The Just man serves God alone

The Just man trembles when he pronounces the name of God





- The Just man who lives in his faith does not steal a minute of time from his neighbor





 The Just Man who lives in his faith does not swear or take oaths but if he is forced to by the situation, his oath is exclusively in the name of God.


Tablet 10 - THE JUST MAN who LIVES IN HIS FAITH does not desire even that which he possesses how much less so that which belongs to others

Step 1 - For the son of the Law is a just man who lives in his faith when he possesses the depth of the virtues of the heart. It has been much a question of letters for my Donkey appetite, letters that are attached to the forms of the Signs and to the their wisdom. In 1999 when I was writing the these Tablets in hand-writing, I tried to be a smart Donkey with prophetic letters, so I said, “Let me just think of some matter about which I had n’er pondered and most probably it’ll come out prophetic; ‘cause Donkey letters make words that make prophetic sense. It’s a question of SHUSHAN Luck.

Step 2 - So I kicked up my spirit and picked up my eyes with my nose and told the fuzzy clouds to hang on tight. And behold some passing Star-angel whispered in my ear with mirthful glee, “What about the Papal Indulgences? Make something out of that”. Wow, what nice expensive Tickets to Paradise from so generous a Pope. “You’ve got to pay for it now” said the Pope “but it will save you from a hell of a lot of trouble in the end. Don’t worry about a thing! What am I here for if not to help Saint Peter with his Gate-decisions! Secure me your pocket and I’ll secure you your Gate with my own signature. Don’t worry, no one says no to the Holy Father; they’ll have to let you in. Even if you’ve sinned a lot and you’ve got no intentions to stop, daiga nisht, that’s what Papal Indulgences are made for.

Step 3 - Is it not amazing to contemplate such holy power. Even sin itself has no place before him. Even the angels of hell cannot betray his bidding. “Nicht zo” said Luther, “Who does he think he is, Christ on earth! I’m gonna hammar him down to size at Wittenberg’s Gate with a whole lot of nails that just ain’t so indulgent. How in hell can he sell Tickets to Paradise when he’s sitt’n in the hell-pits of greed and falsehood!” He was a serious guy that Luther he was, and his German was no soft brand of tongue. Then he Latinized it out in 92 Complaints and hung them up on the Church-door for history’s judgment. He was a real cool Monk with hot ideas but he sure didn’t like the Pope’s concubines.

Step 4 - “Well” I say, “this is all quite interesting but we Donkeys, excuse the expression, just don’t give a hoof about the Papal Indulgences or even about Luther’s great courage and sincerity. No one needs us to tell this story, it’s history on record in a thousand books. But wait just a minute, for sure we’re into Correction. Paul himself, responsible for the Roman Catholicism, most certainly must have hated to the gills such indulgent Popes and probably Luther, in that moment of history, was a brother in his eyes. But why should Big Fish Tablets waste space on Pauline sentiments at this stage in history?

Step 5 - Wait a minute. If the Catholic Church was cut down to size by Luther’s Reform, especially for the Papal Indulgences, and even Paul was happy for that, but what about the other half of the job to be done? Well, 92 is Tzav - Turtle, in Hebrew, but is it for slowness that Catholics not know even one? Nah, it’s not for slowness but for Logos-lag, even Protestants couldn’t undo the Logos-bag. If Papal Indulgences destroyed half a Church and Luther’s Injunctions created half a Church so maybe it’s time to complete the Correction! What then might happen if a Donkey decides to write the Final Indulgence of History? Have you ever thought of that before?

Step 6 - But for whom? That is the problem! Does someone among us need indulgence? There she is, my friends, there she is! Look at that Double-Golden Lady whose half is splender while the other half spits venom on every injustice. Is she a Donkey or a Horse that Marvelous Tail who threatens to blow the house down when nervous anger takes hold of her Tail as White-Horse stands there all blustered trying now for years and years to figure out what she’s angry about? For sure he too needs indulgence but he’s a Man-Horse and must stand up for himself. It’s the Great Tail of the Donkey that needs indulgence! She’s the one that need be forgiven, dear friends, for whatever she might do.

