The Just man serves God alone

The Just man trembles when he pronounces the name of God






Gnomen 1 - For the name ASHER is the Hidden name of God the Redeemer between the first redemption and the Final Redemption. The ways of God’s redemption in the historical periods under the name ASHER are hidden ones. They are not seen to the eye nor can they be truly understood by human intelligence but something of their fragrance may exude upon you through the power of faith. I have no archeological or documented proofs that in every generation, from Mordechai ha-Tzadik until and including the Tzadik Haim there have been 36 Hidden Tzadikim living in different parts of the world. I am, however, in this, not asking someone’s approval. I have received this knowledge directly from the Tzadik Haim. I am teaching these facts in Sefer Mishnat Haim for those who  wish to become pupils of the Goel Haim. They must have some understanding of the great level, the great humility and humbleness, the great suffering and of the great love to all God’s creations.

gnomen 2 - The level of the faith here is as the faith required to believe without any doubt whatsoever that the Prophet Elijah did not die but arose to heaven fully. We are believers, the children of believers and we do not doubt the incredible miracles of God above all nature. We are the living remnant of those who testify to His miracles and to His revelation. Our heart is simple in this faith and it is because of that simplicity that we can receive it. Any attempt to analyze it on more natural terms will only falsify its simple factual truth. So is it the high level of simple faith that will permit the reception of the veracity of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim of every generation. The Hidden name ASHER thus contains the Hidden Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, the Hidden Tradition of Mordechai the Just, the first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. The world has stood in their merit in all these past centuries but everything was hidden from the eyes of the world.

gnomen 3 - The ALIF and the SHIN together give EISH - Fire. That is the Fire of the true Torah, as it states ‘for it is a consuming fire’. It is the Fire that descended from Heaven to consume the sacrifice of Elijah the Prophet at Mount Carmel. It is the Higher Holy Fire in which walk the Higher Hidden Tzadikim. The Eish cannot, however, descend to the level of the world. It is too severe, as explained by the Sages, of blessed memory, ‘The Holy One Blessed is He is severe with the Tzadikim as the fineness of a hair’. In truth only selected Tzadikim can bear its tremendous weight and can walk in that elevated Sanctity. The name ASHER can thus not remain as EISH, it needs the letter RESH to complete its equilibrium for the world. Another level of ‘light’ is needed, a light that can be received by all, not a consuming fire.

gnomen 4 - The light that was to be brought by the Prophet Elijah was a new light that brought about the Reconciliation of the hearts. That light was designed by God Almighty and hidden in Six Points over the Sign in the Torah of the Great Reconciliation between Esau and Jacob, over the word ‘va-yishakeihu’. It a light that announced the Stars of the Redemption, as it states ‘And a star took up its path from Jacob’. It was a light that revealed the New Marriage between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth, as it states, ‘On that day God will be One and His name will be One’. It was a light of knowledge, understanding and faith that could be extended to the world by way of the Holy Temple at Jerusalem, as it states, ‘And many nations will stream up to Mount Zion and say “Teach us the ways of Jacob”’.

gnomen 5 - It was a light that reached and touched the heart of the masses and it produced a ‘messianic mission’ for that purpose. It was a prophetic light that announced the coming great and terrible day of the Lord and warned of the intimate faith needed to be saved by God on that terrible day, as it states, ‘Behold I am sending the Prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes. But it announced as well the New Construction that was coming in the wake of the destruction of the terrible Day of Judgment.

gnomen 6 - So would it announce the redemptional Sign of the Resurrection, as it states, ‘For two days will I establish him and on the third day I will have him stand up forever. Had the prophetic announcer been listened to, that light would have been received by the Sages of Israel at that time and by the Priests and it would have been taught to the people and it would have been extended to a multitude of nations. Such was the purpose of the RESH, to be a light unto Israel and unto the nations. And such was the historical preparation needed to bring the world unto its final redemption, the universal redemption of the faith of Abraham, father of a multitude of nations together with the particular final redemption promised to Israel. These Six Signs, accepted, studied and applied, had the power to bring about the Great Reconciliation and the Great Peace promised by God to the generations of the Final Redemption.

