TABLET 1 - Table Whoever defends Jews receives a sanctification


Step 1 - 302 - CarmineSaul dreamed (March 13, 1988 - Milan) that an angel gave him the following message ‘Whoever defends the Jews will receive a Sanctification'. - -

DIARY OF THE DONKEY: June 1, 1998 - Giuseppe came in from Milan in a surprise visit. He had felt somewhat bitter inside for a few days (it happens to Baby-Prophets at times) and he just had to see the Donkey, White Horse and the Tail for a re-charge. There were impediments of traffic and his car got overheated and he had to go to a Gas Station to cool down his motor. Giuseppe noticed that a young fellow who worked there was wearing a Star of David. Giuseppe immediately took out his Star from under his shirt-neck and both stood there showing each other their Stars. Giuseppe asked him, “Are you Jewish?”. “No” answered the young man, “but I love Israel”. “Just like me” said Giuseppe and he announced the Final Redemption and the coming of the Final Goel and even had him read some lines of Siman 33. Also this youth was 33 years old. They became friends and the fellow wants to know more.

It just happened that when that was happening to Giuseppe, I was in the midst of preparing these dreams for this message. More ad hoc than that!

Step 2 - An integral part of the Divine Justice realised on earth during the Fourth Generation is the promise to the Patriarchs ‘Whoever blesses you will be blessed and whoever curses you will be cursed’. This is an all-time truth from the time of Abraham, our father, concerning the chosen people Israel. It is a foremost criterion in the judgement of every soul. Those who hate Israel receive a curse in this world and are cut off from recompense in the world of the souls. They are as dead spirits inside and are called the enemies of God because the Lord, God Himself has had His Holy Name called on the people of Israel, as it states ‘the God of Israel’ and we say ‘God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob’; and it states ‘My son, My first-born, Israel’.

Step 3 - This is known in the Torah and in Prophets and throughout Tradition but it has been corrupted in Christianity and disregarded by Islam. It is, however, the individual who is judged and it is the individual judgement that counts for each person.

The new teaching of Carminesaul’s dream adds something to the generally known concept and the addition is particularly related to the New Justice of the Fourth Generation. It speaks here of defending Israel and of receiving a sanctification. The sanctification involved indicates that Israel will also have need to be defended, whether from anti-Semitism or social ‘dangers’ or even physical dangers. I think the statement speaks primarily of non-Jews outside of Israel. If it also relates to the State of Israel itself, then it has another meaning: the soldiers who defend Israel receive a sanctification just as those who truly study the Torah with the just heart receive a sanctification.

Step 4 - The late Rav Cook, peace be with him, in his teachings on the completeness of Israel by way of the many components of the Jewish people, demonstrated great largesse in his vision, well above the restrictedness in most rabbis of this epoch. Therefore, except for ultra-religious fanatics, Rav Cook was and is still loved by almost all Israelis on all levels of the society.

Here I believe we are speaking mainly of non-Jews who love the people of Israel and who defend them verbally as much as they are able. In many of Daniele’s and Giuseppe’s dreams, they are examples of those who love Jews and Israel and who defend them. Every non-Jew who does such will receive a great sanctification from the God of Israel.

- dream 531 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 27, 1989 - Milan) that he was at School in a class of about 30 pupils. The teacher interrogated a certain pupil named Galasso. In one of his answers, this Galasso began to say things against the Jews. Giuseppe rose to his feet and had Galasso repeat his words about the Jews. Then Giuseppe said, “It is time that this story finish! Enough! Now the time has come in which the person who curses the Jews will be cursed”. -

Step 5 - In another incredible dream, Giuseppe, with amazing clarity explains the position of the Lost Sheep to Jews. The great felicity in this vision is due to the Reconciliation and prophesied Reunification of all the Tribes of Israel.

