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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 5 - Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book that Astounds) -

Sefer Esther 3

Chapter 6

GNOMEN 251 - I have seen many changes in my life until now. At 17, I still didn’t know the difference between Ashkenazic Jews and Sephardic Jews, and yet it has been my destiny to know and to help others know, God willing, how to distinguish between the true Kabbalah of Israel and the false-Kabbalah of the past centuries. Not only, it has proven my destiny to receive from the Teacher of Life, Haim, the New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan. I cannot deny the truth. I have seen the coming of the promised Final Redemption. It has been my privileged destiny to be talmid of the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, Haim, even though it was not in my destiny to reach their level.

GNOMEN 252 - What I have not been able to see above, however, has been recompensed by the marvels revealed here in the world for the Third and FR. I have been called to come out of my parasha in the Torah to break down the barriers of past history so that eventually the News of the FR reach the 4 corners of the earth. I go down on all fours and bray, happy for the Donkey Signs that fall upon me. I am the first talmid of the Tzadik Haim and yet I have been made into an animal, a redemptional Sign-bearing Animal, often not much more intelligent than that precious but stubborn man-carrying beast. Often my heart cries out in a spasm of desire to tell of myself, to give over some rendering in words of the contrasts that I have seen.

GNOMEN 253 - I believe that I have seen more contrasts in my own life than anyone else. I speak because it is part of my obligation to speak, of the Peretz Signs, of the Donkey Signs, of Big Fish Signs and even of Illumined Turtle Signs.

GNOMEN 254 - I dip a piece of bread into milk and I rub it over the honey-sap covering my knees. I look upwards until I feel my Sign perceived in the Kingdom of Heaven and I say ‘For the blessing of the Rite of Milk and Honey on the Altar of Malchitzedek’. Then I eat my Milk and Honey Donkey Bread and say ‘Blessed are You, o Lord, our God, who has made me His bread’.

GNOMEN 255 - Had I not to yelp out the dangers of Shadmon ecstasy! But the force of contrast carries with it the wisdom of contrast and the Donkey is not one to let such occasions slip by. I had wondered how the Hherem would fare with the great Messianic-Habad-Farce dead in its Cult-photo Tanks?

GNOMEN 256 - Signor Remo Levi, peace be with him, had sent a dream in which young men of other Hasidic groups had died before their time because of ‘that’ way of life and their practices. But how would the war of Milhhamot Ha-Shem begin?

GNOMEN 257 - These Hasidic fanatics are generally not accepted by the Jewish people nor did they look at the Hasidic groups as ‘deriving’ from the B.o.t.Zohar. Generally, people did not consider the possibility of false theologies underlying those movements.

GNOMEN 258 - How would the Jewish people come face to face with the clash of Zohar-theology? Gilad Shadmon’s booklet came to give me the answers. Finally people would see the evil of the B.o.t.Zohar itself.

GNOMEN 259 - Shadmon’s simplification linguistics is incredibly explicit in rendering the purposes of the Zoharists for what they are. He is a man who has studied alternative medicine for years, obviously a researcher and searcher of the relationships between ideas and systems, wrote this book with the intention of bringing the true purposes of the B.o.t.Zohar down to earth. It is as if he has said, “let us Kabbalists finally stop beating around the bush. Let us finally say what we truly believe and what we are aiming at, in a clear language that all can appreciate if they have not yet been contaminated with other forms of Judaism”.

GNOMEN 260 - It is true. This unsanctimonious piece of kifrut does not beat around the bush. G.S. says clearly that you absolutely need nothing else in the world except the Book of the Zohar and the Ashlag Ladder to reach the true purpose in life and nothing else in existence can give you or bring you to that true purpose. Is it possible to be clearer than that! Many warnings explained by the Hhacham ElGafeh and in the Hherem of the Five Tablets of how all this false-Kabbalah in the end leads to negating the true Torah were still ‘covered over’ by the Coat of the Halacha of Traditional Judaism, Habad, for example, but just about all the other forms of Mystic Judaism were ‘covered over’ with traditional garb.