gnomen 7 - The RESH contained the Signs to make that great Bridge between the name ASHER and the final EHEYE. The Keys from Above were needed to form that New Light for the world. Yeshua’s destiny brought him to the School of the Essenes where those Keys were hidden; those were the Initial Keys with which it was possible to ‘open’ the Redemption. Yeshua had not gone to the Essene Community for that purpose and he intended to remain there for life but he got caught up in the Contradiction-Plight when Yohhanan Ha-Matbil up and left the School to preach his message ‘outside’ to those who might repent. The emphasis changed in Yeshua’s heart from how to be saved into how to save. Salvation was in the School but it was the nation outside the School that needed salvation. That was the beginning of Jesus’ calling.

gnomen 8 - The matter is big. It is way above our heads. Jesus was the second man of the redemption, between Moses and the Goel, Haim. From Jesus was created a great salvation. From his Mission as Christ of the Nations all history became entangled and confused. We cannot understand God’s thoughts because He sees the end and places the beginning and He knows what is necessary at every step in history in order to arrive at the finished Construction of His desire for the true good of mankind. So too did He know what would be necessary, at the time of the FR, to renew the comprehension of the Jewish people and to miraculously wipe out the confusion by way of the prophesied Clear Tongue of the FR which, among many other things, explains the Knot that tied up all history for the past 2000 years, as the Donkey dances to the new tunes of Big Fish Leviathan’s Large Tablets.

gnomen 9 - Why was Yeshua chosen? God chose him because in that bitter epoch of history, for as much as an oversimplification it might seem, the only person who represented the Just Man who lives in his faith was Jesus of Nazereth. And so great and sincere was his zeal to live as a just man in his faith that he was ready, in all humbleness and humility, to die or even to be killed for that faith in which lived. So we have received it in the ‘Final Blue Prints of the CS’ that the Goel Haim himself explains the Historical Star of Christ and declares that the reason or the quality for which Yeshua was chosen for that mission is that the Star of Christ comes in virtue of humility and humbleness.

gnomen 10 - And, historically, throughout the ages, Jesus was loved for his humility by millions upon millions of Christians. And the lessons of faith taken from him by good Christians of every epoch were those of humility, charity, love for others, the love of justice and a good heart in simple faith in God. We are, of course, not speaking here of Priests and Theologians and bad-hearted Christians and Jew-haters. A great part of Christians among the masses, in every generation, were simple folk with good aspirations learned from Jesus. Perhaps Yeshua would have wanted to form Large Tablets and for sure Christianity has written Large Tablets around his words in the Gospels but the point is that the mission taken on by Jesus was the particular messianic mission of the Middle Column. The Middle Column is that of the Virtues of the Heart.

gnomen 11 - Note that we have 3 levels of the Virtues, the 10 Virtues, the 13 Virtues of Esther and the 13 Virtues of the Good Heart. The 10 Virtues are bound to the ALIF of the name ASHER, the 13 Virtues of Esther are bound to the SHIN of the name ASHER and the 13 Virtues of the Good Heart are bound to the RESH of the name ASHER. The true teaching of the entire Gospel is to have a good heart, a heart of love and a heart of compassion, ‘I give you one commandment, love each other as I have loved you’. Jesus taught even to be a sacrifice unto God for the sake of others, for the love of God and for love of other people. Jesus did not bring a new doctrine in the faith nor did he bring a new method in interpreting Torah and Tradition. He taught a doctrine of the Virtues of the heart.

gnomen 12 - The Virtues of the Good Heart are universal. If the Holy Torah is the Heredity of the children of Israel, the Virtues of the Good Heart are the heredity of the human race. That you could not have the True Torah without the qualities of the good heart was the bitterest of all lessons that the Jewish people would have to learn. The privilege of having the Holy Torah is not of having the Holy Torah but of having the good, sincere, just and humble heart with other people and with God. Then and only then can the Holy Torah be truly received. It is a story as old as the people of Israel. They confuse the privilege which has been given them for the true qualities of the heart necessary for truly receiving that great privilege.

