The Just man serves God alone

The Just man trembles when he pronounces the name of God



Step  1 -  Obviously for every level of purification and refinement to come to pure silver and pure gold, there is a level of waste, of useless material. Among the nations, Judgment is coming to divide the chaff from the grain. In the Jewish world, Judgment is coming to separate between those desired by God as part of the Final Chosen People of the FR and those who are not desired because they impede the Redemption.

Step  2 - It’s a ‘terrible’ sign, an Israeli tourist struck down by lightning in the midst of a news-thirsty world. It is the other face of the coin. If it is a time in which the so-called ultra-religious are all in error and have violated the true Torah and falsified it and profaned it with the idolatrous error of Emanation, it is also a time in which there are categories of non-believing Israelis and Jews who are outside of the category of salvation and redemption unless they repent and correct themselves. Judgment is coming, as lightning. We must all be afraid. There is no favoritism before Him.

Step  3 - He is the same God Almighty, whether we speak of the first name, the second name or the final name; indeed, together they are one name. The Lord, our God, is the absolute One Creator of all. God does not change. There are only differences in the ways in which God Almighty manifests Himself to the world in every epoch of history. The relationship, in a manner of speaking, between God Almighty and the ways in which He manifests Himself to mankind, has its existence by means of the names of God which He revealed. If not for this relationship, God Almighty is, in truth, above all names and there is no name by which He might be called.

Step  4 - In the FR there is a certain leniency in the conditions of the New Sanctity of the final name compared to the Stricter Sanctity of the first name. A Jew on the Altar of Judah may make the Succah in the house. This is not a leniency in God’s Judgment. It is a  leniency compared to the halacha which is based on the strictness of the conditions of the first Sanctity. This has nothing to do, however, with the Judgment of the faith that one has in his heart and the level of one’s behavior.

Step  5 - After the Holocaust, there was a new category in ‘leniency’ in the Judgment of Israel. It is extremely difficult to black and white this simply but for the sake of comprehension we must simplify the generalities. In the Five Tablets of the Pact and in Tikkun Paulus we have explained at length that the underlying, hidden sin that brought the Jewish people to the Holocaust was the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar and the 400 year false construction that overlay the true Tradition. It was a total corruption of the true faith of the Torah and the Second Commandment. The rabbis had fallen unwittingly into the trap and they falsified the entire Tradition with a false ‘Kabbalah’.

Step  6 - For those able to understand this matter, it is sufficient to see that among the ‘accepted’ text of Midrashim has been included a Masechet Atzilut (Tractate on Emanation). In any case 400 years of progressive mystic falsification of Judaism brought the Jewish people to a terrible state of confusion and to divisions and movements of all kinds. Until in that End Time of the Shoa, judgment fell harsh on the Jewish world. Rabbinic Judaism was under judgment and was  condemned for what it had become, and with it a large part of the Jewish world was condemned because in Judgment, until then, the Jewish people was considered under the halacha.

Step  7 - There was an enormous change in Judgment after the Holocaust. The Jewish people was no longer judged as being under the rabbinic law of the halacha. The rabbinic halacha had failed and the true Torah had been violated with false garments and false doctrines. Those of the halacha blamed the Haskalah Movements, the Reformists, the non-religious, the Yevsekas and the Zionists for having left the halacha and profaned Torah that had led the people to seek other roads. It was a vicious cycle. Those outside of the halacha were condemned by those of the halacha who had, in truth, been the cause of their leaving the halacha.

Step  8 - If Judgment had continued as before, there would have been no hope. The Jewish people was no longer judged under the halacha but every part of the Jewish people was judged on its merits and so too every individual Jew. It did not matter to what Shule or Congregation you belonged to. The Reformed Movement was not under Judgment because it had left the halacha but was judged on its own right for the many merits that it had. And if also there are false teachings which do not recognise the true Sanctity of the Torah, this was not worse than the idolatrous falsification of the Zohar and the entire kabbalistic chain accepted by the Orthodox, the Hhredim and the Hassidim.