- dream 352 - Giuseppe dreamed ((July 24, 1988 - Milan) that he was on a beach. Peretz, with a grey and black tunic and the Sceptre of the Donkey, walked around amidst the people. Then he saw all the pupils on a boat. Many people arrived; they were almost all Jewish. After this, now all back on the beach, Paolo took to singing in Hebrew ‘Hhanukat Ha-Hhanukot’. There were many Jews on the beach who followed Paolo and sang with him, making a beautiful chorus. After this, Giuseppe looked at the sun and thought, “This is the Sign of the New Light for the Jews of the New Message”. Then Giuseppe was at home and at his house were many Jews. He said to them, “I am Christian, but I love the Jews and Israel. I hope one day to become Jewish as you, because my soul is of a Jewish root. I am a lost sheep of the house of Israel. Do you know who the lost sheep of the flock are?” He asked each one present but no one was able to answer. Giuseppe went on, “The lost sheep are the ten tribes of Israel dispersed. These have been assimilated into Christianity. We come to be saved by way of the New Pact sent by God, Blessed is He, who said, ‘I will make for the house of Israel and for the house of Judah a New Pact which will not be as the pact made with their fathers’. -

Step 6 - Paolo Fierro, our White Horse, converted in the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption and is responsible for the Altar of Efraim (he is on the Altar of Judah, however, by way of his marriage to Noda who herself was converted and arose to the Altar of Judah through her previous marriage with Peretz). Paolo thus represents the New Jews of the Altar of Ephraim. These are the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel who return within the confines of Judaism by way of the FNP. Here in Giuseppe’s dream, they sing of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot indicating the immense happiness of the Great Reunification on the 7 Floors and 13 Altars of the New House of Prayer.

Step 7 - It is remarkable how the innocence of these New Jews is demonstrated in the following redemptional dream.

(154) - Paolo dreamed (Dec. 18, 1986 - Milan) that he was completely naked and was trying to enter inside a synagogue. He was somewhat worried about the fact that he wasn’t wearing a kippa. Then Peretz came and invited him inside without any problems. Inside, Paolo tranquilly walked around nude. Then he sat down next to the rabbi who was reading from the Talmud. He then saw a Hanukah of 8 candles. Three were lit. Paolo asked if he might light the fourth candle. A Jew, unknown to Paolo, said to him, “Good, but we must do it together, half and half”. - *

* note - sign of the New Jew in the House of Prayer who can even participate in the Traditional Synagogue, if supported by other Jews - through the New Circumcision of the New Pact, one begins a new life as new born, with the purity and innocence of a baby who knows no shame in being naked - this new innocence derives from the Sixth Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim -

Step 8 - In an extraordinary dream of Paolo we see how he defended the Jews before the Religious Ministers of Christianity and of other Religious Ministers.

280 - Paolo dreamed (Jan. 3, 1988 - Milan) that he was close to a lake; there was a boat on the water from which a girl fell and, not knowing how to swim, was drowning. Paolo instinctively dived into the water to save her; took hold of her and then, miraculously, began to walk on the water with the girl beside him. Many people had seen this wonder and were astonished. Paolo, himself amazed, decided to remain incognito so as not to be misunderstood, and so he took refuge, alone, in a secure place where he might speak with Peretz. After telling him what had happened, Peretz said, “It is a strategy from Above; you must gather together the religious heads of the world and announce to them that the time has arrived in which they must stay close to you”. After this, Paolo said to various journalists to get all the heads of the religious organisations of the world together and to transmit in world-vision the speech that he himself would make. Paolo was then standing before all the religious heads of the world and many other important personalities. He began his discourse: I am not the Prophet Elijah, nor am I the Messiah, but I speak in the name of EL SHADDAI, the Lord, our God, the God of all peoples, the Creator. My face is covered, because it is only my words which must interest you, not my person. You have all erred; the same measure of truth that you know is equivalent to the error of which you are guilty. Let me begin with the Jewish tradition, of the Fathers of the faith, the chosen people, that instrument chosen by God to give testimony of Himself. One cannot flee from the historical testimony to which the Hebrew people is protagonist; the Jews have had to support the marvellous weight of the Holy Torah. What other people has undergone such decrees and such humiliations by almost all the nations? Notwithstanding this, the few Jews have always gone ahead, never becoming extinguished, because God Almighty has always been with them; this is testified to in that they have always had a blessing in whatever they did. The nations, however, have never understood this and they placed themselves as judges to judge Israel. They have always erred and did not recognise that only God is the true Judge of Israel.” Paolo then felt that the Catholics were in ferment because he had not yet spoken of Jesus. He reassured them, saying that he would later explain the true history of the messianic mission of Christ. Paolo did not remember the rest of his speech (which was long) . At the end of his speech, Paolo introduced Peretz, saying, “Now I present to you the chosen messenger, the first pupil of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of heaven, the Goel Haim, resurrected for the benefit of mankind”. At this point, Peretz, very serious, appeared, and there was much wonder at his presence. -