gnomen 13 - But the sin of the opposite of a good heart came, unfortunately, to its historical apex in Yeshua’s time. There were many rabbis and so-called Torah scholars, the Temple was standing and the orders of the Priests and Levites were functioning. But the qualities of the good heart were non-existent, at least among those who were supposed to be responsible for the people. The entire Gospel is that, the not-good-heart of the rabbis and priests of that time and the teaching of the good heart to the simple of heart able to receive it. As Jews we are used to thinking about the unjust hatred of the 'goiim' (nations) for 2000 years but at the time of the final redemption, there enters a time of immense introspection.

gnomen 14 - For as we come back to God in the light of the Completed Signs, we seek no justification for the stupidity and evil behind the hatred of the nations but we do seek to understand our own terrible errors that caused God’s wrath to destroy His Holy Temple and to disperse His chosen people in exile in lands of hostile nations. For we are the smallest among all nations but we are also the heaviest and the slowest. We are indeed so slow that it takes us some 4000 years to learn certain lessons, some 3500 years to learn other lessons and some 2000 years for still yet other lessons. As a big heavy turtle, is it then our fault for being so slow! We are for sure the most stubborn among all peoples but ah, yes, when we will learn those lessons we shall be bound to them forever more.

gnomen 15 - See then that I exaggerate not. It is not my doing that 2000 years have passed between the RESH of the name ASHER and between the ALIF of the final EHEYE. And notwithstanding all the hatred that we witnessed and the suffering that we underwent because of that hatred, in His long term exile wrath, the Mighty and Holy God of Israel hid His face from us and did not allow us to catch even a glimpse of how hateful we were before Him because we showed only hatred one for the other. So grave was our sin before Him that He Himself decreed our non-understanding and he closed the doors of comprehension. This and all this while simple good-hearted Christians all over the world know that God loves a person who has a good heart and does good for others.

gnomen 16 - Yet so has God Almighty designed it that when Israel reaches that maturity to desire truly to understand its history, that knowledge comes exclusively by way of the FR. Only the CS complete all the Historical Signs of Jewish history. Israel itself is ‘trapped’ into understanding itself. The Universal-Messianic-Signs of Joseph must be understood. The true mission of Yeshua must be understood. The sin of Israel at the time of Yeshua must be understood. Also the hidden sin behind God’s wrath in the Shoa will become understood. In the end Israel must also be the people chosen to understand itself better than all the other nations. We will repent, we will understand and we will believe in the teaching of the Goel Haim, ‘We are all of the same flesh’.

gnomen 17 - The Jewish people, however, cannot come to the understanding of ‘We are all of the same flesh’ without understanding the messianic mission of Yeshua. Do not think that “We are all of the same flesh” is a simple teaching. Its depths will be evermore explored in the generations that are coming. Through the CS, however, Israel will come to realize that the Universal Signs of Joseph were among the Christian nations in these past two millennia and they were totally missing from the Jewish camp. The Triple Meditation of the Fr will allow the mind to contemplate that Middle-Pillar and to understand without fear and without prejudice the great hidden redemption perpetrated by way of the Messianic Sacrificed Ram 2000 years ago. Truly big surprises are in store for the Jewish people.

gnomen 18 - Only with the coming the Third Goel and the new revelation of the Signs of Jacob of the Third Column is there created the equilibrium necessary to contemplate the Middle Pillar and, for a Jew, to contemplate it without fear and prejudice. Christianity turned the Messiah into a god and made the Middle Pillar into the Final Pillar and indeed into the only Pillar. Islam, on the other hand, by the way, tried to claim itself as the Final Third Pillar after Judaism and Christianity. With the revelation of the Third Pillar in the name of the Heart of Big Fish Leviathan, there is a new historic equilibrium for the world. The beloved Tzadik Haim has been chosen as the Final Goel of history. The heavens and the earth enter into their new historic phases.

