The Just Man lives in his Faith

Table 1 (Tablet 21)

Step 1 - The faith of the first redemption is that of the Sacred Faith revealed to Israel. The faith that derived from the name ASHER was the Elevated Faith of the Prophet Elijah and the Hidden Faith of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the Inner Faith taught by Yeshua. The faith of the Final Redemption may be called the Large Faith because it includes all the categories of true faith that preceded it while it itself carries the New Faith of the Completed Signs of the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Goel, Haim. Also Leviathan’s Tablets are called Large for the same reason.

Step 2 - The ALIF of the name ASHER, in the mission of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, contains the Hidden Sign of the Resurrection. The SHIN of the name ASHER, in the redemption of Purim, contains the Hidden Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven. The RESH of the name ASHER, contains the Mission of the Sacrificed Ram which includes the two Signs, of the Resurrection and of the Kingdom of Heaven, that were caught in the historical thicket of confusion and misunderstanding. The Messianic Mission of Yeshua derives from the Initial Messianic Signs contained in the RESH of the name ASHER, Signs which Yeshua received at the School of the Essenes.

Step 3 - The ALIF of the name ASHER relates to the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. It includes the Prophets of Israel until Malachi. In it took place the deportation of the 10 Tribes of Israel, the destruction of the First Temple and the Babylonian exile. During that 70 year exile came the terrible decree and the redemption of Purim. The SHIN of the name ASHER relates to SHUSHAN (Susa), the Capitol of Persia at that time, and to the Tradition of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, the first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation. The RESH of the name ASHER begins historically with the reconstruction and re-inaugurazione of the Second Temple, in the hands of the Scribe Ezra.

Step 4 - The RESH of the name ASHER is thus directly related to the holy Temple at Jerusalem. The Initial Messianic Signs of the RESH had the global purpose of strengthening the light of the Temple for Israel and to render it a Beacon unto the nations, as was received in Prophecy. The miraculous war of Hhanuca carried out by the Hasmonians as well as the miracle of Hhanuca were Signs of the Messianic RESH of the name ASHER. Had the people of Israel become consolidated with the re-inauguration of the Temple, the Temple could have become a Beacon of Light for the world.

Step 5 - If that had come about, there would have been the carry-over, so to speak, from the Messianic Signs of the RESH to the Completed Signs of the final EHEYE. Redemptional History is, however, generally in the form: God gives the maximum but the goodness remains unappreciated until it is lost but what has been lost is sought after again, giving place to redemption. Could the Final Redemption not have been brought to the world 3500 years ago, if Israel had not sinned in the golden-calf?

Step 6 - If the first Temple had become the true source of light to the children of Israel, would it not have conducted to a great redemption throughout the world? In the Divine Design of the Redemption, however, Redemption is preceded by exile and exile is the result of Israel’s sins. For so is it in the Historical Design from the beginning. If Eva had not sinned, mankind would not have been ‘exiled’ into the world. In the world mankind passes through hardship and suffering but it keeps something of the collective memory of the Garden, aspiring to return to the grace of the Creator.

Step 7 - So too in the Divine Design of the Redemption, Israel is the nation chosen to fall into the sins necessary for its exile, for its repentance and its redemption. This is by no means philosophy. Eve’s fruit is an essential principal necessary for mankind’s fulfillment. For it is true that mankind does not appreciate what it has been given but it is equally true that mankind’s character is such that it cannot appreciate what it has until it has lost it and has seen its contrast on the opposite extreme of ‘good’. Nor could Eve have sinned if the Creator, Blessed is He, had not made the Serpent, the great angel expert in casting people to the opposite extreme of ‘good’.

Step 8 - One can, therefore, understand the Design only by way of Eve’s fruit-meal and even the Serpent cannot remain without his portion. For if he had not made Eve sin, the world would never have come unto its repentance, its correction and its redemption. So too the historical Burden of Israel’s selection cannot be understood unless one knows that the children of Israel have been the direct targets of the Serpent’s poison a thousand-fold more than all the nations put together for these are the commanded ones in the holy Laws of God received at Sinai.

Step 9 - With one swishing action of the Serpent’s tail, he takes entire nations under his clutches and teaches them to kill, to steal, to commit adultery and to serve other gods that justify their evil actions. But Israel has had to combat the cunning itself of the Serpent’s venom so that in the end it be the most sagacious among all nations in distinguishing between good and evil, between pure and impure, between moral and immoral and between just and unjust.

Step 10 - The children of Israel, the descendants of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham, have thus been the measuring-rod of God’s love and of God’s wrath so that, in the end, all Israel will return to God’s love and through Israel the world will come to know God’s ways. Israel is the chosen Instrument, in God’s love and in God’s wrath, to bring the world to its great final redemption. Israel has been chosen unto redemption and therefore has it been chosen unto exile and because it was chosen unto exile it was ‘chosen’, or at least the most vulnerable, to be thrown down by the Serpent so that it correct itself for the sake of all mankind.

