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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok ha-Hhadash - the Law of the Final Redemption

30 PASSES - These are 30 Tablets of 30 Gnomen each

representing the Heart of the Law of the Final Redemption

Some introductory words of the Donkey dressed as a Lion

Diary of the Donkey dressed as a Lion for adding Taste to Life:

I’ve passed through quite a few Donkey-phases in the past 14 years. I’m an amazing animal and if you marvel at my changing phases, you’ll come to get a glimpse of yourself. For you are human men and women and you have it all over me. Therefore the Final Goel’s Donkey also dresses as the Lion of Judah and roars out “The Teacher of Life, Haim, has embraced the good-hearted people of all nations and said to each person ‘We are all of the same flesh’ ”. I, of course, am a mirror for all donkeys, however they may dress.

I’m not alone. I have 7 Tails now, Sign of a True Donkey, and when I happen to waggle my Tails, the Big Dipper takes a plunge towards the world and the Great Cart of the Wonderful News delights in roller-coaster glee. Sometimes I wiggle my Tails down and sometimes I waggle them up laughing at those who still think me a man. But I fool you not, I’m a Lion today, okay a Donkey dressed as a Lion, so should I roar or should I bray? Hee-haw! errrrrrr!

I’ve even got a Lion’s Crown of 8 New Lights so that the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot may shine for the world. The Tree of Justice branches all over me for the Sprouting of the New Message. I kiss the Returned Fragments of the Law and speak bliss of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and of Evil Corrected. The 13 Petaled Rose encompasses me in its perfumed Composite Project and Big Fish, Leviathan, cuddles me in oceans of Stars. Savage Bull straightens me out with his precision decisions while the commandments of God Almighty for all mankind return for enlargement in the Final Redemption. Am I not a good Donkey then even if I’m dressed as a Lion!

I’m also Tzeref, Man of the Tablets, which is something like being slightly above the Stars, hee-haw, in a sort of celestial Lion’s Den, errrrrrr. I step into a chain-circle on the Altar of the Prophet with the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik on my right hand and the Kingdom of Queen Esther on my left and I step out of it a Tzerefied Donkey dressed as a Lawful Lion, “Who then wouldn’t remember the Law of Moses or God’s promise to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning” I roar as I lick the knees of Malachi!

I’ve been through Donkey phases of Tamar, of Queen Esther and of Balaam’s prophetic she-ass and even of Yeshua’s prophetic tragedy ride to Jerusalem. The Fragments of the Law return even in ‘a woman’s garment’ when the Donkey’s sense of female delicateness is woven into the derech eretz loved by God. It’s not always easy to understand how to act when it depends on feeling.

I licked the feet of Abraham, our father, to bring the News in time. I cried Donkey tears on Sarah’s feet and got babyish when I felt her close, mommy of our chosen people. They are more alive than we so let us bray and sniff the perfume of God’s love upon His chosen servants. I lick up the wisdom of God’s commandments written on their toes to bind their righteousness to the Law of the Final Redemption.

Do I then speak in Meshullamic charmlets to coax you with persuasive tongue? Am I language-filled with Donkey-talk who astounds listeners with Redemptional Stars? Do I spell-bind you with wondrous Signs of Donkey-Feet guided by Moses, magister noster? And yet such is not forbidden by God Almighty and when I roar nicely before Him, fresh waters relieve my feet of the intense heat of the Holy Law.

Modesty still reigns, thank God, in Donkey Stables but my nature is somehow squeezed into my soul’s presence seeking inner wisdom in the fear of God. Whether you are 80 in the Holy Torah or 8 of every people who as yet knows no Law, I am the Donkey with Three Eyes without a favorite age. I bray to the elderly of kindly disposition and stand on all fours to whomever is older than I. And with my sibling simplicity, there’s hardly one younger than I.

