The Just man serves God alone


Table 2 (Tablets 22)

Step 1 - The big story of Messianic History or better Messianic Confusion is between Christianity and Judaism. When history arrives at the coming of the Final Goel, Haim, and the revelation of the final name EHEYE, the world in general is still in the confusion of all past history and no one is able to explain what happened between the RESH of the name ASHER and the ALIF of the final EHEYE. What has the conflict between Christianity and Judaism represented in terms of the Final Redemption? Why has all this happened? Again, the conflict between Judaism and Islam was of a different and more simple substance. Islam believed itself the Third and Final Redemption and that all had to convert to Islam, an historical error which in most cases was resolved with special taxes for all non-Moslems. But Judaism and Christianity, neck to neck in every nick of every European country and then in the Americas etc. in an intense Messianic Conflict.

Step 2 - It has been a painful Scheme throughout: these say ‘you cannot call a man God’ and these say ‘you are very evil and you killed our God’. These answer that God cannot be killed and these answer that it is true but He sent His Son and you killed Him. History is bitter and painful and stupid but it has been promised by the Lord, our God, that in the end that bitterness will turn into sweetness, that pain into pleasure and that stupidity into intelligence. When the Final Goel is chosen by God, there is the completion of the Historical Signs of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Step 3 - The Abrahamic Signs have passed all history; the Isaac Signs have passed all history; most of the Jacob Signs have passed all history; the Final Redemption comes in the Completion Signs of the Splendor of Israel. But alas, when the Final Goel is chosen and the final name EHEYE begins to operate in revealing the Final Redemption, the conflicts of history have yet to be resolved. The conflict of Esau-Jacob must still be realized historically in the Signs of the kiss and embrace. The Signs have come and their historical realization is in the coming but it is the conflict of Judaism and Christianity that must be resolved historically.

Step 4 - At the coming of the Third and FR, it is the RESH of the name ASHER that must yet be resolved for the sake of the redemptional history that is coming. Before the Completed Signs, it could not been resolved and with the Completed Signs, the first objective becomes that of correcting the historical errors that issued from the Messianic Signs of the RESH of the name ASHER. It cannot be otherwise but the fact is most incredible because with the coming of the Goel Haim, the Signs given to explain the RESH of ASHER explain the 28 centuries of redemptional history that were previously understood by no one.

Step 5 - The Goel Haim, in the Sign of the Stars, declares that fifth Star seen in the vision is the Star of Christ that comes in virtue of humility. From this we know that the Mission of Christ was carried on through history in the power of this Star, Star previously called the Star of Malchitzedek. This is the Redemptional Star of the Universal Messianic Signs. Hidden in the meeting of Abraham and Malchitzedek is the Duplicity of the Redemptional and Messianic Signs, the Signs of Abraham for the people of Israel and for a multitude of nations and the Universal Messianic Signs of Malchitzedek that can be extended to all nations.

Step 6 - Again the Duplicity is seen in the Pre-Messianic Twins, Peretz and Zerah, and although Zerah is Judah, his light is such that it will splender as the sun for the whole world. For Peretz and Zerah confirm the union of Judah and Tamar. Tamar was a direct descendant of Malchitzedek and therefore she was heir to the Universal Messianic Signs of Malchitzedek, Priest to God on High. Tamar understood the Duplicity of the Messianic Signs, those for the chosen tribes of Jacob and their descendants and those that would bring the faith in the true God to a multitude of nations.

Step 7 - Tamar understood that the Two Sets of Signs were complete only when they would be joined together and therefore she used her strategy to be joined to the seed of Judah. The Duplicity of Peretz and Zerah, therefore, reflects the success of the Messianic Union between Judah and Tamar and it contains the Remedy to the conflict of Jacob and Esau. For the conflict of Jacob-Esau comes for the sake of a great salvation at the end of days of those of the nations deriving from Japheth and Esau. And the Jacob-Esau conflict became the historical conflict Judaism-Christianity.

