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Sefer Mishnat Haim -

Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok ha-Hhadash - the Law of the Final Redemption

30 PASSES - These are 30 Tablets of 30 GNOMEN representing the Heart of the Law of the Final Redemption



contents - the evils of desiring what other people have, the plagiarism against us and warning against misuse of our texts 






Gnomen    1      It is forbidden to covet, to desire, or to fix one’s eyes and heart on anything that belongs to someone else.

Gnomen   2     The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: 510 - Deborah dreamed (March 4, 1989 - Milan) that a married couple were seated in a cafè. Four men approached them; one was the ‘boss’ and the other three were his body-guards. The 3 men, without regards for the husband, asked the woman if she wanted to marry their boss. The woman, disgusted by such a request, answered that she was happily married for years and that they should never have made such a proposal and that it is a grave sin to desire the wife of another. “It’s better for this ‘powerful’ boss to humble himself because all his power could not give him what he desired” she concluded. -

Gnomen      3              It’s a somewhat strange Mafia-form dream, this new Mishnah, but in essence it comes to say that all the power and all the money in the world cannot buy a married woman who is faithful to her husband. If a woman is less than this she is not a true wife. Even if the richest or most influential person desired someone else’s wife, if that wife is faithful, she will totally disdain such a request.

Gnomen    4               This is a sin of the heart and God alone sees into the person’s heart. In desiring that which belongs to another, the person demonstrates himself or herself unappreciative of the portion that God has given him or her.

Gnomen  5                  Even if the person is needy, the solution is never to desire what someone else possesses, but rather to pray to the God to Whom all things belong and to seek work or even help at the same time.

Gnomen    6          What is to the heart is intimate and only the person himself can search into it to know it and to purify it from undesirable desires and from undesirable attitudes. Sincere prayer to this end is necessary, for one needs a very strong help from the Lord in order to find the objectivity to judge oneself correctly.

Gnomen    7           But what is to the eyes may be turned off by a quick jerk of the head before they have become fixed on the wife of another or on the possessions of another. And certainly what pertains to the tongue may be controlled by one who has control over himself. Therefore it is forbidden to say “I wish she (in reference to a married woman) was my wife” or “I would like to have him (if he is married) for a husband” or, on seeing any possession of another person, “I would like to have that” for in these and similar expressions one testifies to his or her own coveting.

Gnomen    8           One should not even say “I wish I had his or her luck” because ‘luck’ or ‘good fortune’ belongs to the individual star under which one is born. By desiring the ‘luck’ of ‘another star’ one puts to shame his own source of fortune which will in its own manner punish the person for that shame.

Gnomen  9         May 22, 1997 - Giuseppe dreamed: Paolo was distraught because of the heavy financial problems. He said there were 150 financial problems and even in the best manner it was only possible to resolve 57 of them. Paolo was then extremely disgusted because of the attitudes of people who desired money and he said “Those people who love money and go after money for themselves are hated by Heaven and they cannot enter into the other world”. - -

Gnomen  10                Most prevalent in this phase of history is not so much the coveting of objects as much the desire to have money, whether for buying those objects desired or for ‘having money’. The desire for money is the great sin of this last generation. The desire and the quest for money is now the foremost element which destroys true values and substitutes them with futile earthly values, cutting the person off from the Source of Life.

Gnomen    11           Those who most love money are those who do less to help others, for their love for money impedes them from loving to give charity, the great commandment loved by God. That love cuts them off from God and from the true fear of God. Even of sicknesses they are not afraid for they believe that with their money they can buy good health and call on the best doctors if they need. Many are the mental aberrations in those whose love for money has substituted the fear of God.

Gnomen  12     It is, of course, normal and positive to work and to seek the money that one needs for living decently. The sin is not in this but in loving money for itself, not only as a means of life’s necessities (which does not exclude life’s pleasures as well). This sin of desiring causes the substitution of false values for real values. Real values are those that truly benefit the person, both in this world and the next.

Gnomen  13                In practice, the difference is often very subtle and a person easily substitutes desire for necessity and rationalizes it as being a necessity. But the ways in which a person fools himself concerning the substitution of values are not countable. Wisdom is needed together with judicial introspection and truly neutral self judgment. As one is afraid of a change of color in his excrement for fear of illness, so must one be afraid that he has been influenced and changed internally by the fetid smell of money as yet unrecognizable to his nose.