GNOMEN 261 - It was here that I understood that from the Fourth Hated Generation of Habad to this Zohar-Ashlag-Leitman-Shadmon Kifrut there was an incredible jump. One was concealed under centuries of rabbinic beating-around-the-bush-sophistication while this was crude-open-negation (when looked in the face) of all Tradition. Then I understood from the Signs of the Plagues and the Sign of Pharaoh received by me etc. that when the idolatrous cycle descends until its Hated Fourth Generation (Habad) where it is so entrenched in traditional garb as well as its own historical development that its roots are indiscernible, there exists yet another doubled-level of the Hated Fourth Generation which, so to speak, gets the spring-board back to the original sin of fathers of the Book o. t. Zohar itself.

GNOMEN 262 - This is in correspondance to the Sign made by the Final Goel, Haim, in the Sign of the Stars from the Fourth Displaced Star to the First Star, here on the negative side, concerning the idolatrous sin in its 4 generational descent. It is a strategy from Above because in the end, it is the Sin of the Book o.t.Zohar and its totally idolatrous theology that must become known. The terrible error of Habad Messianism was not enough to awaken the understanding unto the roots of the matter. G.S.s mystic simplistics did away with all historical development (except for Ashlag) and the new stage was set for the Great Cult to the Ten Emanated Spherot themselves as taught in the B.o.t.Zohar. Pharaoh, Plagues, Kifrut unseen before; the Mission of the Final Redemption would have to announce. The time had come; ‘od hhazon la-moed had reached its moment.

GNOMEN 263 - The Hutzpah of G. Shadmon is indeed Pharaonic, so terribly undermining all true Tradition and so dangerous in its victimisation. The time of fierce judgement is at hand. The evil here reaches its maximum and ‘completes’ the sin. We speak of the Fifth level of the sin but it must be remembered that it is a Fifth level of the Hated Fourth Generation. It the sin that ‘wraps up’ all its past into a new neat package ready to send out on a ‘universal’ level, as the Fifth Star which is the Universal Star. The Sign of the Stars which is also the Sign of the Times of the Fourth Generation is itself doubled. For example, the idolatrous sin in the Jewish camp and the idolatrous sin in the Christian camp, reason for which we may speak also of this Fifth level as being as well the Tenth level. And the Sign of Pharaoh (the tenth god of Egypt) and the Sign of the Plagues (that were 10) prove it.

GNOMEN 264 - If you read his booklet and you listen closely to its words, you will hear not only blasphemy in every sentence. If you are attuned to determining arrogance, you will find that from beginning to end, the hands are the hands of an impostor and the voice is the voice of Pharaoh, King of Egypt, the apex of arrogance so despised by the God of Israel. The true enemy of the Jewish people (after its being hidden for so many years) has finally decided to show its true face. Ah, finally, he is dressed in Egyptian garments and he comes in full arrogance with a crown of self-love and demonic self-confidence demanding the absolute Reign of the Book of the Zohar for all.

GNOMEN 265 - Unfortunately there are victims because many do not have the criteria for determining arrogance and do not have the Tradition or at least not the true Tradition of the Second Commandment etc. On the other hand,you can fool a Jew when he is sleeping but not when he wakes up. The evil of this booklet and the sickness of its intentions and the absolute arrogance of its author have brought the Zohar-sin down to earth for all to see. Vox popoli is needed in the FR and vox popoli will come and Jews all over will soon be standing up to denounce and to curse Ashlag’s Crazy-House-Zohar-Rally and they will do everything possible to bring it down.

