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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 5 - Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book that Astounds) - Sefer Esther 3

Sefer Esther 3

chapter 5

GNOMEN 201 - It is, of course, true enough that we are receiving the New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan. The Great Whale, of course, does not reveal his redemptional influences unless the Final Goel, Haim, agrees. In the Signs, I received the authorisation to receive and to formulate and to announce quietly the New, True Kabbalah, directly from the Final Goel, Haim. This is New Kabbalah and this is True Kabbalah. True Kabbalah means, first of all, that it is part of the true Tradition of Israel, the written and oral Tradition and there is nothing in this Kabbalah that is outside or deviating from the true Tradition.

GNOMEN 202 - This Kabbalah is called New because the Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan, has never been revealed before. The revelation of this New Kabbalah does not come into the world until the Revelation of the FR. The Big Whale, Leviathan is well-known in Tradition, for it is of the portions of Leviathan or at least of his salted female that the just will eat of at the time of the FR at the Great Banquet that will be prepared for the occasion. Nevertheless, as In all questions that deal with the FR, their Signs are mentioned in various forms in Tradition but they are not explained. There is none wiser than the Lord, our God, who has hidden the ‘secrets’ of the FR even to the eyes of the Sages of Israel before the time would come.

GNOMEN 203 - Generally speaking, the prophesied Sin of trying to hasten the End Time begins with the B.o.t.Zohar with those who fell into its clutches believing that this was the book that brought the FR as written there that ‘this book will furnish alimentation at the time of the Geulah’. What did they think Moses de Leon was going to write, that his book would lead Israel to its terrible holocaust! He would never have been able to sell it had he written such! Nevertheless, the Zohar did prophesy that the Redemption would come in 1940!!!!!!

GNOMEN 204 - Great minds, learned rabbis and Torah scholars fell into the trap of the false-lights of that text. A great, false illumination in the darkness of exile and its many tribulations. A desire to find the true spiritual light that would bring by its truth and its spirit the great, promised final Redemption. See how the Torah becomes covered under such a desire! They sought the End Time of exile and the great light of the Redemption. So explained the Tzadik Haim that because of that desire they fell into the sin of the End-Time to hasten the Ketz. The Tzadik explained to me at length, although only now am I beginning to grasp its deeper reality, that the sin of desiring to hasten the end time is by no means a small ‘iniquity’ especially in the hands of those responsible for teaching the Torah to others.

GNOMEN 205 - On the surface such a desire may seem legitimate enough until it is dissected into its true components while taking into consideration the term itself ‘AVON KETZ, the ‘sin of hastening the end time’. There is a difference between a Jew who desires light and redemption and between a Jew who desires to find the way to ‘bring’ the redemption. The first desire is comprehensible. The second desire is nothing less than against the will of God. Only God, the Redeemer who revealed His holy name to Moses in the burning bush can bring the redemption. The Holy Torah never commanded us to search for the way to bring the final redemption. The Prophet Habakuk said ‘even in the desperation of waiting for the End Time, wait for it, even if it tarries, for come it will surely come and it will not be late’.

GNOMEN 206 - Not without reason it is said that the Great Angel Satan knows the entire Torah and, obviously, his great last historical up-rise against the chosen people had to be an extremely intelligent and apparently spiritual trap in order to throw Israel down. But the Serpent found the roots there in that period of some 700 years ago where there already existed ‘circles’ of Jewish ‘mystics’ searching for the ‘secrets of the higher spiritual worlds’ in order to find the way to bring Israel to its final redemption. There were also other fraudulent manuscripts falsely attributed to great personages of the past. In those ‘secret’ writings the term ‘Ten Spherot without substance’ came to the fore in Sefer Ha-Yezirah.

GNOMEN 207 - How this term, other than its appearance in Sefer ha-Yetzirah, came out, I do not know. We have explained it in the Hherem that the ‘expression’ ‘esser sfirot bli-ma’ (10 Spherot without substance) does represent a truth whereas the interpretation of these spherot as ‘esser sfirot neetzalot’ (Ten Emanated Spherot) is exactly the root of the theological corruption of the B.o.t.Zohar. (see the sign received at Beersheva of James Baker who explains with diplomacy that the 10 Spherot do exist but it is in their interpretation that errors have come out). The expression ‘bli ma’ carries 2 basic concepts related to each other 1) without a ‘substance’ that exists in this world or a substance that can be defined in human speech, and therefore 2) ‘blom picha mi-ledaber’ - ‘seal your mouth from speaking about them’. Among those original mystics confusion set in because they did exactly the opposite; they began to define them, turning them into substance and not sealing their mouth from speaking. Rabbi Moses De Leon!

