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Sefer Mishnat Haim


Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok ha-Hhadash - the Law of the Final Redemption

30 PASSES - These are 30 Tablets of 30 Gnomen each

representing the Heart of the Law of the Final Redemption

Some introductory words of the Donkey dressed as a Lion





Gnomen 1     ‘You shall have no other Gods from before Me’ literally, from before My face. This statement itself covers every level of idolatry. Do not place Divine Aspects from before My True Face which has no Aspect. From the Aspect of Zeus to the Aspect of the Virgin Mary to the Divine Aspect of Zeir Anpin of the Zohar. From the Arms of Buddha to the Logos of John to the Emanated Hessed and Gvurah of the Zohar. You are falsifying My true Face which has no Aspects.

Gnomen 2          Therefore make no images or statues as the objects of cult to God, for all images and statues have facial aspects and if you do cult to them you are placing other Gods with limited aspects on My Countenance which has no limit and no aspect and no image. It states ‘make no statue (pessel) or any image’ (u-col t’munah). T’munah means ‘image’ or ‘pictured image’. The word ‘col’ (all, translated ‘any’ in the negative) comes to include all the prohibited categories of images, even mentally pictured images or metaphysical images, adding to the prohibited categories mentioned below it, all that which in heaven or on the earth or in the waters below the earth.

Gnomen 3       Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: ‘dream 368’ - Daniel dreamed (Oct. 2, 1988 - Milan) that, before a group of people who sold objects of cult, especially of the madonna, he asked, “According to you, can God, Blessed is He, have a mother?” Then Daniel intoned the Second Commandment in its complete form. After this Daniel added, “The Lord, Blessed is He, prohibited in no uncertain terms the making of statues and images of cult, and the bowing down to them and all service to them. Why then do you sell images and statues which become objects of cult?”

Gnomen 4                  The word ‘col’ ‘all’ here is very significant. For it would seem that the mentioned categories of ‘all that which is in the heavens, and which is on earth and which are in the waters beneath the earth’ should be sufficient to cover all prohibited images. What then does the ‘col’ come to include in the prohibition? For there are no extra words in the entire Torah;how much more so in the Ten Commandments and even more so in the First Two Commandments which were heard by the entire nation at Sinai. ‘col’  wpe2.gif (1062 bytes)    is 50 in gematria, a number that has a particular connection with the second commandment which, in Hebrew, has 50 words. This ‘col’ thus captures in itself the ‘entire’ commandment against idolatry, from the lowest forms to the most exalted philosophical reasonings and metaphysical forms of the so-called mystic doctrines.

Gnomen 5       The Second Commandment, however, in declaring and explaining the prohibitions of idolatry does not come to prohibit only the cruder forms of manifest idolatry. Every level of idolatry must be included in it. Therefore it says ‘col t’munah’ ‘every image’ alluding to the inclusion of all categories of ‘forbidden images’, even those which have been enclosed in a philosophical or a metaphysical or a theological context and are thus hidden to the eyes of most people. ‘Col t’munah’ says all this in a ‘hidden manner’ in the same way that those doctrines are in truth idolatrous, but the idolatry in them is covered over in a ‘hidden manner’.

Gnomen 6       Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: (dream 420) - Daniel dreamed (Dec. 1, 1988 - Milan) that Peretz was giving the rules against idolatry in the Jewish camp. - -

dream 598 - Paolo dreamed (Oct. 28, 1989 - Milan) that he was with Peretz and some other pupils of the New Pact in the center of Milan. He then saw three Lubovitchers who were running and a brown horse who ran behind them. Afterwards they were together with these Lubovitchers on a tram. Peretz said that it was the moment to act now. Paolo went to sit in front of them and said, “I know your doctrine of the Zohar; it is an idolatrous doctrine which has nothing to do with the Second Commandment”. One of them said, “But look, our faith is monotheistic”. Paolo answered, “It’s not true, because you say that the Beast of Brooklyn, God save us, makes a body with God!” * Peretz then went over to them and spoke with them calmly. -

