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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 2     Sefer Ha-Hhok ha-Hhadash -

               the Law of the Final Redemption

30 PASSES     These are 30 Tablets of 30 Gnomen each

representing the Heart of the Law of the Final Redemption


contents :

  as immodest as a dog,

   the Renewed Sanctification of the Priesthood of Malchitzedek,

2 new blessings,

  the Yemenite rite of killing a chicken when moving into a new house,

the sacrifice of Beniamino





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Diary of the Donkey dressed as a Lion:    August 18, 1997 - Menahhem Av 15, 5757 - These are the first words written here in the new house. Since some dreams have arrived in relation to modesty, to the New Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek and to the New Law concerning bigamy, I note them here in Sanctification.  

Gnomen 1       Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion:

This morning I dreamed that I desired to ascend,  but it was said to me ‘how can you ascend if you have become as immodest as a dog?’ - -

Unfortunately, this is true. I have become so used to immodesty in these past 14 years that I feel no difference between being dressed or being naked. I have become as lacking in covering myself as a dog that knows no shame. I have reached the bottom. Red Horse painted my buttocks with white paint and I barked in ecstasy for the canine pleasure that it excited in me. That was before the dream. So too, the day before, I lay on my bed naked, as Rahhel and Shaul covered my middle with 4000 white-stone fragments of the Law. Yet the pleasure was so great as the fragments caressed me that I was exactly as an excited dog in happy heat. I have done the gamut from a Braying Donkey to a Barking Dog and have come out as shameless as a dog.

Gnomen 2       Luckily, however, we have changed house and there is, thank God, more space to work. The signs have indicated that there is a jump from 36 to 250 with the change to this house. If, for example, there are until now 36 people who are part of the Final New Pact, the Mission will now go towards 250 people. There are also signs of the New Sanctification of the Priesthood coming into light in this house. It is thus now that the laws of modesty need be applied whereas previously the signs of the Donkey covered over the lack of coverings.

Gnomen 3       Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: Deborah had dreamed (3 weeks ago) that part of this house was covered with violate linens as the color of the Priesthood of Malchitzedek in the Completed Signs and that there was a Table for study of the New Message and a place for prayer and that from it a ladder ascended to Heaven. - -

This demonstrates that our coming here is for the sake of an elevation or of an ulterior sanctification in the Altars, the Priesthood and the study of the New Message. The binding of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world is taking place through this. We are as barking dogs compared to the truth being fulfilled through us. We understand only that we must try to fulfill the signs as best as possible.

Gnomen 4     Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: Giuseppe called: he dreamed that he saw me here in my new Tent; a beautiful gold colored chandelier hung down from the ceiling and an effulgent light shone from it. Peretz was extremely happy for this fact. - -

These are good auspices for the New Light of this third period.

Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion:   Adam dreamed that Deborah said to him that tonight (Aug. 18) he had a meeting with Malchitzedek and that this fact was similar to the going out of Egypt. - -

See here the incredible correspondence to this moment of our changing house and the emphasis on the New Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek.

Gnomen 5     Adam is the Priest of the Altar of Judah in Israel (Beersheva). He is meeting with Malchitzedek for the important integration of the Universal Signs of the Universal Priesthood. These Universal Signs are so important that they represent for the world now that which the miracle of the going out of Egypt represented for Israel at that time: liberty.

One may not readily understand the comparison until one reflects on the extent to which the false priesthoods of all history have enslaved mankind through their hierarchical powers into the bread of their hands and their stomachs. At the same time,  they have enslaved mankind into false and idolatrous doctrines keeping all in the slavery of ignorance and the bondage of indoctrination. It is spoken here of Malchitzedek, Priest to God on high for the nations, especially for the nations of Christianity. The Christian nations have been denied the true priesthood of Malchitzedek, which should have been theirs through the mission of Jesus, as explained in the Correction that Jesus himself was born under the Star of Malchitzedek which became the Star of Christ for the last 2000 years.