Step  9 - And even if a Jew belonged to no congregation, he was judged by his deeds and the sentiments of his heart and there is great mercy on every person whose soul was present at Sinai. But those Jews who live under the halacha are judged under the halacha. The condemnation in Judgment of the halacha (of the previous 400-500 years) was not the fault of the halacha but of the rabbis who had fallen into the terrible sin-trap reserved for the Serpent in the Last Days of Judgment of the Jewish people, the last 400-500 years before the Holocaust. The halacha had become tainted, disfigured, disproportionate, exaggerated and even falsified by the false Kabbalah.

Step  10 - This has nothing to do with the Mishnah, the Talmud, Poskim and the Mishnah Torah. It was not the halacha that was condemned but the latter-day falsification of the halacha. Not the halacha but that historical falsification of the halacha was condemned and after the Holocaust there was a great change in the orders of Higher Judgment and New Parameters of Judgment were used at Rosh Ha-Shana. This must be understood. The halacha did not become invalidated. The halacha, because of the vast literature and commentary in the ‘light’ of the false-Kabbalah, must be cleaned from the many layers of garbage that have dirtied it for 400 years but the true Torah Tradition of the halacha is always valid.

Step  11 - The great change in Judgment after the Holocaust thus represented a leniency in the Conditions of the Sanctity required by the halacha and the halacha was no longer the sole Parameter of Judgment for all Israel. And this goes hand and hand with what we are explaining, that the New Law and New Rite of the FR have new parameters and new conditions of the New Sanctity of the Third and Final Redemption. On the level of the Design, the ‘historical’ preparation for the New Mishnah, the New Law of Sefer Mishnat Haim, was the great change in Judgment after the Holocaust.

Step  12 - That great change in judgment was also part of the ‘hidden-work’ of the Tzadik Haim at that time. And so was it understood in all the teachings of the Tzadik, Haim, who constantly reminded me of the mishnah ‘Don’t look at the container but at what’s inside’. The Tzadik Haim always lifted up the good hearted, simple Jews whose knowledge of the halacha was quite scarce or nil. The Teacher Haim greatly praised the Reformed Jews for their charitable deeds and the many positive things that they did. He did not look at Jews through the halacha, unless they were among those who claimed themselves of the halacha and were, instead, those who most violated the true halacha.

Step  13 - DIARY: It’s still Monday, August 30, 1999; Elul 18, 5759, Star of the Project 20: Adam called: He dreamed that he said to me “Today is the birthday of the Baal Shem Tov”. I took up the argument. Then a white horse passed by and Noda was moved with emotion. - -

I must write here a tribute to Israel Baal Shem Tov. I had the privilege to have in vision his presence when we were still living in Bergamo. I asked him if it was true that he had spent much time in reading the Zohar. He answered that it was true and that he had never suspected anything of all that we are explaining. In the end he said to me “Please, move more quickly and explain the question to all so that it be understood to all. When you do that, I will be able to explain the matter to those here in this world”.

Step  14 - Some 5 years have passed since then. I worked on the 5 Tablets of the Pact in Hebrew. I rewrote the Introduction to Milhhamot Ha-Shem in English and I made an abbreviated Version in English of Milhhamot Ha-Shem. Tikkun Paulus was further developed and there the relationship of the emanation error to the Holocaust was finalized and there began the explanation of the hidden work, at that time, of the Hidden Tzadik, Haim, in the great change of judgment after the Holocaust. Then in 1998 came that terrible booklet of Gilad Shadmon of Bnei Brak and that was the drop that tipped the whole bucket because of the terrible profanation of the Torah that it teaches. That is Esther 3, in English, in which the Sin of Emanation is finalized. There was also the Sign received by Davide Levi that ‘Thank God, we have the means to win this war’ (against the false kabbalah).

Step  15 - It had been extremely difficult to arrive at the conclusion of Esther 3 and I was given orders to write my last will and testament and to bless Yehoel Yehoel with the heredity. It was very difficult in many ways and only when I did find the Key that was missing to conclude Esther 3, did everything change and the Donkey was given permission to go ahead with his work. Then it became understood that without that Key, an essential requisite of the True Kabbalah had not been explained and that without it was missing the conclusion needed to seal all the preceding work of Milhhamot Ha-Shem. That is the Key called the True Kabbalah of the Beit of Breishit.