Gnomen    14                   Therefore the God of Israel commanded them in the taking of the Tenth. This commandment, in its universal application, means simply to take the first Tenth part of one’s earnings to be used for charity. In truth, without the help and blessing of God Almighty, none may be sure that he is clean of the internal falsifications and spiritually damaging effects of money.

Gnomen     15                For this reason the Lord, our God, in His mercy, gave over to the children of Israel this great ‘secret’ for bringing the blessing ‘into’ one’s money. The first tenth must be taken, not the remaining tenth after the 90 percent has been calculated. If the first tenth is for God, which means for charity to the poor and to the needy or to valid charity funds dedicated to the needs of orphans, widows, the poor, the sick and the needy, then, and only in this way, does the blessing of EL SHADDAI fall upon the remaining 90 percent.

Gnomen  16       From the beginning of injustices, the desires of invidious hearts created in the world the most insidious of evils, that of e.e. ((e-v-i-l----e-y-e-)). It is best to avoid as much as possible pronouncing this word in whatever language it may be. This is because, unfortunately, there is so much of e.e. all over the world during this fourth generation, that the very saying or even the writing of it might conjure up negative forces. This word, of course, is itself an extremely generalized term which in truth contains hundreds of different categories of e.e.

Gnomen  17           Some people are carriers of e.e. and they do not know it. When, however, they take up things belonging to other people and they say something such as “Oh, how lovely is this new vase” or “Oh how nice and smooth your skin is” it happens shortly afterwards that the vase falls and breaks or that a strange rash breaks out on the skin, and so on in a thousand other manners. If one is aware that any friend has e.e., he should warn the person to avoid all praises of any sort, of things and concerning people and to try to keep his or her eyes away from whatever is other people’s property.

Gnomen    18       (dream 485)       Deborah dreamed (Feb. 4, 1989 - Milan) that Paolo brought a relative to Peretz. This relative, although not having frequented the House of Prayer, had faith in the New Message. This woman had a defect. Whatever she touched either broke or fell. It was a defect from her birth, due to her star. The woman was curious and began touching things on Peretz’ desk reason for which Deborah reprimanded Paolo and added that, in general, no one had permission to touch Peretz’ desk. Deborah added as well that even when the baby will be born and will begin to touch everything, one has to give him or her a smack on the hand because FIRST OF ALL ONE MUST EDUCATE A CHILD’S HANDS AND TEACH HIM TO TOUCH ONLY HIS OWN TOYS. - (see New Law -education)

Gnomen  19         (dream 725)     Deborah dreamed (Dec. 1990 - Milan) that she said to Anna (Dell’Altare) that the cause of all her problems was the fruit of her negative words said upon objects and on the things that happen to her; she with those words brings e-e upon herself. -

Gnomen    20            If such a carrier has been warned and has tried to avoid causing damages, but nevertheless, wherever he or she looks, there are negative repercussions, then that person would be wise to follow the teaching of the Teacher of Life, Haim, and to wear sun glasses all the time. Sun glasses divert the rays of e.e. * (See Tablet 10, Table E.E.)

* I learned this teaching directly from the Tzadik. He explained to me and to a few others that once in Cairo, at a banquet, one man said to another man who was sitting close to the Teacher, Haim, “You have very nice teeth”. Shortly after this that man was eating an apple and, God save us, a whole row of teeth cracked. Afterwards it was given to understand to the praiser that he was a carrier of e.e. for which he was extremely upset, being a God-fearing man who wished not to damage anyone. He came to the Teacher for advice and ha-Moreh Haim told him that if would wear sun-glasses wherever he went, nothing of the e.e. would fall on other things or on others. And so it was.

Gnomen  21           If tongues were straight and eyes were in their place and the desires of the heart were in the precinct of one’s own property, who would not give his signature to live in such a world! Evil tongue and covetous eyes and the desire to possess that which belongs to others have broken down the true stature of mankind throughout the ages. These three evils have created and constantly incremented evil forces and evil spirits in the world more than all else.

