The Just man serves God alone

The Just man trembles when he pronounces the name of God





TABLET 7 - The Just man who lives in his faith does not STEAL a minute of time from his neighbor

Step 1 - And yet Christianity as an institution will crumble and fall while Judaism and Islam remain. Islam contains the true monotheistic faith but in a separated context, the Koran and Islam (but Shiite Islam will fall and be destroyed). We have taken Yeshua out of all traditional Christianity. Jesus is no longer where he was with them before. For if he had to take on John’s Baptism in order to proceed to his mission, so has he himself been reborn with the coming of the Final Goel, Haim, in the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Step 2 – DIARY: As a Sign of the new times come, we saw a film about Jesus 2 weeks ago (end of April 2003 - Bersheva), an Italian film quite separated from any film hitherto made in that it demonstrated Jesus’ connection to the Essene Community, as well as that of Yohhanan ha-Matbil. The film does not, of course, relate the matter as we explain it in SMH on the authority of the Goel Haim, but this film represents a great jump foreword compared to the past. Not only was this film avantegarde concerning the relationship of Yeshua to the Essenes but it related the events of Jesus without the Spirit of the Logos, without any Christ-deification. The many books written in the last ten years especially on the Qumran society and the enormous quantity of speculation about the relationship of the School of the Essenes to initial Christianity, have created a new ground work for thought for millions of Christians.

Step 3 - Many have come a step further in the quest for the truth that eventually they or at least their children will find in the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. The walls of traditional Christianity will eventually come tumbling down and the ex-Christians will become part of the Final New Pact on the Altar of Malchitzedek. And many of the lost sheep of the house of Israel whose souls were sanctified at Sinai, as the rest of Israel, will come back within the confines of Judaism by way of the Altar of Ephraim.

Step 4 - For Christ has come back home and millions are those who will follow him into the Great New House of Prayer of the FR. Here no false theologies will ever enter again. Here all the measures have been corrected. Here Yeshua is the second man of the redemption between Moses, our teacher and the Tzadik Haim. Here then can the virtues of the heart of the Middle Pillar truly descend and reside in the hearts of mankind. And the hardness of heart will turn into a force of love. The Third Pillar of the Final Redemption reveals the Middle Pillar that was blocked up for all these past centuries and Jesus himself knew that he had not come to bring peace but war. And he also knew that the true and lasting redemption of peace for Israel and for the whole world would come in a future period with the revelation of the Chosen Son of Man.

Step 5 – DIARY: Yom Aztmaut, Day of Indipenedence of the State of Israel - year 55. (May 6, 2003) There is a good atmosphere. Yesterday, in the speeches given for the Commemoration of the soldiers killed in military action, I felt new things, something as a new ‘spiritual’ language which binds faith to Israelis who are less than close to Jewish halacha. The redemptional words of the Prophets were ushered in with a different force, something quite alive and present. If the same words were cited by hhredim the effect would have been not much more than a reading of the past. I particularly felt this new language idea when I awoke this morning; and this evening, Moshe Bardi was here and of a longer dream, this morning, he remembers only that it was said to him ‘datiut ve-hhiloniut tzrichim le-heyot be-yahhad le-davar ehhad’ - religiosity and (the ways of) the non-religious must be bound together as one. - -

Step 6 – This is a further proof that this period corresponds to the time of the new historical phase that enters with the Pesah of the 21st year of the CS. There is a rebirth among the younger generation to find oneself, to love justice, to search for the truth, to give meaning to their life.

Back to the Tablets: The main theme in these Tablets of Big Fish has been to explain the chief aspects of the RESH of the name ASHER. And since the messianic mission of Jesus derived from this RESH, a great part of our understanding comes through the meditation on the meanings of that mission.