Come, then, let us be afraid together, for the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God.

wpe2.gif (1770 bytes) : The true and the true Tradition, the teaching of the true faith, the faculty of faith in the heart and the possible discrepancy between that faculty and the true tradition, the good heart is more essential than the errors in faith that can be corrected, the Tradition of Islam and the reason for the separation of the Torah Tradition and the Koranic Tradition, the reception of the Third and Final Redemption -




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Gnomen 1       The Almighty demonstrated His higher power above the nature of the world by way of the miracles that He performed in Egypt and at the Red Sea at the hands of Moses, our teacher. Therefore when the children of Israel heard the words ‘I am the Lord, your God who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage’ there was no doubt as to Who it was who said these words. It was the sole Creator of the universe who had spoken, the God who had promised to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob His special Blessing and who was maintaining His promises to them at the hands of Moses, His servant.

Gnomen 2        Only 2 fifths of the children of Israel were saved, however; the others had not believed and they died during the 3 days of the plague of darkness. This demonstrates that even in God’s performing marvelous miracles before the eyes of all, He did not take away the faculty of free choice.

Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: (dream 508) - Giuseppe dreamed (March 2 , 1989 - Milan) that he said, “Whoever has faith will see; whoever has no faith will see nothing, hee-haw”.

Gnomen 3          Faith is a gift of inheritance received through the filter of free choice. It is therefore possible to inherit faith and yet to lose that inheritance through bad choices. It is likewise possible that a person who has not inherited any faith may come on to grasp the great faculty of faith through good choices made by him.

Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: 466 - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 20, 1989 - Milan) that a voice said ‘God knows (recognizes) a Jew not by a symbol that he carries but by the faith in his heart and for his simplicity , ‘temimut’.

For the faculty of faith is a human faculty within every human being created in the image of God.


Tastes of Life: (dream 629) - Adam dreamed (Jan. 6, 1990 - Beersheva) that he saw the Teacher Haim who was together with a massive crowd composed of people of all kinds and all races. The Teacher of Life, Haim, with extreme humbleness and immense love, embraced one by one, without distinction, each person of that enormous gathering including very poor and humble folk, and said, “We are all of the same flesh”.


Gnomen 4           If inherited faith may be ‘good fortune’ , the true faith acquired is an even greater fortune. For in the former the faculty of faith was always revealed in him while in the latter the faculty of faith was dead in him until it was found, re-acquired and resurrected within him. The faculty of faith is hidden deep in one’s heart; it is part of the creation of man. It may be revealed through inheritance and the education that must accompany that inheritance or it may remain hidden, even to the person himself.

Gnomen 5         (dream 429) Giuseppe dreamed (Dec. 17, 1988 - Milan) that he was in a place unknown to him and he heard the voice of his father who said, “I have always had faith in God, blessed is He, but I didn’t know the matters well”. Giuseppe was moved by these words because they were said with heart. Giuseppe did not see his father but his father’s voice spoke to him through a fish that was in the water. -

Sig.( Mr.) Domenico Manigrasso, peace be upon him, was not only uninstructed in religious matters, but he did not even know that he had faith; in truth he had the true faith in his heart but he didn’t know its name; his true inner faith, however, was like a voice that issued from his inner comprehension - see documentation

It is because of the fact that faith is a faculty unto itself, such as is the faculty of understanding or the faculty of sensibility to others, that this faculty may often be used for believing in a false faith. As that hidden quality of believing searches for the substance of its belief, it will most often not discern the substance or concepts of the belief itself, but will rather take them on faith as is the quality of faith in its simple state.

Gnomen 6            In truth, only the proper education in the true faith will nourish the faculty of faith in its true form. Therefore in God’s revelation to Israel, He at first showed them His power and then He declared ‘I am the Lord, your God who has taken you out of the land of Egypt’ etc. ‘Do not have other Gods from before Me’ etc. So too the Lord taught to Israel the sanctity of the Sabbath, having the manna descend every day, but a double portion on Friday and no portion on the Sabbath, for 40 years in the desert.

