The Just man serves God alone

The Just man trembles when he pronounces the name of God





The Just man who lives in his faith does not steal a minute of time from his neighbor



Step 1 - And yet not the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning or Mordechai ha-Tzadik or the Hidden Tzadikim or the Messianic-People of Israel is called the Second Man of the Redemption, even though Mordechai ha-Tzadik is the second Goel of the Jewish people. Only Jesus, Christ of the Christian Nations, is established by the Completed Signs as the Second Man of the Redemption. For although the Jews didn’t know it, Yeshua was the Ram sacrificed in Isaac’s Stead. And although the Jewish people did not know it, the souls of the lost sheep of the ten tribes of Israel, for the most part, were saved through that Christian mission. So too the nations deriving from Esau and from Japheth and even from Ham have been saved through Christianity.

Step 2 - In all these the salvation is partial until the true and complete salvation of the Goel Haim, but nevertheless, that great merit of Yeshua’s messianic mission allowed for the coming of the Final Redemption. Jews will be in the joy of finally understanding their past history. The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel will return unto the confines of Israel and the joy of their return is great before God. And the children of Malchitzedek will enter with great joy the New House of Prayer of the FR on the Altar of Malchitzedek. All this will come not only because Judaism has been in existence all these centuries but also because of Christianity’s existence for the last 2000 years. Also without the third great link of Islam, the Final Redemption could not have come.

Step 3 – Jesus, however, is the great surprise of history when the Tzadik Haim is chosen Goel and Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Great Surprise in History is that Jesus was the Ram of History Sacrificed in Isaac’s Stead and it is he who became the Messianic Christ of the Nations. All Christians and all Jews were wrong about Jesus. The Koran understood him better than Jews and better than Christians but Islam is not involved in the Messianic Dilemma. Our heart will be turned over because of the truth of Yeshua’s messianic mission and of the messianic and redemptional Signs that he possessed, taken from the School of the Essenes.

Step 4 - As the Second Pillar was not complete until the FR, so too could we not receive the Virtues of the Heart. The treasures of the Virtues were blocked because the Jewish people did not understand and because Christians falsified the Virtues of the Heart in the context of false theology. For now I love my Jewish brother Yeshua and I appreciate all that he did in that terrible epoch. And Anna Gasparotti who was born Catholic but in the merit of her mother Carolina left Catholicism and Christian belief, now loves the true Jesus very much and she loves the Jewish people and prays for them on the Altar of Malchitzedek. Jesus was the prophetic ‘I’ of history.

Step 5 - He is the only one in history who was forced to speak in the first person because he was totally un-understood by all others. He would have loved to be a ‘we’ but he was forced by the prophetic Signs around him and in him to be ‘I’. I have not come to change the Law or Prophets, I have not come except for saving the lost sheep of the house of Israel, Do not think that I have come to bring peace. Even Jesus’ Disciples did not understand him so that he had no true ‘we’ with them as well. Yeshua was alone with God and God alone understood him and saw the true intentions of his heart. Therefore the prophetic voice of God in Jesus said ‘I have come’ in the first person.

Step 6 - For in that base, corrupt and false-hearted time, there was no true Thou. No one spoke directly and sincerely to God although their mouths declared His Oneness and His closeness. Jesus came to teach them that a simple prayer said with heart-felt faith is much more than a thousand prayers recited without intention. And since there was no true Thou from them there was likewise no true  ‘I’ in them. For ‘I’ am the Lord, Your God who has taken you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of slavery. All in the singular. Thou art a Thou for Me so that I may be a thou for Thee and when I am a thou for Thee I am an ‘I’ within Thee.

Step 7 - In that lowest of all historic periods of the Jewish people, only Yeshua tried to be a man where no men were found and God alone understood his intentions. Only Jesus spoke to God sincerely in that epoch and the prophetic ‘I’ of God was in him. There was no one else with whom to be associated, so that he was forced to say ‘I’, and in this way the prophetic ‘I’ of God spoke in him. All this in virtue of the sincerity of the heart so loved by God. As every aspect of that messianic mission, also this fact of the prophetic ‘I’ spoken by Jesus, has great historic depth that will be perceived by the generations of the Final Redemption.

Step 8 - The prophetic ‘I’ of God in Yeshua, since it was messianic becomes the possession of mankind in the FR because it was so in Yeshua. As the name ASHER binds the first redemption to the FR, so does the prophetic ’I’ of God that spoke in Yeshua become the spirit (the RUAH that derives from the RESH of the name ASHER) of humanity which binds the first redemption to the final redemption. For in truth each one of us must speak to God directly and in truth God alone understands each person.