GNOMEN 208 - This fact, without any doubt, represents a ‘complication’ in understanding the matter. The beginning of the ‘idolatrous sin of fathers’ is always ‘subtle’ as was the reasoning of the generation of Enosh. What the reader must realise is that in theology the difference between one word or another may well distinguish between truth and idolatrous falsehood. It is subtle because it is not easily discernible, but once it is discerned and understood, that difference is enormous. The false-Kabbalah, as it speaks of BOREH Creator, speaks of a Higher Level, the Ma’atzil, the Emanator! Small error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GNOMEN 209 - That which, in our times, represents a gap in understanding this matter is the gap of knowledge concerning ‘hidden secrets’ in general. People tend to think that a ‘secret’ can be given over in terms of words but this is not so concerning the true secrets of God that He shares exclusively with the chosen HIDDEN Tzadikim. They have been chosen by Him for the purpose of knowing those ‘secrets’ for the sake of the world. Those secrets are not on the level of the nature of this world and whatever words are spoken about them destroy the true equilibrium upon which they stand. It is not simply then a piece of advice to ‘seal one’s mouth from speaking’, it is an absolute commandment to those chosen by God to be in that secret. The term 10 spherot without substance’ came out, I don’t know how, but the conditions of ‘seal your mouth from speaking about them’ was not maintained and such was the source of this entire error. The true conditions concerning hidden matters, conditions that can be found in the Mishnah itself, were not maintained, and Israel was thrown into the worse chaos of its history, 400 years of the idolatrous sin of the false Kabbalah before the terrible judgement of the Holocaust.

GNOMEN 210 - It happened. They fell. They defined what had not to be defined and they spoke of what was not to be spoken of. They broke down the silence of wisdom into corrupted words of false-wisdom. And one very enthusiastic rabbi, expert in Tradition, with a peppery mind of Lucifer training, opened up the error and extended it into a large construction of 4 worlds and the trap was set for Israel’s historic fall. De Leon was also an expert writer and stylist and he knew how to convince his hearers. He loved Aramaic and he created an uncanny, mystic flow of Aramaic with which to fool the world as he voraciously sought his financial redemption.

GNOMEN 211 - So did De Leon wrap up his new theologicalpackage in defining the Tettragrammaton as the Source of 4 Worlds, ‘opening’ his Ten Spherot in each one, and wrapping up the theological deviation in the Yod of God’s Holy name, ‘opening’ falsely its number 10 value as the Ten Emanated Spherot above the Level of Creation. This is the terrible theological error of the Book o.t.Zohar. It is against the true Law of the Holy Torah to postulate ‘levels of Godliness’ above the creation bereisheet bara elohim et ha-shamaim ve-et ha-aretz. No gematria or allusion or drush or ‘secret’ can destroy this true Law of the Torah.

GNOMEN 212 - We can take this as the basic meaning of the Sin of Yeor, the sin of assuming the Yod (ten spiritual divine levels) to be Emanated Lights ‘OR’ (light), Yeor the Yod of Light. De Leon transferred a word taken from the Torah in the instance of the holy, prophetic spirit of Moses that ‘emanated’ from him upon the 70 elders of the congregation, to a falsified spiritual world of the Yod which he called the World of Emanation. And Israel fell into Pharaoh’s deified Nile without understanding in which waters it was standing. Such was the erroneous linguistic assimilation that would proceed to falsely open that which is truly closed, creating Ten Divine Emanations from the Higher unreachable Ein Sof.

GNOMEN 213 - In doing so, the true but hidden terminology of the ‘10 Spherot bli ma’ was falsely ‘elevated’ from being ‘ten created hidden worlds’ to being Ten Emanated Spherot above the world of creation. The difference is ‘infinite’. If you speak of that which is created there is the Creator who has created it ex nihilo and this is true even if you speak of higher hidden spiritual levels. They are all creations ex nihilo not having existed before they were created. If on the other hand, you speak about a level which is before creation, you are speaking about a level which is in the Creator Himself. For this reason that which is above creation or before creation cannot be called by any name, except for the term Creator or the names of God authorised by the Torah and Tradition.