Gnomen 7             All this was in order to teach that God Himself, Blessed is He and Blessed is His Name forever, is the Educator of Israel. Even if the faith is a natural quality in mankind, it will be to no avail if it is not nurtured and alimented by true education. For this reason too the commandment of God to Israel was to study the Torah by day and by night and never to abandon it. As one’s daily alimentation is needed to maintain the faculties of the body, so too the faculty of faith is nourished on study and prayer; and, as the body, its alimentation is needed every day, so as to grow in it and to be healthy and strong in it.

Gnomen 8           It was of the intentions of the Lord, our God, in the Redemption from Egypt and in the Revelation at Sinai, that faith in God be brought together with the knowledge of God, together with a heart filled with mercy and good intentions. In essence, all had to be taught and explained, as given over to Moses, partly in writing and partly in the living oral tradition received by him directly from God and handed down to the people.

Gnomen 9            It must be understood that not only belief in the true monotheistic faith makes a person loved before the Lord of Hosts. That is the beginning only, the true basis, the only true doctrine of the true faith, the second commandment. Therefore before the second commandment of the true theology comes the first Commandment , binding the true faith in God to the faith in God, Redeemer of Israel, who saved His chosen people from the slavery of Pharaoh. If this faith is missing, then even the true monotheistic faith will be of little value, not recognising the historical truth of God’s Redemption and of God’s Revelation.

Gnomen 10          Both must be had, the living faith in the God’s Redemption and Salvation and the true doctrine of the faith in the Oneness of God, as it states ‘Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One’. Before Israel proclaims the Oneness of God, it has already become the nation of Israel, having witnessed the miracles of Redemption of the God of Israel. Then is it complete when Israel declares ‘God is One’. This itself is completed, however, by constantly remembering God’s Redemption and by studying the words of God and His teachings and most of all by applying the attributes taught to us by God of His mercy, His compassion, His loving-kindness, His patience and His forgiveness etc. As it states ‘And you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your force’.


Gnomen 11       The Tastes of Life: - (dream 145) Angela Grippo dreamed (Nov. 1, 1986 - Genzano di Lucania) that she went to greet Peretz and the other pupils. All stood around a fire-place; the first person she saw and greeted was Paolo. After this, she saw two children, a girl and a boy, of about 4 years old. Peretz was giving a lesson of faith to these two children. Peretz asked them to explain the lesson and one of them answered, “Faith is inside each one of us and it is expressed in our behaviour with others”. - *

* note - sign that the New Message is understood even by small children who are able to comprehend this essential lesson of the faith - the faith is not faith if it doesn’t conduce to the proper conduct with other people -

Here, in this delightful charm of a dream, we see the balance between the faculty of faith, even in the heart of small children, and the necessary accompanying qualities of rectitude and proper behavior with others. To this dream, for completeness, must be added that of Deborah which emphasizes the all-important basis of the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father:

(dream 218) - Deborah dreamed (July 8, 1987 - Milan) that she was telling to Peretz the famous story of Abraham as a child in his father’s idol-shop. She told it to Peretz convinced that he was a child. At a certain point Deborah realized that she was talking to Peretz who himself had taught her this story. Deborah said, “It’s not to you that I must tell this story because you are Jewish, but to the others”. -

Gnomen 12          Mankind cannot find the true faith by itself. The faculty of faith in the heart of a person needs the true tradition and the true education of the true tradition in order to be in the faith loved by God. The true tradition comes immediately in the first commandment ‘I am the Lord - - who took you out of the land of Egypt’ and ‘Do not have other gods from before Me’. Every country of antiquity said its God had chosen it to be the first among all nations. They said it but in the case of Israel, God said it. There is only one true tradition.


Gnomen 13            Faith is therefore not only the faculty of faith in the heart but the tradition of the true faith which must be acquired. Nor is faith only the belief in God and in His miracles but the faith in the Law of God, ‘Do not murder’ ‘do not steal’ ‘do not commit adultery’. The true tradition of believing in the true God means following His commandments ‘from all the trees of the Garden you may eat thereof but from the tree of knowledge of good and evil do not eat thereof’. There is no separating the faith in God from the faith in following the will of God.

