranquillity that the School of the Donkey who eats Bread is already decreed a ‘success’ before the Redemptional Stars of this Final Fourth Generation in the mouths of its children. Nevertheless, you, dear pupils of the Teacher of Life, Haim, must now accomplish the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread and it is you who must now desire the privileges of assuming as much responsibility as you are able. I must remain in the Tribunal and I cannot exit personally in the vest of Donkey. Prepare yourselves. Your time begins now.


Gnomen 591 - I saw Gilat Haim in a dream (morning of the 7th of Pesah): Above, in the nightly heaven, was ‘Beersheva’, not written but it represented Beersheva and all was bound to Gilat Haim. - -

Yesterday I had spoken to the children, together with Paolo and Noda, of the Three Schools and Missions of Gilat Haim for Italy, Yehoel Yehoel for Israel and Haim Shimshon for the United States. This dreams comes to declare that, God willing, Gilat Haim first of all will have a Mission to accomplish at Beersheva. There is also a Sign in which it is said that ‘without Gilat Haim there is no Mission’. From this, I understand that Gilat Haim must make the way for the Mission of Yehoel Yehoel and I also understand that this is the proper measure because the Mission of Yehoel Yehoel, God willing, is that of Jerusalem, not Beersheva. In the Completed Signs it is indicated that the two, Beersheva and Jerusalem, represent the Key to the Geula Shleima for Israel.




Gnomen 592 That same morning, Gilat Haim dreamed: an evil man who for punishment had been changed into a vicious dog was trying to bite her. There was a policeman who stayed by her and protected her from the dog and from all others who might want to do something bad to her. Then the policeman said to her, “You must also go and speak of the Mission”. Gilat Haim went and found the owner of an Italian bar and his wife

(unknown to her) and she spoke to them. She remembers only the first words, “I have come to tell you the truth. First of all, I am not of your religion. I am Jewish ----- see how the ‘transference’ of the Donkey-signs are ‘branching out’, thank God - ----


Gnomen 593 - It’s the Eighth of Pesah: I am in contact with the Teacher of Life, Haim. He says to me, “There is time. Go slowly and do not run any more. There is time. The Sign of ‘from Shabbat to Shabbat’ is the best Sign that one can receive. Pesah has entered and all has changed. When you made the sign of the passage of the ‘heredity’ to Yehoel, Yehoel, you fulfilled the commandment of the Teacher. If it were not so, how then, could you receive the Sign of ‘judge’! And the Sign of Shabbat to Shabbat is not your problem. When the time will come, the Teacher will decide. Stay calm and go slowly. There is time to complete all that which you will be able to complete because the Sign ‘froShabbat to Shabbat’ means tranquillity. Go slowly and do not run. The slower you go the better it is. It is correct in this moment that you send as many documents as possible to Adam for the Site because the Sign is now giving that message not because you must run. Keep your tranquillity. It is so as you have explained the dream with Sig. Domenico Manigrasso. And when the time comes it will be so. There is nothing more than the Sign ‘from Shabbat to Shabbat’ but you have not yet understood it. Think about it. There is all the time necessary and with tranquillity. Remember, Peretz, what you saw and received the 7th of Pesah 5759. You saw the Splitting of the Great Sea of Leviathan and you saw descend the new binding for always of the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish, Leviathan, with the Completed Signs of the Final New Pact. And remember the gift that the Teacher gave on the 7th of Pesah 5759. It is essential that


you go slowly. There is no rush nor are there deadlines


that you must meet as it has been in the previous years. Rejoice with immense happiness and let all the pupils rejoice.”


Gnomen 594 The night before Adam received the 10th chapter of Esther 3, he dreamed: He saw a group of various levels of Jews among which were Habadiim. Peretz was present and he spoke to all the other Jews: “Look at the falseness” , he said, “look how they make Kiddush, pouring out the wine slowly, drop by drop with ‘enormous intention’ and then, before saying the blessing, they say the totally idolatrous phrase ‘le-shem yihhud kudshe brich hu u-shchintei’ ”. Peretz then went on explaining the falsehoods that had entered Judaism.