Step 11 - In the end, all comes to help us better  understand what is wanted of us by God and to better understand how judgment is made in Heaven according to the actions of people on earth. In the end mankind comes to know what is right and what is wrong by studying the Selection of Israel, the History of Israel, the sins of Israel, the Correction of Israel and the Final Redemption of Israel. All was shown to Moses, our teacher, when God revealed to him His name, as Redeemer, ‘EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. Exile and redemption, exile and redemption, a long, long exile among the nations and the Great Final Historic Redemption of Mankind.

Step 12 - That long, long exile, before reaching the Great Final Redemption of History stood between the RESH of the name ASHER and the ALIF of the final EHEYE. It is well known in Tradition that Moses, our teacher, chose not to speak of the eventual Babylonian exile before the second redemption of Purim or the eventual long exile among the nations before the Great Final Redemption. Be careful, then, o nations because Israel’s Father in Heaven who punishes His chosen Son in His wrath is Israel’s Father in Heaven who lifts up His chosen people above all nations when He reveals His love to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Step 13 - For Israel’s exiles were decreed and Israel’s redemptions were decreed and Israel’s Final Redemption has now been revealed and God’s promises are in the course of their fulfillment during this Fourth Generation. Now the Completed Signs have come, after 25 centuries of the unfulfilled RESH, to complete the RESH of the name ASHER in the Completed Redemptional and Messianic Signs of the Third and Final Redemption of the Final ‘EHEYE’, in merit of the Goel Haim. So great is the Historical Surprise that Big Fish Leviathan needs very large Tablets upon which to express his great joy.

Step 14 - For also the peoples of Islam came into history under the time of the RESH of the name ASHER. Christians are found throughout the world. The Jewish people is past its sacrifice and has returned to the land of Israel and the language of the Prophets is clarifying itself in the course of Israel’s history. All desire to know what happens when the RESH of the name ASHER reaches the ALIF of the final name EHEYE. In truth, this is what all people who believe in the revelation of Sinai are waiting and hoping for although they do not yet know how to formulate it in terms of the Historical Design.

Step 15 - Every time I use the word Large in a redemptional context, I am reminded of a statement repeated to me on many occasions by the Tzadik Haim. The statement itself was given to me for contemplation and it contains for sure many levels of interpretation. “Your great fortune” the Tzadik Haim, would say to me, “is that the teacher is ‘large’, large in outlook and large in vision. See how I give you space and freedom to do as you like and as you desire. I am not severe with you. If you had been assigned as talmid to one of the other 36 Hidden Tzadikim, you would have had to stay under an extreme severity.

Step 16 - “But the teacher is ‘large’ (rahhav). He doesn’t need to guide you in such a way. The rope is long. I let it out slack to allow you to do as you please. There is time and there is no rush but when the time will come, I shall pull up the rope and you will be where you will be. Remember this, Peretz, the teacher is ‘large’.”

         That was one context of the Tzadik’s ‘largeness’. There was another, the largeness of view regarding people. As the Sign received after the resurrection of the Tzadik Haim where he embraces the working people of all nations and declares with joy and love “We are all of the same flesh”, so was the Tzadik Haim always.

Step 17 - The true Tzadik knows the Sanctity of Sinai. He knows what the Jewish people is. So does he know the entire Tradition of Israel. He knows what the chosen nation of Israel means. He knows the laws of separation at every level. The Tzadik Haim was also heir to the Tradition of Yemen which is extremely rich in its own ‘separation’ from other Jewish Traditions in terms of Wisdom, Rite and Minhag etc. But the Tzadik Haim did not look at people from the standpoint of being Jewish, Christian, Moslem or whatever, but as human beings.

Step 18 - Also the Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan are ‘large’ because they are intended for the world of human beings from every walk of life. Obviously the Signs of the Reconciliation of the hearts brought by the Prophet Elijah and the ‘outlook’ of Big Fish Leviathan come together at the time of good fortune. The explanations of that Reconciliation in relationship to Big Fish’s Mazalot will be, God willing, the subject matter of the Book of Big Fish Leviathan in the Sign of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah. The purpose of these Large Tablets is to add laughter to the world in understanding the Divine Design of the Great Redemption of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.

Step 19 - The Divine Design of the Redemption is hidden in God’s holy name as Redeemer, a holy name that we have permission to use throughout Sefer Mishnat Haim for the sake of explaining the Triple-Meditation of the FR. The Triple-Meditation is the Meditation of the Triple-Name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. All SMH is in essence is concerned with explaining the many redemptional and messianic aspects of the Triple Meditation. Since only with the Third and FR the final name EHEYE is revealed, the Triple Meditation, historically could not exist before.

Step 20 - Only with the revelation of the final name is the entire name complete and the Meditation is thus Triple, the Signs of Abraham of the first name, the Signs of Isaac of the second name and the Signs of Jacob and of the Splender of Israel of the final name. In the first name are included the redemption of Israel from Egypt, the revelation of the Holy Torah at Sinai, 40 years in the desert, the conquests of the land of Canaan, the period of Judges, the history of the first King Shaul and the establishment of the Kingdom of Israel in the hands of King David and King Solomon and the First Temple at Jerusalem.