Step 7 - At first, let’s get a few things straight before taking on this Last Historical Indulgence. I am not, never was and never will be the Pope! I don’t even have a Church, thank God! O.K. so I made a Sign; it’s not my fault; it came in a dream. So I stepped onto the balcony to greet the faithful flocks and said, “Also I wish you a good Easter”. Not so bad for a simple Donkey! I was, well, something like the Pope in those few seconds, no? And it’s good enough for indulgence, I would say. Like don’t forget, I got Donkey-License and I can’t get out of that! It comes with Correction-Right and Star-Card affiliation and even Jacob-Commitments after Esau indulged on those lentils.

Step 8 - I’ve even got some remedies for History-Lag, especially when it comes to Lag Be-Omer, like if your making fires to celebrate, you should at least know what Zohar to burn! I also merited to Toe-Cramps from breaking down Ashlag’s Emanation-Ladder with my pretty, little Donkey-Paws! Sometimes I've been too indulgent with myself, it’s true, but could I write an Indulgence if I didn’t have that sinning-stuff that all repentance needs? I’ve indulged for sure, with good intentions, mind you, but I’ve indulged. With Animal-Delight I’ve Donkeyed my Donkey-License into the channels of Profound-Donkey-Indulgence.

Step 9 - But I do not dance in the jungle with shoes on even if snakes have poisoned the cities and shed their skin on unsuspecting and innocent souls. Therefore be assured, all future Donkeys and Tails alike, I shall never again write an Indulgence after this one. This is the First and the Last Indulgence written and granted by the Donkey who eats Bread. And only the Original Double-Tail of the Donkey who eats Bread can receive this Final-Papal-Indulgence of the Donkey. It is a gift for her yelling and screaming out  bloody curses on the injustices that she sees in the world. Otherwise she is very sweet, I can assure you. Take it from the Donkey who eats Bread.

Step 10 - Are we speaking then of Paradise, my love, but only after a hundred and twenty years, hopefully. Your sins are all forgiven, Noda Bi-Yehudah, you are cleaned from all the past. Domenico Manigrasso, from the other world, places his hands on your head and forgives you all your sins and the forgiveness of God Almighty remains upon you, for you have been granted this Last Historic Indulgence to officially end the Star-Cycles of all Traditional-Christian Churches. Yell out your curses as you like; they will all fall on enemies and will all go in favor of the Final Redemption. So have I pinned up my Indulgence on the Tail of the Donkey.

Step 11 - When that hopefully very far-off time will come, you will show them this Indulgence of the Donkey who eats Bread and you will be ushered into the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven without any further ado. And so the world will come to know your uniqueness; for no Papal Indulgence has ever been valid and except for this one-time Donkey-Indulgence, no such an Indulgence will ever be written or made again. This Indulgence is valid only until the year 2119. So, dear Double-Tail, don’t worry. You can even get nervous and yell as you like and say whatever you want. You’ve got Indulgence-License now for the sake of the masses. Get angry as much as you desire and throw down the enemies of mankind!

Step 12 - And as for White-Horse who, as said, could use some Indulgence himself to make him really White, may the Lord, our God, have mercy on him and forgive him his sins and his errors, amen! But he will also be helped by this Indulgence to his Proud-Mane. For when she yells, he will see the walls of history come tumbling down and he will wake up from long History-Slumber and take up his course among the Builders of History, among the Lovers of Peace and Justice, amen!

Step 13 - And I make here a small Paul-Pause to bring down my point. Paolo is better than Paulus, Paulus abandoned the merit of his circumcision (Philippi) in order  to live in the spirit of Christ. Paolo abandoned all theological Christianity and made the circumcision in order to live in the spirit of the Final Redemption brought by the Goel Haim. Paulus abandoned the ‘altar’ of Judah to take up the ‘altar’ of the nations. Paolo arose to the Altar of Ephraim to be the first son of Rachel to return to the confines of Jewish Tradition in the light of the Universal Redemption for all the nations. Paulus left Israel and sealed the separation between Jews and Christians. Paolo came to Israel and sealed the unification between Jews and all those of Christianity who will eventually belong to the Altar of Malchitzedek. So our Paolo is most certainly luckier than Christ’s Paulus of the Roman Church!

