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Sefer Mishnat Haim 

Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok ha-Hhadash - the Law of the Final Redemption

30 PASSES : These are 30 Tablets of 30 Gnomen

each representing

the Heart of the Law of the Final Redemption


contents - hair growing from the brain into the throat

TABLET 9 - 30 Passes





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Gnomen 1              Any person who deliberately gives false testimony, whether to condemn or to condone, spiritually strangles himself or herself.

Gnomen 2               The terrible dream that I had this morning (May, 22, 1997) is related to this Commandment or rather to the punishment of giving false testimony. I had already dreamed in these past days that I and another woman were accused of murder. (from this I knew that I must begin the First Column of the New Law with the tablet of the 5 negative commandments) There was another dream which I believe had to do with adultery or fornication of some sort but I do not remember it. Then I dreamed that I had taken money from a man who left his wallet in a train. Another woman present demanded the half but I was diffident and suspicious and of 15 bills of, let’s say, a hundred dollars each, I gave her 6 and took 9 for myself. Afterwards I realized that, having seen the person who had unwittingly left his wallet on the train, I was guilty. Also the woman came back and gave me the money, saying, “I am already condemned because of this stolen money”. I searched desperately for the man in question to return to him what I had stolen.

Gnomen  3       This morning I dreamed that, God save me, hairs had grown down from my brain into my throat. I had to pull the hair out of my mouth, avoiding suffocation, but I said that it was useless because the hair would continue to grow causing certain death. - -

Gnomen 4          This dream represents the spiritual death of the person who gives false testimony. The hair represents ‘dinim’, the severity which descends from above. ( Hair is ‘severity’ because it is the minimum of life, even less sensitive than a plant. All sins are in effect an enormous insensitivity to the true life given by God) Here the punishment descends from the brain because false testimony is consciously premeditated;

Gnomen 5            It is therefore a sin which pertains first of all to the brain and then to the throat and mouth which perpetrated the action of speaking out that false testimony. The person who gives false testimony is guilty of death in the Higher Tribunal, just as he has ‘killed’ the truth before God and before man, and the calumny of his testimony destroys the victim, in one way or another.

Gnomen 6          There is likewise no correction for his action, if someone has been slandered or condemned due his false-testimony, for he has damaged another person. Nor can he save himself because the damage of that other person continues and grows and the guilt falls upon the falsifier of his condemnation. - -

Gnomen 7                   This hair that grows down from the brain and into the throat, eventually suffocating to death its victim, must also be read into the grave sin of falsifying one’s word’s and thereby causing damage to others. These are the liars who tell lies for the sake of personal gain, without scruples as to the damage caused to others. This is similar to giving false testimony except that it is not before a Tribunal. These are perpetrators of calumny and evil-tongue, unscrupulous sinners hated before God and before people.

Gnomen 8                  But their hair, instead of growing out grows down. As they hide the truth and do not reveal what is truly in their thoughts, so does their hair remain inside, entangling the brain’s thoughts into myriad falsifications, whether psychological justifications or evil cunning. Generally their state of intellectual perception is totally unaware of the entanglements to which they have subjected their entire thinking process, for if they perceived it, they might repent. But these are thought entanglements which bind the memory cells of their evil-doing into rationalized falsehoods, not allowing them to recall their actions for judgement in themselves.

Gnomen  9        These become liars who are unable to say the truth even when there is no reason to tell a lie and even when there is no gain in it. The entanglements of the growing hair reach the throat and suffocate any current of truth, cutting it off from the true breath of life.

Gnomen 10          Let us go on, however, to help those whose tongues are not veracious, not for malicious motivations or for personal gain, but for bad habit or bad education or for character weakness or for mental confusion. They are unable to express things as they truly are. They wish to say the truth but they cover over part of the truth or they distort the truth without realizing it.

Gnomen 11         You will find them constant in this handicap, for they will repeat the same mistakes year in year out. And even when you attempt to explain to them their errors, they may well admit that it is so and that it is a defect and yet they are unable to break the chain of their error. The entangled hair from past untruths so often expressed and from verbal errors inherent in their speech and from promises unkept and appointments unmet, strangles their possibility of retaking hold of worthy and truthful speaking.

Gnomen 12                  These reap with error on their tongues and there are great discrepancies between what they say and what they do. The reality of their speaking does not correspond to the reality of their actions and their actions most often have little potential to full realization. For those discrepancies disturb any true organization in what they do, as is the inner confusion which creates the disorganization in their speech. The entangled hair binds them constantly to the sources of their error. These are not sinners but impoverished victims of life’s many traps.

Gnomen  13          How can you determine a new fixing of one’s tongue? How can you set up new channels of one’s thought? How can you bend such rigidity into a flowing circuit of judicious reasoning? How can you destroy and burn away the hair of mental confusion that descends and suffocates the air passages of verbal rectitude and character fulfillment?