* see documentation in the Reports - the expression used by them in an article in Italian was “Il Rebbe fa corpo con Dio” -

Jews tend to think that the Correction of Idolatry is only relative to the ‘idolatrous nations’ beginning with the Christian peoples. It should have been so, being that the Jewish people possess and maintains the true tradition of the Torah. Unfortunately, for the last 450 years now, the ‘hidden idolatrous sin’ returns to plague Israel, the doctrine of the Ten Emanated Spherot of the Book of the Zohar. (explained at great length in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita of the Five Tablets of the Pact of Sefer Mishnat Haim and in Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem of the Yemenite sage Yihhyeh ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh. The rules against idolatry in the Jewish camp are found there) Even the great Torah scholars of the past 450 years were not aware of the great error and they themselves fell into it and led the people into it, so subtle and hidden is the idolatrous error in them.

Gnomen 7          When human intellect probes into what is, in essence, above the faculty of human intellect, the conclusions will be false because human intelligence is limited by the knowledge acquired by human experience. In speculating on what is beyond human experience, one only extends the concepts of experience to that which is totally above human experience. Therefore the Mishnah prohibited any such reckoning with what was ‘before’ what is ‘above’ what is ‘below’ and what is ‘inside’. The sin of the Zohar resulted from not respecting this limitation, although ‘unwittingly’. There is no sin in which the Serpent does not perpetrate mental eye closing.

Gnomen 8     Whoever tries to go beyond the knowledge of God as revealed in tradition will fall into error. ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’ ‘Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One’. The Sages of Israel, of blessed memory, once asked of the Holy One, Blessed is He, what He was doing before He created this world. They received a note from Heaven with the following answer ‘Before I created this world, I created worlds and I destroyed them, I created worlds and I destroyed them’. Aside from this very particular reception, one cannot ask what was before the creation of this world or what will be after the cessation of the creation of this world, except with the principle ‘God existed before the world and God will exist after the world will no longer be’ for only God, in His true and absolute existence exists forever. Everything else in existence has a beginning and has an end.

* in that phase of history, the Sages of Israel needed this answer in order to respond to those who denied ‘creation’ . They were well aware of the above mishnah but the situation required that it was ‘a time to operate for the sake of God, for they have forsaken Your Torah’ - -

Gnomen 9            Even this cannot be truly understood by human intellect. It is ‘received’ wisdom which we believe and accept on faith. We cannot, however, perceive ‘God’s Eternal Existence’ because, in its true form as it is in truth, it is totally outside the realm of human perception or understanding. So it is with the act of Creation ex-nihilo, from nothingness the universe was brought into being. From non-existence all was made to exist by the act of God’s creating it. This is the received word of God as spoken to Moses and as written in the Torah. Human intellect cannot, however, perceive, in truth, the bringing into existence that which was previously non-existent. It is not found in human experience. The faculty of faith within us receives it on faith and believes in its truth by tradition.

Gnomen 10         In understanding the true faith it is thus essential to know what belongs to the faculty of faith and to distinguish between what belongs to the realm of true perception and between that which is outside of the realm of human speculation. The doctrine of Emanation ‘theorises’ on a ‘Construction of Godliness’ before the level (and the act) of creation, on the level of a hypothesised World of Emanated Godliness. Here is the true rule: The ‘doctrine’ of Emanation is itself idolatrous and prohibited and all speculation on ‘Emanated Godliness’ or Divine Emanations is idolatrous and prohibited. (see ch. 9 and 10 in Esther 3 on how the doctrine of emanation is in direct opposition to the true tradition of the Beit of Bereisheet)

