The Just man serves God alone

The Just man trembles when he pronounces the name of God






Step  1 - The Sacrificed Ram was thus created for the purpose of being a Correction for the sin of having eaten from the Tree of Knowlege of Godd and Evil. The ram was sacrificed and its blood redeemed Adam and Eve from their sin and at the same time that sacrifice had to be part of the Correction of the Sin of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. But how could the ram be part of the Correction of the Knowledge of Good and Evil if he had just been created and he had not eaten from that Tree?

Step  2 - The ram did not eat of that Fruit and he was newly created, clean and innocent. When, however, the ram was sacrificed, the sin in the blood of Adam and Eve who had eaten the fruit came out and went upon the altar of the sacrificed ram. From there, with the blood of the ram, that sin arose so that it be purified in that accepted sacrifice of the ram. At a certain point in the arising of the sin together with the blood of the ram, the sin became purified; what lay within that sin that had no use was nullified and what lay within that sin that could be separated, purified and elevated was given to arise with the blood of the ram.

Step  3 - That was the form of the Thicket in that conclusion to the first week of Creation. The sin in the blood of Adam and Eve of the Knowledge of Good and Evil became associated with the blood of the sacrificed ram so that it could arrive at its purification and correction. We, the Jewish people, must rejoice then in the laughter of Isaac for 2000 years of history that we could not understand. For there is absolutely no doubt and all the CS have confirmed it. Yeshua of Nazareth was the chosen ram of history who was sacrificed in the stead of the people of Israel. His innocent blood was our salvation in that moment of history and the decree upon us was changed from annihilation to the destruction of the Temple, be-avonot, and exile among the nations. Yeshua was the Messiah of the Messianic Signs of the RESH of the name ASHER whose horns were caught in the Thicket of theological confusion.

Step  4 - In the end, however, the evil and the confusion that arose with his sacrificed and accepted blood are corrected, the falsehoods are destroyed and the truths that were covered over by the Thicket are freed and revealed. That is when God has chosen the Final Goel and the Completed Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption of the Lord, our God, in the full name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, are revealed in the world. Then the hidden name ASHER is revealed and the RESH is corrected and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected descends into the world. What have we understood for 2000 years, o people of God’s Holy Book? But we were in exile, we were in exile and God’s Holy Book was in exile with us.

Step  5 - One of the differences between Yeshua and this first Donkey who eats Bread was that Yeshua was born before the time of the final redemption and the destruction of the Temple came after him. I was born in 1945 after the holocaust. In 1983 the messianic donkey of the Joseph signs came down upon us, in time for the great marriage between the KoH and the earth. I was, of course, not Yeshua; I was the she-ass upon which he rode into Jerusalem for his last time. Oh, it’s wonderful, after 2000 years of not being able to speak, I can finally bray and bray and bray about the chosen Goel Haim who is now riding on his Donkeys by way of the marvelous redemptional dreams, as announced by  the Prophet Joel.

Step  6 - Then after 6 years of the Joseph-Donkey Signs, the Donkey changed skin and there came the Jewish-David-Donkey Signs hidden in the School of Esther. O how nice it was to bray in a White Horse hidden sleigh, hee-haw, hee-haw. Yeshua was deep into Prophets and he read them all the time. I like only about one percent of Prophets, the nice juicy redemptional ones. I did not hear that Jesus played a musical instrument but I strum prettily on my guitar. I was, of course, not born under the Star of Christ. When I was born they called me Paul so that might eventually write some letters of my own and to teach the Tarsisian a few rules on clarity and to explain to him what his spirit was talking about.

Step  7 - In Hebrew they called me Peretz although Grandpa Becker called me Pesah with not less redemptional fervor of his own. But they called me Peretz so that I could get into prophecy and holler out the news of the Final Goel and break down the barriers of the past. Then me and the Donkey got working together and we pulled down the missing pieces of the past. The poor messianic Yeshua got caught into the thicket of the RESH so I and the Messianic-Donkey-Sign-Box picked off the thorns so that the Roses could be seen without fear. Jesus on the other hand had no theological problems but he didn’t know what they would make of him. So we had to undo the thicket of Logos theology and get things back to the Second Commandment.