Gnomen  14              T’is not easy! T’is not easy. But alas, not objectives of easy bearing have fallen into this propitious but ominous Fourth Generation. For empty pages are being filled while myriad books of Greek flavor will not tidal the waves of Great Judgement. Comes up a message of the final redeemer, Haim, received by the First Donkey of the Final Redemption in 1985, a message of great hope for the new reckoning in judgement for the Fourth Generation. Here some lines:

Gnomen   15 

There is great hope for all

To you I speak, loved one of my heart,

Do not despair or abandon yourself in yourself

You have been lost

but you may again find yourself;

You have fallen into the traps,

the millions of traps

of a decadent and ill society;

but you can get out,

you can liberate yourself

and you can save yourself;

Gnomen 16

You have lost your faith in humanity

but you can re-find it

and re-believe

You have lost faith in justice

but you can regain it

You lost your faith in friendship,

now you may have it once more;

You have wasted your time

and your energies

in foolish battles

and useless conflicts;

but you may begin afresh

in the New Time.

Gnomen     17

You can be given new energy

and you win over every conflict

within yourself;

You have embittered your heart

with unlimited anguish,

but now you may be given a new heart,

a new white heart

and you can again begin to live;

Gnomen   18                Through faith and with application of the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Final Goel, the Teacher of Life, Haim, one participates in the prophesied New Language given for all the nations. This New Language has the power to form the New Tongue of the New World of the Final Redemption. All the terms used in the 6 Great Signs, the Seven Prophetic Circles, the Ten Virtues are the basis of this New Language and the rest extends from these.

Gnomen   19           The New Language, taken with faith and application, contains the power to reform the mental structure and the mental habits and to form the new channels of thought and expression. For the sake of understanding, when Israel received the Torah, every word became part of the New Language of the children of Israel. This included the oral tradition received by Moses, magister noster and passed on to the people.

Gnomen     20           This did not mean that the words themselves were new because the language itself was already understood by the people. Those words and every expression, however, were totally renewed and re-formed according to the context of the Holy Law and re-defined with impending precision by the oral tradition. The rest of Jewish tradition was built up on and around that language. The New Language of the Final Redemption represents the Linguistic Conclusions to the Holy Tongue revealed at Sinai. The term, for example, ‘Goel Ahhron’ (Final Goel) finalizes and renews and redefines the term and the concept of the term ‘Goel’.

Gnomen   21                   Likewise the term ‘mashiahh’ (Messia) which in tradition became confused with the term ‘Goel’ undergoes it correction and enters into the format of its final definitions by way of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. In general, the entire Law of the Torah is finalized for the world by way of the New Law. The entire tradition of the Prophets of Israel is finalized in the New Prophetic Tradition of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen     22                 The Completed Signs also correct and finalize the New Language which entered the world with Christianity. That New Language was based on the Initial Redemptional and Messianic Signs, in the category of the Signs of Isaac in the Prophetic Key of the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead; all went out confused and distorted as did all Christian theology. The New Christian Language was thus separated and cut off from the traditional Language of the Torah and the oral tradition, but, although distorted, it was the New Language of Christianity.

Gnomen   23                 Thus the Completed Language completes, finalizes and corrects where necessary all the preceding Signs of both Judaism and Christianity. One can see this in the Final Terminology of the Signs, such as The Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot, the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Teacher of Life, Haim. In truth, you need (1) the basis of the traditional language of Judaism (2) the keys to correct the Christian terminology of the Initial Signs and (3) the Completed Signs themselves in order to arrive at the Final Terminology.

Gnomen   24             The Final Terminology is thus a totally re-renewed and new language which answers to the prophesied SAFFAH B’RURAH ‘CLEAR LANGUAGE’ of the Prophetic Tradition. Instead of the Ancient Sanctity of the Torah, this new language is based on the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption and, instead of the terminological errors of the Christian tradition, it gives the true and finalized forms of the Completed Signs. And most important, it describes the New Faith of the Completed Signs for all to understand. Therefore all may participate in the New Language of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen   25                 Since this New Language contains the corrections and re-definitions and finalizations of the Jewish and Christian traditions, the New Language itself has an immense power to correct defects in thought and speech, a power which is totally in the hands of God Almighty who waited for the time of the selection of the Final Goel before beginning to give over to the world the ‘hidden treasures’ of the Kingdom of Heaven. We must only be humble and joyously active in trying to comply with the directives and teachings of the Completed Signs through which the Lord, our God, is speaking to us and making known to us His will.