Step 14 - Do you see, then, how the SHIN of the name ASHER becomes the SHIN of SHUSHAN to bring down Purim-Costumes in which to conceal some quite lofty Stellar purposes of Donkey and White-Horse language? And yet all this comes from the Mighty Correction of the RESH of the name ASHER which also brings the SHIN to its fullness in the FR by way of the CS. And when the SHIN and the RESH again come together after so many years of non-comprehension, then we have SHAR to sing the New Song of the Final Redemption.

Step 15 -

            My Tail has been forgiven all her sins

            as many as the hair upon all chins

            For she’s the Double-Tail, ye get it,

            She’s the masses, don’t forget it

            Indulgence, Lord, the masses wait for You

            Forgive us, Lord, and let us see it through.

            The Double-Tail can rant and yell all day,

            she only helps keep enemies away

            For she’s the Double-Tail, ye know it

            Her soul’s high but she don’t show it

            Indulgence, Lord, the masses wait for You,

            Forgive us Lord, and let us see it through.

Step 16 - I heard a program on the radio a few days ago of some Christian religious group, I didn’t catch the name, who are, I would say, neo-neo-neo Protestants. They believe themselves the truest and purest form of Christianity in existence (which form of Christianity does not!). They believe in God, in Christ, in the Holy Spirit and in the Holy Scriptures. I was amazed or at least quite surprised to hear how they lambasted not only the idolatry of the Catholic Church and of the Pope himself but also that of all other Protestants. They refuse every type of image, crosses, statues, Mary-Cult and Saint Cult. Purists!

Step 17 - Their discourses were filled with the living experience of God’s Providence. At the same time, they derided unabashedly every idolatrous usage of the other Churches. They felt themselves wholly purified of all other Christian error throughout history. What surprised me most was the adamancy with which they spoke against idolatrous usage and doctrinal idolatry without being able to come to terms with the Trinity itself. This is, of course, true of all Protestants and Neo-Protestants but here the clarity and outspokenness of their anti-idolatry thesis were quite distinct from other Christian Churches. They spoke also of their constant historical research in discovering the roots of idolatrous cults and usages of the other Churches.

Step 17 - I knew the answer from beforehand and yet I could not help pondering on the matter; how had the Trinity passed the borders in such an anti-idolatry environment? But that’s the way it is; if you take away the Trinity from even the purest form of ‘Christianity’ the deification of Christ falls away and any other definition of ‘Christianity’ loses the impact of the Messianic Mission of Christ as received by all Christianity. The historical Trap of the Trinity closed ‘Christianity’ into itself so that ‘Christianity’ could have no identity without the Trinity. No reasoning could help. The faith of Christianity and the faith in the Holy Trinity were sealed totally into the same faith.

Step 18 - Only the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and the Great Final Correction of Christianity undo all forms of theological Christianity while furnishing the completed understanding of the Messianic Mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations. Perhaps the only exception among Christian groups who claim to undo the Trinity, although in truth they create a new theology even worse than the Trinity, are the Witnesses. We need not speak of their ideas. They have created a false Kingdom of disc-spirited Parrots. The Completed Prophetic Signs have denounced the Witnesses in no uncertain terms. They are hated by Heaven especially because of the manner in which they deride the Talmudic Tradition! They will be destroyed during the second half of this Fourth Generation.

Step 19 - That will be during the terrible period of the Day of the Lord because of their stupid, foolish and arrogant ‘love’ of that Day believing that only they will be saved. Before the eyes of the world, they will be wiped off the face of the earth, those who do not exit from their clutches before it is too late. They hate the Jewish people and Jewish Tradition. And as the foolishness of other neo-Protestant groups such as the Unified Church of Armstrong, they do not believe in the other world of the souls. It is strictly prohibited in Prophets to rejoice in the day of the Lord, for it is a day of death and mourning, a time of affliction and pain, a time of scarcity and destruction. It is because of the rejoicing of the Witnesses that they will be given time until that period and then they will be destroyed before the eyes of the world.