Step 7 - Without the mission of Yeshua, we would know nothing of the Six Initial Signs of the Redemption even though it is only now with the knowledge of the 6 Great Signs of the FR that we come to know of this fact, namely of the existence of the Six Initial Signs. With the knowledge of the Six Initial Signs, 1) the Star of Christ 2) Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven 3) Sign of the New Message, New Light and New Spirit 4) Sign of the Messianic Mission of Jesus 5) Sign of the Fourth Generation (of that historic period) 6) Sign of Jesus’ Resurrection - finalized by the Six Great Signs of the FR in merit of the chosen Goel Haim, we come to understand more of the substance of the RESH in which these Signs were contained. For it is by way of the Six Signs that the Redemption of Israel becomes a Universal Redemption. The Six Signs themselves are the Means of that incredible extension.

Step 8 - If Israel had merited, those Six Signs of the RESH would have, so to speak, come together with the Internal Light of the Temple at Jerusalem, and from there it would have become a Great Light unto the nations. There could well have been a ‘messianic mission’ whether of one Messiah or more. In the School of the Essenes, for example, there were three categories of the Messianic Missions, Messiah-Priest, Messiah of War and Messiah-Head Teacher and Spiritual Guide. One must consider that had Israel been worthy and had been in the true spirit of the Temple, the School of the Essenes would never have been founded because it would have had no raison d’etre. Already at the time of the Teacher of Justice, the spiritual leaders of Israel and the Priests of the Temple committed sins every day and were far from the true light of the Temple. In his great and holy wisdom, the Teacher of Justice saw that the direction was already unchangeable and that Israel would only go lower and lower. For this reason he saw the absolute necessity of founding the School.

Step 9 - The founding of the School and community, the secrecy and severity of the School, as well as the missions of Yohhanan and Yeshua that derived from there, all came to exist because of the sins of Israel, not because of its merits. Thus the RESH of the name ASHER which represents the Light of the Temple was indeed ‘displaced’ from the Temple to the Hidden School of the Essenes. A million veils of historic mystery fall away by this fact once one has received the true teaching of the Tzadik Haim that Yohhanan ha-Matbil and Yeshua were part of that School, Jesus for three full years. Had Israel merited and the RESH extended from the Temple, there would have been no confusion. Since the RESH was displaced from the Temple, it was practically impossible that any mission from the School of the Essenes to the Leaders and Priests be accepted. In fact, neither Yohhanan nor Jesus mentioned the fact of their having been in the School.

Step 10 - And that fact, that it would not be accepted, would necessarily create a separation from Israel and terrible historic confusion. The Messianic Mission of the RESH is related directly to the Mission of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, reported at the end of the Prophet Malachi, the Mission of the Reconciliation of the Hearts, as well as the Prophetic Mission of announcing the great and terrible day of the Lord. Had Israel merited, the Mission of the Prophet Elijah would have come by way of the Temple, most probably not by the Prophet himself but by a messenger or messengers, in the name of the Prophet Elijah; these would have been given the messianic mission of salvation in extending the messages of reconciliation and of the prophetic warnings even to the far corners of the earth.

Step 11 - Since Israel did not merit, the Keys of Reconciliation of the RESH were placed by the Teacher of Justice, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, in the School. Thus the Mission pertaining to the prophesied sending of the Prophet Elijah was bound in secrecy in the School, under the severest of oaths. In this way the Signs of the Redemption were kept in secret in the School and the severity of those oaths represented a safeguard to their being revealed outside. One must consider the fact that the beloved Hidden Tzadik and Teacher of Justice had had no permission to reveal those secrets, especially of the marvelous Kingdom of Heaven and the Signs of the Resurrection. His action came from his own accord in the light of ‘It is a time to act for the Lord, they have violated Your Law’

Step 12 - This is significant because also any messianic mission that might derive from the School would have to be without permission, in a manner of putting one’s life in his hands, with the same zealous motive of the Teacher of Justice, ‘It is a time to act on behalf of God, for they have violated Your Torah’. A zealous act done for the sake of God without permission is judged by God. Pinhhass’ act of killing Zimri and the Moabite woman was done without permission. God intervened to claim Pinhhass’ judgment positive and to Pinhhass was give the Pact of Peace. The two sons of Aaron, Nadab and Avihu, in their imagined love for God’s sanctity upon them, burned incense in the sanctuary without permission and fire descended and they were burnt to ashes.