Gnomen 11        Also the Hindu religions are filled with such ‘divine emanations’. Also Shiite Islam is based on a created mystical doctrine of emanated Godliness and does not represent true Islam. Christianity is based on the Mystic-Doctrine of the Trinity, God, the Father, and Two Divine Emanations, the Holy Spirit and the Son. The Three are said to be One Essence in Three Aspects. For the Zohar, the essence of God’s being the God of the world is His Emanated Cosmic God-Man manifestation in the World of Emanation (Atzilut). That postulated world, they claim, has Five Aspects, the Crown, Father, Mother, the Son and His Wife. They say that the Five Aspects (or the more detailed Ten Emanated Sfirot) are of One Essence with God. The Logos of John deifies Jesus by way of the doctrine of Emanation, speculating that Jesus was the (emanated) Incarnation of the Divine (emanated) Logos. It is the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation that stands behind the ‘Divine Trinity’ as indeed the concept of emanation is the Root of the roots of all idolatry (as explained in Esther 3).

Gnomen 12        These sophisticated but idolatrous doctrines of emanation contain several points in common. They speculate on what God did before the creation of the world. They place an Aspect or Aspects on the true Countenance of God which has no Aspect. They search with human speculation the relationships between those Divine-Emanated Aspects. They require that God’s Emanated Aspect has the purpose of dealing with and of judging mankind and is therefore the God to be called to and prayed to, not to the Infinite God above all or God the Father, but to Zeir Anpin, the Cosmic Man-God of Emanation or to the Son in whose hands God has given over all things. All these transgress the first law of pure monotheism: God is One, in absoluto, and He shall never give His glory to another.

Gnomen 13               The sin of the generation of Enosh is hidden in the Torah but revealed in tradition. They believed that God the Creator, being infinately above all His creations, gave the work of ‘caring for the world’ into the hands of His great ministers and governors, the stars. So did they begin to profane God’s name on the stars, adding to the name of each star the name EL. Then they came to worship the stars themselves, believing it the desire of the Infinite Creator above to give them honour. This ‘sin’ is ‘hidden’ in the Torah because it represents the ‘hidden’ or ‘subtle’ error behind all idolatry which in the second commandment is alluded to as the ‘sin of fathers’. This is the fundamental but subtly rationalised break-away point from the First Cause of all that exists, the true faith of the Torah. The Infinite and Absolute One God, Creator of all, is the only object of our cult and the only receiver of our prayers. His infinity precludes the possibility of His not being close to His creations even as He is infinitely above them. This is the true faith received that He, notwithstanding His unlimited greatness, is close to His creations and He hears the prayer of every mouth that calls to Him sincerely, Blessed is His Name forever. Not a Cosmic Man-God Emanation or His chosen Son to whom He gave all power!

Gnomen 14               The ‘sin of fathers’ is the root of all idolatry, a subtle shifting of the object of cult to something lower while maintaining the knowledge in the Infinite Creator of all. This ‘knowledge’ serves only to cover over the sin of having shifted one’s thoughts and heart to something else. It is ‘hidden’ in that the sin is wrapped up into a false linguistic format while the codifiers claim their new linguistic formula ( Logos, Emanation) as representative of the truth, basing it on the logic of human intelligence: how can the Infinite God of all existence have direct contact with the limited and earthly beings of this world? That first new and false linguistic formula, after it has taken root, is then ready for its extended linguistic formulation where it is moulded into a solid construction, held together by the unity of the newly formed terminology.

Gnomen 15               This is the ‘sin of the sons’ who, after inheriting the false linguistic formula from their fathers, dedicate themselves to enlarging that basis, thus creating a formidable construction to shield them from all other invasions of other ideas. ‘Son’ in Hebrew is correlated to the root ‘to build’ as the son is the ‘construction’ of his father and mother. The idolatrous extension of the sin of sons is alluded to in the Torah by way of the biblical history of the city of Shinar and the Tower of Babel constructed there. That the basis of the sin is at first linguistic is demonstrated by the initial verse ‘And all the earth was of one language and of the same words’.