Step 9 - It is essential that the nations understand Israel’s position before God. No other nation is called chosen and no other nation received the Torah, as it states ‘Israel is alone unto itself and is not to be numbered among the nations’. There are hundreds of verses of the Torah and of Prophets which exalt, explain and warn of Israel’s selection. If this choice of God is understood, so too the great diversity in judgement between Israel and others can be appreciated. (316) - Adam dreamed (April 9, 1988 - Milan) that Peretz was giving a lesson to group of people among which there were also Israelis. Peretz said, “In that which concerns the events and the happenings in the course of the life of Jews, it is directly God Himself who decides; for that which regards the other nations, however, that which happens depends on its destiny. * That which happens to the Jews is in merit of Abraham”. -

* as it is written in the stars -

Step 10 - The point is one: God is the Judge of Israel. It is He who has chosen them and He who rewards them or punishes them. The nations must all know that even when the children of Israel are punished by God for its sins, they are never rejected by Him as His chosen nation. This is as a father who punishes his son for his misdoings but loves him in his heart and desires only to see his son come back to the straight path. Even as the father punishes his son, however, he does not desire that strangers come to ridicule his son or to add other punishments. On the contrary, the father truly loves the son and he is pleased by those who love his son and who would defend his son even when the father sees fit to punish him. This is what the nations must understand. Christians in particular must first of all undo the fallacious replacement-theology of believing that through Christ, the ancient Israel was abandoned and Christians became the New Israel. This is a destruction of the truth. They must, instead, understand that Israel has carried the pure faith and the true Law of God throughout history while Christianity itself, soon after its inception and progressively, degenerated into a pagan faith and into pagan cults. See what Giuseppe affirms in the following dream.

Step 11 - (772) - Giuseppe dreamed (Jan. 14, 1992 - Milan) that a girl said to him on the telephone, “This voice will be famous and you will be famous”. Giuseppe answered her, “This doesn’t interest me”. The girl said, “Are you then a servant of God”? Giuseppe said, “I try to do my best, thank God”. The girl was now present and Giuseppe held her in his arms and said, “Do you know that one must love Israel because it is the chosen people of God. Look at Christianity which is a sort of pure paganism, completely idolatrous. After these words the scene changed. They were together in a desert in Africa on the top of a tower of a small fortress. Slowly a wind arose becoming stronger and stronger. Giuseppe said to the girl, “You see. This wind was not here before. This wind means that in the heavens there is anger against the nations”. -

Step 12 - The anger against the nations is indicated here as deriving from 2 principle reasons: 1) there are many who hate Israel instead of loving Israel as they should 2) the pagan idolatry woven into Christianity and into the Christian mentality. In the end both Christian idolatry and Christians who hate Jews will be swept away and destroyed by God Almighty before this Fourth Generation is over.

Step 13 - All must therefore strive to love the Jewish people and to respect them and to defend them as much as possible because in this they take merits unto themselves and they receive a sanctification which may very well become forgiveness unto them for other errors. Once the love for the Jewish people and also for the State of Israel is well established in a person, he may then and only then participate correctly in being critical of Israel where criticism is needed. If one does not love the Jewish people, he had better refrain from saying anything about Jews or Israel but if one loves the Jewish people then his criticism is for the betterment of the Jewish people and for its elevation and is to be valued.

Step 14 - Also this is important to understand. It is possible to love the people of Israel and to defend them and at the same time to be critical of what must be criticised. It is the intention that counts. Nevertheless, non-Jews who love Israel will take heed to be slow in criticising and quick in defending the Jewish people. The great difficulty, of course, is that criticism is most often subjective, each person seeing things as he perceives them. There is just too much room for human error in taking a particular stance of criticism etc. unless one has a basis to rely on.