GNOMEN 214 - The failings of human intellect are often recompensed by inventive imagination. This is on the condition that there exists a system of linguistic terms to build on and the conceptual flexibility to abstract those terms into meaningful bricks of understanding on the level desired by its builder. Christian theology would not have been born without John’s formulation of the Logos. There would have been no conceptual ladder to bind Christ to his Emanated Son Level. When Christ becomes the incarnated Logos above and before creation, it becomes therefore ‘justified’ to call him Divine, the Emanated Divine Son Level of God His Father who is above the Emanated Level of His Divine Son.

GNOMEN 215 - Once you speak about levels or categories that are above creation, you CREATE ‘levels of the Divinity’ within the framework of Divine Emanations. At that point, however, although the fact becomes covered over by other ideas, one no longer understands Who has created the world. Was it the Infinite God above the level of His own Emanations or was it the lower Emanated Divinity just above the level of creation? In this way you can complete your picture-puzzle with God, the Father above and from Him descends His Emanated Divine Son who holds his 2 Cosmic Hands over the universe of the created world.

GNOMEN 216 - Or if you desire to add some sophistication to your idolatrous Design, you can imagine the Infinite One in His Absolute and Infinite Light above all levels who contracted himself in myriad contractions thus hiding his infinite light by way of worlds of emanated lights, both encompassing and linear until reaching the lower level of the 5 Emanated Aspects, the Crown of his Emanated Will, Wisdom (the Divine Father), Understanding (the Divine Mother), the Small-Format (Zeir Anpin, the Divine Son of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother), and Nukva (the Divine Wife of the Divine Son who when joined to her husband is so happy that from her Divine Emanated Kingdom she spreads her love to the created worlds below).

GNOMEN 217 - The sophisticated rabbis forgot that we are simple donkeys and we believe with all simplicity that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. We are so simple that it would never occur to us to ask, as does the B.o.t.Zohar ‘Which Divine Emanation was it that said ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’ and which Divine Emanation said ‘Let there be light’ and which Divine Emanation said ‘Let us make man’ etc. We are so simple that we prefer to live in the simple theology of the Patriarchs and in the simple theology of the Second Commandment and in the ‘apparently very difficult’ commandment of God to be of a simple-heart with the Lord, our God.

GNOMEN 218 - The Mishnah, however, was hardly fooling when it said that ‘one sin is cause to another sin’. Once the Yod was interpreted as representing the level of Emanated Worlds ABOVE creation and especially the 10 Emanated Spherot, all limits fell away. Take every word of the Torah, bring it up to its spiritualised abstraction so that it not be hampered by any worldly sense, bring it up to the level of Emanation, associate it with one of the 10 Divine Emanations, either by the letters in Hebrew that it contains or the gematrias or the root idea expressed in the word itself. Then will you see enlarged the Great Orchestra of the 10 Great Egyptian Gods, come back for their Great Finale in the Divine Pantheon that emanates from the Book of the Zohar.

GNOMEN 219 - Do not be amazed then that Moses De Leon was able to fill up hundreds and hundreds of pages with what seem to be the words of the Torah spiritualised to Mystic Upper World Sanctity of Divine Emanations. He might have done the same with Dante’s Inferno had he thought it would have paid better. See also how simple is Christian theology compared to the Divine Saga or Emanated-Cosmic-Son-God-Zeir Anpin, so complex and yet seemingly so methodical and systematised and ‘established’ that even great rabbinical scholars living a life of Torah and Mitzvot in the sanctity of the laws in the fear and love of God, such as Yitzhak Luria, Haim Vital, Moshe Cordovero, Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, the Vilna Gaon and the Gaon Malbim and many, many others, fell head first into the illicit hidden unions of Iside and Horus to beget the Divine Image of the Deified Pharaoh in the sin of Yeor.