Gnomen 595

Today we all (Paolo, Noda, the children and I) went out, just towards the end of Pesah, to procure some hhametz. In the house, I had been dressed with a coloured piece of linen which, instead of taking off as usual, I had left underneath my trousers. When we got out of the car to enter the IperMercato, a part of the ‘garment’ stuck out of one of my trouser legs. Noda noticed it and she got down and tried to pull it out from the leg but it refused to be freed because it was held up inside with a safety-pin. So I put my hands into my pants to try to undo it but I was unable to find it. In the meantime an Arab vendor had walked by and saw the scene. It struck him so funny that he began to laugh his heart out with oriental gusto. Noda, by now, laughing her head off as well, kept trying to pull it out from the bottom while I kept trying to find the safety-pin without success. At that point I couldn’t help laughing myself and as I watched the Moroccan Arab taken with uncontrollable laughter, I said to him “Inta


Tidhhak, ta’ib, Hhamdul-Illah” (You are laughing, good, thank God). He immediately lifted his arms and said “Hhamdul-Illah” and he just kept laughing and laughing as he went on his way. Finally, I pulled the garment up from inside and wrapped it around my underpants to keep it from falling.


Gnomen 596

Just before that, while we still in the car, I had been repeating to Paolo and Noda and the children “You now are the Donkey who eats Bread, You now are the Donkey who eats Bread”. After what happened also this fact made us laugh. Then I said to Noda, “Look, it is a Sign of the Laughter of Isaac, our father. Look, first of all, when Isaac blessed Jacob, he gave that blessing, believing that his time had come. In truth, he lived some 60 years after that blessing. That’s one thing. Another thing is that the sign here is as Isaac, our father, when he returned from the altar, finding Ishmael waiting for him together with the donkey of Isaac. Enfin, we had returned to the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread bringing down from Heaven some of the Laughter of Isaac, our father.


Gnomen 597 - What does this extremely Hidden Sign of Isaac, our father, come to tell? The fact is that after the blessing to Jacob, we hear almost nothing of Isaac. He was there but he did not go out very much, as taught me by the Tzadik Haim. He no longer placed himself in the action of living an outside life. Even previous to giving the blessing, he was unable to see, so that we can be sure that for years already he did not go far from his tent. Jacob, our father, instead, although it is of him that the Torah celebrates his sitting in the tent to study the Tradition of God received by Abraham and Isaac, was for the most part outside working. After the blessing he

worked 20 years for Laban and after that was his embattled return to Canaan and then all the problems that he encountered before going to Beth El etc. etc. Jacob, our father, moved around a great deal. More than Abraham and Jacob, Isaac, our father, was truly the great sitter in the tent.


Gnomen 598 For some reason, this conclusion to Esther 3 has brought about a completion in the Hidden Sign of the Laughter of Isaac. Indeed, the Donkey-Sign (of Three-eyes, for Jews, Moslems and the Descendants of Malchitzedek) waiting for Isaac, the Sign of Isaac’s ‘hiddenness’ after his blessing to Jacob and the Hidden Sign of Completion in the Laughter of Isaac have

all come together in a seemingly innocent, funny and even ridiculous scene of 3 minutes outside of the IperMercato, just an hour before sun-set on the Eighth of Pesah 5759.


Gnomen 599

I am, of course trying to understand what kind of Donkey I am now. I would like to say ‘a hidden Donkey who sits in the Tent and I suppose that this is the truth’. It makes me laugh, however. And what have I been doing for over twelve years now? As Isaac, our father. The difference is that we have arrived at the opening and the permission to put Esther 3 on the Web-site Beit Sefer Esther. The pupils can go Donkey now. I do not have the measure to speak directly with the generation outside. The pupils or better, the Tail of the Donkey who eats Bread, have the proper measures to spread the News and to speak with people. Just to make the point, I was again committing a grave error but I was saved, this time, by the Donkeys. In my excitement to put the News on-line from


Beersheva, I prepared a Great Announcement of the Donkey who eats Bread of the Coming of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 600

I prepared it, with the 6 Great Signs and 13 Great Announcements and had Paolo send it e-mail to Adam. When I told Noda about it, she became afraid and rebuked me, justly saying that previously we had said that whatever would be sent to Adam would at first be seen by the 3 of us together. After I finally admitted that she was right, she called Adam who said that when he had seen the document he became afraid to put it on the Web-site and that he would have, in any case, spoken to me first. I myself wondered how I had sent such a document. For 16 years now, I have been saying that for Israel and Beit Sefer Esther, the News of the Final Redemption must be given with enormous strategy and in hidden manners. And now I was ready to place an atomic-bomb on-line. Very clever Donkey, eh?