gnomen 19 - It is, of course, not Christianity that interests us. All institutional Christianity goes down with the Fourth Generation because it is all, from head to foot, wrapped up in an idolatrous theology. We are interested in the fact that the messianic mission of Yeshua was of the Middle Pillar. Our problem here is to understand why the Large Tablets of Leviathan (which is a general term for the texts of SMH all of which are being received and written from the New Revelation) of the Third Column can be revealed only after the Correction of the RESH of the name ASHER. The RESH that did not bind to the final name, that became a ROSH unto itself, that gave to Christianity the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs in corrupted theological forms, has had to be corrected for the sake of the Final Redemption.

gnomen 20 - It is therefore very significant to understand that the Middle Pillar of the Great Redemption of God Almighty is in its essence the Great Pillar of the Virtues of the Heart. The Corrupted RESH blocked humanity from receiving or of receiving correctly the virtues of the heart loved by God. The terms of these virtues are known, humility, a good heart, generosity, sincerity, love, love of justice, good manners (derech eretz - proper behavior) etc. etc. but they have not yet become the qualities of mankind. Nevertheless a large part of mankind has progressed and already at the time of the new revelation there are millions of people who believe in the virtues of the heart accompanied by good deeds. There is, unfortunately, the other side of the coin, egoists of every kind, haters of every kind, liars, thieves, evil-hearted people, etc. etc.

gnomen 21 - The virtues of the heart are in the heart. God alone sees them. Through faith in the goodness of the virtues before God and before others, the person’s spirit is bound to its Creator. Many are the false people whose tongue is sweet and bitter their hearts with foolish hatred and hidden jealousy. Many are those who fool others with their words, to have what they want. One cannot, however, fool God Almighty, who puts the heart of man to test and searches out the thoughts of his kidneys. As the name ASHER is the Hidden Name of God as the Redeemer of Israel and of mankind, so too the virtues of the heart loved by God are hidden in the heart from whence cometh the truth of each person. The RESH of the name ASHER was, so to speak, allowed, in God’s wrath, to be ‘corrupted’ due to Israel’s having corrupted, shunned and falsified the virtues of the heart loved by God.

gnomen 22 - The whole Gospel is this and the poor messianic ram went on teaching a doctrine of the virtues of the heart. He tried to explain to them that if the good qualities of the heart are lacking, all the actions that one might fulfill in the routine religious life of a Jew were without meaning. On the contrary, they were hypocrisy before God. It would be better for those not to do those actions and not to be hypocrites. They would come out more honest and sincere before God. The pure ‘Christianity’ of Yeshua was this, to have an honest and sincere heart before God. All, of course, was not new. The Prophets of Israel were filled with this concept. Such was the essential teaching of Yohhanan Ha-Matbil and such was the essential teaching of the Essenes. In taking on that messianic duty, however, it became an obligation to rebuke the nation for the terrible state of hypocrisy to which it had reached.

gnomen 23 - This is what had to be fulfilled by the RESH of the name ASHER in order to be the Binding-Letter to the Final Redemption: the virtues of the heart. And by way of the true virtues of the good heart would be received the Keys of the Prophet Elijah to the Reconciliation of the hearts of fathers to their sons and the hearts of sons with their fathers. Understand! It is not some higher knowledge obtainable to only initiates. And for sure it involves no new doctrine of faith. Nor is it such a complicated subject that it cannot be imparted even to the masses. The virtues of a good heart allow for the Final Redemption of mankind. The Final Redemption comes when mankind has a good heart with one another. Since, however, many evils still reign in the world and there are still many evil-hearted people, the Great Purification, unfortunately, of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, the Great and Terrible Fourth Generation of God’s Judgment, comes to purify the world. Only after that can God’s Presence reside in the world, in the hearts of all people.

gnomen 24 - The RESH of the name ASHER comes for the sake of allowing the virtues of the heart to descend into the world. The virtues of the heart are not limited to Jews, Christians or Muslims but they pertain to all people. But in the terrible opposite of the virtues of 2000 years ago, resulting in the RESH’s becoming ROSH, was born the new religion of Christianity. As the separation between Christianity and Judaism became firmly established with Paul of Tarsus, Christians became cut off from the true Tradition while the Jewish people was cut off from the Keys of the Universal Signs of the Reconciliation.