GNOMEN 220 - We are simple Donkeys; we do not believe in the Egyptian Gods or the Greek Pantheon or the Emanations of Buddha or in the Divinity of the Son of God or in the Divine Emanations of the Ein Sof. In our simplicity we believe that the Second Commandment has separated us from and prohibited to us all such beliefs. The redemption of mankind comes when it will walk in the true light of the Ten Commandments, not in the Ten Higher Emanated Spherot of the false-Kabbalah. We, poor Donkeys, left behind in medieval concepts and not understanding the enormous spiritual technology of the B.o.t.Zohar which is finally, by way of Judah Ashlag’s Ladder, helping mankind find the gates of its great final illumination, still search for humility, the felicity of the heart, seriousness and inner modesty and simple faith in the depth of our heart, in the Lord, our God.

GNOMEN 221 - Our objectives are yet of such meager caliber that we still strive for simple things, true feelings of brotherhood between people, compassion and love for helping others, strength of character and the force to contrast that which impedes us from elevation. We are yet so primitive in our views, even in the face of an Internet world, that in our retroactive perspectives, we still adhere to the ancient advice of seeking the virtues of the heart. When shall we finally understand that the world is new now and that such silly, banal things have long been superseded. Just get up to the Zohar lights and all the rest will come automatically! No, we are only stubborn Donkeys, wasting time and energy seeking the Virtues loved by the Lord, our God. Ask Gilad Sh. and he will assure you that it is so!

GNOMEN 222 - We still woabout such simple terms as ‘faith’ and every day we try to reinforce our walking in the true faith with the Lord, our God. As if we were still of that far off first redemption, we seek yet to awaken our heart to desire God’s blessing. How have we fallen so behind the times! Why are we so stiff-necked that we refuse to believe that God changes His outlook with the progress of modern technology! We still think about becoming virtuous without realising that He has become tired of such small things and now He desires only that we come to the higher all-spiritual, emanated-heart, the interior design of the Torah of Emanation itself, the higher worlds of light revealed in the Book o.t.Zohar. And we fools still beat our chest ashamnu, bagadnu, gazalnu, dibarnu doffi!!!!

GNOMEN 223 - Be not fooled o generations, the White Marble Steps of the Kingdom of Heaven are Steps of the Virtues; the inner virtues that one applies to himself and the inner virtues between man and God come after the virtues of the heart practised with all other people. The true purpose of the B.o.t.Zohar is to detach people from the true virtues of the heart but in the end it will be cut down and burned out forever by those who merit to a virtuous heart. The beloved qualities of a simple faith, a good and sincere heart and charitable actions to those who are in need will never leave the face of the earth. For He is God Almighty and He does not change and eternal is His Law for as long as mankind will exist.

GNOMEN 224 - In all the 13 years that I studied with the Tzadik Haim, he never stopped saying “Always be careful, remember the orphan, the widow, the poor and the needy, for the Holy One, Blessed is He, is close to them and He hears their plea.” Often the Tzadik Haim would teach me “Remember, Peretz, no matter the elevation of the level you reach, judgement will be made on the humility in which you conduct yourself with others. Do not offend anyone and be extremely careful with the ignorant for you cannot know the purpose for which God has created each person, nor can you know the hidden virtues of his or her heart loved by God. Rather make yourself as ignorant as that person so that you do not show him that you are knowledgeable and put him ill at-ease”.

GNOMEN 225 - (see Hosea 6, 6,7,8- ) - The Bnei Baruch of Bnei Brak and the School of Kabbalah of R. Ashlag at Jerusalem represent a dangerous city of workers of iniquity; they are killers of the true spirit of the Torah and of Tradition and they are spilling the spiritual blood of innocent souls entrapped in their terrible, abominable and idolatrous Zohar-Ashlag snare. The idolatrous level to which they have reached is similar to that of Egypt in its deification of Pharaoh in his spiritual union with the Nile against which was sent the Plague of Blood.