Gnomen 16                          The unified language and the same expressions of a false theological basis, although they have the power to encourage the formation of a city and the construction of a great theological Tower, are, in the end, the source of the great Confusion (Babel) of the Tongues. For all the idolatry of the world derives from a false theological basis. In the root-break-away of the generation of Enosh from the true ‘theology’, there immediately derived idolatrous worship of the individual stars, even though they believed in the existence of the Creator of all the stars, as explained. In the Tower of Babel there had already been an acceptance of that false theology of the generation of Enosh. It is known from tradition that this fact is alluded to with the expression ‘and it was when they traveled from the East’ (KEDEM); the Sages explain: they distanced themselves from the First Cause (KADMONO SHEL ‘OLAM). That was the continuation of the sin of the generation of Enosh when mankind began to profane the name of God on the stars, declaring that the First Cause of all existence is too far removed from the world to be concerned with it.

Gnomen 17              Until the generation of the Tower there existed only one language, the language used by the Creator, Blessed is He, in speaking to Adam. To Adam then was given the power to extend that language in referring to the animals etc. Adam, our first father, was indeed given the power to understand the ‘source’ of the ‘letters’ the combinations of which represent the inner existence of each thing in creation. In those early moments of his creation, his exalted intellect was able to perceive the ‘higher letters of creation’ of each object and thus to understand the true name of each thing. In time, it was this same language which became extended to all. So was this same language used by Noah and his family and from them it again became spread out after the Flood and was spoken by all until the generation of the Tower. Nevertheless, the error of distancing themselves from the First Cause was taken up again by the Sages of King Nimrod in order to shift the emphasis of cult from the Creator of all to the Emanated God-Man King Nimrod.

Gnomen 18            Whereas in the generation of Enosh, the error was one of human speculation, in the Tower of Babel, the extension of the first error was lowered into the realm of evil intentions together with the idolatry desired. ‘Let us make a city and a tower the head of which reaches the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be spread out on the face of all the earth’. At the level of the sin of ‘sons’, the desire to capture the Powers of God and to use them for one’s own personal greatness is revealed. The sages of Nimrod recognized the Divine Power of the Unified Linguistic system of that language. It was indeed the Holy Tongue, the original language used by God Himself in communicating with Adam and Eve. But they desired to use its Unified Power to establish Nimrod as the Eternal God and King of the world and to secure their own position with him. What they did was to verbally invert the cult to the Creator to the cult of Nimrod. For if the linguistic unity worked in ‘crowning’ God the Creator, why not use that same terminology for ‘crowning’ Nimrod as the God of the heavens and the earth. And to conform to the new theological construction they would build a city and a tower for Nimrod so that he might sit as God-King between the higher heavens and the earth.

Gnomen 19         By doing such they confounded all the meanings of the Unified Tongue given them by God, creating a false theological linguistic construction. As their great sin, so was the cosmic punishment of confounding their language. Instead of appreciating the enormous privilege of having inherited that sacred, original language used by God, they changed the meanings of the words to fit their own intentions, disregarding the true intentions of the Creator of that language. This is the source to all the many theological constructions of history all of which change the true meanings of the revealed words of God in order to have them fit into the new idolatrous construction which they have formed. Such is the sin of believing in an Emanated Son of God, such as Pharaoh in Egypt or the doctrine of Zeir Anpin of the Zohar or the Deified Son of all Christian theology.

Gnomen 20         The third stage of idolatry, represented by the ‘third generation’ to the ‘sin of the fathers’ and the final fourth stage of the ‘hated fourth generation’ to the ‘sin of fathers’, are to be studied in the Torah from the tragic episode of the idolatrous error and sin of the Golden Calf. (see Tablet 2 of the Five Tablets of the Pact) The descent of the idolatrous sin from fathers to sons comes on to its third stage in a triangular relationship basically in the form Higher God, lower Man-God and the Spiritual Relationship between them. After the root break-away of fathers and the extended false theological construction of sons, the grandsons, by now quite removed from the true Source, desire only the Lower God of their salvation, Nimrod, Pharaoh, Dagon, Tamuz, Zeir Anpin, Buddha, Jesus. Sometimes that idolatrous relationship remains at three and sometimes it extends to ten. In Egypt, under the severe rule of the Priests of Heliopolis, were formulated and consecrated the Nine Higher Gods. Pharaoh was the Tenth Emanated God on earth who served to bind their powers to Egypt’s favor. The ten plagues against Egypt also corresponded to this fact, as known that, in the Redemption from Egypt, the Holy One, Blessed is He, fought against the idolatry of Egypt. (see Message of the Archangel Gabriel for the detailed exposition of these 10 Gods and the correspondence of the 10 plagues)