Gnomen 14           Therefore God chose one nation, in merit of the Patriarchies, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, one nation chosen to receive the Law of God and to make it known for the rest of the world, as it states ‘A nation of priests shall you be unto Me’. Therefore He gave the Torah to Israel and sanctified Israel in the commandments of the Torah. The Redemption from Egypt and the revelation at Sinai came to testify for the entire world that Israel was chosen from among all the other nations to receive the splendor but also the heavy burden attached to the revelation of God’s glory. There is no true faith without this fundamental belief.

Gnomen 15             Moslems may at first contest this concept, saying ‘why is the tradition of Israel the only true tradition? Also the Moslem tradition is the true tradition from God’. Moslems forget that the Revelation at Sinai was 2000 years before Islam. The true faith of Islam in the Oneness of God derives from the true tradition of Israel and not vice versa. Their merit in the true faith derives from the blessings given by God to Ishmael, son of Abraham. The merit of the faith of Israel is from the blessings of God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the chosen Patriarchs. Ishmael was the father of the Arab nations, not one of the 3 chosen Patriarchs. (See Tablet 1, Message to Arabs.)

Gnomen 16               Probably Ishmael himself never really reconciled his number 2 position in regards to Isaac. For this reason he had to be separated by force from the house of Abraham, blessings and all. Ishmael was the first-born of Abraham and he was blessed. Isaac was the chosen heir of the blessing of Abraham. This was the prophetic history of the necessary separation which itself allows for a global reconciliation in the end.

Gnomen 17             For the Moslem tradition also has its sanctification and the faith of Islam in the One Living God is the same faith of Israel. Here then it is not a correction in the faith which allows for the reconciliation but the separation itself of the two traditions. And if the Moslem nations cannot reconcile themselves to the superiority of Israel’s tradition, this is unimportant because the prophetic separation justifies a separate equilibrium for each one. But the Moslem nations must correct their attitudes regarding Israel and the Jewish people if they desire that their true faith be accepted before God.

Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: (dream 564) - Giuseppe dreamed (June 18, 1989 - Milan) that he said, “Allah is Great”. Then he heard the words ‘it must be renewed’. Then appeared Peretz who explained, “It is not Allah that must be renewed, because God need not be renewed, but it refers to the Arabs. -

Gnomen 18           The Arab peoples derive from Shem. The Christian nations derive from Japheth , or from the combination of Japheth and the nations of Esau, son of Isaac. The Arab peoples, through the merit of Ishmael, received the Sign of the circumcision, which was a sign from God for the preservation of the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father. Christianity relinquished this sign and it fell outside of the pure faith. This is the prophetic revelation of ‘And God will enlarge Japheth but he will dwell in the Tents of Shem’. Christianity was orphaned from its source and by itself has not the power to maintain the pure monotheistic faith unless it dwells in the tents of Shem. This is the House of the Final Redemption in which all the nations of the world participate together in the true faith within the framework of the Tents of Shem.

Gnomen 19          And what then of the simple person who knows nothing of history but has a heart filled with faith. Indeed, the Final Goel, Haim, embraced all the people without distinction and declared ‘We are all of the same flesh’. And the Sages, of blessed memory declare ‘It is the heart which God desires’. Here it is the faculty of faith which counts. Confusion in the tradition is one thing. A good heart filled with a faith which brings the person to do good deeds and to love others and respect them is loved before God Almighty. For that person is not guilty in being ignorant of the true faith and his confusion may ultimately be corrected but the essence of a person is his heart.


Gnomen 20           So can we understand history, for Israel is the chosen nation, loved in view of God’s global choice, but when the heart of Israel is unjust and its corresponding actions reflect the evil of that unjust heart, Israel is punished. And because Israel is the instrument of Salvation for the nations, its punishment is before the eyes of the nations so that the nations cannot claim that there is favoritism before Him, God forbid. And when the heart of Israel is not just, even idolaters of the nations, if their heart is compassionate and seeks good for others, are more loved before God than Israel, for there exists no favoritism before Him, Blessed is He and Blessed is His Name forever.