Gnomen 6        All the millions of Christians are enslaved under the false doctrine of the Trinity and of the entire false doctrine of the deification of Jesus. All this is the worst kind of spiritual slavery for the soul that desires to serve the true God only. So too the children of Israel in Egypt, except for the tribe of Levi, were not only physical slaves but had become as idolatrous as the Egyptians, as known in tradition. The New Priesthood of Malchitzedek returns with the Final Pact, in the pure monotheistic faith, in the true tradition of the Patriarchs,  the revelation at Sinai,  the Prophets of Israel and the Sages of Israel. Those who come under it will know the spiritual slavery and the mental bondage from which they have been redeemed.

Gnomen 7     Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion:

Adam, in a second dream last night, saw M., from Cernusco, who said, “I received a document from your father which allows me to take a second wife”. - -

This is a whopper of a dream with a radical change. First of all, it is related to the Universal Signs of Malchitzedek. M. represents the hated part of Esau, which is rejected from the Final New Pact. Nevertheless, because of good actions of charity and derech eretz, his nieces and nephews could merit to return and to enter. M. is thus the farthest point away from the true Priesthood of Malchitzedek which, at the same time, has the eventual possibility of bringing ‘descendants of Malchitzedek’ back to the true faith. The fact that it was M. who said this,  makes the particular law involved most certainly valid for the Altars of Malchitzedek and of the Nations which in turn makes it valid for the Altar of Efraim.

Gnomen 8        To help in understanding: I had written a document for Adam Kamkhaji,  allowing him to take O. as a second wife. The permission to take a second wife is based on the law of the Torah and on that continued tradition in the Yemenite tradition and in some of the Sephardic traditions. I had stipulated for the New Law that this law was valid only for the Altar of Judah. The main reason was that all those coming from the Christian world, and thus even those of the Altar of Efraim, are used to the mentality of monogamy instilled by Christianity. Therefore bigamy is considered a ‘sin’ even in all state law of western countries. Our intention, however, is not to go against state law but to clarify the true law of God for the Final Redemption. It seemed to me justifiable not to renew the law of bigamy for the other Altars because of the Christian mentality formed around this subject.

Gnomen 9    Adam’s dream declares, without any doubt,  that the law which allows for the possibility of taking a second wife is valid for the New Law of the Final Redemption on all Altars. In truth, in the cases concerning marriage, there is no basic difference between people. The same kind of circumstances that might necessitate taking a second wife for a Jew of the Altar of Judah could verify itself for the new Jews of the Altar of Efraim or for those designated as the descendants of Malchitzedek on the Altar of the Nations.

Gnomen 10     Sharon had dreamed, a day before our moving, that Peretz was dressed in the new tunic of buttons made by Shaul, which is in the sign of the priesthood of the High Priest, Aaron, and that Peretz had to write some very important new blessings.

Blessed is God on high who has renewed the New Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek for the Altars of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption.

Blessed is God on high who has renewed the New Universal Law for all the descendants of Malchitzedek.

Gnomen 11    Still another 2 dreams have come between yesterday and today, 1 of Shaul and 1 of Daniele. Shaul dreamed that he had accused some Arabs of having stolen from him some artistic figures. They denied this charge vehemently and then searched for and found the missing figures under the table where Shaul was working. Shaul, humiliated by his mistake, got down on his knees and implored them to forgive him. He did this 3 times until they agreed. One of them wanted to take off the kippa that Shaul was wearing but it didn’t come off. The Arab seeing this said, “It’s all right, you can keep it”. - -

Shaul dreamed this here in the new house. It is also a dream of good auspices. For Shaul’s correction concerning humility, see Tablet 16, Gnomen 14. For the Virtues of Esther, see asking forgiveness for one’s errors in behaviour.

Gnomen 12    Red Horse, in the signs, helps the Mission of White Horse get out to the nations of Esau. At the same time, he has a Jewish root, but he is as yet part of the Altar of Malchitzedek. The sign of his asking forgiveness of the Arabs is a very positive sign for peace in the middle east, a peace which is also part of the important signs of this 3rd period of 6 years. The signs concerning Israel in this period say: When the government of Netanyahu will come down, peace will come unto the middle-east. He received this dream now with our entrance into the new house to increment the good news.