Step 9 - The subject is deep. Should the prophetic ‘I’ of God in Yeshua be considered more than God’s closeness to Moses, our teacher or more than that of the Final Goel, Haim? It is for sure not so. The unequaled closeness of God to Moses, His servant, is testified to in the Holy Torah. And there is no position more exalted than that of the Goel of Third and Final Universal Redemption. On the contrary, we’ve explained that properly Yeshua represents the Just Man who lives in his faith because he was not on the level of the Great Legislator of Israel for all times nor was he one of the Hidden Tzadikim and Jesus was extremely young when he was killed. The Key to understanding this is the term ‘messianic salvation’. Jesus’ entire being, his history and his words, went out for the world and was received with great love by the multitudes. He touched the ‘spirit’ (ruah) of millions and millions of Christians throughout the ages. This is the Sign that the ‘messianic salvation’ of Yeshua came principally for the sake of the Virtues of the Heart. It is God’s doing. We have no say in the matter.

Step 10 - There was, of course, nothing truly missing from the Holy Torah. It is rather that the fulfillment of the Torah for the people of Israel needed the historic three exiles and three redemptions to become complete. The first redemption was not complete in the sense that it never truly became fulfilled by the children of Israel except for a few ‘minutes’ in its long history. Even Moses saw prophetically that Israel would need a prophet such as he himself, obviously to complete the Prophetic Mission of Moses for Israel and eventually for the world. That was the Prophet Jeremiah who received the New Pact of the Redemption for that time in which it would be revealed because the children of Israel had violated the Pact of the Torah. Also the great ‘hidden’ redemption of Purim was not considered complete because it was the salvation of the Jews who had been exiled to Babylonia but not that of the Ten Dispersed Tribes of Israel.

Step 11 - But perhaps even more essential is the fact that the virtues of the heart which should have been constantly renewed and reinforced, taught, practiced and extended to others did not take place, especially after about 200 years of the Second Temple when, on the contrary, all went downhill etc. As explained, the second redemption that derives from the name ASHER could have become completed by a Great Messianic Salvation issuing from the Second Temple at Jerusalem. Such a salvation, for hypothesis, would have saved all Israel, saved the Temple, become a light unto the nations, and it would have reached the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Such a salvation would have led to the Final Redemption without 2000 years of exile. In that case the second redemption of the Jewish people, Purim, with the return to Zion and the construction of the Second Temple would have become the Final Redemption for Israel and for the world. We would not have had to distinguish a second redemption for the Jews and the Second Redemption for the Nations through the Messianic Mission of Yeshua.

Step 12 - In any case, all this did not happen by way of the redemption of Purim or by way of the Second Temple because the good and virtuous heart loved by God and loved by good people was missing. There was a ‘higher soul’ (neshama) and there was a ‘vital (bodily) soul’ (nefesh) but the spiritual soul (ruah) was missing. And when the spiritual soul was missing which means that it was damaged and corrupted by sin, the higher neshama cannot maintain any direct contact and directive force in the person. Purim, the Return to Zion, the Second Temple and great miraculous Hanukah victory should have been lived in the light of that spiritual soul but it was not so. The last chance saloon of Israel’s redemptional history under the RESH of the name ASHER was the messianic mission undertaken by Yeshua. He came, in virtue of the truth and sincerity that he loved, with the Corrections for the Virtues of the Heart, and was unjustly killed on the crossroads of history while it was decreed by God Almighty that something of those virtues would go out for the nations.

Step 13 - In virtue of the final name of the final redemption in merit of the Goel Haim, we can finally begin to contemplate the history of the redemption within the parameters of the Triple Meditation  and thus may we continually discover new depths in the virtues of the heart that derive from the name ASHER. For in the Design, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE hid, so to speak, the Treasures of the Virtues of the Heart in the name ASHER, even though they would be discovered only in merit of the final name of the final and universal redemption. So deep are the virtues of the heart, so potent, so loved by God, so beneficial to each person and to mankind, that great merit was required to receive them. As Jesus wisely taught ‘Do not throw pearls to the pigs’. The pearls are the virtues and qualities of the heart loved by God. They are also refined, delicate and precise in Judgment. They cannot be appreciated by oinking pigs who wash themselves in mud.

Step 14 - Let us now reflect, within the framework of the Triple Meditation, on some aspects of the second Ascent of Moses on Mount Sinai, that is the middle Ascent, virtually hidden in the Torah (but referred to by Rashi, of blessed memory). As the Middle Pillar represents the Virtues of the Heart, so too the second Ascent is related to those  virtues, as we have received in a new mishnah of the FR. Again we must here realize that in truth nothing was missing from the Holy Torah received in the first Ascent but that reception was not fulfilled by Israel and because of the sin of the Golden Calf it was, indeed, not received until the third Ascent upon Two Tablets, as in the first Ascent. In truth, as said, the first reception of Moses contained everything, the new vital soul (nefesh), the new spiritual soul (ruah) and the newly sanctified higher soul (neshama).