Gnomen 21              Whether it speaks of a Dualism, a Trinity or Five Aspects or Ten Emanations in God, there is no difference in essence. All are false theologies which divide the Divinity into ‘parts’ or categories and they fix these divisions as an intrinsic part of His Essence. They are all totally cut off from the true tradition. They destroy the essence of the pure monotheistic faith. They lower the true Unity or Uniqueness of God’s Oneness into a metaphysical design, fixed into a pattern of reciprocity between the aspects. This allows the intellect to meditate on and to describe the relationships between them, reason for which even thousands of theological, philosophical mistical books can be formulated upon them. The number of such texts means nothing. Since they are based on a false theology, everything that stems from them is false and when the true basis is revealed they fall all together at once because they have no foundation.

Gnomen 22           In the mind of the mixed-multitude Moses was a sort of angel or an Emanated Man-God recipient and giver between God and man. When they were afraid that Moses had been taken above and would no longer return to them, they sought another means to go between God and them. They had not gotten rid of the doctrine of Pharaoh’s God-man position, nor had they lost the idolatrous sense of the Ten Gods of Egypt. It is not occasional that the Tablets of the Ten Commandments were broken to pieces because of the sin of the mixed-multitude who had previously believed in the Ten Great Emanated Gods of Egypt (they were emanated from the Higher Creator (Atum) who was not counted, being in a realm above all reckoning). When Moses, our teacher, saw the idolatry they had fallen into, he understood the root of their error, for , unlike Aaron, Moses had studied and had known the ‘secrets’ of Egypt, their doctrines and their cults, their star-worship and their magic. He understood that they would make an idolatrous cult even out the Two Tablets and the Words of God in the Ten Commandments. In essence they would have falsified the true Tradition of the Commandments and turned them into Ten Emanated Recipients rooted in the Ten Emanated Divinities above. The doctrine of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar is the historic prophetic realization of the golden-calf in its time.

Gnomen 23               Therefore Moses threw them down and they broke into fragments. His intention was to destroy their idolatrous sense of Emanation in its roots. If the Tablets and the Commandments on them were truly divine emanations of God, then they could not have been broken. This is the third generation of idolatry. The hated fourth generation is the golden calf itself and their idolatrous actions around it. The third generation completes the theological error; the break-away from serving the First Cause and, after it, the immense theological construction based on that first error are completed by the deification of the Construction itself and of the elements of the construction according to the theological system involved. The hated fourth generation represents the disgusting idolatrous results of the first three. Therefore there is a ‘leap’ in substance between the first three and the fourth. In the first three the theoretical aspects still dominate the intentions of the idolaters. In the fourth generation all is given to the idolatry itself, the idolatrous objects, the idolatrous cults.

Gnomen 24            The Second Commandment contains the history of idolatry in the world until it is finally destroyed in the Final Fourth Generation of the Final Redemption, from whence begins ‘but I use loving-kindness until the thousandth generation to those who love Me and who keep My commandments’. This is the Great Sign of the Double Fourth Generation which is in correspondence with the ‘Great’ and ‘Terrible’ Day of the Lord, great in miracles of salvation, terrible in the destructions and catastrophes and punishments of the Fourth Generation. Our purpose here is to warn all Jews who believe in the Zohar and all Christians who believe in Christian theology against the theological idolatry that has brought them to error. All others in the various forms of idolatry that exist may learn from these and take up the true pure monotheistic faith of the second commandment which represents the true faith received by the Patriarches and the true faith revealed and sanctified at Sinai.