Gnomen 13     Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion:

Daniele dreamed this morning that, after arguing with someone about something, Daniele killed him with his words. Then a voice descended from above and said: If you take ten pupils and they are put through the test for ten years, they too can receive this power and whatever they speak will be verified. It was given to Daniele to understand that this power had been in the hands of Moses, reason for which he was not permitted to enter the holy land. Had he been allowed to enter, the level of this secret would have sufficed to bring the final redemption long before its time. In the Final Redemption, however, this power returns, as shown in Daniele’s dream.

Gnomen 14       Also Daniele is on the Altar of Malchitzedek, although he is rooted in the people of Israel, as demonstrated by many signs received by him in which his original Jewish identity is undeniable. That said power in the hands of Moses, magister noster, which can now be given over to pupils, on the conditions given, is an extraordinary novelty of the Final Redemption and of the power of the Completed Redemptional and Messianic Signs in merit of the Teacher of Life, Haim. See then that all these signs have come for the New Sanctification of the Altars, here in this house. It is as I told the pupils, “The privilege of helping us maintain this house and of sanctifying the Altars, now, is similar to contributing to the privileges concerning the construction of the Third and Final Temple at Jerusalem”. And all these signs are bound to the New Sanctification of the Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek.

Gnomen 15      Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion:

Aug. 18, Monday morning: I dreamed Beniamino, peace be with him. He was lying somewhere below on a ground floor, on a table, waiting for me to come to slaughter him as a sacrifice. This fact was very difficult for me and I said to the others that it was too hard for me to kill him. Deborah said to me, “It’s a question of kappara (expiation); I don’t think you’d want one of us to do it”. I agreed but I decided to make the slaughter in such a way that only some blood would be let.- -

Also this dream is concerned with the ‘terrible’ sacrifice of Beniamino for the sake of the universal sanctification of this mission.

Gnomen 16     Why does this sign come now? First of all, if not for Beniamino’s sacrifice, we would not have made it to this house and to the sanctification in which we must now gird ourselves. Beniamino is in the Sign of the binding of the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth. The sign seen now confirms the Isaac element of Beniamino’s sacrifice. It is not easy for me to speak about it. I have written of it in the Tribunal, how I was totally guilty of Beniamino’s sacrifice, although it was the Teacher of Life, Haim who had declared that he would have to take someone for the benefit of the world. I, however, unfortunately, was the one who, for reason of a terrible error, was virtually the slaughterer of Beniamino.

Gnomen 17       I was the one who pulled the knife for Beniamino’s sacrifice. I was totally guilty and I myself died spiritually in Beniamino’s death. I explained what happened in those documents of the Tribunal, but I do not have the heart to explain it again here. I mention it only, as if letting some blood, but I cannot truly face the reality of my guilt. The situation of noraa ‘alila ‘al bnei adam (awesome are the decrees imposed on mankind). In that moment I had to be completely guilty for the sake of the Sign of resolving the Passion of Christ. I had to be as Jesus in his crucifixion. Also Yeshua was worthy of the death penalty for having broken his sacred oath of the School of the Essene and for having used the secret of the Kabbalah Maasit in public. On the other hand, he was innocent in his motivations and justified in his teachings.

Gnomen 18    There was, however, a decree from above, at a more global level. It was the time in which the ‘binding’ of Isaac and his redemption, by way of the Sacrificed Ram, descended prophetically into the Historical Design of Israel’s and of mankind’s plight in coming onto its salvation. It was the time in which the Initial Redemptional and Messianic Signs had to be revealed in the measure that they could be revealed. Here again, it was a ‘sin’ for Jesus to reveal them but the necessity of their being revealed fell upon him and were part of the mission that he had to fulfill. No matter what he did, he was guilty in one way but obligated and thus justified in another way. So it was in the 14th year of the Completed Signs. Beniamino was the Kappara for the mission of the Donkey who eats Bread. He died in place of the Donkey who eats Bread. The Donkey, however, had to resolve the Passion of Christ for the sake of completing the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim. Peretz committed an error and became guilty before EL SHADDAI and his death was decreed.