Step 13 - The action of the Teacher of Justice, however, since he was a true Hidden Tzadik, created a new category, a punishment of death for the action taken without permission which, however, is accepted by God as a sacrifice in His name because of the just intentions of that act. So was it in the case of the Teacher of Justice on a very hidden level and so was it in the case of Yeshua in undertaking that messianic position. As a Hidden Tzadik the act of revealing secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven is severely prohibited and is punishable by death from Heaven. The Teacher of Justice was the only true Hidden Tzadik in history who committed such an act. He was killed by the orders of the High Priest, as intimated in the texts of Qumran. We received in the Completed Signs, in a dream of Nodah, that ‘Notwithstanding the fact that the Teacher of Justice was a true Hidden Tzadik he had to be punished for reason of the secrets that he revealed without permission'.

Step 14 - That dreadful end, however, became the sacrifice necessary to maintain the existence of the School and the Community of the Essenes. The Teacher of Justice became, in fact, the ‘living’ spiritual force of the School on one level and of the Community on another level. For sure those of the School believed in the sacrifice and the spiritual resurrection of the Teacher of Justice. That ‘resurrection’, in the context of the Signs known in the School, was an integral part of their belief. The Teacher of Justice was alive for them. The third category of messianism, the Messiah-Teacher and Spiritual Guide received that position, being considered the person most close to the Teacher of Justice and most able to receive messages from him. Faith in the exalted position of the Teacher of Justice was the ‘great secret’ of the School of the Essenes.

Step 15 - In essence, that sacrifice became the hidden beginning of the New Kingdom of Heaven. The Teacher of Justice was in a ‘new’, hidden and exalted position, after his death and ‘resurrection’. This represented a totally new kind of close-contact between the other world and this world. This was not simply the love and respect for a great teacher of the Torah who was no longer in the world. Also the Sages, of blessed mentioning, affirmed that the Tzadikim were even greater in their death than in their lifetime. The Tzadik Haim explained to me that the true Tzadikim in the other world, after their death, are able to do even more for the sake of the world than when they were in the world.

Step 16 - That fact, however, is not part of the ‘secret’ of the ‘revelation’ of the Kingdom of Heaven. This Hidden Kingdom above and the long historical periods that go into its ‘revelation’ for the world is, indeed, the Great Secret of the Redemption. We speak of the name ASHER as the Hidden Name between the three names EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. And we speak of Purim, from the SHIN of the name ASHER, as the Hidden Redemption of God Almighty. The Root of the Revelation of the existence of the Kingdom of Heaven lay in the faith of the ALIF of the name ASHER, the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, in which resides the faith of the Prophet’s Ascent into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Step 17 - The term Kingdom of Heaven (malchut ha-shammaim) is not mentioned but the fact speaks for itself. The only person not to die and to ascend above is the Prophet Elijah. And he is the only Prophet to be sent by God (well after his ascent) to announce the Final Redemption and to give over the prophetic warnings of the Fourth Generation. So too is it known in Tradition that the Prophet Elijah descends often into the world, for example, to answer “Amen” to the blessing of the newly circumcised Jew. In no other person, therefore, is the relationship between the other world and this world so bound up together as in the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning.

Step 18 - So have we explained that the RESH of the name ASHER had the purpose of revealing a new light and a new message to the world, to make Israel a Beacon of Light unto the nations and that the Universal Light contained the Keys of the New Kingdom of Heaven and the New Sign of the Resurrection, those two hidden Signs deriving from the ALIF and from the SHIN of the name ASHER. Thus, in terms of God’s historic Design of the Redemption, the name ASHER hides in it the Revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven. The messianic mission given by the RESH had the purpose of extending the new knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven to a multitude of peoples. Had Israel merited, that light would have been bound to the Holy Temple at Jerusalem.