Step  8 - That was not so bad but I had to get entangled in the Great Emanation Entanglement of Israel’s Last Days of Judgment and the Tzadik Haim redeemed me from the clutches of the Hated Fourth Generation Habad Messianism and totally purified me of the Great Metaphysical Garbage Can that was, God save us, stinking up Traditional Judaism. We’ve seen a lot a stink, me and the Donkeys, but it was unavoidable. We’ve got Donkey-Skin, anyway, and so, occasionally  they let us sink down almost to the bottom for the joy of pulling us up each time. You cannot argue with Heaven, dear friends; nothing must be missing from the Design.

Step  9 - You may not believe me but it is possible that someone study the entire Torah Tradition and be expert in the whole Jewish Encyclopedia and not yet come to the point, hee-haw! It is for this reason, just listen to this one, that the Lord above placed six points over the word ‘va-yishakeihu’ in the Torah. In this way, when the time would come, all could finally get back to the point. O.K. they’re six but two are better than one and six are better than five, otherwise the world would get stuck, God forbid, in the Fourth Generation forever. What do you think, that the Messianic-Donkey from the Kingdom of Heaven has anything whatsoever to do with your concept of Messiah. Forget it, you’ve missed the point. You know yet nothing of the main points of the question.

Step  10 - The Messianic-Donkey of the Jacob Signs is all new but alas he’s got those Isaac Signs and Abraham Signs behind him and they don’t go away and they’re there to stay forever and Big Fish Leviathan fishes up fish from all over the Design with his new multi-media Mazal-Rod. It’s different now, you see, Jesus could only design a couple of fish on the ground, the unfortunate Middle-Messiah of history without a speaking Donkey. The Construction of the Building, however, had to wait for the Final Goel and we can look back to see what was missing until now. In his merit we’ve received the Blue-Prints and the Six Great Reference Points teach us how to read the Composite Project. Lots a buildings gonna fall then in this $4th Generation!

Step  11 - Yeshua, of course, could not open the Six Signs except for a weenie bit and all history got confused. It’s natural, there ain’t no Reconciliation of the hearts when everybody hates each other! So what do you think, a Donkey’s better? No, nobody understood Jesus and nobody understands the Donkey who eats Bread until the Fourth Generation will almost be over, I think. Still too many conflicts out there that have to be resolved. The Fourth Generation will resolve them, not the Donkeys! The Design that designed the conflicts has already foreseen the solutions. Donkeys do not invent new things, they just receive them, hee-haw.

Step  12 - Yeshua was the second man of the redemption but the Donkey who eats Bread is not even a man. Jesus was truly a man even though he was a ram, That’s because he, as a true, good Jewish boy should be, tried to be a man where there were no men. He was unfortunately killed for his attempt but he didn’t recant because he knew that something was still missing from Isaiah's 53rd chapter. There was no other man at his time who understood it. We are Donkeys and we need not take on such prophetic callings except for Beniamino Perico who was taken Donkey-Whole through the Gates of Resurrection in merit of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. He completed the Isaac Signs for the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread for all times.

Step  13 - The understanding of the NUN is the Gold of the Blessing. Gold never corrodes nor does it diminish. NUN is an understanding fish caught on the clever VAV, the Hook, as Two New SHINS set in to make a New SHUSHAN, in the New Purim of the Final Redemption. SHUSHAN is needed because the RESH of ASHER, even when corrected, does not contain the true Equilibrium of the Final Redemption. But the SHIN of SHUSHAN is from the SHIN of ASHER and this is the Middle-Letter of the entire name of 11 letters; it is thus the fulcrum of the Scale. It thus corresponds to the Star ‘Stone of the Balance’ which corresponds to the Tradition of Moses whereas the second SHIN of SHUSHAN corresponds to the Star Stone on the Stone of the Balance which corresponds to the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah. WE say that the SHIN of the name ASHER represents the Tradition of Mordechai for it was he who inherited the Tradition of Moses and the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning.