Step  16 - Afterwards we saw the frightening convergence that we had come through. Without that all important conclusion, the Donkey would not have had permission to enter the Pesah of the 17th year of the CS. All the proofs came that exactly the Pesah of the 17th year represented, in terms of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, the ‘Od Hhazon La-Mo’ed, the Second Prophetic Vision in Habakuk. Pesah 5759 was called in the Signs the ‘Pesah of the Fourth Generation’ after 16 years of the Fourth Generation. The Key of the Beit of Breishit represents the ‘final destruction’ of the false doctrine of Emanation.

Step  17 - That concluded the Terrible Correction of Emanation. In the Christian Correction, however, the Conclusion to the Correction of the Logos of John had not been concluded. In the meantime the Logos had gone to reside in the false-Christ of Genzano (see Ester 4 for the entire story) - but in the end the cat came back caught in a Black Suitcase with all the proofs of the plagiary, falsification and profanation of the True Completed Signs of the FR and the Logos was trapped into its bitter end to conclude the Correction of Christianity in the Book of Esther 4 subtitled ‘The Star-Wheel of Ahhashverosh is Turning’. These two corrections expose the two Roots of Evil that represent the perfect antithesis to the true Kabbalah of the Beit of Breishit.

Step  18 - Entering in Esther 5, with the Logos Corrected, the terms of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua, Christ of the nations, became stabilized forever, and with that terminology fixed, there was concluded what is called the Correction of the RESH of the name ASHER. The consequences here are overwhelming. The Correction of the 2 Roots of Evil, the Logos and Emanation, straightened out the path for the Resh of ASHER to be joined with the final name. These were the two Horns of the Sacrificed Ram that had been caught in the Thicket of Confusion and which because of that Confusion had been the 2 Great Counter-Signs to the true Kabbalah of the Beit of Breishit.

Step  19 - With these Signs are formed the 2 Trees or the Doubled-Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected because the 2 Roots of Evil, Emanation and the Logos, represent the exact Inversion of the true Kabbalah of the Torah and of the true Messianic Signs of the RESH of the name ASHER. We thank the Lord, our God, for we have come unto a great threshold in the course of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and this Fourth Sign of the Signs of the FR has been confirmed as stabilized for all times in the Kingdom of Heaven above and on earth. What are we and who are we and what might we ever say before the Holy One, Blessed is His name forever, who in His love for the chosen Tzadik, Haim, has opened the Great Final Redemption for the world.

Step  20 - For as the Horns of the Sacrificed Ram have been unleashed from the Thicket of History, the Beit of Breishit has returned to its former Crown and the heavens and the earth exalt with the truth that has returned and with the falsehoods that have been broken. And therefore as the Horns of the Ram have been freed from the Thicket, levels of the 2 Great Hidden Signs, the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim descend to earth, for these were the two Signs most hidden in the RESH of the Hidden name ASHER. It is this and the understanding of this that brings to the world the Laughter of Isaac.

Step  21 - O exalted, precious and chosen soul, Israel Baal Shem Tov, you hear from all this that the level of Torah spoken here derives from the final EHEYE. In the permission of the Final Goel, Haim, I explain what I am able to receive of the Historical Design of the Great Final Redemption of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. The work done to arrive at said conclusions was necessary for the sake of arriving at the simplicity of the true faith. It is now possible to state simply that the Doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar is prohibited as idolatry as the Doctrine of the Logos is prohibited as idolatry. The 2 Great Roots of Evil have been captured, defined and named, Atzilut and Logos.

Step  22 - Please, give over the Signs that I have written for you. Tell them in the other world that the doctrine of emanation as the doctrine of logos destroy the true equilibrium between the heavens and the earth and therefore only the true Hidden Tzadikim, in their Sanctity and in their suffering, held up the true Beit of Breishit for the last 2000 years. And the Rambam, peace be with him, was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation and he saved rabbinic Judaism for all times. It is the Mishnah Torah that held up the true Beit of Breishit for the rabbinic world. Tell them that Emanation does not allow the true wisdom of the heavens to be true wisdom and it does not allow the true wisdom of the earth to be true wisdom; it falsifies and annuls the true separation which divides those two categories.