Gnomen 19        Then there was an expanded progression of the Signs of the Resurrection, both for Beniamino, in the Kingdom of Heaven, and for Peretz who was resurrected in this world as Tzeref, Man of the Tablets, held up by the true Donkey who eats Bread with his 7 Tails bound to the 7 Stars of the Big Dipper. The Donkey lifted Tzeref to his place between the Redemptional Constellations and the Passion was Resolved. The impediments which had been blocking the correspondence between the Constellation of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the Constellation of Esther in her Kingdom fell away into oblivion and the signs were in place for receiving the New Tablets of the New Law.

Gnomen 20     Beniamino’s sacrifice was the last of the Signs of Isaac. The Final Sacrifice of the holy Tzadik Haim was the Conclusion of the long historical sacrifice of Isaac, our father, the Final Sacrifice of exile. The Tzadik’s resurrection was the beginning and opening of the Final Redemption in the Signs of Jacob, our father, and in the Signs of the Splendor of Israel. Beniamino’s being taken by God was the final sacrifice in the Signs of Isaac, for the sake of the Mission of the Final Redemption on earth. The death of Sig. Kamel Kamkhaji, peace be with him,  on the 1st of Menahhem Av, birthday of Peretz, concluded the salvation of Peretz allowing him to become Tzeref, Man of the Tablets. Sig. Kamkhaji entered the Sign of the Resurrection in the Kingdom of Heaven and the resurrection of Peretz was completed allowing him to stay in this world for the sake of the Mission.

Gnomen 21     We needed a chicken for the ‘inauguration’ of the house. Anellito was adamant. He had a lovely white "nostrano" chicken but it was not for sale. If Paolo would give him 50.000 lire it was his, take it or leave. “But these are our friends” his wife Brunella said, “you should give it to them gratis”. “No, 50.000 or nothing!” And this was how another 50 got into the signs. I slaughtered the chicken in the living room, leaving the blood on the floor for the demons of the house, as a sign of friendship. We ate the chicken in a small inauguration meal and we placed the new Protection (the renewed Mezuza of Tradition) on the door post.

Gnomen 22            The slaughtering of a chicken and making a friendship-born with the demons of the house is of the Yemenite tradition. I have heard that this rite has been criticized by some who considered such an act as idolatrous, God forbid. The chicken, however, is not slaughtered as a sacrifice to the demons, but before EL SHADDAI and with the proper blessing ‘Blessed is the Lord, our God who commanded the children of Israel concerning the laws of slaughtering’. In truth, among the Jewish sages of the entire exile period, only the Yemenites were expert in all questions concerning demons. Therefore they knew of this segulah.

Gnomen 23           In truth, the blood of any type of animal slaughter goes to the demons. They have a portion in any spilled blood. For them there is no greater ‘delicacy’ and nothing more delicious than blood. In truth, there is no house that does not have its demons, those whose ‘living-quarters’ are ‘directly’ under the house. When moving into a new house or even a house that was previously inhabited, the demons of the house have their ‘worries’ about who is moving in. It is difficult to explain in what these worries consist but it is so. If, however, those moving into the house do something towards the demons to demonstrate that they recognize the demon’s rights, so to speak, to be there, and some ‘gift’ is given as a sign of friendship, this is permitted.

Gnomen 24            Not only is it permitted but it is wisdom, as is all wisdom for the sake of darkei shalom, the ways of peace. For if, on the other hand, the demons of a house are disturbed by those moving in, they will certainly ‘disturb’ them and may even cause damages. Peace is better than war. How much more so when there is no need for any compromise, only an act of friendship. In any case, I intend to establish, God willing, a rite for the inauguration of a house. I mention the Yemenite custom as I have received it from the Tzadik Haim, but obviously, most people, especially in the western countries are not in a position to take on this custom.