Gnomen  22        It is not that a person must cut off the tongue or tear out his eyes or nullify his heart. One must purify the tongue and keep his eyes in check and sanctify the heart in desires which are permitted and loved before God  Almighty.

Gnomen    23               Be modest in your desires. Desire that which is beneficial to your soul. This also includes the necessary material things, a good work, a good house, good food, perhaps a good car etc. etc. There is nothing prohibited in desiring that which is helpful to your well-being. But be modest in desiring them. Work towards them, pray for them. The Lord, our God never abandons a person who has faith in Him, Blessed is His Name forever.

Gnomen  24           Sanctify your desires. If your desires are permitted and the object of your desire is beneficial to you, pray to EL SHADDAI in whose hands it is to fulfill the desire of every person. Remember that the God of Hosts knows well your needs, even your psychological needs, better than you yourself. He desires, however, that you sanctify even your proper desires through prayer. For in requesting what you need, you have recognized in Whose power it is to give and in this way your desire is sanctified.

Gnomen    25             Do not covet the writings of the Donkey for yourself and if you plagiarize and take his writings out of context and use them on your own name, you will be cursed as has been cursed Davide (alias) Carmine Delle Donne. He will be destroyed in the curse upon him, for he stole many writings of the Donkey of the first 5 years and re-wrote them on his own name, completely falsifying the concepts, obviously, but the basis of the texts are mine.

Gnomen    26            He was jealous of the Donkey and his envy drove him mad until he convinced himself that he was the New-Messianic-Malchitzedek for the whole world. I bring the matter here because what happened in the case of the ‘schism’ of Genzano di Lucania, in south Italy, as documented by White Horse, is part of the negative Signs of the Fourth Generation. It is one thing to covet someone’s else’s money or property; it is another to desire a position that was given to another because of self-love and megalomania and the desire for honor etc. The levels in evil that can be desired and even reached by such people have no end, until they are cut off from Heaven.

Gnomen    27                Only last night, (it’s now Motzaei Shabbat, 45 days in the Omer, May 16, 1999, Rosh Hhodesh Sivan, 5759, The Battle of the Fish 26 - I am finishing here the revision of the first 10 Tablets for use on the Web-Site Beit Sefer Esther - Beersheva) did we come to know that the thief of Genzano has a Web-Site filled with my documents, written in his name and falsified according to his new doctrine. It could not have been missing from the negative signs so that we learn our lessons before its too late. It is angering, nevertheless, to see precious documents received by the Donkey of the Goel, Haim, plagiarized and distorted into personal idolatry by an invidious and covetous impostor.

Gnomen    28           Were it only for me, I would not be so disturbed. But his plagiarism is at the same time something much worse. We have already received clear signs in true dreams, documented by us, concerning the ‘pure’ idolatry in the entire new scheme created by DelleDonne. He has blasphemed, through my documents, the name of Heaven and desecrated every truth of the Final Redemption in the name of God and in the name of the Tzadik Haim. He will not be forgiven by God Almighty for he has falsified all the teachings of the Final Goel, Haim. There exists no sin worse than this in this moment of history.

Gnomen  29           All the pupils are very angry and they are zealous in defending the writings of the Donkey and they intend to bring DelleDonne to court for plagiary. We are, thank God, in the Sign ‘It was after the Resurrection and the Donkey had more than 12 pupils’. Davide, alias, Carmine, Delle Donne must pay for what he has done. The pupils have cursed him for the evil that he has perpetrated and their curses will fall upon him because of the falsification of the truth that he so cunningly carved out of the writings of the Donkey in order to make a name for himself. Since he so desires a great name, I have placed it here in the Tablets so that history remember it. And when what happens to him will happen it will be a testimony to the truth of our words.

Gnomen       30            Let it be said at the same time that all be warned. I am not a writer and these texts, received and formulated by me, are not mine. They are in the direct permission of the Final Goel, Haim, and they are in his name and it is the Final Goel, Haim, who corrects the mistakes that I make so that the writings all be accepted before the Lord, our God. Let no covetous heart whether for honor or for money or for any other reason use any of the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim in any way not authorized by the Donkey who eats the Bread of the Third and Final Redemption or by those authorized by him to judge. Be warned, there is great jealousy from the Heavens above for every text, document and book written for Sefer Mishnat Haim.




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