GNOMEN 266 - The fact of the Fifth level is significant as the final level of this evil in the true sense of the well-known Jobian phrase ‘zeh le-umat zeh’ ‘God made one against the other’. This means that the Creator, Blessed is He, placed the forces of good in counter-position to the forces of evil in the creation. The ‘le’umat zeh’ (the negative forces) are known as the ‘sitra-ahhra’ ‘the other side’. As explained in the Five Tablets, it must be kept in mind that certain terms such as this ‘sitra-ahhra’ has its place as a linguistic reality concerning true Kabbalah but is falsified and corrupted by the theology of the Zohar. All examples may be taken from the term Esser Sfirot Bli Ma (10 Spherot without substance) corrupted in the Zohar into Esser Sfirot Neetzalot (10 Emanated Spherot).

GNOMEN 267 - The Hhacham Elgafeh yells brimstone and fire against the Pantheon created in the B.o.t.Zohar with its 10 Emanated Spherot of Kedusha (sanctity) in counter-position to the 10 Spherot of the Sitra-ahhra (the other-side, of impurity). As we have seen in the diplomacy of James Baker ‘we must concede that the 10 spherot do exist but their interpretation has falsified the true meaning’. This was essential for understanding definitively that the enemy was not the 10 sfirot bli ma. The enemy was the 10 sfirot neetzalot.

GNOMEN 268 - Here is the point. The false-Kabbalah is exactly the ‘sitra-ahhra’ of the true Kedusha. It is EXACTLY the 180 degree opposite of the true Kabbalah. If one, for the sake of argument, reads the Zohar with the purpose of negating and denying every aspect of its theology while undoing the false linguistics of Emanation, one will find himself ratifying the true theology of the Second Commandment and purifying the conceptual falsehoods into a proper context of the true Kabbalah. IT IS EXACTLY THIS ‘TERRIBLE’ FACT THAT HAS ALLOWED FOR ISRAEL’S FALL. It is exactly because the ‘Sitra-ahhra’ is in direct counter-position to the true Sitra d’Kedusha, not simply a misinterpretation or deviation, that the rabbis lost their balance and fell, believing in ‘good faith’ that the words of the B.o.t.Zohar were ‘holy’ and ‘true Kabbalah’.

GNOMEN 269 - Do not find it strange, then, that we can now declare, with the Signs at hand, that the reaching of the Fifth Level of Evil of the terrible, prophesied sin of the Second Commandment also means the completion of the sin of the Five Partzufim of the B.o.t.Zohar. And the Tenth Pharaoh Level reached with the Shadmonic text indicates that the Ten Sfirot of the Sitra-Ahhra of the B.o.t.Zohar has reached the fullness of its sin.

GNOMEN 270 - So shall we take up, God willing, the Breaking of the First Tablets that contained the 10 Commandments because of the Emanatistic Mentality of the Mixed-multitude that would have corrupted the true Kabbalah of those same Commandments, had Moses, our teacher, not broken them in that most terrible, historical Sign of the Great Correction.

GNOMEN 271 - Unfortunately, all those who believe in the false-Kabbalah are themselves trapped inside the sitra-ahhra and only a total reversal can save them. For this reason they see all kinds of lights and whatever they want to see. The ‘other-side’ exists and it is extremely powerful, until it is destroyed. Terrible is the sinful trap of the End-Time. For they are victims of those incredible false-lights of impurity that misguide them further into error at every step.

GNOMEN 272 - Their heart has become so hardened in their false belief, aided by the ‘sitra-ahhra’ to strengthen their belief, that, as Pharaoh, they will not give up until they have been thrown down and destroyed, by vox popoli and by the hidden and open miracles of the Holy God of Israel. Be assured. The Fourth Generation represents the end of all idolatry in the world, from the crudest forms to the most sophisticated, philosophical, metaphysical, cosmological and mystic doctrines teaching idolatry.

