The Just man serves God alone

The Just man trembles when he pronounces the name of God


Tablet 3 (Table 23)

Step  1 - It was the RESH of the name ASHER that remained, as it were, hung up historically. It had to go on historically but it could not reach the final name. A 2000 year decree of separation was decreed between the RESH of ASHER and the ALIF of the final name EHEYE. The true RESH in its pure form went into hiding with the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in each generation. The Messianic Signs given by the RESH went into exile in Christianity. The Jewish people went into exile among the nations, fighting to maintain its identity on the one hand and on the other hand, forced to remember its identity by a hostile world.

Step  2 - The Signs came out, as distorted by subsequent Christianity as they were, but the Signs came out. It was the Mission of Yeshua that got hung up between the RESH of ASHER and the ALIF of the final name EHEYE, together with the Jewish people in their exile. Not by chance were Judaism and Christianity bound by history. The Mission of Jesus had not come ‘for’ the nations. The Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the RESH were for Israel but they contained the Universal Joseph Signs which were essential for extending the light of Israel to the nations for the sake of the FR. This fact flabbergasts the Jewish mind with painful wonder. What then has taken place in these 2000 years if the Mission of Yeshua was based on the true Messianic Signs. The painful part is that whatsoever we want to say against what came out, we are forced back into the realization that it was for reason of our sins that all came out as it did.

Step  3 - The difference between the Jewish people and the nations of the world is that the Jewish people is expert in being guilty and in being punished and in seeing the salvation of the God of Israel. But we are now beyond the guilt of all past history for we have been given in holocaust to our Father in Heaven and our sacrifice has arisen and has been accepted from before Him. We have received it in the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, from the mouth of the Archangel Michael, the Minister of Israel: Three are the men of the Redemption: Moses, Jesus and Haim. Yeshua was the second man of the redemption between Moses and between the final Goel, Haim.

Step  4 - All has come so that we might know it, so that in the end the compounded knowledge of it bring us to the Laughter of Isaac. When? when Isaac’s sacrifice, on hidden levels, will be understood, when the Ram’s sacrifice, on the messianic-redemptional level, will be understood, when the conflict of Esau-Jacob is resolved in the true Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah, when all false and idolatrous doctrines have been discarded and destroyed, and when the Completed Signs of the Third and FR, in merit of the Goel Haim, are revealed in conjunction with the final name EHEYE, explaining the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the RESH of the name ASHER.

Step  5 - The 2 horns of the RESH, enmeshed with the Sacrificed Ram, were caught in the Thicket of theological golden-calves for 2000 years. The RESH is 200 which represents the Completeness of the Blessing, the 2 of the ‘beit’ each in fulfillments of completeness of 100. This is an allusion to the 2 Signs of 100 in Isaac, he was born when Abraham, his father, was a hundred years old and the blessing in that year when the produce of his fields gave a hundred-fold more than they normally did. These 2 Signs of 100 are in the RESH of the name ASHER under the Signs of Isaac.

Step  6 - Those were two moments of the Great Laughter, one for the birth of Isaac and one for the blessing of Isaac. Those were 2 revealed Signs of the Laughter. There is also the Sign of 37, the number of Isaac’s years when he was bound to the altar. The akeida (Binding of Isaac) contains the 2 hidden Signs of the Laughter of Isaac. The revealed parts of those hidden Signs are 1) Isaac was not taken and the Blessing of Abraham was completed and 2) instead of Isaac, the ram was taken and that holocaust was accepted by God.

Step  7 - These 2 elements, the new life given to Isaac, our father, and the sacrificed ram, contain the 2 Hidden Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the RESH of the name ASHER, the Sign of the Resurrection and the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven. These 2 Signs were caught in the Thicket of Confusion of Christian Doctrine. This is the amazing Key to understanding why the Correction of Christianity is needed: to free the horns of the Ram from the misinterpreted Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Resurrection. When these 2 horns are freed from the Thicket of Confusion, we come to the Laughter of Isaac.

Step  8 - It was, of course, impossible to free the horns of the Ram until God’s choice of the Final Goel and the establishment of the Completed Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven. This Sign is completed by the Final Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the chosen Tzadik, Haim. The Sign of the Resurrection of Christ, after the Correction, is completed by the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim.

Step  9 - The Laughter of Isaac comes only after the Splendor of Israel is shining from the Final Kingdom of Heaven of the FR and after the Goel Haim has been Resurrected, by way of the Final New Pact. No true laughter comes easily. The Jewish people must reach a new understanding: the Kingdom of Heaven and the New World of the Resurrection are for all those who merit. These are Universal Signs and they cannot be missing from the Final Redemption of Israel.

Step  10 - But once we come to the knowledge of what was true in the Thicket and what was falsified and when we understand that everything we thought until now was practically the opposite of the truth, we can begin to laugh. The only Hacham is God Almighty. Who could establish a decree that for 2000 years no one would understand  the truth of the Mission of Jesus and that after 2000 years, the knowledge of that truth would be revealed by way of the final Goel and the Completed Signs to redeem humanity in the Keys of the true Reconciliation of the hearts?