Step 20 - There is, however, a world of sincere Christians, with good intentions, who have tried to make heads or tails with the theological conflict between the Christian Trinity and the pure monotheism of the Second Commandment. But they do not know how to break down john’s Logos nor can they manage to recede from Paul’s messianic-deification. It is similar to the religious Jews who have taken on the Lurianic Kabbalistic Language of the last 400 years. You cannot convince them that the entire gamut of the falsely called Kabbalah from the Zohar of Spain to the kabbalists of Tzvat to the Hasidic movements in Poland and Russia to Habad’s false messianism, all derive from a terrible theological error, the Doctrine of Emanation.

Step 21 - If one understands the total falsification of the true faith of the Torah through the Doctrine of Emanation, he will readily discard 400 years or even 700 years of false Kabbalah and will return to the simple and pure monotheistic faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If, on the other hand, one believes in the Zohar and in the World of Emanation and in the entire kabbalistic chain based on Emanation, you cannot bring him back to the pure faith of Israel. So too in Christianity; if one understands the inherent falsehood of the deification of any person in existence, you can undo for him the Trinity, the Logos and Paul’s Divine Messiah. Otherwise, from now to kingdom’s come, you will not be able to convince him differently.

Step 22 - In the Jewish dilemma, those who read and study those kabbalistic texts become ever more convinced and among Christians those who read the New Testament are ever more convinced, whether by John’s Logos or Paul’s ensnaring comparisons. Jews who read the New Testament tend to laugh it off because of the blatant idolatry it contains but the New Testament writings are, nevertheless, extremely potent. The force of the faith of the writers are in them and the Letters of Paul are among the most forceful. The Jewish Circumcised Pharisee in shunning the advantages of those commandments and considering them disadvantages compared to receiving the new life in the Messiah Jesus is stunningly effective because of the heart-felt sincerity of Paul.

Step 23 - Paul’s fall on the road to Damascus, his vision of Jesus, his conversion, his struggle, his suffering every kind of death for the new spirit that he now lived in, touches the heart of faith. Also the changeover of heart from his being a Pharisee to his love for Christ is overwhelming and illuminating. I speak of this here for the purpose of mentioning the important Correction of Paulus that recently came after concluding Esther 4 and beginning Esther 5 both concerning the war against John’s false Logos. Anna Gasparotti dreamed that Peretz in order to make a Correction on a young Christian girl (she was in a place where once a church was found) wanted to cut off her tongue. Anna realizing the drastic consequences of such a cut, took up, instead, a type of mouth-spray, squirted it into the girl’s mouth and resolved the Correction without any harm or danger or disadvantage.

Step 24 - The meaning in Short-Cut Donkey style is this. For 16 years of the CS, until the ‘destruction’ of the Logos of Esther 4, I had not established nor had I intended to establish the term Christ of the Nations. Because of history’s idolatrous use of this term, I didn’t think that it had to be reconfirmed in any manner and that our explanations of the true Messianism of Yeshua were sufficient. I probably should have considered more closely the fact of the Goel Haim’s usage of the term Christ in the Sign of the Stars but I had considered that usage for the purpose of the Correction. In any case the non-understanding in the CS, until they are resolved by the signs themselves, comes in general because a previous understanding would have impeded important and essential aspects of the question. Here the Logos, which more than any other New Testament force had established the deified Christ, had to be destroyed more definitively and this was accomplished in Esther 4 in the war against the false-Christ plagiarizer of Lucania.

Step 25 - With John’s Logos cut down and all the false Christhood that it had created, I was hardly in the mind-framework to re-establish the term Christ. Therefore the dream of Anna came to demonstrate that Peretz by cutting out the term Christ was cutting off the Christian tongue; this was clearly counter-productive in having to affront the Christian world. So Anna, first Priestess of the Altar of the Nations, herself born Catholic, was given the honor to perform the Correction of the girl’s tongue without cutting it off. I established the term ‘Jesus, Christ of the Nations’ as final in the Final New Pact of the FR in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.