Gnomen 25             To Jews: The Zohar contains the terrible idolatrous sin which, on hidden levels, strangled the pure faith of Israel and the true spirit of the Torah and lead the nation to its holocaust death. It persists in the nation even after Israel’s resurrection in 1948 because it is the sin that must come to light, openly before the entire nation, be recognized and be destroyed by the knowledgeable will of the Jewish people. There is, however, the prophetic requirement that ‘and the redeemer will come to Zion and he will make Jacob to repent from its sinful-mistake (pesha)’. From here we know that Israel itself is not aware of its sin until it is explained to them by the Final Goel. Sefer Mishnat Haim represents the teaching of the Final Goel, Haim, which comes unto Zion to give over this essential redemptional message. Israel must cleanse itself of this idolatrous sin in order to receive its Final Redemption. The importance of this message, therefore, cannot be measured. Israel must understand and repent from the idolatry of those false doctrines and only then can it receive the marvelous Completed Signs of Jacob, our father.

Gnomen 26 To Christians: There is nothing which lowers the truth of God more than that of calling a man God or Lord. Yeshua was Jewish and he put on the taleth and the tefillin 6 days a week for the morning prayer, as every traditional Jew. He prayed to God, the Creator of the universe and the Redeemer of Israel. That in his beseeching to God, he asked as a son before his father, was to teach the closeness of God to His chosen ‘son’ Israel when they follow the true ways desired by the Lord, our God. That was part of the particular mission which fell into his destiny. It was never intended as a new theology in which God was the father and Jesus was His Divine Son. The Lord, our God has no mouth, no hands, no feet, no human traits, no form. To call to that which has a mouth, hands, feet, human traits and a form is pure idolatry and is directly prohibited by the law of God in the Second Commandment. (see Petal 5 of SMH, Sefer Ha-Mafli, Book of Esther 1, the Gospels Corrected, Tikkun Paulus and Yeshuat Yeshua)

Gnomen 27           ‘for I am EL KANA (the Jealous God) who punishes the sin of fathers, on the sons and on the third generation and until the fourth generation to those that hate Me’. The Lord, our God, from the beginning, desired that mankind come to know Him and to serve Him. It was not His desire that mankind corrupt the true faith and come to serve other Gods, necessitating the attribute of Divine Jealousy to punish those who corrupt the pure monotheistic faith. Mankind, however, corrupted the truth and the attribute of His truth must, in the end, destroy all falsehoods. This is the reason for which God is, so to speak, Jealous; He is Jealous for the sake of His own truth as He is, so to speak, zealous in love for rewarding those who seek that truth and who cling to Him in that faith.   

Gnomen 28                Except for the First Redemption from Egypt and from some particular instances mentioned in scripture such as the sacrifice of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, or the destruction of the Philistine God Dagon, we do not find the manifest revelation of EL KANA in history. So to speak, until the Final Fourth Generation, the measure of free choice allotted to mankind at large allows also for the continuation of the idolatrous mistakes of history to propagate. Only in the First Redemption, EL KANA manifested Himself openly against idolatry because there was the merit of the first redeemer, Moses, magister noster. But the full and complete manifestation of EL KANA on a universal scale comes in this Final Fourth Generation. Never was there anything similar to it previously nor will there be anything similar to it afterwards. So too, in the Final Redemption, God manifests Himself because of the great merit of the Final Goel who by way of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption teaches mankind how to come to its redemption.

Gnomen 29            Only with the coming of the Final Redemption and the revelation of the Completed Signs, the explanations of the sin of the Zohar and the Correction of Christianity which are written with the authority of the Final Goel, Haim, in the name of EL KANA, are permitted to be written and diffused on a universal level. Some years are given to formulate the messages and to make them known universally. As knowledge of the messages extends, so will there be terrible manifestations in the world of the Jealousy of EL KANA.