Step 15 - It is for this reason that the Completed Signs also furnish us with information from the Tribunal above so that we too may know what and whom to criticise without fearing the errors of human supposition. Obviously Israel has still to overcome many difficult hurdles and defects in order to reach the redemptional goals established for it and which, we might say, are waiting for it. We of the FNP also have that extremely unpleasant obligation of revealing also those negative messages that come for the sake of correction, whether it concerns politics or the mentality and attitudes of many Jews or defects in comportment and derech eretz of Israelis or the theological mystical pantheon of Zohar Kabbalah or the victims of fanatic hassidic groups. One thing therefore is the Jewish people as a whole and another is to know the defects of various groups within it.

Step 16 - There are some things that touch politics if we must know them. Some things concern general attitudes that must be corrected and changed. We speak of them throughout Sefer Mishnat Haim concerning the New Spirit of Reconciliation. Others concern the false doctrines come to deface true Judaism and they must be totally destroyed for the sake of Israel’s redemption, as explained at length in the Book of the Five Tablets of the Pact. Others concern the various fanatical groups, mostly from the Hassidic branches, that are detrimental to the Jewish world. Habad is the worst and this entire movement is hated by the Tribunal above but there are other Hassidic movements and other fanatical movements not exactly of Hassidic roots which damage Judaism and, unfortunately, they do harm to the souls of innocent victims. All these will not last in the times of the Final Redemption.

Step 17 - Let us look then at some of the prophetic dreams of the Fourth Generation that give over information and warnings so that we may distinguish between the general love that one must hold for Israel and for the Jewish people and between that which, nevertheless, is to be criticised and even hated for Israel’s benefit.

(612) - Giuseppe dreamed (Nov. 30, 1989 -Milan) that he was in America in New York. He walked along the street and observed many people. Then he saw that there was a Jewish funeral directed by Lubovitchers. He placed himself behind them without letting himself be nervous. He heard vulgarity * and curse words exit from their mouths. There was a Lubovitcher with a black hat and long beard who was even worse than the others in vulgarity. Behind him there were children of 7 or 8 years old and also they used vulgar language. Giuseppe reprimanded them, saying, “You are Jews; you are commanded to speak in a correct manner. You are commanded even in the correctness of your thoughts!" After this Giuseppe felt something pricking his arm and he saw that the sky was filled with locusts. He called out, “Famine, famine!”

*Aside from the literal sense, the Lubovitchers also have subtle ways of expressing vulgarity and subtle ways of cursing and aside from this there are also other levels of interpretation concerning their vulgar language and their hatred for others.

Step 18 - (678) - Daniel dreamed (April 19, 1990 - Milan) that he saw Jewish children playing. Some fellows passing by saw that they were Jewish and they pushed them away. Daniel, seeing this, rebuked the children, saying, “With all the anti-Semitism around now, you go and place yourself in danger”! After this, Daniel was in a room with Jewish youths. One of them acted with feelings of superiority. Daniel said to him, “According to you what difference is there between you and me before God. Perhaps you don’t have two eyes as I have or one nose and one mouth? Or perhaps you have four eyes and two mouths? Both of us need food to live!” The youth, hearing this, lowered his head. There was a child who was disturbing the conversation. Daniel criticised him and said, “Yes, you are Jewish and I am not. You are circumcised and I am not. You belong to Israel which is the chosen people of God. You are a light among the nations. Without Israel there is no Red.” One of the boys present asked, “What does the word ‘Red.’ mean. Daniel answered, “Redemption. In order to be part of the H.o.P. * one must remember all these things”. The boy said, “But are you speaking in Code”? Daniel answered, “Yes, for the moment”. -

* House of Prayer - this was the period in which we had no permission to say the names of the Signs and terms as they are, but only in code. The reason for this was to purify them from the margin of error of the first six years- This also alludes to the fact that in Israel the Redemption will be revealed in a ‘hidden manner’ from the School of Esther, presently at Bersheva. See here another dream of Daniele concerning this: (815) - Daniel dreamed (Nov. 8, 1992) that he had a blister on his right hand. Involuntarily his hand hit something and from the blister a spider came out. Daniel then told the happening to Peretz who explained that the spider had built his house under the skin and, when the time arrived, he came out. This meant that the House of Bread had been secretly prepared for Israel and when the time would come it would be ready to surface.