Step 26 - This fact, however, of establishing the term ‘Christ of the Nations’ does not represent the Correction of John the Evangelist because the destruction of the Logos is a total destruction. The only Correction of the Logos is its total destruction whereas the Correction of John’s 4th Gospel is of another level which may be synthesized as the new understanding of the true and final position of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel Haim, which is the finalization of the Initial Sign of Christ, Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. (see in Italian Giovanni l’Evangelista senza lo Spirito del Verbo) Instead, the final fixing of the term ‘Jesus, Christ of the Nations’ does represent the Correction of Paul of Tarsus. It was Paul who opened Christianity to the nations so that Jesus become the Christ of the Nations.

Step 27 - But something was yet missing from the Correction of Paul. The Catholic Church became the Pope’s Church and if Paul’s Christ of the Nations, even though falsified theologically, had now been corrected by the corrected term of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, without any foolish deification, the Institution of the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on earth, had to be undone. Therefore the Donkey got Poped on the Balcony and said, “I wish you a good Easter also I, hee-haw, hee-haw”.  The Donkey had been Poped but the Pope had not yet been popped out of his Vicarious position. Jesus, Christ of the Nations had to be ‘officially’ disassociated with the Pope.

Step 28 - And thus has it come prophetically in these Tablets of Big Fish that the Donkey-Pope write the Great Final Papal Indulgence of History in favor of Noda, the Tail of the Donkey. This is the singing laughter of Isaac that descends to earth by way of the Correction of the RESH of the name ASHER dressed in the appropriate Purim forms of the SHIN of SHUSHAN. For who could imagine that the Donkey’s Indulgence for the Tail completes Stellarly for all future generations the total undoing of the Catholic Church. For as the Horns of the Ram are pulled out of the Thicket, completing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected, distinguishing all that which was false in Christianity and between what was based on truth in Christianity, Isaac, our father laughs with joy at every true step of the Great Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, that is coming for the world, in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.

Step 29 - May 20, 2003; Iyar 18, 5763; Lag Be-Omer; Battle of the Fish 28; Bersheva: As I speak here, in re-writing these Tablets on computer from my manuscript of 1999, about the Laughter of Isaac, I am reminded that today (May 19) in the afternoon, I dreamed Jerry Louis; he was young and he asked me for a blessing; I stood up (we were sitting together at a table) and blessed him in the name of EL SHADDAI asking for him as well a blessing for his marriage (or perhaps for finding the right woman to marry). He was very happy about this blessing. Then I said to him, “You must be very careful, however, to keep your eyes open and not let others consume all that you possess”.  - - I don’t yet know what the dream means but it makes me laugh anyway.

Step 30 - Above I spoke of Toe-Cramps in breaking down Ashlag’s Ladder. Tonight we all went out with the children and Moshe Bardi to a park of Lag Be-Omer fires and upon the wood we happily burnt two fat volumes of the Book of the Zohar. Ron, a friend of Yehoel, Yehoel, accidentally stepped on my toe. Close to us some other people had placed together large pieces of wood, together with a big wooden ladder in pyramid position ready for its conflagration. I said it looked like the Tower of Babel. But they were unable to get it lit until they took some of the embers left from our fire. As the ladder went up in flames, I understood it was Sign against the Ashlag Ladder School of Kabbalah at Jerusalem and against the great tower of confusion created by the false kabbalah. We made several prayers among which was that the fires of all the madurot in all eretz yisrael be united to burn down and destroy the enemies of Israel such as Hamas and Islamic Gihad and all other terrorist fanatics. Amen and may that it be so. Hear our prayer o Lord, God of Israel. Stand up and be a Man of War to destroy Israel’s enemies, as it states in the Hagada ’In every generation they stand up against us to destroy us and the Holy One Blessed is He saves us from their hands’. Stand up now, we pray You, and destroy the enemies of Israel.