Step 8 - The Duplicity of the Messianic Signs divided into the Signs of Joseph and the Sign of David came with the division of the Kingdom into Judah and Israel. At that point there was no unity. History went into the hidden phases of the name ASHER and the Messianic and Redemptional Signs were placed in the hands of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, all the Messianic Signs, those for Israel and the Universal Signs which are also called the Messianic Signs of Yosef. Mordechai ha-Tzadik was the heir to those Signs, as he was the first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation. Also the Universal Signs were there, as it states ‘and many from among the nations converted to Judaism’. ‘And the name of Mordechai ha-Tzadik shone as the Morning Star from one extremity of the world to the other’ explains the Targum.

Step 9 - From the division of the Kingdom, the Messianic and Redemptional Signs could not be held by the nation, not even by the Priests in the First Temple nor by the Sages of Israel of those epochs, The hidden name ASHER had entered history and those Signs were in the hands, exclusively, at first to the Prophet Elijah, then Elisha his pupil and then to one pupil until Mordechai the Jew, first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in every generation and then to the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in every generation until the chosen Tzadik, the last Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, the Goel Haim.

Step 10 - The ‘Hidden Redemption’ of the world for the past 28 centuries has been on a hidden level in the hands of selected Tzadikim in each generation. Their redemption has kept the world in existence in all these past centuries because of their suffering and their exalted service to the Creator of the world and because of the secrets of the Higher Sanctity that they possess. Their ‘Redemption’, however, is not on a revealed level of the world nor can it ever be. Their service, therefore, does not come into the terminology of salvation and redemption in the world directly.

Step 11 - How much less so are the Hidden Tzadikim involved in the Messianic Mission of any sort. They are of a higher order of that which is happening in the world and they cannot participate directly, or else their identity would become revealed and such is prohibited to them. The Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the name ASHER had to be in the world, however, from the time they were revealed to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and that privilege was of the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of each generation. Those Signs were held by them and known to them and studied by them but they were not used in any way. They have been in waiting for the Final Goel.

Step 12 - This must be known and understood because the Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the name ASHER in their absolute purity and holiness as a name of God must be held separate in their higher elevation from the Messianic and Redemptional Signs that derive from the RESH of the name ASHER and that entered the School of the Essenes and which became the Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the Mission of Yeshua. The Teacher of Justice was Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation and was heir to those Signs of the name ASHER.

Step 13 - The Tradition of the Prophet Elijah and the Redemption of Purim had brought history until the RESH of the name ASHER which begins with the Reconstruction and Inauguration of the Second Temple. The RESH of the name ASHER is the ‘Light’ of the Temple, a great unifying Light unto Israel in the true faith of Israel which becomes the Source of Light and understanding and faith to a multitude of nations. The reality of the Jewish people was far from reflecting the reality of that purpose throughout the 500 years of the Temple’s standing. The war and miracle of Hanukah could have been the great awakening point but it was not so. And after the refusal of that awakening, the situation worsened and worsened.

Step 14 - The Teacher of Justice, heir to the Signs of the name ASHER, and in time of the RESH, well after the people had not been awakened by Hanukah, the Convergence of the Great Contradiction began to set in. The question of the extension of the Light of the Temple to the world at large was essential. The reason for this is that the final name EHEYE of the FR represents the Universal Redemption, of Israel and of the nations. Therefore the RESH had to contain the preparations of the extension of the light to the world for the sake of the Universal Redemption that comes with the final name EHEYE.

Step 15 - There was, however, no place in Israel, unfortunately, for the Signs of the RESH to become a reality. Therefore the Teacher of Justice founded the School and revealed those preparatory Signs of the Redemption deriving from the RESH of the name ASHER. It was upon those Signs that the Teacher of Justice established the Messianic Order of the School. Those were Signs to which Yeshua gained access in the School and then took them out of the School to do his mission, as revealed by the Tzadik Haim. The common denominator between that done by the Teacher of Justice and between that done Yeshua was that both were caught in the Historical Contradiction that was at hand: THAT WHICH WAS FORBIDDEN TO BE DONE HAD TO BE DONE.

Step 16 - Both were governed by the principle ‘et la-assot la-Shem, heifiru toratecha’ - ‘it is a time to act on God’s behalf for they have violated Your Torah’. And both were caught  in the principle of ‘no’raa ‘alila ‘al bnei adam’ - the sense of which is ‘Awesome (contradictary) are the decrees upon mankind (for the sake of the Redemption)’. I previously made the division between the Signs of ‘ASHER’ in their purity in the hands of the Head of the Hidden Tzadikim of every generation and the Signs that came out historically. For the sake of the world, it had to be so. The Signs which eventually came into the world through Christianity became corrupted.

