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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok ha-Hhadash - the Law of the Final Redemption

30 PASSES - These are 30 Tablets of 30 Gnomen each

representing the Heart of the Law of the Final Redemption

contents - the sanctification of God’s name, against the ‘Witnesses of J.’, against the profanation inherent in all false doctrines, against vulgar speech, the Correction of the confusion of the tongues by way of the prophesied New Tongue of the Final Redemption -

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Gnomen 1            The First Commandment commands faith in the true tradition. The Second Commandment commands faith in the true doctrine of the pure monotheistic faith. The Third Commandment commands the sanctification of God’s Name by never pronouncing it in vain. This is the sanctification of the fear of God. In essence the First Commandment is in loving God Himself for the miracles and the salvation which He brings. The Second Commandment is in the fear of exiting from the true faith. The Third Commandment is in having the fear of God’s Name with enormous respect and in the fear of terrible punishment for not respecting the sanctity of God’s Name.

Gnomen 2                In our generation, the foremost perpetrators of this extremely grave sin, openly and to the eyes of all, is the large group known as ‘’’’J-e-h-o-v-a-h’’’’’s Witnesses. It is forbidden to pronounce the  Name ‘’’’J-e-h-o-v-a-h’’’’’ or ‘’’’G-e-o-v-a’’’’’ or ‘’’’Y-a-h-w-e-h or any other rendition of this Name, representing the Tettragrammaton or Four-Lettered-Name of God as it is written in the Torah and throughout Scripture. Those ‘’Witnesses’’ transgress the prohibition of the Third Commandment, of not pronouncing God’s Name in vain, every time they pronounce it, and, aside from individual punishment, there is a terrible punishment that awaits this group as a whole in this Fourth Generation during the formidable period of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. Also those who have acquired Bibles which have taken to write the name ‘’’’Y-a-h-w-e-h’’’’ instead of the more conventional God or Dieu or Dio etc. should be careful not to pronounce this name as it is written, but to substitute it with one of the conventional names in reading the Biblical passages out loud.

Gnomen 3          Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: (dream 347) - Daniel dreamed (July 11, 1988 - Milan) that he was below a Church with CarmineSaul and with a Witness of J. The Witness said to Daniel, “You, with what name do you call God?” Daniel answered, “EL SHADDAI, as the Jews”. The Witness was surprised by this answer and wanted to say something but before he could speak, a voice was heard from above that said, ‘Woe unto the one who pronounces the name of God in vain, for God will not forgive whoever pronounces His Name in vain’. The Witness became very frightened, hearing these words. -

(dream 850) - Daniel dreamed (March 13, 1993 - Sombrero) that he was woken up by someone extremely frightened by a dream in which were seen 3 days of Shabbat, the wrath of God and an new bus. Daniel explained the dream: the 3 days are 3 sins that unchain the wrath of God; among these three is the Shabbat unrecognized by the ‘Witnesses’ and by Catholics (these are 2) and the ‘Witnesses’ who profane the Name of God; the new bus represents the New Revelation which the ‘Witnesses’ do not possess. - -

Gnomen 4              Grave is the sin of the ‘Witnesses’ not only because they constantly pronounce this Name (the fact that their pronunciation is not exact means nothing; it is their intention in pronouncing this Name that counts) but they pronounce the Name of God in the name of their Neo-Protestant doctrines which are false and idolatrous. Thus they truly pronounce the Name of God in vain, in the total vanity of their own false theology, God save us. That they are in truth against the True God of Israel is also demonstrated by their doctrinal hatred to the Sages of Israel, deriding them and their words while accusing them of having caused the downfall of Israel and thus of the whole world, especially because they prohibited any pronunciation of the Tettragrammaton even in reading the Torah and in prayer after the destruction of the Second Temple.

Gnomen 5         The truth is that the Sages, of blessed memory, acted wisely, knowing that the exile of Israel meant living in the great impurity of idolatry among the nations and that only the Final Redemption would eventually come to purify the world of idolatry and of all impurity, rendering the time propitious for renewing the pronouncing of this Holy Name on the conditions that will be given at that time. That time, we believe, will not be until after the period of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, for until then the purification of the world is not completed. There is also the prophetic warning that clearly indicates the sin of the Witnesses  (Isaiah) “Woe unto those who rejoice in the Day of the Lord” etc. Look at the faces of the Witnesses when they mention or speak about the Day of the Lord and you will clearly note how they rejoice in it, believing themselves the only ones who will be saved, waiting anxiously to see the wrath of God pour down on all the miscreants of their doctrine; and  they think they are worthy of being saved, having been given the secret of pronouncing God’s Name. They are inwardly so arrogant and all that they do is so hateful before God Almighty that He will destroy them at the very end when they will be ecstatically enthusiastic in seeing how many others have died and believing even more firmly in their own victory. Then shall the Wrath of God destroy them in thirty consecutive days and their evil will be burnt out forever. Amen.