GNOMEN 273 - DIARY: Adam sent me a few more documents among which is ‘Praying according to the Kabbalah’ of the Rosicrucians (who believe that they know the ‘Secret Rose of the Cross’). See how the ‘universal’ aspect is shaping up. The Rosicrucian Kabbalists mix together Zohar, Buddhism, Hindu, Gnosticism and Christianity into the Great Melting Pot of the Rosicrucian-Meditation in an incredible, systematised and ‘scientific’ methodology of pure-Kabbalah-meditation. You’ve got the 5 Partzufim and the 10 Emanated Spherot dancing together and Karma and Dharma, Gnosis, Nomos and some others.

GNOMEN 274 - By the way, the universal extension of Zohar-love which has spread like wildfire in the last 20 years but never such as now with Internet, in the end will be a Sign-post to the rest of Israel of the inherent impurity in all this.

GNOMEN 275 - You will wonder why there exist such intricate systems of meditation, having as their purpose the betterment and perfection, the inner power and happiness of the person and yet they do not conduce to the purposes desired by the Lord, our God. These systems seem so marvellous and complicatedly delicious and beautiful to meditate on but they do not bring the results desired by EL SHADDAI for mankind. They have their lights and their uplifting of the spirit and great conceptual pleasures and spiritual delights but they are not desired by God Almighty, sole Creator of the universe, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever, for the souls loved by Him.

GNOMEN 276 - What is it more specifically that characterises the evil to which these great meditative systems lead? But precision in the question already helps with the answer. What does the sin of idolatry inherent in these systems lead to? What is so hateful in the sin of idolatry that makes it conduce people to that which is so hated by the Jealous God of the universe?

GNOMEN 277 - In truth, it is easier to see if you are speaking about giving service to a stone or to a statue while calling it Divine or to the sun or the moon or the stars. As the objects of the cult, however, become more philosophical, metaphysical, cosmological and mystical, the idolatrous object becomes covered over in myriad ideas and concepts construed around that object.

GNOMEN 278 - The Final Fourth Generation, with the Sign of the Final Goel, Haim, binding 4000 years of history from the Star of Abraham, our father, is the Great Conclusion to the end and destruction of all forms of idolatry, even the most sophisticated. The matter is so large that one is at first at a loss, so to speak, to understand how, after 4000 of history, the world is yet so filled with idolatry and even a part of Israel, in its 400 years of history until the Holocaust, fell into it. And after the Holocaust it still continues and even grows until it will be known by all and destroyed. Was the idolatry of the past worse or is the developed idolatry of the present worse?

GNOMEN 279 - It is a difficult question but we must try to simplify by the concept of history itself, as explained in the 14th General Volume of the Book of the Stars; the Sign made by the Final Goel, Haim, also binds history to the truth of its ‘cyclic’ but ‘progressive’ substance. Also idolatry is cyclic, as the Second Commandment teaches its progressive descent in 4 generations until it is destroyed in every Fourth Generation. If it were left in its vigour after 4 generations it would destroy the substance of the progressive good that must remain for the world. In the global sense, however, of the Final Fourth Generation all idolatry will be destroyed. In past Fourth Generations, idolatry was cut down at many levels and in nations that were destroyed together with their idols.

GNOMEN 280 - The thickness of visible idolatry was gas we go back in the past and so were the ‘occult sciences and occult powers’ of idolworship and star-worship and magic etc. greater in the past. Almost nothing of those occult powers are in the world now and what has remained is a reminiscence of what was in the past. Nevertheless, there is a progression, that is, a progressive digression, for certain aspects of idolatry, that go on in history for 4000 years until they are destroyed in the Last Great and Terrible Fourth Hated Generation of history. It would be impossible to discern the very sophisticated idolatry of the Final Fourth Generation if we did not have parameters and examples upon which to judge. For this reason we can say that the very sophisticated and very idolatrous Book of the Zohar had to be given the extension of its great historical outplay so that it become the Sign-post of idolatry for all future generations. So will its destruction represent a great historical Sign-post of God’s hatred to idolatry for the Jewish people and even for the world.