Step 19 - Notice the particular strength in these dreams deriving from the fact that both twins, Daniel and Giuseppe, are not Jewish but they love and appreciate the Jewish people and desire its perfection. Here is a dream which relates to the correction of Israel’s heart by way of the New Revelation of the Final Redemption and the New Heart that it contains:

(832) - Giuseppe dreamed (Dec. 26, 1992 - Sombrero) that he felt himself in a fierce struggle with the spirit of his heart. After this he was on the sea-shore. He entered the water and put his hand down to pull out a stone; he took hold of it and as he looked at it, he realised that it had the form of the Tablets of the Law; he opened it and inside there were incisions with Hebrew signs and hidden codes. Giuseppe then gave the stone to Peretz with enormous joy and in a very emotional tone said, “This signifies that Judah has re-found his heart". -

Step 20 - There are also strong criticisms of lacking spirit and lacking derech eretz and even worse attitudes.

(193) - Adam dreamed (April 22, 1987 - Milan) that he saw Peretz in via Kramer number 33. Peretz said with a loud voice, “This old house is like the Synagogue; if it is not renewed, it will pass through serious difficulties”.

Step 21 - 305 - Peretz dreamed (March 24, 1988 - Milan) that he was in Israel and walked together with Sarah close to the sea. Peretz said, “See what a bad sign there is; the water of the sea is not moving at all”. It was night and the atmosphere was severe and sinister. Now Peretz walked alone and searched for a place to sleep. He found a place with a young married couple, two young Israelis. He thanked them for their hospitality and thanked God for all. The husband, however, looked with suspect. Peretz went to bed and he dreamed several visions. In one he saw this husband with his friends, all of Ashkenazi extraction, as he. They made fun of Peretz considering him religious. One of them put out a cigarette on Peretz’ hand with disgust. Peretz reprimanded them saying, “It is not because you are not religious but because you haven’t the slightest fear of God”. In another vision, Peretz walked along a street and a Sephardic Jew began walking along side him. On the ground there were many rocks, covered with caramel, designed with lines of chocolate, all as if confectioned to be sold. This person said something to make conversation but Peretz didn’t answer and instead lifted up one of these beautifully ‘confectioned’ stones showing caramel and chocolate outside but being totally un-eatable due to the stone that it covered, and he threw it away. Peretz woke up in the house of this couple and said, “I have received prophetic signs. In 2 or 3 weeks Israel will have to pass through a grave danger. Unfortunately” he explained to the woman, “there is a decree on Israel because of sins; among the Ashkenazi there are many who have no faith at all, their behaviour is horrible, they are egoistic, without love and without respect for others. And among the Sephardic Jews there are those who behave with sweet formalities on the outside only covering over a stone interior” Peretz added that from the dream he understood that her husband treated her badly whereas she loved him and that such was an unfortunate trend in Israel now. Now this husband came down stairs treating Peretz with disrespect and insisting that he go away immediately. The wife did not agree but she was forced to do as he commanded. Peretz woke up. -

Step 22 -

466 - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 20, 1989 - Milan) that a voice said ‘God knows (recognises) a Jew not by a symbol that he carries but by the faith in his heart and for the simplicity of his faith (temimut).

468 - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 23, 1989 - Milan) that she was about to cause an accident on the road ( probably not looking where she going). Then she realised her mistake and went away. She was followed by a boy who said to her, “You must be careful, you put people in danger like that. I hate the Zohar”. Deborah understood that he was Jewish and said, “I too hate the Zohar, and, if you like, I’ll show you a book written by a Yemenite sage who explains the idolatry of the Zohar”. Deborah then showed him the book and asked him his name. The boy answered that his family name was ElGafeh. Deborah was very surprised that he had the same name as the Yemenite sage. She brought him to Peretz who immediately began to instruct him in the New Message. -

Step 23 -

598 - Paolo dreamed (Oct. 28, 1989 - Milan) that he was with Peretz and some other pupils of the New Pact in the centre of Milan. He then saw three Lubovitchers who were running and a brown horse who ran behind them. Afterwards they were together with these Lubovitchers on a tram. Peretz said that it was the moment to act now. Paolo went to sit in front of them and said, “I know your doctrine of the Zohar; it is an idolatrous doctrine which has nothing to do with the Second Commandment”. One of them said, “But look, our faith is monotheistic”. Paolo answered, “It’s not true, because you say that the Rebbe, God save us, makes a body with God!” * Peretz then went over to them and spoke with them calmly. -