Step 15 -  The new vital soul is that of the body; the nefesh resides in the blood, as known. The Sages, of blessed memory speak about the 613 commandments contained in the Five Books of Moses as related to the 248 members and limbs and the 365 veins and arteries of the human body. Thus through the fulfillment of the commandments, the body of the children of Israel was sanctified and renewed and the new body of Israel thus became an able receiver of the spiritual soul which in turn made it an able receiver of the higher neshama, at least at propitious times. The most essential purpose , therefore, of the Torah given by God in the first redemption was the formation of the new sanctified body of Israel. This, in turn, rendered it worthy to receive the rest according to its merits in serving God.

Step 16 - The sanctified body was a Temple before God, and in that Temple would reside a New Heart and a New Spirit and the light of the soul would descend upon it and in it. At the end of Moses’ first Ascent, Israel erred and made the Golden Calf and was not worthy of receiving the New Sanctified Body, the Sanctified Temple of each individual among the children of Israel. This is the basis to understanding the ‘conflict’ so to speak, between God and Moses, of the second middle Ascent. A sort of hypothetical possibility presented itself to Moses, a kind of ‘but what if’ that had to come out yet had to be rejected because the reality of the situation did not yet allow for it.

Step 17 - Perhaps there was another way to get through the encrustations of the slave-mentality which still plagued the children of Israel? Perhaps there was a way to reveal the virtues of the heart, and since the heart is general to the whole person, the rest of the sanctification would then proceed from the Source of all goodness? In that second Ascent, Moses, our teacher, entered into the Middle Pillar of the Virtues and it was in that Ascent that Moses was given to see the 13 Attributes of God’s mercy. There was, however, no way to resolve the ‘conflict’. To Moses, Head of all the Prophets, was shown the generations of the Historical Design of the Redemption.

Step 18 - Therefore to Moses, in his attempt to reveal the virtues of the Middle Pillar, was for sure affronted with the prophetic vision of the historical Christianity, bound to the name ASHER, that would eventually be extended in the world. In this way, Moses, our teacher, saw what happened when something of the Virtues of the Middle Pillar became revealed without the true sanctification of the Body to contain them. The Virtues could be contained only within the context of the True Laws of God because the Law represented the sanctified body that gave a true context to the virtues themselves.

Step 19 - To Moses, our teacher, was shown the roots and results of historical Christianity so that he might understand the ‘secret’ of the Virtues in Exile. The Virtues revealed, without the guarded truth of the Second Commandment (in particular), would all go into exile. The intentions of the Virtues of the Heart would be given to other gods. Goodness would be done but not on behalf of the true One God, Creator of the heavens and the earth. The root of this was Israel’s sin in the golden calf to which the intentions of the Virtues had been erringly given. So too a Christian golden calf would be greatly extended among many nations.

Step 20 - The children of Israel would be in exile among those nations and would retain their identity and many would be mixed into those nations, losing their true identity. So immense would be the force of that historical golden calf in the midst of those nations and so influential its doctrinal construction, that towards the end of Israel’s history, in the time of the last days of Judgment before the historical time of the FR, also a part of that separated Israel would fall into the terrible sin of the Final Golden Calf of History, the Doctrine of Emanation. It is hardly strange that to Moses, our teacher, Head of all the Prophets, be shown in prophecy the golden calves of history, just some days after the sin of the golden calf had actually been committed.

Step 21 - To Moses, therefore, was not given permission to reveal the Large Tablets of the Virtues but there are, nonetheless, many verses in the Holy Torah that derive from the Kabbalah of the Middle Pillar, such as the 13 Attributes of Mercy revealed to Moses and written in the Torah or in such a verse as ‘tamim tehiye ‘im ha-shem elohecha’  ‘Be of a pure-simple-complete heart with the Lord, your God’. The prayers of Moses in his seeking forgiveness for that sin were all part of the second Ascent. (See Exodus 34, 14 ‘for you shall not bow down to another god (EL AHHER - the RESH is enlarged - allusion to the ‘other god’ that came out of the RESH of the name ASHER).

Step 22 - The second Ascent actually began before Moses came down from the mountain, as it states ‘And the people saw that Moses tarried in his descending from the mountain’. Likewise the laws given in chapter 34 and the laws of the conditions of the ‘renewed brit’ (pact) were of the second Ascent. The allusion is in the Hebrew word ‘BOSHESH’, generally translated ‘to tarry’; but it may be read ‘BO-SHESH’ - ‘In It are Six’. The tarrying of Moses was due to the SIX that Moses began to perceive towards the end of the first Ascent. What is the ‘SIX’? This alludes to the name ASHER which in small gematria is 6. (ALIF = 1; SHIN = 300 which in small gematria = 3; RESH = 200 - in small gematria = 2: together = 6). As Moses ended the period of the 40 days and nights, the time, so to speak, began to slip over into the time of the second Ascent of the second name ASHER in which is contained the Six Great Signs of the Reconciliation and Redemption.