GNOMEN 281 - The destruction of this Final Great Evil will be the catalyst to bringing Israel back to the true Torah as well as to its understanding and acceptance of the Final Redemption. For it is not a nation that has fallen but the chosen people, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is not some book that has been desecrated but the Five Books of Moses, our teacher and the true Tradition, the true Kabbalah of all Israel. It is because of the Terrible Evil involved that most of Israel lost faith in the Torah. What did they see! Then will the accumulation of the positive aspects of Jewish history come into place and all will understand the prophetic reality in which we now stand.

GNOMEN 282 - That which is hated by the Lord, our God, in idolatry is the arrogance to which it brings and the more sophisticated the doctrines reigning over that idolatry become so too the inner manifestations of arrogance grow inside and destroy the true heart loved by God. It is arrogance that falls with the fall of idolatry and it is the progression of sophisticated arrogance that is destroyed with the destruction of the false theology of the false-Kabbalah from all Israel. The true heart of Israel, the interior humility to which it is heir, is revealed when that idolatrous arrogance is revealed and destroyed.

GNOMEN 283 - Such is the point of lowliness and error that had to come out and that is destined to become known to the entire Jewish people so that no one again lift up his head in arrogance to say “we are better than you”. Such is the great lesson of history that God has prepared for us so as to teach us humility, the humility loved by Him and the humility required to receive the Great Third and Final Redemption of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, in merit of the chosen Final Goel, Haim.

GNOMEN 284 - Here are the main elements of the Convergence that we are looking at in this text of Esther 3 until now: 1) the quadruple, 4 periods of 4 years until the closing of this 16th year; 2) the Sign of the fifth level of the sin of the false-Kabbalah; 3) the Sign of Pharaoh and the Sign of the Plagues in the Sign of 10; 4) the correspondance of the coming 17th year to the ‘second appointed time’ of the prophecy in Habakuk; 5) the relationship of this prophecy to the just man who lives in his faith.

GNOMEN 285 - The prophecy under scrutiny refers to this Final Fourth Generation. As the Fourth Generation has its doubling and even its quadrupling, so too this prophecy contains these elements. The prophecy speaks of the ‘vision’ of a first ‘appointed time’ and of the ‘vision’ of the ‘second appointed time’ and is thus doubled in contents. The ‘second appointed time’ however, is itself doubled: concerning the Mission of the FR, it relates in particular to the ‘second and final opening’ from the 17th year of the CS onwards. In terms of the Final Fourth Generation in general it relates to the 36th year of the 65 years of the FG. We are discussing the prophecy primarily in terms of the New and Final Opening of the School and Mission of the Third and FR.

GNOMEN 286 - Concerning the Fourth G. of 65 years, the ‘second appointed time’ can only refer to the 36th year because the division, as received, is 35 years and 30 years; thus the 36th year is the first year of the second half of the FG. This corresponds perfectly with the fact that the second half of the FG is by far the most difficult and ‘terrible’ period that must be overcome. Thus we see in the prophecy that after the ‘second appointed time’ it goes on to warn and to encourage that it will be followed by the desperate waiting for the end time which refers to the End time of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord of the second half of the FG. And since it is protracted in time with the heaviness of destruction and calamities etc., the warning is needed ‘even if it tarries, wait for it, for coming it will surely come and will not be late’.

GNOMEN 287 - It will not tarry and will not be late because its times are those of the Final Fourth Generation as being taught to us by the Final Goel, Haim, by way of the Sign of the Stars and the Completed Signs of the FR. Concerning the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread, however, the main periods of interest concerning the reception and diffusion of the written testimonies and explanations are divided, instead, into 1) the main period of preparing those texts and documents etc. and 2) the ‘officially authorised final opening’ of that diffusion. From the Convergence at hand we have concluded definitively that the first 16 years are called the years of preparation, after which begins the second appointed time of the announcements and the diffusion etc.