gnomen 25 - The point is that the Middle Pillar did not come down. Something of the virtues of the heart came down but, in truth, nothing in Christianity was complete since all was thrown into a false and idolatrous theology and into idolatrous cults and into the worst cult of all, that of Virgin Mary. For virtues of the heart are, of course, good unto themselves unless the emotions and feelings behind them are devoted to idolatry. The love for Zeus and for those who devotedly serve Zeus is hardly the love desired by God Almighty.

gnomen 26 - And nevertheless, also those devoted to Zeus who were good, kind, just, loving, caring and generous with others had their recompense before God. This is a golden rule known in tradition, the holy One, Blessed is He, does not detract reward from all people. This is true even of evil people who have perpetrated terrible acts against other people. We have an amazing example of this from the Completed Signs. I am re-writing these Large Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan here in Israel, at Bersheva, Iyar, 5763, May 2003, Battle of the Fish 3956. It is the night of the commemoration of those soldiers fallen in battle from the beginning of the State of Israel; they are to date 21,540 - may their precious souls arise before God Almighty and beseech His blessing for the State of Israel.

gnomen 27 - We are in the chapter of the American war against Iraq, the fall of the regime of Saddam Hussein, a treacherous and ruthless dictator and megalomaniac and one of the foremost Israel haters ever. Some 11 years ago, a short time after the Desert-Storm failure to go foreword and to destroy Saddam Hussein and his regime, to Nodah it was explained in a dream that the reason for which Saddam Hussein was left in the world, notwithstanding his being a rashà gamur was because he had done some good things with a certain part of the population and for the recompense of that good done, he was given time to live yet in the world. - How much more so with people who do good for others, even if they practice idolatry.

gnomen 28 - It must be further understood that God Almighty, on an individual level, does not hold in contempt, so to speak, those among the nations who practice idolatry. One reason is that they are only imitating what they have been taught to imitate. Another essential reason is that God made the order of the world such that after the revelation of Sinai only the people of Israel is designated as ‘commanded’ in the Holy Laws of God of the Torah and Tradition. A Jew who practices idolatry or who believes in a false doctrine of the faith is committing a grievous sin before the Holy God of Israel. A non-Jew who follows the idolatrous practices of his nation and believes in idolatrous doctrines as he has been taught, is not considered a sinner before God but as someone in error and not for his own error but for the error of those before him.

gnomen 29 - How much more so have Christians not been considered idolatrous sinners but simply erringly idolatrous. Great is the mercy of God Almighty on His creations. His desire is not to condemn His creations but only to see them elevate themselves in truth, justice and love. Christians do believe in God Almighty, the One Living God and Creator of the universe. They have, however, not for their own error, falsified the manner of God’s being One. The ‘associated faith’ of the Trinity falsifies the true monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father, and of the entire Torah Tradition and it falsifies the person of Jesus and it enwraps his teachings in a false context. This is true but it is also true that Christians do believe in the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and they believe in God’s redemption of the children of Israel from Egypt and in the miracles in Egypt and at the Red Sea and the Revelation at Sinai and they believe in the Prophets of Israel and in the Biblical Tradition and in the great significance of Israel’s history.

gnomen 30 - Nor is it only this, dear friends. Christianity has falsified the Messiah but the poor Jewish Messiah, Christ of the nations, did not falsify Christianity. Since Jesus is the second man of the redemption, Christianity has certainly been a part of God’s great hidden redemption of mankind given by the name ASHER. For not only was Christianity the refuge-place of the lost sheep of the house of Israel. It also contained the Initial Signs of the Universal Redemption for all nations. Therefore all Jesus’ teachings on the virtues of the heart brought elevation to the hearts of Christians in every generation. The Final Redemption itself could not have come without the great extension of those virtues taught by Jesus.