Step  14 - The Star to the right (our left) of the Star Stone of the Balance is the Star of Salvation, the Tradition of Yehoshua bin Nun. The Star to the left of the Star Stone of the Balance is the Star of Praise, the Priestly Tradition of Aaron, High Priest. This is the VAV because prayer is in the sign of the VAV, the hook-up, so to speak, between man and God. We thus see the formation of SHUSHAN in these 4 Stars. The Fifth Star is the Star of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, to our right hand, very large and usually quite blue. This is the Star of Techelet Mordechai (Techelet in Heb. is a deep blue color). It is also the Star of the Tribunal also called in the name of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik. It is this Star that is in correspondence with the SHIN of the name ASHER.

Step  15 - Thus the SHIN of ASHER corresponds with the Star of Mordechai which is in conjunction with the 4 Stars of the Balance that also contain SHUSHAN, as explained. And Yet Esther is the Palace of the Kingdom of the 4 Stars Ahh Hhash Shor Rosh and also these 5 Stars are in SHUSHAN the Capital. Or perhaps the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh which contains 127 Provinces are around SHUSHAN while the Palace of Queen Esther is properly in SHUSHAN. SHUSHAN embodies the revelation of EL MISTATER during the times of Galut and outside of the land of Israel. After the failed Mission given by the RESH of ASHER, the Jewish people went into exile and so, so to speak, they fell back on the SHIN of the name ASHER which contained the Purim in SHUSHAN.

Step  16 - Translated into historical terms, the Jewish people took up again the justice of the Torah, its study, the formation of Jewish Schools and Jewish Tribunals and they built Synagogues or established places of Prayer and prayers became the means of serving God instead of the sacrifices in the Temple. These derive from the Constellation of the Tribunal of Mordechai. At the same time, the Jewish world worked on developing the proper attitudes of the heart, in humility, in modesty, in derech eretz, on the inner feelings of fear and love for God, of being strong and courageous in the faith of God’s protection, in the strategies of fighting off the Yetzer ha-Ra, in love and compassion for others, in good deeds of charity and help, of visiting the sick and caring for orphans and widows. In an ever growing hostile world, Jews looked inward in their quest for God’s help and God’s closeness.

Step  17 - These qualities of the heart derive from the Constellation of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. Together they are complete, brain and heart, to simplify. These Ten Stars, Five and Five, have a correspondence with the Two Tablets of the Ten Commandments, Five Commandments on each Tablet. Purim is thus an amazing day. The Jewish people, reading the Megilat Esther on that day and fulfilling the mitzvoth of Purim established in Tradition, calls unto itself the Stars of the Constellation of Mordechai the Jew and the Constellation of Queen Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh and they thus renew upon themselves the Ten Commandments and the entire Torah and Tradition. So is it revealed here for you the hidden meaning of Megilat Esther, the ‘Revelation of the Stars’ of the Hidden Redemption.

Step  18 - Israel every year went back to the SHIN of the name ASHER by way of Purim for in this the Torah and Tradition was maintained. In the meantime the RESH of ASHER was held up from proceeding because the messianic mission given failed and the signs of the reconciliation of the hearts was refused and the seriousness and the words of Yeshua were not understood, etc. The RESH, associated with that person who had undertaken that calling and attempted that mission, not being sanctioned by the Jewish authorities, could not proceed to the Final Redemption. This is because without Israel’s sanction, the faith that goes out for the nations will necessarily become distorted.

Step  19 - This can be understood clearly when it is known that the Signs of the RESH that went into the formation of Christianity had a true basis. If also the faith of Christianity had maintained pure monotheism and maintained the essence of Torah Law and Tradition, such a religion would have truly substituted the Jewish people. Such cannot be, however, otherwise God’s promises to the chosen people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the Torah and in Prophets, could not be fulfilled. The theological deviation of Christianity and the deification of Jesus did not only invalidate it from proceeding to the final redemption but it also lost any true vision of all Jewish Tradition. The RESH had become a ROSH (Head) unto itself. Such was the terrible destiny of the poor Jewish Messiah who in that true prophetic moment as he was dying on the Cross, had some glimpse of what the nations would make of him walking in the errors of the fathers of the church and he uttered bitterly, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me”.