GNOMEN 288 - The prophecy itself is in the form of doubling and redoubling 1) the first vision of an appointed time with 2) the formulation of that vision on Tablets comprehensible to all 3) the second vision of a second appointed time and 4) the desperate waiting for the end-time that will surely come in its time. Notice that the prophecy does not speak about writing down the second vision on Tablets. This is because the main bulk of the Tablets are already formulated during the first 16 years in the documents and texts of SMH until now.

GNOMEN 289 - Probably the sense of desperate waiting, even if it tarries, etc. in reference to the Mission of the FR, relates to the immense patience needed, both concerning the Jewish world and the world at large, for the comprehension of the FR. In the end, nevertheless, that comprehension will surely come, according to the times of the FG. Who will receive that comprehension and that merit? The prophecy answers: The unworthy person does not straighten out his soul in it (or does not rectify himself in it) but the just man will live in his faith.

GNOMEN 290 - This we may well call the fifth element of the prophecy which is itself in correspondance to the Fifth Universal Star of the Sign of the Stars. It is also universal in purpose referring to all people, men and women, throughout the world. Indeed the New Law of the FR is based on the concept of this verse and is the called the New Law of the Just man who lives in his Faith. This prophecy in Habakuk is the most important concerning the End Time or better the end times of the Fourth Generation. It indicates that the times are ‘appointed’, that they must be followed in writing, that there is a beginning, a continuation, a second appointed end time, a desperate waiting for the passing of the end times until the final End-Time which is itself the beginning of the periods of peace of the generations of the Third and Final Redemption. It is this prophecy that demonstrates that history is both cyclic and progressive.

GNOMEN 291 - This prophecy embodies the time elements of the Final Fourth G. and does not directly enter the sin-elements involved in the FG although afterwards in the same prophecy there are allusions to those sins. The Final FG represents the Great Convergence of all past history, the prophetic-synthesis of which can be obtained by studying the 4 generations of the idolatrous sin of fathers of the Second Com. The Five Tablets of the Pact explains more in detail how these 4 idolatrous generations must be studied from the Torah, namely from the Original sin, the generation of Enosh, the Tower of Babel, the golden calf, the breaking of the first Tablets. We will try to complete this study here in Esther 3 and to conclude it with our study of the Beit of Bereisheet for distinguishing true Kabbalah from false-Kabbalah.

GNOMEN 292 - The first 2 Commandments together represent Redemption, the Idolatrous Sin and the Final Redemption. The idolatrous sin in its 4 generations is the basis to all sins, in the same manner that, as known, the Second Comm. contains in it all the 365 negative precepts of the Torah while the first Comm. contains all the 245 positive precepts. In essence, all sins derive from a detachment from the true faith in the One Living God. There is even a possible large historical correspondance to evaluate in terms of these 3 categories: Redemption - from Abraham to the destruction of the Second Temple; the Idolatrous Sin - from the destruction of the Second Temple until the Holocaust; and the Final Redemption which continues on in all future history.

GNOMEN 293 - Correspondingly, our main objectives in SMH, are: to re-explain the faith of the first Comm., to explain fully the 4 generations of the idolatrous sin of the second Comm. and to fully explain and establish all the elements of the Final Redemption.

Our discussions on the 4 generations of the Hated Fourth Generation are not limited to the sin of idolatry. Also here the main sins may be categorised in 4: 1) idolatry 2) sexual abominations 3) sins of greed for money and 4) sins pertaining to the world of science, such as genetics.

GNOMEN 294 - These are, of course, large categories and each one may be subdivided into 4 categories. We are not taking this up here. (see from the Altar of the Prophet)

The 4 generations of the second Comm., however, are, first of all, those written in the Torah and explained in Tradition, from the original sin to the golden calf, as above. These are taken up in the Five Tablets but there is a conclusive phase of those explanations to be completed here, God willing. All is explained in Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem and in the Hherem of the Five Tablets of the Pact but the present Convergence brings out a fullness regarding the sin of the Doctrine of Emanation.