Step 19 - As explained, the Hidden Signs of the Redemption held in the School, being bound not only to Israel but to the salvation that must be extended to the world, would necessarily come to encounter the contradiction that it represented. As Jesus would later declare as the first purpose of his mission “The lamp is not for holding under the table but to lift it up so that all might see and have advantage of its light”. This statement was a double-barreled rifle, one for the Jews whose Temple Light was as hidden away under the table so that no one could betake of its benefits and one in allusion to the reason for which he had left the School of the Essenes to undertake the mission of diffusing that light to the Jews of the land.

Step 20 - It happened all that happened but in one way or another the Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Resurrection went out, at first to a small part of Israel and afterwards to a multitude of nations. If not for the extension of those two great Signs among a multitude of nations, there would be no world to receive the Completed Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. But what is the relationship between the Kingdom of Heaven that must be revealed from the name ASHER and between the Virtues of the Heart? This is because the virtues of the good and just heart loved by God are the only true recipients of the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Step 21 - Jesus came to explain Israel’s thousand year error of bringing its sacrifice without the true heart of humility, contriteness and good will which represented the true purpose of the sacrifice itself. In truth the Prophets of Israel had explained it fully and in truth, unfortunately, but  Israel had never listened to the Prophets. At first placate your brother whom you have offended and then bring your sacrifice to the Temple to offer it before God, explained Jesus, as he himself had received this teaching in the School of the Essenes. The Prophets of Israel, however, were not teaching the Kingdom of Heaven. They were teaching honesty, sincerity and good will before people and before God And since the forces of idolatry were so potent in their times they had to warn against the enflaming hypocrisy of bringing sacrifices to the God of Israel in the Temple and sacrifices to other gods outside the Temple.

Step 22 - Also the Prophets of Israel had to reduce the commandments into their essentials. With so many details concerning the many laws of the Torah and of the Oral Tradition of the Sages, of blessed memory, the multitude of uneducated Jews became so confused that they no longer understood and they sought to know what it was that God wanted from them. The Prophets informed them that God searched for a good and charitable heart, to deal out justice with equanimity and to walk modestly before God, to care for orphans, for widows, for the elderly, for the sick and for the poor. And the Prophet Habakkuk established all the commandments on one ‘And the just man lives in his faith’ as it states ‘I am the Lord, Your God, who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery’. One who has the true faith in this first commandment will be a just person who lives in his faith and by this he or she will come to accomplish all the commandments.

Step 23 - In Jesus’ time, the corruption, the false heart, the insincerity and the hatred one to another and one group to another, were so extensive that it was quite impossible to speak to any Jew who claimed to know Torah. They were all in a terrible state of hypocrisy and they used their knowledge of the Torah to cover over their sins. At a certain point, Yohhanan stormed out of School to preach in the desert and to immerge the penitent and to remind the Jewish people that you can’t fool God. He also opened the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven publicly, an act that was strictly prohibited. In any case, he did it. He messed up all future history but he did it. He belched out an idolatrous foundation of purified god-children born from the rocks, but he got away with it and all clapped their hands and said ‘Oh, what a profound teaching’.

Step 24 - It is not easy to love Yohhanan ha-Matbil whether for his character or for his words but it is impossible not to admit that he did what none did before him and that no one would have to do after him. In truth it was Yohhanan who opened the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven, not Jesus. Yeshua followed the Sign that Yohhanan had already opened in public. Many times the Tzadik Haim taught me that Jesus would not have had the force to leave the School and to do his mission had Yohhanan ha-Matbil not left the School before him to open his mission of penitence and to announce the Kingdom of Heaven. Also for Yeshua, in any case, it was prohibited to leave the School, to announce the Kingdom of Heaven outside and, more severe than all, to use the Kabbalah Maasit received in secret at the School to perform miracles in public.