Gnomen 21            Thus ‘faith is in the heart of each person and it is manifested in one’s behaviour with others’. This New Mishnah of Sefer Mishnat Haim is big, wide, deep and binding. It is not enough to know the true faith of the true tradition. One must have or make his heart become a heart loved by God. In the Final Redemption this is the New Heart of the Final New Pact as prophesied in Jeremiah and in other Prophets of Israel. It is the Heart and good actions that remain both for this world and the next, but all the daily thoughts of man die together with him in the grave.

Gnomen 22             We are now in the generation of the Final Redemption which comes simultaneously with the prophesied Great and Terrible Day of the Lord during this long, double Fourth Generation of 65 years beginning April 1983. We are, thank God, in the New Reception, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. This reception in short-terminology is called the Reception of the 6 Great Redemptional and Messianic Signs of the Third and Final Redemption: The First General Sign ‘Ba ha-Zman’ ‘The Time has Come’ is not counted in the 6: (1)The Sign of the Stars (2) the Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven (3) the Sign of the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot (4) the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread (5) the Double-Sign of the Fourth Generation and of the New Construction (6) the Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim.


Gnomen 23              Whether Jews, Christians, Moslems or otherwise, those who are unjust to others are not loved. All those of a good heart, filled with love and tolerance, with sincerity and the love of truth and justice will be brought up to a higher recognition of God and will be saved in that terrible hour of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. We can speak for the generality; faith in the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel Haim, represents the ONLY TRUE KEY to Salvation, as belief in Israel’s Redemption from Egypt and the Revelation at Sinai. This is the New Ark of Salvation during the incredible and terrible flood of events of this Fourth Generation. There is no other. This is the unique and historic Revelation, as the Revelation at Sinai in its time, representing the continuation of the only true Tradition of the full name of God Almighty, the Redeemer, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.

Gnomen 24               When speaking of Salvation, we cannot speak, of course, on an individual level, for this is the work of God and no one can answer for His work. It is God who saves and He need ask no one for advice in whom to save. We, however, are obliged to give over to the world the Keys to this New Protection and to explain all the generalities of the New Mishnah of the New Law and to make known the New Prophetic Tradition of this Final Fourth Generation in merit of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. But it is God Almighty who saves and no one is exempt from His judgement and no complacency is loved before Him in this Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 25 dream 744 Giuseppe dreamed (Sept. 14, 1990 - Milan) that he was at Sombrero (Sovere, Bergamo, Italy); there were tremendous thunder-claps that came from the mountain; the mountain shook and the thunder split the rocks of the mountain with fragments coming down on the house and all this became continuously stronger. Giuseppe was afraid. He looked down and observed the ants. In the meantime, from the heavens a sort of rhythmic, tambourine-like beat was heard, a constant sound with a precise rhythm. Then the ants began to speak, saying, “It is God who saves”. Then he heard a voice come out of the walls of the house, saying, “It is God who saves”. In the same manner, the birds flying above, the trees and plants, the earth itself and the spirits of the defunct who in that moment came out of the house ‘smiling’ - all were saying, “It is God who saves”. Giuseppe felt great fear and all the voices that he heard continually grew stronger. Also the thunder from the mountain became ever stronger with explosions and consequent splitting. Giuseppe went into the garden and lay down on the ground. From every angle men, trees, earth, sky, animals etc. - all kept on saying with the same rhythm, “It is God who saves”. The mountain now became even more explosive. There appeared a dog with two red eyes and a ferocious look. Also the dog said, “It is God who saves”.