GNOMEN 295 - As said, the sin of the Doctrine of Emanation has been discussed in those texts but there is a point of emphasis that must made in view of the question asked above. How is it appropriate to speak of a ‘progression’ in long global terms of history concerning idolatry. With all the multifarious and complex and occult aspects of past idolatry, is there still left an aspect of the idolatrous sin that has not been codified or explained or is unknown, an aspect which it may be said is ‘worse’ (in its progressive digression) than all that which came before?

GNOMEN 296 - I’m not saying this subject is simple. You must keep in mind the various strands of the terms used to describe idolatry, of the history of idolatrous ideas in their various manifestations, of the variegated aspects of the Original Sin, the gen. of Enosh, the Tower of Babel, the Golden Calf and the Breaking of the Tablets, and finally of the time convergence of the Final Fourth Generation and of the Third and Final Redemption. All the prophecies of the past 4000 years now re-bound to the Final FG by the Great Sign of the Final Goel, Haim. And in each study there is the corresponding idolatrous doctrine in the Book of the Zohar and in all the false-Kabbalah.

GNOMEN 297 - The answer to that question is the Doctrine of Emanation or the Concept of Emanation. It is not, however, that the doctrines of Emanation are new. They were there from the beginning but its terminology was left for the End-Time. In the past, before the sin of the false-Kabbalah was revealed in Milhhamot Ha-Shem of the Sage, ElGafeh, no one had an idea of what was meant by the ‘sin of the doctrine of Emanation’. The term ‘Emanation’ had not been opened to true Torah scrutiny and all light on the matter was smeared-over with Zohar-cream until the poisonous cream was itself considered the ‘secret’ that had to come out instead of the ‘final sin’ that had to come out.

GNOMEN 298 - The fact is that ‘Emanation’ is the root of the roots of idolatry, the most hidden aspect of idolatry. It is therefore found behind every category of idolatry but it is unseen on a revealed level. There is, however, an aspect of the ‘concept’ of Divine Emanation’ in the original Sin, in the error of the Gen. of Enosh, in the Tower of Babel and in the Golden Calf. And the Breaking of the Tablets is the Great and Terrible Sign of History that eventually breaks down and destroys the Sin of the Doctrine of Emanation. In allusion we can find it in the Second Comm. but only with study. ‘For I am the Lord, your God, EL KANA, who punishes the sin of fathers’ etc. EL KANA, generally translated the Jealous God, is, so to speak, the Jealous One against all doctrines, ideas and cults that do not do honor to the unique and absolute Oneness of the Creator, Blessed is He. EL KANA comes in this context in direct counter-position to the Sin of Emanation.

GNOMEN 299 - In Tradition we have such terms as ‘shittuf’ (an associated faith), ‘ribui reshuyot’ (a multiplicity of reigns), ‘elohim ahherim’ (other gods) and ‘avodah zara’ (strange service, a service not to God). And in Tradition is discussed the concept of the ‘nessiya mi-kedem’ (the distancing oneself from the First Cause). The linguistics of the Idolatrous Sin of Emanation is not known in Tradition. Had it been known, the Book o.t.Zohar would have been dead from the start.

GNOMEN 300 - We are speaking pure and true Torah, every word. The linguistics of Emanation was hidden from the eyes of Tradition until its revelation for this time of the Final Fourth Generation because of the sin of the Book of the Zohar. But just this concept of Divine Emanation is the Root of the Roots of the Idolatrous Sin of the fathers and therefore its understanding and its being broken down and burnt out from the roots is the Great Catalyst of the Breaking Down of all forms of idolatry and false doctrinal theology in the entire world. For there is no people as His people Israel when it returns to the true faith of the Holy Torah. The world shall be stunned by Israel’s recognition of its error and the world will be amazed by Israel’s self-purification from its error and the world will witness a strength in the chosen nation never seen before or imagined. The Holy Torah shall become Large for the world and the knowledge of God will fill the world as the waters that cover the seas. Amen ken yehi ratzon bi-mheira be-yameinu. -