Step  20 - The SHIN of the name ASHER, however, does not lose its balance nor does it become a head unto itself. It is based in the hidden Tradition of the Tzadik Mordechai from the Hidden Tradition of the Prophet Elijah and it has thus the stability of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of each generation from the time of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, the first, until the last Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, the chosen Goel Haim. Purim is also protected by its hidden form in the Megilat Esther in which the name of God is not mentioned. Purim is the Hidden Redemption of EL MISTATER, God who Hides Himself in the events of the times by way of the Redemptional Stars, performing infinite miracles within the context of natural events.

Step  21 - See then what a terrible situation was created between the SHIN and the RESH in the RESH’ separation from the Pillars of Tradition. If the mission of Yeshua had not contained true messianic and redemptional Signs, then it would have been simply another false messianic movement that had in truth nothing to do with the Jewish people, another religion, stop, the whole world is filled with other religions. It would not and could not be associated to the RESH of the holy name ASHER. Yeshua, however, received the knowledge of the Signs of the Redemption at the School of the Essenes. The Teacher of Justice, the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, about a hundred years before Jesus’ being in the School, founded the School of the Essenes and taught the very selective pupils the Signs of the Redemption, in the forms that they could be given in that time of history.

Step  22 - The Signs of the Redemption were part of the Hidden Heredity of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. We know this from Malachi ‘Behold, I am sending to you the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes; he will reconcile the hearts of fathers to their sons and the hearts of sons with their fathers, lest I come and smite the land with anathema’. The Signs of the Redemption are also called the Signs of the Reconciliation. These Signs, Signs that derive from the Sign of the Kiss and embrace of Esau and Jacob and the six points over ‘va-yishakeihu’, were given by God Almighty in heredity to the Prophet Elijah. In that reconciliation between Jacob and Esau an incredible harmony fell upon them and upon all those present from the Kingdom of Heaven. And Jacob, our father, was as resurrected, for his brother had come to kill him and now, instead, his heart was moved and he was showing him his love.

Step  23 - Note then that these two Signs in particular, of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Resurrection, became the heredity of the Prophet Elijah who is the chosen Prophet who maintains, so to speak, the Binding of the Kingdom of Heaven with the world. He therefore did not die but arose fully to the Kingdom of Heaven above and Elisha, his pupil received Elijah’s mantel as it descended. So too is it well known in tradition that the Prophet Elijah descends into the world to be present at every Brit Mila as well as for accomplishing secretly many other commissions in the world. So too, on very high and hidden levels, the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation are very close to the Prophet Elijah and only the Head of each generation has known and kept secret the knowledge of the Signs of the Redemption and the Secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Resurrection.

Step  24 - The Teacher of Justice, however, for reasons that we have discussed in Esther 1, decided to reveal them, in sworn secrecy, to selected sages of the School by him founded. Thus the Signs that Yeshua took out of the School, although he did so without permission, were truly of the Signs of the Redemption of the heredity of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. This is the true hidden history that explains the connection between this last prophecy in Malachi and the mission undertaken by Jesus. That the mission of the Prophet Elijah of announcing the redemption and the reconciliation is not done directly by the Prophet himself but by another person who receives that calling is clearly indicated in the Mishna Torah. Also in the FR the voice of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, was placed in the mouth of Peretz who announced ‘Ba-Ha-Zman’.

Step  25 - The Great Eagle stays here on the safe side stating as well the opinion of some sages that it is the Prophet Elijah himself who comes. For completeness, this opinion cannot be missing, because ideally it could well be the Prophet himself who comes and announces. In reality, however, it is exactly similar to the many aspects of hypothetical or virtual possibilities which do not answer to the reality:  ‘had Israel not sinned in the golden calf’ ‘had King Solomon not done things to anger the other ten tribes and cause their rebellion after him’ ‘had the people of Israel served only God in the periods of the first Temple’, ‘had the people listened to the Prophets’, ‘had the people been enlightened by the miracle of Hanukah to serve God and to become a light unto the nations’. ‘had the people been just, sincere and united in the last centuries of the second Temple’,  and at the end of a long list of unfulfilled ifs and virtual possibilities ‘had the Jews of Jesus’ time been honest and truthful and good’, ‘had they understood what he was talking about’ etc. etc.