GNOMEN 226 - DIARY OF THE DONKEY: I am in the Sign of the New Tepee of the New Prophetic Equilibrium of the second Hhazon (vision) seen by the Prophet Habakuk. I have entered the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected and have broken the Neck of Pharaoh that was impeding the continuation of the Redemption. I am in the Sign of Shushan, as the Double-Shin heard by Davide Levi in his dream, ‘Shin’ and then ‘Sheen’. These are the 2 Shins of the New Shushan of the FR representing the City in which is found the Justice of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the Palace of the Virtues of the Queen Esther. The first Shin is a Big Shin that is upon my forehead. This is the Shin which binds the 13 New Mazalot of Leviathan to the 13 Stars of the Shoshanah. The long Sheen is inside my heart binding the Profound Hidden Waters to the Virtues of the Heart. From Shin to Sheen is the New Vav of the FR to bind the New Humble Brain to the New Heart of the FR. And when this bond is completed, the Vav is extended from head to foot becoming a long, Final Nun. This is the Nun that binds the final Nun of Leviathan to the Nun of Yehoshua Bin Nun. This is for the sake of the Completion of the New, True Kabbalah of Leviathan with the power of the true Kabbalah of Yehoshua bin Nun for the formulation of the New Law of the FR. The Final Nun thus completes the entire stature of the Completed Man (Sign of 120) from the inside and outside.

GNOMEN 227 - This is the history of the New Purim which begins with the Completion of the Signs of Shushan, as here explained. Nor is there Purim without its Haman of Amalek extraction, the coldness of heart and inner hatred at the blood level of the True Tradition of the Jewish people. Nor does the Final R. come without its parallels to the first redemption and without its Pharaoh to increase the miracles of God.

GNOMEN 228 - I have received from the Final Goel, Haim, the Sign of the Pact of the Renewal of the ‘beit of bereisheet’ together with the Sign of the Pact of Peace of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. These correspond to the prophetic continuation of the last prophecy in Malachi at the time of the second Hhazon of the Prophet Habakuk. All these, the Signs of Shushan and the Signs of the Pact of Renewal and the Pact of Peace are needed for the continuation, God willing, of the writings of Sefer Mishnat Haim.

GNOMEN 229 - That which was impeding the Redemption, without our realising it, was the 4th element of the Gate of Silver, the ‘force of contrast’. It is for this reason that the news of the force of this Pharaoh-Zohar School and Site has come. Without knowing who the true enemy was, we could not sufficiently contract the force of contrast. As said, there is no Redemption without Pharaoh because the force of contrast cannot be missing. It is important for the pupils to understand this. If you know who the enemy is, it is necessary to speak about it and to verbally destroy it at every occasion possible. I have seen that in general the pupils find it much more pleasant speaking about more pleasurable matters. It must be remembered, however, that having the truth come out in the world is a ‘war’ even though, on the true level, these are the Wars of God. It is a great privilege to participate in denouncing evil and to speak up at every occasion against the known enemies.

GNOMEN 230 - Remember, pupils, that your words are potent and they are listened to from above, because you are few and you have held up in your wars until now. Do not be lazy in making your verbal wars against them because this awakens the quality of the force of contrast in oneself. (See that this is the 4th of the 4 Gates of Silver, thus closing the 4 Gates of Gold and the 4 Gates of Silver that guard the Palace of the Virtues of Esther (the Virtues necessary for extending the Redemption) in the Capital City of Shushan. Thus, even with the other 7 Gates, if the force of contrast is not complete, one cannot yet come into the Palace of the Virtues.)

GNOMEN 231 - DIARY of Meshullam: some new blessings for the Renewed Sign-Marriage of White Horse and the Double-Tail:

Blessed is EHEYE ASHER EHEYE who has designed a New Marriage between the New Kingdom of Heaven and the earth.

GNOMEN 232 - Blessed is the Lord of Hosts who binds the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan, to the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

GNOMEN 233 - Blessed is the Lord, the Eternal God, who has designed the completion of mankind in its spirit, in its mind, in its actions and in its soul for the generations of the Final Redemption.

GNOMEN 234 - Blessed is the Living God who renews the Signs of Adam and Eve, our first father and first mother, in the New Marriage of the heavens and the earth of the Final Redemption.

GNOMEN 235 - Blessed is God on High who blesses the groom and blesses the bride in the New Marriage of the Final Redemption under the Hhupah of the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan.

GNOMEN 236 - Blessed is the Lord, our God, who sanctifies the New Marriage of the Final Redemption according to the New Altars of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption of 7 Floors and 7 Altars.