Step 21 - The division of the Kingdom of Israel represents the breakaway point from the ‘open redemption’ of the first name EHEYE. After that division the decline of Israel and of Judah was constant and it was no longer possible so to speak, to continue the ‘process of God’s redemption’ in the manner of an open redemption of the first name. The process of God’s redemption, however, is not something that stops. From the moment that God Almighty said to Moses, our teacher, that His name is EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, the process of God’s redemption of Israel and eventually of the world, never ceased.

Step 22 - The order of Israel’s redemption had to enter hidden phases of the hidden name ASHER which begins historically with the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. This name historically remained for some 28 centuries until the revelation of the final name. For this is the hidden name and so too, in a general sense, the actions of God Almighty have been very hidden to mankind. Only a very high faith, in the midst of the darkness of the world, has been the inner faith of the heart that has been a source of merit to parts of mankind in all these past centuries.

Step 23 - The Signs of Isaac are called Hidden Signs and the name ASHER is the hidden name of the triple-name. So too, the history of the ‘redemption’ of all these past centuries has been ‘hidden’ and because it has been hidden, it has caused great confusion and uncountable conflicts. Nevertheless, it was not the confusion of history that was under the judgment of Heaven but the heart of each person and the actions of each person. The first name was revealed. The redemption from Egypt was witnessed by all. The revelation at Sinai was revealed to all Israel.

Step 24 - The first name is the revelation of the Holy God of Israel and its Redeemer. And in the Torah are revealed the laws of holiness by which the people of Israel must abide. These laws of holiness had to be in the world because the Presence of God is revealed in the world by way of the Sanctity, the ‘Kedusha’, as prescribed in the Holy Torah. Israel was the chosen people, descendants of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, to receive the Sanctity of the revelation of the laws and the Torah during the 40 years in the desert.

Step 25 - Under the hidden name ASHER, the revelation in Kings concerning the Hidden Tradition of the Prophet Elijah requires a particularly elevated faith: the Prophet who stood up against the priests of Baal; the Prophet who resuscitated a young boy who had died; the Prophet who went to Sinai where he received his last instructions from God; and even more than all, the Prophet who ascended and never knew death. We are no longer in the realm of the nation of Israel. Who was with the Prophet when he went to Sinai? He was alone and it was he who wrote what is revealed there in Kings.

Step 26 - The history of the second redemption of Purim has been so hidden that only the Jewish people knows of it. Not without reason is it called ‘hhag la-yehudim’ - celebration for the Jews. And who is it that knows that the SHIN of the name ASHER is the SHIN of SHUSHAN and it represents the Hidden Tradition of Purim received by Mordechai ha-Tzadik? The Donkey knows it and that’s why he ‘s telling it to you. And how has the Donkey come to know it? By way of the Goel Haim who is showering upon us the Completed Signs of the FR. We’re in the New Purim of the FR and the Donkey couldn’t bray down Hamans if he didn’t have a New Shin of his own.

Step 27 - But if the ALIF and the SHIN gave 300 years of history, the RESH of ‘ASHER’ gave 2500, 500 years with the Second Temple standing in Jerusalem and 2000 years of Jewish exile, the extension of Christianity and the formation of Islam. These radical simplifications are necessary for capturing the essential structure of the Divine Design. Ours is not to explain the history of the past 2000 years. There are thousands of books on those histories. History has given Judaism, Christianity and Islam that are rooted in the belief of the Patriarchs and in the revelation at Sinai.

Step 28 - All has been an historical preparation in order to arrive at the final name EHEYE. It is necessary to understand this point with great clarity; not only Judaism and the Jewish people but also the world of Christianity and the Islamic peoples are an integral part of the Divine Design in History. And the Donkey who eats Bread has Three Eyes, one for Jews, one for Christians and one for Moslems. In the Signs, however, the Donkey also brought a Mohawk Indian into the New Pact because with Three Eyes you exclude no one from you vision.

Step 29 - Nevertheless, Sefer Mishnat Haim speaks much less about the Tradition of Islam because we are in the Tradition of the Torah, not in the Tradition of the Koran. That Tradition derives from the blessings of God to Ishmael and is thus rooted in the Torah but it is also a separated Tradition as Ishmael was separated from the house of Abraham. They were separated physically but, as taught me at length by the Tzadik Haim, Ishmael continued to love his father and Abraham continued to love Ishmael. So too in the time of the FR, the two traditions do not impede true sentiments of love and brotherhood between Jews and Moslems.

Step 30 - The Islamic Tradition, on the other hand, luckily I would say, is not properly involved in the Messianic Signs that derive from the RESH of the name ASHER. The Koranic Tradition of Mohhamed is separated from the Messianic Signs because these are part of the Torah Tradition. Not so Christianity which believes itself to be within the framework of the true Messianic Tradition of the Torah and of Prophets. And it is properly here between the RESH of the name ASHER and the ALIF of the final EHEYE that the Tablets of Leviathan become so large.