Gnomen 26              The true tradition and the correct knowledge of the pure monotheistic faith is one thing, but the virtues which derive from the true faith of the heart are those which answer before the Higher Tribunal of the Lord, our God. He knows what is inside the profound places of the heart and He alone knows the meanings of each person’s actions and the true intentions from which they derive. Each person is His creation and no two people are the same. No one thinks in exactly the same way. No one does exactly the same things. No one is judged in accordance with what others do but each person is judged according to the purpose for which he or she was sent into the world. Only the Lord, our God, knows each person and the hidden chambers of each heart.


Gnomen 27           We speak in general. This is our obligation. The greatest of all salvations is promised together with the coming of the Final Goel. For the Final Goel, Haim, has been chosen by God Almighty for the sake of bringing Israel and mankind to its Final Redemption and for the sake of giving over the New Protection of EL SHADDAI needed by vast segments of the world for being protected during this Fourth Generation. This protection comes through the faith in the Final New Pact and in the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. These are also called the Historical Redemptional and Messianic Signs of Jacob, our father, in the Sign of the Splendor of Israel, Tifferet Yisrael.

Gnomen 28           We must teach the true faith of the true Tradition and the virtues loved by God and the New Faith of the Completed Signs to all, for this is the New Pact (Brit Hhadasha) sent by God Almighty. All individuals, including those who are already protected in their faith by way of Judaism or Islam, may find their proper altar in the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption and receive the New Protection. How will people come to this? But as the Lord, our God, brought signs and portents and great miracles in Egypt and at the Red Sea and He sent the Great Revelation of Sinai, so that He might proclaim ‘I am the Lord, your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage’ , so too the Final Redemption descends into the world with the most incredible testimony ever known. These are, in general, the Completed Signs, their contents, the manner of their reception and their prophetic realization during this Fourth Generation. Those who come under the Signs, if they merit, may even become as New Prophets receiving the word of the Living God. As received:

(dream 355) - Giuseppe dreamed (August 1, 1988 - Milan) that he opened the Bible and he heard a voice that said ‘With Moses I spoke face to face, but with you I speak through dreams and visions. -

Gnomen 29           The great New Sanctity of the Final Redemption derives from the continuation of the Completed Signs received by the pupils in dreams and visions. This miraculous level, both revealed and hidden, is similar to the level of the Divine Writing of the First Tablets which could be equally read from whatever part they were looked at. The Final Revelation, however, allows for the extension of this new sanctity to all people who know that God is One and who walk justly with all people. This is an incommensurable kindness of the Creator of the universe to allow this New True Sanctity to be taken by all those who merit by way of a means that is within the realm of all people, that of receiving true dreams. This is a basic difference, not of substance but of the conditions required, between the exalted but severe Sanctity revealed at Sinai and the Revelation of the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption.

(dream 79) - Giordano dreamed (Nov. 2, 1985 - Milan) that the pupils of the Teacher Haim were standing somewhere outside, close to a large gate. On the other side of the gate, extremely tall, surrounded by an ‘incredible cloud’ was the Teacher Haim. Giordano, through the bars of the gate, held fast to the legs of the Teacher. The Tzadik announced, “Tell them that I am the Tzadik who is announced three times in history”.

Gnomen 30             And if I, as the first pupil of the Teacher of Life, Haim, may help you gain merits in this New Faith, then, if you wish, you may believe this Donkey when he says that the Fragments of the First Tablets broke into a thousand pieces and the letters went above to hide in the Hidden Rose of Jacob. With the coming of the Final Goel, Haim, and the entrance of the world into the phase of its terrible death and its marvelous resurrection, those letters of the First Tablets again descend in order to help Tzeref, Man of the Tablets, in the formulation of the New Law. Directed by the Final Goel, Haim, Tzeref sits in his particular Tent among the Redemptional Constellations and the True Donkey dressed as a Lion waggles his Tail as the Fragments of the Tablets fall into place. And the word of the Lord, our God is fulfilled as these teachings become written on the inner parts and on the Tablets of the New Beloved Heart of the Final Redemption. Amen, ken yehi ratzon.



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