GNOMEN 237 - Blessed is EL SHADDAI who blesses the snow of the mountain and the sand of the shore that have touched the feet of those who extend the MarvellousNews of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Teacher of Life, Haim.

GNOMEN 238 - DIARY: So we went up to Mount White Horse and with 10 degrees below zero centigrade, Paolo and Noda put a bare right foot into that icy snow. Then they ran back to the warm Serena and we read the New Blessings. We drank apple juice and orange juice for the Wedding Feast. Then White Horse got us down from the Mountain in a hurry and by the Sea of Marinella, Paolo and Noda denuded a left foot and placed it in the sand. Now who done ever see a Renewed-Wedning like that! Even more, from when we left the house until our return, we have never, in all our life, seen such marvellous clouds in the sky. Like great snowy flying-saucers, round and soft, all pasted together into different forms, of whales and gigantic birds with enormous wings and other types of birds and fish. So they accompanied us throughout all the signs of the Renewed Wedding between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth, in the Sign of the 13 New Mazalot of Leviathan. Ah, yes, before leaving the house in the morning, outside, in the sky, was a cloud that had the form of a very great and positive eye. What signs!

GNOMEN 239 - All these are true Signs from God Almighty, signs that we search for and love to receive and to witness in the FR. Not false-lights of the Zohar that accompany one’s own mental distortions into worlds of non-existence, totally detached from the true world of God’s redemption! “Every person can reach the Higher Spiritual Lights of the Zohar” explains the Giladi, “It is enough to have a strong desire to receive.” This insane statement the foundations of which were construed from the stink of the dung of the Golden Calf is the publicity recipe of Pharaoh’s new PR man. Of course all can receive; it is perfectly impure and no requirements of the true Sanctity of the Torah are found in it.

GNOMEN 240 - Also the dianeticists of Scientology say that they know how to leave the body and to float around from place to place and they say that they can know who they were in past lives and that they know how to resolve every ailment and every problem and to lead a totally higher life, especially from the big money that they receive from those yet being taught the way. We know, on the other hand, that this particular branch of scientific-religious-satanology, turned Lucifer to enlighten the pockets of clever mamonious demons, is hated by the Creator of the Universe and it will be totally destroyed in the end. From Heaven it has been called the ‘terrible refrigerator spirit that enslaves people’s minds and steals their money’. We did not know this or invent it. We received it in the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

GNOMEN 241 - Be not fooled by the facility of body-leaving. Gurus, Shamani, Mystics and Magicians have been leaving their bodies for millennia. Well, it’s not exactly so easy. It takes some training and methods of indoctrination. They work on it. They work on destroying the true and normal relationship between body and spirit, isolating the spirit into a separate state of being from the body and they subtly capture the spirit in the mental coldness of robot obedience to their quasi-divine-messianic-master-minds such as Ron Hubble or Reverend Moon. That is their secret! They learn to isolate the spirit from the body, against the will of God Almighty. And they float away into the emptiness of reflections from distorted mirrors and they lose their portions both in this world and the next.

GNOMEN 242 - Thus Gilad Sh. explains that now there is a way to put an end to all suffering and all affliction. One must follow the ‘way of the Torah’ which Satan immediately defines (get this one!) as the ‘way of allowing oneself the possibility of gaining full pleasure of his existence without limitations’. Go then to the Ashlag School and learn methodically how to climb the Zoharitic Ladder of the Higher Spiritual Worlds of Emanation; then will you learn to walk in both worlds at the same time and you will be totally exempt from all suffering and from all worldly suffering and you will know only the highest pleasures every minute of your existence. - Is any comment needed!!!!!

GNOMEN 243 - Do not be fooled by spiritual worlds or by all those who acclaim the truth of the elevated and luminous levels they have reached. There are ‘millions upon millions’ of such ‘spiritual realms’ and as soon as the person’s spirit learns how to detach itself from the body, it is overwhelmed by the lights that it finds. There is absolutely no merit before God Almighty for the ‘elevation’ of such levels. All those who practise such are only avoiding the battles for which purpose their souls were sent to the world. Those battles are very precious and necessary for the elevation of each soul. The battles, difficulties, afflictions etc., in general, are there to be fought and to be won. One needs a strong desire to win and to overcome them, it is true, but the enormous value, the true elevation in this world and the immense pleasure of the soul in the next world, recompense for it infinitely.