Gnomen 6              It is explained at length in the Five Tablets of the Pact that the First Commandment represents the Tradition of Moses; the Second Commandment represents the Tradition of Yehoshua Bin Nun and the Third Commandment represents the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. It is known that the Prophet Elijah was heir to the blessing of the Pact of Peace received by Pinhhas in his great jealousy for the sake of God’s Name, when he killed Zimri and the Moabite wife he had taken against the law. So too the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, was sanctified before God in his jealousy for the pure faith, against the idolatrous profanation of the followers of Baal. Likewise the Third Commandment represents the jealousy of God against those who profane His Name on other gods. After the Prophet’s sacrifice was taken by God on mount Carmel, the people proclaimed ‘God (the Tettragrammaton) is the Lord (ELOHIM)’. Previously they had said ‘Baal is ELOHIM’. They had profaned the Name of God on Baal.

Gnomen 7             Thus we see that also calling the Name ‘God’ on a false god is a profanation of God’s Name since ‘God’ is used as representing the True Creator of the Universe. Thus whoever uses the term God or Dieu or Dio or Deus or Theos or Allah etc. or any of the Hebrew Names of God in Scripture, in reference to another god which is not Truly God, profanes God’s Name and pronounces the Name of God in vain. So is it when Christians use the term God or Lord on Jesus, they are profaning the Name of God on Jesus and they are pronouncing God’s Name in vain. It was not possible for Christians to understand this before the Final Redemption, but now all people must come to terms with the Great Corrections contained in Sefer Mishnat Haim. The time is open to understand and to correct.

Gnomen 8                 Much, much worse is the profanation of God’s Names as they are written in the Torah on the Sfirot and Partzufim of the Zohar, God save us from their excruciatingly painful error in the bosom of Judaism. They profane the Holy Names of God, placing them on the various Emanations of the world of atzilut and every time they pronounce them they are ‘lifting up God’s Name in vain’; God save us from the tragedies which have befallen the Jewish people due to the falsification of the true tradition in the Book of the Zohar and all the Kabbalistic Schools and Currents and the Hassidic Movements and Currents that derived from it in the last 450 years. As there are no words to describe the tragedy of the holocaust, so are there no words to describe the infamy and the shame of those rabbis who erroneously ‘sanctified’ those idolatrous theories in the Last Days of Judgment of the Jewish people without any true understanding of all that was happening.

Gnomen 9                After the problems of false theologies which ‘automatically’ lead to the error of calling God’s Name in vain, although unintentionally, we must jump down to the question of what in Italian is called ‘bestemmiare’ or the profanation of God’s Name in common vulgar speech. For if the First Commandment is in the sanctification of the heart and the Second Commandment is in the sanctification of one’s understanding, the Third Commandment is in the sanctification of speech. Concerning that which involves false theologies that cause God’s Name to be taken in vain, God save us, this cannot be corrected until the historical correction brought by God Almighty in this Fourth Generation brings down forever those institutions which propagate such falsehoods.

Gnomen 10                    For those who are bound to those institutions we cannot speak. Ours is to reach all individuals, not to invade the camps of prevalent institutions. That is the work of Heaven, not ours. To that which to all, we must warn of the ignorance that sweeps people under the thick carpet of vulgar speech. In the streets people profane God’s Name from the pure vulgarity to which their tongues have become slaves. Without thinking they lash out words against Heaven and they possess no wisdom to be afraid.

Gnomen 11              They demonise their speech with frivolity of the devil and they render their tongues filthy with stinking vulgarity. And they are totally unaware of the sinful dirt into which their spirits are sunk. All true thoughts are obfuscated by the bombardment of lower realm vulgarity against their thought channels until no thought is left without a vulgar comment of the tongue.

Gnomen 12                    And from lower realm vulgarity stream upwards rivers of stinking waters to bathe the tongue in liver imagination. Of itself the tongue would be disgusted but it is fooled by frivolous laughter which renders banal all serious thoughts and weakens the sight of reality and turns the world into a straight-man to arm the jokester with lines of futile chuckles. And from the pits of un-sagacious waters, the fear of God is closed out and no thought above a joke has any bearing. Then man is left by himself to churn the fetid waters into the butter of his heart and into the cerebral cheese which blocks true mental flowing.

Gnomen 13                 The plight of mankind’s distortion is the great Tower of the tongue’s confusion. For mankind turned away from God, the First Cause of all, and sought its own power in the consolidated language given by God, to make itself a name, reforming the expressions of God’s attributes to fit the form of the Rebellious King Nimrod. Such was the cause of the Great Descent of Mankind’s Language. See how they are bound; the descent of mankind’s language is perfectly rooted in the profanation of God’s Name for vainglory and self-importance.