Step 23 - Moses, of course, did not know that there would be a second Ascent and then a third Ascent. As he prepared himself to come down from the mountain, he began to perceive visions from the Six Great Redemptional Signs hidden in the Signs of Isaac of the name ASHER and in the marvel of that revelation, he tarried for some hours. Unfortunately, the Satan used that extra time to wreak havoc on the minds of the Mixed-Multitude. It was thus between the end of the first and the beginning of the time of the second Ascent that the great confusion and the sin of the golden calf took place. It was thus in the second Ascent that the need was born of heart-rending prayer, repentance, profound feelings in the love for God and the need to reveal in oneself the virtues of the heart.

Step 24 - The Six Great Signs of the Redemption are themselves bound to the Virtues of the Heart of the Middle Pillar because the Six Large Tablets of the Redemptional Signs will not descend except for those whose heart is filled with the virtues loved by God, virtues, as we are explaining rooted in the hidden name ASHER. (the New Reception, Kabbalah, of the FR is also bound to Big Fish Leviathan who ACCOMPANIES all the new commentaries on the Signs. It is thus also Big Fish who reveals, aside from the Great Signs of the FR, the Large Tablets of the Virtues of the Middle Pillar. It has taken some 3500 years for a part of mankind to be considered sufficiently virtuous or at least potentially virtuous to merit to the time of the incredible revelation of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.

Step 25 - The felicitous meditation of Moses, magister noster, on the Six Great Signs of the Redemption and the Marvels of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Resurrection that they contained, turned, unfortunately, into the desperate attempt to correct the RESH of the name ASHER. For as Moses looked into the Historical Design after the sin of the calf and he saw the idolatrous errors that would represent the golden calves of history, he saw then, as now it has been given us to reveal, that the Terrible Convergence of History would come out of the RESH of the name ASHER.

Step 26 - There is an allusion to this, I believe, in the laws of chapter 34 given in that second Ascent in the Large RESH of the word AHHER. For you must not bow down to another god (EL AHHER) for ‘KANA’ is His name, He is EL KANA (the Jealous God). It refers to the Large RESH falsified in the first revelation of the RESH of the name ASHER.

Step 27 - In that second Ascent, Moshe Rabbeinu was not always on the mountain. Sometimes he was on the mountain in discourse with the Holy One, Blessed is He, and sometimes he was in the Ohel Moed that had been removed and placed outside of the encampment of the children of Israel. And he gave over messages to Aaron and to Joshua for the people. It was towards the end of the second Ascent that God said to Moses, “Carve out two Tablets and write upon them that which  was written on the first Tablets”. In that way, Moses was already ready with the Tablets of the third Ascent and he understood that the third Ascent would be similar to the first Kabbalah of the first Ascent.

Step 28 - It was not possible to reveal the Tablets of the Kabbalah of the Middle Pillar of the Virtues of the Heart. It was necessary to establish the sanctified body of Israel solidly and historically before they would be able to receive the full Kabbalah of the Virtues. In truth, all history proceeded secretly under the Signs of the name ASHER because this name binds the first name to the final name. It is thus the name ASHER that ‘binds’ all history. The historical Design, however, could in no way be understood until the revelation of the final EHEYE. This fact is an essential aspect of the Great Amazement revealed with the FR. All history returns to the solidity of the sanctification of the body by way of the New Law and with the New Law is incorporated the new revelation of the history of the Historic Design of the name ASHER.

Step 29 - The history of Israel from the time of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, returns for understanding. There begins the hidden history of Israel because all humanity would have to know in the end the truth of the 36 Suffering Hidden Tzadikim of every generation. The Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, returns for the Final Redemption. The prophecies concerning the FR, the Final Goel, the Final New Pact etc. come back to be understood with the coming of the Final Goel Haim and the Completed Signs of the FR; they could not be understood previously. Those redemptional and messianic prophecies could be studied and general opinions formed but the entire context of the FR is New. The Completed Signs were not in the world before.

Step 30 - The SHIN of ASHER was revealed at Purim and hidden in the Megilat Esther, as it states ‘and it was in the days of Ahhashverosh’. King Ahhashverosh was a Brother to the SHIN as he was Poison to the SHIN, depending on the Merit of Israel. Mordechai ha-Tzadik received the Tradition of the SHIN and with the Queen Esther together elevated the merit of Israel and made Ahhashverosh into a Brother of the SHIN. For 26 centuries the SHIN has been hidden in the Megilat Esther and with the revelation of the Completed Signs also the SHIN of the name ASHER is renewed. In this way the Purim of history returns to be written in the Stars of the Final Redemption. So too the meaning of Megilat Esther is the Revelation of the Stars’.