Step 25 - In any case, Nodah forgives Yohhanan Ha-Matbil. I asked her (it’s May 9, 2003) what she thought of the first sentence of Step  24 and she told me that she liked Yohhanan ha-Matbil very much. I didn’t know this fact. I said to her, “This is new to me but don’t you remember, about thirteen years ago, at that rivulet on Monte Mortarone, when John the Baptists came into you. You became tremendously changed and called out terrible prophecies and you wanted to stay there and not return with us any more?” “Yes” answered the Tail and the Mane, “I remember it perfectly but I liked it. I have a feeling for Yohhanan ha-Matbil”. - - Clearly Step  24 and 25 here represent the Conclusion of the Correction of John the Baptists. For if Nodah Bi-Yehudah forgives Yohhanan ha-Matbil, what might the Sages have to say, knowing that she is rooted in the Neshamah of Miriam, the Prophetess, sister of Aaron and of Moses!

Step 26 - Happiness is the coming of the Completed Signs of the History of the Final Redemption, in God’s love for the extremely humble Tzadik Haim. All are clear, the words, terms and explanations.  When the basis of the Final Revelation of the CS are known, even young children can understand, with a teacher to guide them, even if somewhat superficially, the texts of SMH. Profundity will then come with maturity and consistence, with repetition and reflection. For the Completed Signs are deep, they are immense and they ‘resolve’ all preceding history in this Great Final Fourth Generation. The truth of all past history is in them and the falsehoods of history are destroyed. One must be extremely careful and respectful and modest with these Tablets of the name ASHER because this name is a hidden name of God which binds the first redemption to the final redemption.

Step 27 - The Lord, our God, Blessed is He, so to speak, allowed the RESH of His holy name, ASHER, to become distorted and even idolatrous in the hands of the nations, for the sake of His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and for His love to all His creations, to bring the final redemption of mankind and the great generations of peace that are coming. The time of the name ASHER covers the perhaps 250 years before the destruction of the First Temple, 70 year exile in Babylonia, 500 years of the Second Temple and it covers the long exile of 2000 years, the deepest ‘hester panim’ - ‘covering up of His face’ - when God Almighty hides His face, so to speak, and does not show Himself openly. The Jews were without the Temple and without a homeland, dispersed among the nations of the world. In western Christian countries especially, they were hated, ridiculed, expelled from one country to another, equated with the devil, persecuted and killed while crying out with anguish to its God “We have sinned, we have committed iniquity, we have rebelled, we have spoken evil-tongue” etc.

Step 28 - And while hiding His face from the Jewish people, as a whole, He allowed the extension of Christianity, even with all its false theology, not being severe, so to speak, with the falsifications formed around the RESH of the name ASHER. All was in 'hester panim', for Jews and for Christians and for the whole world. And none, not the Prophets of Israel or the Sages, of blessed mentioning, could have known that with the coming of the Final Redemption, the first essential work to be done is the Historical Correction of the RESH of the name ASHER of the full name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. Twenty years are given for the Correction of the RESH of the name ASHER and the twenty-first year of the CS represents the true beginning of the velocity of the Fourth Generation.

Step 29 - The time of the name ASHER has been the Hidden Time of the 36 Hidden Suffering Tzadikim, from Mordechai ha-Tzadik until the final Head of the 36 Hidden Suffering Tzadikim, Haim. The Prophet Elijah has been the Head of them in every generation but he is not in the counting and in every generation one of them is the Head of the other 35 Tzadikim Nistarim. Only to these Hidden Tzadikim in every generation, was there no 'hester panim' and God did not hide His face from them. For they are in the light of God’s Sanctity and they possess higher, general souls, neshamot, and they have all suffered greatly with every sort of suffering, for the expiation of the sins of mankind. Great is their secret and great is their power and great is their suffering. The last and final sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim was the Conclusion to the Suffering under the Signs of Isaac of the name ASHER.

Step 30 - Only when the angel of God stopped Abraham’s hand from slaughtering Isaac, was it possible to take the ram whose horns were entwined in the thicket and bring him to the altar instead of Isaac.  But what Isaac, our father, did not suffer in that holy binding was given, as a great gift from God, to be suffered by the Hidden Tzadikim of every generation. The sacrifice of the holy and humble Tzadik Haim represented the Conclusion to that holy suffering which derived from the Binding of Isaac. That was the Conclusion to the historical Signs of the name ASHER and the entrance into history of the final name EHEYE for the sake of the great universal final redemption of mankind.