Step  23 - And through the falsification of that separation, false Messiahs were created, Messiahs with their feet on earth and their heads in Atzilut, and they became considered as small gods who know how to distinguish between good and evil. But they were not Messiahs and instead of distinguishing between good and evil, their heads were in the false and evil lights of Atzilut. The honor that they were shown because of their renown as Kabbalists was falsely attributed honor, parasitic to false lights that do not last in time. Those false lights of Atzilut and the honor given to those personages is a desecration of the true separation of the Beit of Breishit.

Step  24 - Tell them to rejoice with laughter for the true Beit has returned to its former Crown with the Lord, our God’s choice of the Final Goel, Haim ben Moshe, born in Saana Yemen. We were all in error, not only Christians. Now we can rejoice together in the Large Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan. For the Time has Come and the Second Prophetic Vision of Habakkuk is here on earth and a Donkey carries its Cart of the Marvelous News and the Goel Haim guides the Donkey and brings him to each point in which the Bread of the Third and Final Redemption must be eaten.

Step  25 - What a revision of history must be made! But we must be reasonable; we have passed 2000 years of the darkness of Galut. We have not passed 2000 years in the light of the redemption. Is it not simple enough that after 2000 years of darkness many things will seem strange to us when finally the light of the redemption is shining. We must then seek to know what we did not understand and what was hidden from our eyes. The great confusion of history is now being scattered by the true light of the Final Redemption. The candle lit for Yisrael Baal Shem Tov here finished.

Step  26 - For if we speak of an Emanator above the Creator, the Emanator will always emanate a favorite Son, as the Zeir Anpin of the Zohar; for the Emanator will become the Father and his favorite Emanation will become his Son. And this will form a Trinity for the Emanated Son will be born of his Emanated Mother and Emanated Father. For the Emanated Father is not the Higher Infinite God but is himself an Emanation and therefore he will need an Emanated Mother to bring an Emanated Son. But it is forbidden to speak about an Emanator above the Creator as it is forbidden to speak about God, the Father and Christ, the Emanated Son of God by way of the Logos.

Step  27 - For this reason it is said that also ‘breishit bara elohim et ha-shamaim ve-et ha-aretz’ is a ‘ma’amar, the first of the 10 fiats of Creation. This alludes to the fact that the first verse of the Holy Torah in which the act of Creation of the heavens and the earth is given, teaches that no one must think that he can speak in human terms above Creation. Otherwise that person will exit from the Beit of Breishit and exit from the true equilibrium between the heavens and the earth.

Step  28 - To interpose the Logos between the Creator and Jesus, calling the Creator Father and Jesus Son by means of the Logos, turns the term Creator into an Emanator from Whom emanates His Emanated Son by way of the Logos which becomes equal to the Emanated Mother or the Emanated Holy Spirit. But in the Beginning there was no Logos, there was not the Fiat of God who said “Jesus” or “Christ”. In the Beginning there was, instead, the Word of God that said ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth’. Only afterwards before the Sabbath of Creation, because of the necessity that God foresaw in the history of the Design that had to be fulfilled, and He created, among the other things, the Ram to be Sacrificed in Isaac’s stead.

Step  29 - Nevertheless, the Sacrificed Ram was created just before the Sabbath came in, in the time of that confused light between sunset and nightfall. It was not as the Donkey who was created happily with the other animals in the Garden of Eden. The difference is quite great because the Donkey was created before Man but the Sacrificed Ram was created after him. Not only, the Donkey was created in the Garden but the Sacrificed Ram was created outside of the Garden after Adam and Eve had been cast out. For the necessity of the Sacrificed Ram did not exist until Adam and Eve had sinned.

Step  30 - And that is why the Sacrificed Ram had the power to take away sins. Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden before Shabbat and they knew that they had sinned and they cried out to God to forgive them and to be close to them again. And so it was just before the Sabbath came in that God was moved to mercy by their crying and their repentance and He forgave them just in those moments as the Sabbath was coming in. In that moment God created the ram and said to Adam, “Take the ram and slaughter it and I will accept the blood of the ram in place of your sins”. Adam slaughtered the ram and Adam and Eve felt God’s forgiveness fall upon them and they cried for joy and sang praises to God and the Sabbath had entered.