Step 17 - The redemptional Signs of the name ASHER remained on the level of ‘Hidden Redemption’ in their essence and in their holiness. Nothing was corrupted of the ALIF, the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah; nothing was corrupted of the SHIN and the Hidden Tradition of Purim on the level of the Hidden Tzadikim. And the RESH in their hands remained in its holy perfection, in  secret. Through it, they knew the ‘hidden history’ of Christianity’s existence but they had no permission to speak or to write books explaining the historical errors that had come out. All that had happened was a decree of God. No one could enter. (also in Traditional Judaism the ALIF remained intact in the belief of the Mission of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, as prophesied in Malachi. The SHIN remained intact by way of Purim and the Megilat Esther. And the RESH remained ‘alive’ in the belief of the Third and Final Temple. In Christianity, on the other hand, the RESH became ‘corrupted’ and thus all the letters before it, also of the first name EHEYE, were taken out of their true dimensions and thus falsified with fallacious interpretations

Step 18 - Nevertheless, the Signs taught and given over in the School of the Essenes were the Messianic Signs of the RESH. The Contradiction at that time was that these were Messianic and Redemptional Signs intended for the world; they had to come out but at the same time there was not enough merit in Israel that they be revealed. The Contradiction was terrible because if the Signs did not come out and Israel did not merit in them, what would become of the Signs? These were the true Signs from the Redemptional Stars and once taken into the world these Stars would carry them along in history, as Jesus said to followers who had performed miracles in his name ‘Be not happy that you have cast out demons and evil-spirits and healed the sick but rather rejoice in the fact that your names are written in the stars’.

Step 19 - The placement of the RESH in relationship to the full name is particular in that it contains all the elements of the letters that precede it and because it is the letter that possesses the Signs that are necessary for ‘crossing the bridge’ into the final name of the FR. This is the reason for which the Great and Terrible Convergence of that epoch was the pivot of the rest of history until the Final Redemption. The convergence brought history to the Sign of Isaac’s binding on the altar (the people of Israel) and the time of the historical Sacrificed Ram (the Mission of Yeshua). The convergence brought the mission of Yeshua to the prophesied possibility of the failed mission, in Malachi, in the case that the Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah were not heeded, ‘lest I come to smite the land with anathema’.

Step 20 - The Convergence ended in the destruction, be-’avvonot, of the Second Temple, the long exile of Israel among the nations and the long history of the outspread of Christianity. (the Convergence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is for the sake of the Final Redemption but it has not of the Great Messianic Conflict, as explained). The Contradictions came out. Israel for whom the Messianic and Redemptional Signs were intended first of all, did not receive them and the nations of Christianity had the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs through the Mission of Yeshua, Christ of the Nations, but these were totally falsified by false interpretations and corrupted into idolatrous doctrines. The RESH would have to pass through 2000 years of history before arriving at the final name of EHEYE of the Final Redemption.

Step 21 - And only when the FR arrives, do we begin to understand what happened to the RESH of the name ASHER. This is also a reason for which the Tablets of BF are large, there being many gaps to be filled in before coming to the ALIF of the final name. The faith of the FR is large. You must believe in all the elements of the full name. You must believe in the Patriarchs, in the redemption of Israel from Egypt, in the entire Torah and in the holy tradition of Israel, in the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah and the hidden redemption of Purim.

Step 22 - You must believe in the Signs of Isaac of the name ASHER. Until here it is sufficiently simple for a Jew of Torah Tradition. But when the FR comes, there are at least 2000 years of history that have not yet been resolved or understood. It is one thing to believe that the name ASHER contains Hidden Redemptional Signs but it is another to know what they are about. Additional knowledge is revealed, revealed by the Final Goel, Haim, by way of the Marvelous Completed Signs of the FR but it is another to know what they are about. Additional knowledge is revealed by the Goel Haim but they must be taken on faith. One must believe in the Hidden Tzadikim. The Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, has been the Head of all the 36 Hidden Tzadikim from the time of Mordechai ha-Tzadik until the last Head of the 36 H.TZ., the Goel Haim.