Step  11 - Therefore the Tablets of Leviathan are Large so as to explain all the many elements and the incredible testimony of the Final Redemption, to Jews, to Moslems and to the Christian peoples. Leviathan accompanies the writings of Sefer Mishnat Haim to add taste to the Triple Meditation, the Heart of the Prophet, the Heart of the Rose and the Heart of Leviathan. The Laughter of Isaac is hidden in the Middle Column of the Heart of the Rose of the holy name ASHER. And yet the Rose is called the Rose of Jacob.

Step  12 - For the Laughter of Isaac cannot be revealed until the final name EHEYE of the Signs of Jacob of the final Redemption are revealed. It is the Historical Laughter when after 2000 years of bitter conflict and confusion, all is clarified in the Great Sign of the Reconciliation of the Heart. It is the Middle Pillar of Isaac that must be revealed for the sake of the completion of the Final Redemption of the Third Pillar of Jacob. So too the New Law of the FR is hidden in the Middle  Ascent of Moses, between the 17th of Tamuz and Rosh Hhodesh Elul, the Ascent not revealed in the Torah but hidden in it. For the sake of comprehension, if Isaac had been taken holocaust, the Middle Column would have had to be revealed then in fulfillment of the Promises to Abraham. If the Holy One, Blessed He and Moses had come to ‘agreement’, the Middle Column would have been revealed then and the Final Redemption would have begun from there. If the Mission of Yeshua would have been accepted by Israel and understood, the Final Redemption could have begun at that time.

Step  13 - In all three, if the Middle Column would have been revealed, hidden matters of the Kingdom of Heaven would have descended on earth and the FR would have begun. All three were virtually possible but totally distant from the reality of the world desired by God for the FR. Therefore in His Design, God did not permit that Isaac be taken or that Moses reveal the Middle Column or that Israel be in a position to understand the Mission of Yeshua.

Step  14 - But if Israel could not understand the mission of Jesus, how much less would the nations be able to understand it! But all was decreed in non-comprehension because the Middle-Column of the name ASHER could not yet be revealed in the world. And as the RESH became hung up between the name ASHER and the Final EHEYE, so too the poor and innocent messianic-sacrifice was hung up for 2000 years on the Cross of the Great Contradiction of History, the Mission which had to be but which would be understood by none - until the Final Redemption. If you are amazed, you are probably meditating on the Completed Signs of the Third Column and if you are smiling and thinking about Yeshua, you are probably meditating on the Laughter of Isaac of the Middle Column, hee-haw, hee-haw.

Step  15 - O look, we were wrong and you were wrong, but now we can be true brothers and sisters in the true faith of the Torah and we can study together the incredible and unique Mission of the Sacrificed Ram of history. All humanity has received a great, hidden salvation from the altar of Isaac, our father. The Goel Haim is teaching us to understand the Signs of the full name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. He is teaching us the Tree of Life. He is bringing the Fruits of the Tree of Life to the world.

Step  16 - The Tree of Life has been waiting for the last 2000 years for the blocked up completion-phase of the Tree of Knowledge of Good And Evil to end. Humanity has come to the point of discernment between true Torah and false Torah, between true doctrines of the faith and false doctrines of the faith before it might participate in eating the Fruit of the Tree of Life. For the RESH of the name ASHER got hung up on two theological thorny thickets, one is the Logos of John and one came later in Jewish history, the false doctrine of Emanation. We, pupils of the Goel Haim are in the conclusion phases to the Correction of John’s Logos (see Correction of Christianity and Esther 4) and the Correction of the false doctrine of Emanation for the Jewish world (see The Five Tablets of the Pact and Esther 3). These are the Signs of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected.

Step  17 - For sure the RESH of the name ASHER could not have been revealed in its true form, and, in the confusion of the Thicket, false doctrines of the faith, were formed upon and around the true Tradition. For 2000 years, with the extension of Christianity and later of Islam, humanity has sought to come to terms with truth, justice, honesty, mercy and compassion, good deeds loved by God and with the true faith. None will doubt in future generations the God-given potency given to the Great Serpent-Angel and all will know how he threw humanity down for 6000 years. Nor will anyone doubt the necessity of mankind’s falling so that it have no pretenses for self-praise. And yet in every generation people have fought those unending battles and they have had merit before God. Those categories mentioned by Jesus, the poor of spirit, the humble, those who seek justice etc. have been there throughout history. Jews living honest Torah lives have existed throughout its history. In the last 1400 years many Moslems have practiced goodness and charity and they love the One Living God.

Step  18 - The matter is as the Moslems say, at least on a popular level, ‘In the end will come a Great Sage and he will explain all questions of faith and judgments to all in such a way that all Jews, Christians and Moslems will understand the truth. Let the Arab and Moslem world rejoice, for not only has that awaited-for Sage arrived but that chosen Tzadik was himself born in Yemen and was a great expert in the Arabic of the Koran and in the Arab dialects; he loved Arab culture as he loved all oriental tastes of the Middle-East.