Tastes of Life:          After writing the above, I was in signs against the false tongues of distorted history, sawing away the hair which instead of growing on the head grows down into the brain to falsify speech. Shortly afterwards Paolo woke up with a dream. He had seen the Teacher Haim. The dream is in correspondence with the Correction of Paul of Tarsus who, unfortunately distorted the New Language of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs to which all Christians have been the victims for 2000 years. Our Paolo, White Horse, come out of the Catholic world, converted to Judaism on the Altar of Efraim and afterwards, with his marriage to Deborah, on the Altar of Judah, is in the Sign of the Correction of Paulus. Therefore the defects of an unorganised tongue and imprecise expressions, of vague discourse and confused thoughts, have plagued him until now.

Gnomen   26                   In his dream, Paolo and I were carrying the coffin of the Teacher Haim into a church. The coffin was placed on a sort of altar, as if to be left there. A table was prepared for us there in the church with good tasting food and there was an atmosphere of felicity. Also Deborah was present and others unknown to Paolo. Then Peretz said, “Look, the Teacher Haim is present”. The Teacher himself was present, standing over the altar. All were overjoyed to see the Teacher; only Paolo, embarrassed for reason of his insufficiency, kept his head down. The Teacher of Life, Haim, then said to Paolo, “You must speak with truth and with justice”. Paolo noticed in a mirror close by that he had a full head of hair (Paolo is almost bald). After this Paolo found himself outside somewhere speaking to Rabbi Laras (Head Rabbi of the Italian Community in Milan). The rabbi asked him how his work with the A.M.C. was getting along and how his work with Peretz was getting along. Paolo answered positively, adding that now the School of Shoshana had been established in Milan. Rav Laras showed interest, saying that he would like to attend. Then he asked why the coffin of Rabbi Wenna was in the church, saying that there was place in the Jewish cemetery. The place where they were standing was now the Jewish cemetery and Paolo saw that Peretz and he had placed the coffin underground. - -

Gnomen       27                   This dream is clearly good news for the correction of Paolo noster and good news for the historical Correction of Paulus. From the Catholic church where the distorted tongue of Paul’s theology reigns, the level of the Final Redemption has reached the point where it can well be accepted by the rabbinate, that is, of recognisable truth and justice, as the Sign received by Deborah ‘On what is the Redemption nourished? On truth. On what is the New Law nourished? On justice. (see Message on Truth and Justice, Tablet 1).

The correction is seen in the fact that Paolo’s hair was ‘on’ his head and not ‘in’ his head. The words pronounced by the Tzadik Haim had completed the Correction. In the historical Correction, Saint Paul, for all the good intentions that he had, was in the category of having ‘given false testimony in the name of truth and justice and thus distorting all subsequent Christian terminology and theology in a falsification of truth and justice. And therefore a true testimony of the Final Redemption given by the Final Goel himself has arrived here during this formulation of Tablet 9.

Gnomen   28              The truth of the pure monotheistic faith is not a two way road and any other faith which distorts that pure monotheism is a falsification of the truth of God and of Divine justice which itself is based on that absolute Oneness. The Christian who testifies to the Trinity is proclaiming. however unwittingly, false testimony in regards to the true faith. He unknowingly transgresses the Ninth Commandment as well as the Second Commandment. On a spiritual level, that triangle thinking is exactly as the hair growing down from the brain which reaches down to the throat causing the strangulation and death of all true thinking concerning the Oneness of God Almighty.

Gnomen  29              Christians falsely deify a man in their thoughts and in their speech. To proclaim that Jesus is God or the Son of God is a false testimony, against the truth of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But the triangle thought bound by the Trinity ties this error up to the triangle of brain, heart and mouth. The Trinity renders it impossible for a Christian to get out of the confusion. Even when he tries to pull the hair out of the throat, attempting to clear the way for clear conception, the false basis of the Trinity, already implanted in the brain, continues to grow down and to intertwine the same confusion until it again overtakes the throat, strangling all hope of clarity.

Gnomen     30               Likewise the belief in the doctrine of the ‘Ten Emanated Sefirot above Creation’ of the Zohar is a sin which proclaims false testimony against the true monotheistic faith. But because of the fact that this is proclaimed by Jews and from within the context of the Jewish tradition, this sin is much heavier than that of the Trinity. So too, the Habad movement, which, as explained in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, is the Hated Fourth Generation to the sin of Fathers of the Zohar, has notoriously proclaimed false testimony, proclaiming a false messiah while distorting the truth and justice of the Holy Torah. All these, the followers of the Kabbalah movements and the followers of Habad, have strangled themselves with the terrible down-growing hair of that false doctrine, reason for which it has been necessary to close those doctrines and the entire Habad movement in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita. In the heavy pages of the Correction of Paulus it is demonstrated, unfortunately, how it was the sin of believing in the false testimony of the Zohar which was the underlying cause to the total strangulation of the Jewish people until its death in the holocaust. Here in these first phases of the Final Redemption, by way of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, on the authority of the Final Goel, Haim, the rest of all Israel will be saved from falling into that fatal pit of spiritual strangulation. Amen.



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