GNOMEN 244 - Interestingly G.Sh. does not say anything about the world of the souls! And what in Tradition is called ‘olam ha-ba (the coming world), used generally to designate the world of the souls after death, he reinterprets to refer to the state of perfection reached by participating in the higher spiritual worlds of the B.o.t.Zohar. In that state of perfection and peace, in the capacity to have all that one desires, one will find himself walking in 2 worlds simultaneously ‘olam ha-ba and ‘olam ha-zeh (this world). Obviously the old terminology and concept does not interest Mister Shadmon and one easily gleans from his words that the world after death is only for the sake of sending back the souls into their next incarnation in another body until they have finally reached their nirvana in the B.o.t.Zohar and can then walk in both worlds.

GNOMEN 245 - You see how easily everything is resolved in the Yod Waters of the false-Kabbalah. The Yod, Ten Divine Emanations, Above Creation, thus above this world, thus ‘olam ha-ba. If you bathe in the Nile and you make the illicit divine unions, you have exited from all the boundaries and limitations between ‘olam ha-ba and ‘olam ha-zeh. O.K., the rest of Tradition that established boundaries and limitations was for the sake of the poor Israel not yet bound to the waters of the Nile that supersede all this, but now, with the Ashlag Ladder, you can climb, man, you can just climb and climb and climb and even swim around on every step of the Ladder, for now is the time of the Big Waters in which all existence is only a prelude to the Emanated Blood of Yeor.

GNOMEN 246 - Perhaps the soul of the Giladi was in some Sadduccee, against the Tradition of the Pharisees and against the belief in the world of the souls, come back to resolve the old conflict with a new linguistic system that amasses all things together in the Waters of Yeor. In a word, the Torah of the Creator, for this kofer muhhlat, is only concerned with material matters, the external Torah, but the Torah itself hides behind the Creator only in order to reveal (or to hide) what in truth the Emanator is doing above in the World of Emanation. If you get to the Emanator, then, you have no need for the lower creations and you can stimulate all the illicit unions you desire to have whatever you want. Even the Serpent himself couldn’t make you a better offer than that!

GNOMEN 247 - We Donkeys stick to old-hat Ecclesiastics: Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil.

May that the Lord, our God, Creator of the universe and the Holy God of Israel have mercy on His chosen nation and save them with their precious souls from falling into the terrible trap of ‘hidden things’ the hidden purpose of which is evil. Amen ken yehi ratzon.

GNOMEN 248 - I pray to the Lord, our God, that He be awakened to great meron the New Souls of the Kingdom of Heaven that have descended in the world for the past 16 years and those that will descend, that they be protected in the bodies in which they have been born and will be born and totally immune in their spirit from this insidious, hateful, false and idolatrous trap of the false-Kabbalah. Protect the children, EL SHADDAI, and have mercy on the goodness of their heart and the innocence of their souls, and keep them far away from the trap of the false-Kabbalah forever. Amen ken yehi ratzon.

GNOMEN 249 - My heart cries to the Lord, my God. I shiver inside with the knowledge of what is happening, for the victims, the innocent souls that fall, not being able to distinguish what lies underneath. We cry with the tears of Rahhel, our mother, for the souls lost to their true identity, yearning desperately for the moment of returning onto the confines and with great joy we cry together when we see them re-found and freed from the chains of the long, concealed exile of the house of Israel. But I cry now inside and my heart pulls me into anguish for the tears of Lea, our mother, a thousand-fold more bitter in her sacred suffering, as the length of Jacob’s days did not assuage her unanswered love for the plight of the house of Judah. Come back now, o Jacob, our father, come and see the true, inner suffering of Lea, your faithful wife, washed and purified a thousand-fold in the love of the God of her consolation.

GNOMEN 250 - Place a wall of fire around the souls of Your choice, o Lord, and let them not fall into the clutches of this last treacherous prostitute before Israel’s redemption. We know that it had to come out as all levels of evil must come out in the open to be destroyed forever in the Fourth Generation. Open the eyes of Your nation so that they look only with their own eyes. Answer my prayer, o Lord, my God, and let a wall-fire of distinction open the eyes of Jacob’s descendants. Amen, ken yehi ratzon.