Gnomen 14       The Final Fourth Generation also represents the Great Correction of the Confused Tongues rooted in the sin, the judgment and the punishment of that Fourth Generational Tower of Confusion, in Shinar, Babylon, some 4500 years ago. Never-like-it in the past and never-again-like-it in the future, the Final Double Fourth Generation sees the opposites in juxtaposition as judgment begins to descend to judge all false language and all false constructions. All the great buildings and the great linguistic constructions, unfit for the language loved by God and for His service, will be judged and will fall in this Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 15               Never before has there existed in the world the amazing level of progressive technology to enhance the scope and range of world-wide communications. But never has the world been caught up in such a total linguistic confusion as in that generation in which the Prophesied Clear Language arrives. Nor will such confusion ever come unto the world again after this Fourth Generation. But after the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, progressive technology will again progress to fulfill the purposes of the coming generations.

Gnomen 16                    See, then, how the opposites abide now, thrown together in the Double Fourth Generation. For all is doubled in the Fourth Generation, on the opposite corners of the great world ring, and their final great battle is the plight of the Fourth Generation, until there comes the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord for the great decisive judgment of those constructions that are hated and those constructions that are loved. All judgment is unto the Lord on that great and terrible day. Who might not be afraid unless arrogance has sucked his mind asunder.

Gnomen 17               Come unto my chamber, Fragments of the Tablets, for you are most beautiful when you are pieced together. In you the New Language is loved, in you the New Humble Brain is refined by the delicacy of your touch and the hesitant wisdom of guarded lips. Take unto yourselves the fragrance of new visions in the signs of Completion from the Lord, our God. Make the judgment on yourselves and cast out every false construction. Begin afresh in piecing together the polished White Fragments of God’s New Law and together you will find your own unity in a beloved construction.

Gnomen 18                Throw away your street tongue once and for all and wash it from the many impurities that have passed its un-guarding teeth. Hear what you say and say only that which you have heard in the verbalized thoughts of your New Humble Brain. Listen to yourself before you speak and do not let the culprits pass the border until you have approvingly sanctioned their entrance into the world at large. Hold down your rising breasts until you are satisfied with the purified milk that you are ready to give to your own child. Let the Lord feed you with a tongue of justice so that, in yourselves, you may displace the other half of the Double Fourth Generation. Amen.

Gnomen 19             Do not raise the Name of God in vain upon your lips, for He is the Holy God of Israel, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, and in that great and terrible day of His Holy Might, He and His Name shall be One. For only until that day it is yet possible that in the mind and heart and mouth of people, He is one thing but His Name represents another god and the words used by people profane the truth and cut off all contact with the truth of His Holy Name. All becomes profane in this Fourth Generation until His Holy Name will be feared by all in awesome trembling.

Gnomen 20               Keep your tongues clean from saying ‘Thank God’ in dirty places or in disrespectful garb. Keep the name of God away from your tongues in whatever language you speak until you know and feel what are saying. Do not let your ‘thank God’ be a meaningless repetition of routine sentence gap filling. Be aware of Whom you are speaking about when you mention the Name of God and sanctify your faith with the fear of His Name. Then you will be among those loved by His Name which will be One with Him on that day.

Gnomen 21               For millions upon millions of fragments of the confused world language have entered into your brain, millions of pieces of fragments which do not fit together. Undo your linguistic ties therefore and replace them with the Fragments of the New Tablets of the Final Redemption and rejoice in your New Tongue which binds together past, present and future, being the New Clear Language promised by God. Let your tongue tell of the Redemptional Stars and rejoice in the New Universal Language. Be a helper unto the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and become a pupil of the Final Goel, Resurrected, the Teacher of Life, Haim.

Gnomen 22            Be afraid of your tongue if it speaks by itself, for no one can stop it but you. Weigh down your tongue with lead weights until you have found the equilibrium between speaking and staying silent. Do not allow uprising thoughts from the heart to pass your throat. Swallow them in conscious frustration until you feel the sweetness of your own ruling power. Take yourselves into the reign of the New Will Power which sits at the stern of your own salvation. Know what you say and why you are saying it and be the king over your tongue in the Light of the New Language sent by God Almighty for hurdling you over the obstacles of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 23           Betake of the fruits of the redemptional news and make a new tongue for yourselves from the White Marble Virtues of the Kingdom of Heaven. Pray for the redemption of your shattered tongue from the dispersed fragments of unending confusion. Take up the New Language of the Sacrificed Ram and of the House of Seven Floors of the Third and Final Redemption and make a Temple of your body in the Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot. Use the Donkey’s brays to keep you humble and if you have a doubt as to what word to use, try braying for a while until it comes to you.