Step  19 - That part of the Christian world that will come to the joyous knowledge of the Completed Signs of the FR will rejoice greatly. Yeshua was truly the Messiah of the Signs of the RESH of the name ASHER and truly the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead and truly the Christ of the nations who was resurrected into a pre-Kingdom of Heaven. This was so as to prepare the hearts of good people to receive the KOH when it would come. What more can be desired? You now have the true Tradition of Israel, of the Second Commandment, of the true tradition of the true history of Yeshua and the true Tradition of the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Tzadik, the Final Goel, Haim, the Anointed Judge of the KOH.

Step  20 - Then the Jewish people will be totally amazed and it will say, ‘Now, finally, after 3500 years, I understand why the final EHEYE is the same name as the first EHEYE. In respect to the world the first EHEYE was restricted to a very few but the final EHEYE is very large bringing the Redemption to Israel and to a multitude of nations. And the name ASHER was the hidden means by which the restrictiveness of the first name arrives at the universal largeness of the final name while at the same time losing nothing of the Sanctity of the first name. Marvelous is the God of Israel.

Step  21 - As the Triple-Meditation, SMH contains Prophetic Tablets, Tablets of the Rose and Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan. The documents divided into Gnomen or Step or Brays represent the Tablets of SMH. All that which is bound directly to the first name EHEYE, the Signs of Abraham, the redemption from Egypt, the Torah and Tradition are in the category of Prophetic Tablets. Such are the Five Tablets of the Pact with its Hherem Mi-Deoraita (first Petal), the New Law (second Petal), the New Prophecies of this Fourth Generation (eighth Petal.

Step  22 - The Tablets of the Shoshana concern all that which is under the name ASHER, the Signs of Isaac, the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, the Tradition of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, Purim, the Messianic Signs of the RESH. We have the Gospels Corrected, John Corrected, Paulus Corrected, Yeshuat Yeshua, the New Scroll of Esther, all which has to do with the Virtues of the Heart etc. are bound to the Middle Pillar.

Step  23 - The Large Tablets of Leviathan are somewhat more difficult to define. One reason is that the Prophetic Tablets of the first name and the Tablets of the Shoshana, ASHER, are all being formulated and defined according to the new revelation of the CS. The first name is thus renewed in the final name after the long, hidden history of the name ASHER. For example, the faith in God’s redemption is renewed in the Alif; the laws of the Holy Torah are renewed in the HEI; the wisdom of the Torah is renewed in the comprehension of the Completed Signs in the YOD; and the Messianic Signs are renewed and finalized in the final HEI of the final name.

Step  24 - Thus the Tablets of BFL are very large since all the Tablets and books of SMH are considered in the framework of the New True Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan. The Large Tablets are those of the final name and in these are contained the Prophetic Tablets of the first name and the Virtue Tablets of the name ASHER. Indeed, the distinctions are only for comprehension but all texts contain elements of all 3 sets of Tablets. Therefore the texts of SMH are not properly organized or categorized or divided into the terms of the Triple-Meditation or the 3 sets of Tablets because all are the Tablets of Leviathan, under the reception of the Final Redemption.

Step  25 - It’s hard for Israel to understand that the first name is RENEWED in the final name. There are several main reasons for this and they are hardly simple ones. It is the Torah itself which sanctified Israel and separated it from all the nations for all times. On the one hand it has always been most difficult for Israel to maintain the sanctity of that separation or the separation of that sanctity. On the other hand, a part of Israel has always ‘returned’ to the Torah and to Tradition and the Jewish people in the world today exists because their forefathers remained in their separation as Jews, each according to his sense of being Jewish.

Step  26 - DIARY of the DONKEY: August 30, 1999, Elul 18, 5759; Star of the Project 20. - Israeli on vacation in Italy fulminated by lightning, just a few days before Rosh ha-Shana -

Step  27 - a few words of warning to Israelis who are far from any faith etc. -

Step  28 - Perhaps we need clarify so as not to be one-sided concerning Israeli society today; we have so defended the non-religious from the throngs of the hhredim that we must not forget that both extremes in Israeli society are undesirable. Also the fact that we explain that the Jewish people as a whole has already passed through their historical-punishment of the End of Days or Final Judgment in the Holocaust and that its sacrifice was accepted before God Almighty and in general Israel is now loved before God. This, however, is on a general level, not on an individual one.

Step  29 - The nations of the world, on the other hand, have not passed the harsh judgment of their history. Russia has not yet paid for 70 years of communism working against all belief in God and killing many, many Jews and Christians for their religion. Germany has not yet paid anything of what is waiting for it but Germany and those of Amalek-Blood will pay for what they did. Every nation will be judged. We are in the Final Fourth Generation under the final name. This is the main difference: the Jewish people as a whole has already paid for its past history. It is now the time of Universal Judgment of all nations who have not yet paid for their sins.

Step  30 - The Jewish people, however, is judged by its deeds from day to day. The Jewish world has entered into the historical phases of its personal refinement and self-purification, of its inner elevation and the realization of its purpose in the Design of History.