Gnomen 30                   For there can be no redemption in the world until it is purified of all the idolatrous cults and practices and of all the false doctrines of false theologies. EL KANA will reign in the truth of the Second Commandment. Everything contrary to that truth will be destroyed. The long patience of God, so to speak, is shortened, in the Fourth Generation, not for the desire of destroying His creations (His desire is that they repent from the evil and erroneous ways and return to Him with a full heart), but for the long awaited desire to recompense those worthy with the treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and to have them delight in the marvels of the Great Final Redemption. For this purpose the world must be totally purified of all idolatry.


Tastes of the Bread of the Tail of the Donkey dressed as a Lioness: June 24, 1997 - Deborah in her dream saw that she, Peretz and Paolo were dressed in long white tunics and they entered a large white Catholic Church . They entered into a room where they found Jesus sitting. Yeshua said to them, “You must save my tefillin and the other sacred objects that I used for prayer. They have been stolen from me. There was an atmosphere of joy and then Peretz, and with him Deborah and Paolo, began to run here and there very happily. As they ran Peretz said, “You must understand that what we are now is not what we really are. This is because our roots are very high. I, for example am of the root of the neshamah (soul) of Aaron, the High Priest. Deborah is of the root of the neshamah of Miriam, the sister of Aaron, and this is the reason for which Deborah is prophetess”. They kept on running joyously and Deborah saw that they had taken the tefillin and taleth and some other objects from that Church. - -

Comment of the Donkey who eats Bread: I was also born on the 1st of the month of Menahhem Av which is considered the birth date of Aaron. There is also a sign of Daniele in which it says that ‘Peretz has been elected Head Priest of all the priests of the world’. There is a sign that Peretz also has a root in the Tribe of Levi. There is also the fact that it has fallen into my destiny to formulate the Hherem Mi-Deoraita against the false doctrine of the Zohar and against the false messianic movement of Habad, the Hated Fourth Generation of the sin of the Zohar. This ‘Excommunication of the Torah’ unfortunately represents the Final Correction of the ‘Sin of the Golden Calf’ (the doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar) and of the ‘Sin of the Mixed Multitude’ (the idolatrous beliefs and actions of Habad).

And again, it is known that Aaron was loved by the people because he was ‘ohev shalom ve-rodef shalom’ ‘he loved peace and he sought after peace’. Also this coincides with the fact that in the merit of my holy teacher, Haim, I have been given the immense privilege of announcing the Completed Signs of the Great Reconciliation and of the Great Peace, the promised Signs of the chosen Prophet of the Redemption, Elijah, of blessed mentioning. This includes the Great New Reconciliation between Jews and Christians and the Amazing New Message of the true ‘Mission’ of Yeshua, in the Key of the historical realization of the Sacrificed Ram in the stead of Isaac, our farther.

As far as Deborah is concerned, no one can have any doubt that she is the Head Prophetess of the Final Redemption. Other dreams indicated that she derives from Kehat of the tribe of Levi.

I believe that Deborah’s dream indicates as well that Paolo is rooted in the neshamah of Hur, the husband of Miriam who was killed by the Mixed-multitude. I remember a dream in which I saw Hur and he promised me his help in working for the redemption. In fact, our Paolo, spiritually and intellectually had been virtually killed by the falsehoods of the mixed-multitude of the Catholic world. Now he comes back to work for the Redemption against the mixed-multitude doctrines of the Christian world. And so has he ‘remarried’ his ‘antique wife’. Hur was killed in his pure innocence and for a pure cause, that of saving the mixed-multitude from its error in not waiting for Moses to return. The root of his being murdered was thus the idolatrous mentality of the mixed-multitude. Also Paolo noster is in the Sign of White Horse and ‘white innocence’ describes his whole being. The dream further indicates that the tefillin of Jesus and his true Jewish identity is being salvaged for the world through the Correction of Christianity in which we are involved. It has come here during the formulation of Tablet 2 where also the idolatry around Jesus is explained and destroyed. - -




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