Gnomen 25            Instead of slaughtering a chicken, it is possible to put candy or sweets of any sort on the floor, perhaps in all the rooms of the house. This comes together with the rite to be established. The candy is left on the floor until the next morning and must be thrown away. There is danger in eating it after it has been given as a gift to the demons of the house.

We began to ‘sanctify’ the house with the slaughtering of the chicken. Then we sanctified the house with the blessing and fixing of the new Mezuza on the door post and the we sanctified the table at the meal of the slaughtered chicken.

Gnomen 26     All that was on Thursday, August 21. On Friday was the New Sanctification of the New Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek. This came together with the New Sign of Renewed Marriage of Red Horse and Rahhel. See Tablet 16 for their corrections and for the document of marriage prepared for them. The Correction in the New Sanctification of the Altar of Malchitzedek came with the sign received by Adam, as above, and the extension of the laws concerning marriage and concerning the possibility of taking more than one wife to all the Altars of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 27    I suppose that I cannot get out of this Tablet on sanctification without telling my sin and my guilt for the tragic death of Beniamino. Did I not exaggerate in saying that I, unfortunately, was the slaughterer of Beniamino when he died in an accident at work? Unfortunately, I erred gravely and my error was the immediate cause of the need for his sacrifice. It is true that in conjunction with the ‘terrible’ sign of the Passion of Christ Corrected, I had to be completely guilty and worthy of death in the hands of heaven, God save me, and that otherwise the sign could not have completed. It is likewise true that the sacrifice of Beniamino had been announced by the Teacher of Life, Haim, in his message in a dream to Sarita in Israel which reached us at the moment of the sign of the Final Seal of the 13th year. It was announced that the Goel Haim would have to take someone from the world and that this was for the benefit of the world. It had also come in a message 13 weeks previous to Beniamino’s death that all the pupils of the Final New Pact had to keep a sign of mourning for 13 weeks.

Gnomen 28                   All these ominous signs came out on Beniamino and it ripped our heart to pieces but it was my sin that completed the terrible design that was cast. And my error and my guilt, although part of the design, is, on its own right, separate from the design. In my own free choice I sinned. I was not compelled. I didn’t realize, of course, at the moment that I was sinning, but I could have and I should have. In short, 2 days before Beniamino’s death, I received notice from the Tzadik Haim that my time had come to ascend and to prepare myself within the year. I was, of course, totally stopped in my tracts by this dream, but I began that first night after the dream to prepare myself for leaving. I meditated on what I might yet be able to prepare for Sefer Mishnat Haim and for the Mission and for the children and for the pupils. So did I continue the next day without saying anything to anyone. On the second night, however, my head began to turn with thoughts of mercy on the children, on Deborah and on Paolo and on the pupils in general.

Gnomen 29      I was led astray by those thoughts. A false vision took hold of me. Was I not obligated to worry about the pupils and to pray for them? I was further entrapped into imagining the anguished consequences on the pupils and I cried for them. Then I sinned before God and asked Him to have mercy on the children and on Paolo and on Deborah and on all the pupils and to remove the decree, if that might be His will. Some hours after that, Beniamino jumped down to the ground from the building-scaffold because of an unleashed crane that was falling on him and some other workers. He was immediately left unconscious and died shortly afterwards, at 33 years of age, young and unmarried.


Gnomen 30       The sin was that I had not sanctified myself before the my teacher, the Tzadik, Haim. When a pupil of the Tzadik receives orders from his teacher, he has absolutely no right to ask the Holy One, Blessed is He, to change the orders of the Tzadik. It is a total contradiction to do such and a sin without measure before one’s teacher. But Beniamino was loved before God and by the Final Goel, Haim, and his sacrifice saved the Donkey who eats Bread and saved the Mission and was a great benefit to the entire world by way of his premature death and by way of his resurrection into the new Kingdom of Heaven of the Final Redemption in merit of the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim. We intend to sanctify one day of the year to remembering the sacrifice of Beniamino and to eat a meal in his honor.