Step 23 - The Teacher of Justice was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his time. If one does not believe in this fact (a fact clarified for us in a dream of Nodà in 1990), he will not be able to find the meeting-point between the Initial Signs of the RESH and of Yeshua’s coming to receive them in the School of the Essenes. The true ‘secret’ of the origins of Christianity is bound to this fact. Those were the true Messianic and Redemptional Signs bound to the Signs of the Mission of the Prophet Elijah in Malachi of the Reconciliation of the hearts. The prophecy itself says that that mission might fail. If that mission failed, however, the prophecy is still in the name of the Prophet Elijah.

Step 24 - This means that the mission taken on by Yeshua was a ‘true mission’ deriving from the true Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the heredity of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. That prophecy does not come to tell us that the same mission, if it failed, would be caught, at the same time, in the historical vortex of the realization of the Sacrificed Ram. The last words of that last prophecy of the last Prophet of Israel, Malachi, leaves off with the possible anathema of the land; this was unfortunately the destruction of the Second Temple as foreseen prophetically by Yeshua ‘and not a stone will remain upon stone’ and then the exile itself.

Step 25 - The Sacrificed Ram is of another prophetic level, the level of the Prophetic Signs of the Torah itself. There would be a time in history when Israel as a whole would be so culpable that only a total sacrifice, a holocaust of the entire people of Isaac (still in its homeland, as Isaac who never left the promised land) would ‘justify’ their existence before the God of Israel, so to speak. This, of course, brought with it the ‘contradiction’: Isaac is the chosen son and from him must the descendants proceed. And if he is slaughtered on the altar?

Step 26 - Also at the time of Purim, the decree was against all the Jews in all the 127 Provinces of Ahhashverosh. At that time, however, Mordechai ha-Tzadik was given permission from Above to work towards the redemption openly, to form schools for teaching children Torah and to form the Jewish Tribunal. The Mission of Mordechai the Jew was under the Hidden Signs of Isaac of the Divine name ASHER. Purim, however, was in the midst of exile. It is known in Tradition that Isaac, our father, merited to the holding of the promised land also for those generations when Israel would be in Exile in foreign lands.

Step 27 - Purim was under the holy letter SHIN of the name ASHER and history had not reached the RESH. After Purim history changed. Many of the exiled returned to Israel, the Second Temple was reconstructed and there was a great return to the faith but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but!!!!!!!!. In the SHIN phase, there was God’s mercy on the people because they were already in the midst of their punishment, exiled throughout the Babylonian and the Persian Empires. But with the nation having returned miraculously to the homeland and with the Temple constructed and with the experience of history behind them, there should have been another level of the Jewish people constantly working towards the redemption in the light of the Holy Torah and the Holy Temple at Jerusalem.

Step 28 - In general and as a whole, in the 500 years of history of the Second Temple, the Jewish people did not find favor in the sight of the God of Israel and the true light of the Temple did not become a true light of faith shining in the heart of every Jew. And therefore they were not protected from falling into politics and intrigues, of policies of convenience and greed. The leaders of the people, the Priests and the Sages of the Torah did not lead the people. The Priests used the people and there was a lack of unity. And all kings were as all kings, the reign of the Kingdom of Arrogance!

Step 29 - We are not here and it is not our purpose to judge the Jewish people but only to understand at certain points of Jewish history how Israel was judged by its Father in Heaven. The Jewish people was also caught in the throngs of the history of the world as other nations while having to maintain a level of sanctity above all the nations. There was also poverty and oppression and widespread ignorance. The Jewish people, commanded in the Torah, has also been the primary target of the Yetzer ha-ra who doesn’t work gratis and who doesn’t sleep, is never lazy and who has great patience to wait for the proper moment to throw down his victim. He is wise, that Serpent, he is.

Step 30 - But ladies and gentlemen, Israel is also the primary ‘victim’ of the Great Historical Design of God Almighty in bringing Israel and the world to its Great Final Redemption. And Yeshua, our Jewish brother in the blood, was caught in his destiny in the midst of our destiny, a long and difficult history which in the end only is resolved and understood so that the world may enter the Marvelous Revelation of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Tzadik and chosen Goel Haim, born in Saana, Yemen.