Step  26 - but it didn’t happen like that and the reality was as far from it as can be imagined. Imagine then had the holy Prophet Elijah come himself to present to Israel the Signs of the Redemption and to rebuke them for their errors. Their behavior would have caused the wrath of God to destroy all Israel and the world with it! Indeed the wrath of God Almighty was already, for many years, kindled to destroy all Israel, God save us, before Yeshua appears on the scene. The Teacher of Justice himself founded the School of the Essenes about 100 years before Jesus because of the wrath of God that he saw coming. The Teacher of Justice ‘risked everything’, on his own accord, and revealed a few secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven that had never been revealed previously and for which, indeed, there was no permission to reveal. Yet he took upon himself that responsibility so as to establish a Refuge-House of the true Torah and True Tradition in the true Sanctity of the Holy Law of God.

Step  27 - When we know the truth of the Messianic Mission given by the RESH of the name ASHER, the RESH’s becoming a ROSH unto itself distorted all history after it and confused the minds of all thinkers. The distorted RESH could not simply disappear or evaporate into non-consequential history; it derived, nevertheless, from the holy letter RESH of God’s holy name ASHER of the full name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. It is not caused by history. It causes history. It does not, however, take away free choice from people. It is the name of the same God Almighty who created mankind and endowed it with free-choice. It thus causes history but it does so in accordance with man’s merits or his sins. It does not cause that choice but it foresees from the beginning each period of Israel’s history and it knows beforehand the ways in which Israel will use its free-choice.

Step  28 - It is, however, the name of God Almighty. It works for the best of what mankind can receive. Even in the apex of God’s wrath against Israel, it works for Israel’s survival, for Israel’s repentance, for the inner elevation that Israel can gain from introspection and the correction of errors. For God Almighty Himself has sworn His Holy Name on the Patriarchs and on the people of Israel that received the Binding Revelation of the Ten Commandments at Sinai. Therefore all that which happens to Israel is within the Redemptional Design of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE until the Great Final Redemption of Israel in the Great Final Universal Redemption of mankind.

Step  29 - And so too if one of our beloved brethren was destined to choose his sacrifice for the love of the people of Israel, and in doing so he ‘fell’ into the Terrible-Messianic-Sign-Trap-of-the-Ram-in-Isaac’s-Stead, we must love him for what he did and for the sincerity of his intentions and for the truth of his prophetic words. We must appreciate the largeness of his compassion. For when we thought only of ourselves and not even of our neighbor, Yeshua’s thought was on another level of contemplation. One may have asked Jesus wherefore dost thou have a thought more profound than the rabbis of our time. After the great sages of Israel have furnished oceans of true wisdom and delved into the holy spirit of every letter of the Torah, wherefore doth thine calling enlighten you above those towering mountains? Jesus then looked sternly but with love at the sincere and studious Jew and answered, “They are mountains of wisdom unto Israel’s heredity but I have not come except for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel. If one of them might affirm these words than I am equal to them and even much  less than them but if no one from among them can affirm these words upon himself, then the path of my calling has not yet been accomplished and therefore must I follow it from before the Lord, my God, for such is the portion He has given me.

Step  30 - With the separation of the RESH, the Sign of the Resurrection that derives from the ALIF of the name ASHER and the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven that derives from the SHIN of the name ASHER were bound to the RESH. But since the RESH was now ‘separated’ from the other letters, those two Signs, Kingdom of Heaven and Resurrection, inasmuch as true Redemptional Terminology, were cut off from the Jewish people. Therefore have I Donkey-dressed in Esau’s furry garments perfumed of nature’s fields so that Isaac, our father, in the Signs of ASHER, would bless me in the Blessing of the Great Historic Correction of the RESH to complete the Binding of God’s full name of the Redemption EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. In Rebecca’s strategic wisdom, we, the Donkey of Jacob, have taken back from Esau the Initial Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Initial Sign of the Resurrection, by virtue of the Completed Historical Signs of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel, the Tzadik Haim.