Gnomen 24                For this is what the Lord has done, He has maintained His promise and has sent the New Clear Language which corrects the Great Confusion of the Tongues. In which language is the New Clear Language? In every language, for each language into which it is translated gives over the same New Clear Language. Where does the New Language begin? It begins with the names of the Six Signs, Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption, Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, Sign of the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot, Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, Double Sign of the Fourth Generation and Sign of the New Construction, and the Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim. All these new terms are the basis of the New Clear Language.

Gnomen 25          Does this New Language derive from the Torah? It is prophesied in the Prophets of Israel who represent the continuation of the Tradition of the Torah. In fact, to the Six Signs of the Final Redemption are added the Seven Prophetic Circles, each Prophetic Circle having one of 7 names of God: EHEYE ASHER EHEYE ( I Am That Which I Am or I Will Be That Which I Will Be), ADONAI TZEVAOT (The Lord of Hosts), ADONAI EL ‘OLAM (The Eternal God or the Lord, God of the World), EL HHAI (The Living God), EL ‘ELYON (God on High), ADONAI ELOHEINO (The Lord, our God), EL SHADDAI (God Almighty). All these names are in the Torah; only the name EL HHAI is taken from the expression used by the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. These names are ancient but in the context of Seven Prophetic Circles, they take on, so to speak a ‘new prophetic existence’ for the sake of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 26               What is the relationship of the New Clear Language to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning? For the Prophet Elijah is the one chosen (1) to announce the Final Redemption with the coming of the Final Goel (2) to bring to the world the Keys of the Great Reconciliation (3) to open and to bring the New Prophetic Tradition of the Fourth Generation. Each one of these requires a New Language which will be understood by the world and acceptable to all. One would thus say that it is the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, who brings the 6 Great Signs of the Final Redemption because they answer to the New Language that must be brought by him.

Gnomen 27             The Signs and the New Language, however, existed in the Treasure House of God even before the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. It is that these Keys to the Final Redemption were part of the great heredity given to the Prophet Elijah with the promise that, at the time when the Final Goel will be chosen, the Prophet Elijah will give these Keys over to the world. For the Signs themselves and the New Language with them are ‘completed’ only with the coming of the Final Goel who is then, so to speak, ‘inscribed actively’ in the Signs themselves and who fulfills his mission by way of them, sending the marvelous news and teachings in dreams to those whom he deems worthy to participate in the Mission of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 28              What is the relationship of the New Clear Language to the said New Tongue which entered the world by way of Christianity? This is a relationship which must be studied for comprehension since the New Language that issued with Christianity is totally corrected by the New Clear Language of the Final Redemption. The relationship between them, nevertheless, is a direct one, as explained throughout Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book which Astounds - Petal 5 of Sefer Mishnat Haim) that Christianity represents the historical point in history in which the Initial Redemptional and Messianic Signs came out for the world by way of the Mission of Yeshua, son of Joseph and of Miriam. The prophetic justification of that Initial Mission which, in essence, fails, as explained at length in Sefer Ha-Mafli, is the last prophecy in Malachi.

Gnomen 29                 This is the truth, but in practice the forms of the Initial Signs, as they were passed down in Christian tradition,   became so distorted and idolatrously falsified that it can be said that, more than any other element of past history, it is properly the Christian terminology of those Initial Signs that formed the basis of the great linguistic confusion that exists today. In Jewish tradition, on the other hand, the basic terminology is Torah and is correct. Only concerning redemptional and messianic terminology there is great confusion, such as Goel, Messiah, the Messianic days, the New Pact, the Kingdom of Heaven etc. Unfortunately, even the basic terminology of Judaism has been totally falsified in all the so-called kabbalistic and hhasidic texts by way of the false idolatrous doctrine of the Ten Emanated Spherrot and Five Emanated Partzufim of the Zohar.

Gnomen 30                Since we are speaking of the Final Redemption, the fact that the redemptional and messianic terminology of Judaism is confused means that also for the Jewish world, no less than the Christian world, it is absolutely necessary to take on the New Clear Language and to review the entire tradition in view of this New Marvelous Language. It is likewise true that, even though the terminology of the Initial Signs, distorted in Christianity, must be totally corrected in the Completed Signs, yet the essence of certain important terms are understood more through Christianity than through Judaism. These are namely the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim. In any case, the New Clear Language is New for everybody and the learning of it itself is part of the Great Reconciliation brought by the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. And even with Paul’s spirit we may say without hesitation that until now the Lord, our God has closed us all into error but this was for the sake of enlightening us all in the Marvelous News of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, the Teacher of Life, Haim.