* see documentation in the Reports - the expression in Italian used by them in an article was “Il Rebbe fa corpo con Dio” -

Step 24 -

793 - Paolo dreamed (May 30, 1992 - Sombrero) that he was with his mother, his uncle and Mr. David Banin. They entered a Catholic Church. Inside there were Christians and Jews. The Christians made the usual sign of the cross, while the Jews, strangely enough made the sign of the Star of David. The Jews had a place reserved for them towards the back of the Church. They wore the Taleth but their behaviour was not serious. Some fooled around, some slept under the Taleth; it was as if they had no other place to go. Sig. Banin was ashamed of the situation and tried to hide himself. Also Paolo had on the Taleth and was anguished and sad. The Jews present in the Church were those of Milan.*

* the Jews were in Church - alludes to the fact that Christians have more respect in the Church than many Jews in the Synagogue - they might take a lesson from them.

Step 25 - (869) - Adam dreamed (July 7, 1993 - Bersheva) the difference between those of Likud and those of Maarach. The two parties had assigned to Adam the responsibility of arranging the furniture of a store. Adam had come a bit late to his work but the work itself was 100 percent. Those of Likud were intransigent and wanted to send him home. On the contrary those of Maarach were tolerant and patient. -

Step 26 - We received, in Israel, in 1990, the signs of Likud’s inside corruption and of its bringing Israel to war whereas the signs praised Shimon Peretz for his diplomacy. When Yitzhak Rabin, peace be with him, was killed, the world was swept up in a strong feeling of love for him. This was from Above and soon afterwards I received a dream in which Yitzhak Rabin was invited to eat at the Table with the Final Goel, Haim, and his wife Sig. Mazal, peace be upon her soul in Gan Eden. With the election of Netanyahu, the signs said that he was responsible for the killing of Yitzhak Rabin.

Step 27 - Clearly the signs supported the peace-process and Maarach against Likud. After one of the terrorist attacks, soon after Netanyahu’s election, the signs said ‘Stop, enough. There are too many reshaim and sonei yisrael (evil-doers and Israel-haters) who must be destroyed before the peace process can continue.’ We understood from these signs that the election of Netanyahu meant ‘let there come a rasha to do the dirty-work that must be done’. The dirty work, in particular, was the ‘death of Hhamas’.

Step 28 - So too in a dream, Adam saw Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peretz. Adam wanted to go with them. Yitzhak Rabin said to him, “You can stay where you are now and eat tranquilly and afterwards you can come with us”. This is the situation until now (June 1998) here will be a change for the better, hopefully, after this government falls but for the time being the peace-process cannot go on amidst the hatred of Hhamas and similar groups. Things will happen.

(I revise here May 1, 2006, after Hhamas has been elected, and after the rasha Mahmoudijan has been elected in Iran and at a time when terrible waves of anti-Israeli sentiment plague the Arab world).

Step 29 - 6 - (March 30 - 1984 - Milan) - In his dream, Davide Levi was in Israel. There was great confusion; from every side there were battles, skirmishes, panic, enormous confusion, everyone arguing vehemently one against the other etc. At a certain point, all this stopped and then it changed completely. Then a building was seen, a new and beautiful building from which there emanated peace and harmony. Green fields were seen and many flowers. There was peace and calm everywhere. - -

This represents the Fifth Great Sign of the CS, Sign of the Fourth Generation and Sign of the New Construction.

Step 30 - As said and known, Israel has yet many internal problems to resolve but the solutions and resolutions will come and Israel will mature until it find itself with the Completed Signs of The Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. Let all who love Israel rejoice in the Lord, our God, for He has brought us until here. Thank God, Israel is alive and thriving and in the times ahead it will find its peace with the Arab world at which time it will stand up to destroy the evil, Jew-hating blood of Amalek. Israel’s existence is miraculous and as Israelis and Jews all over the world will mature unto the realisation of their true existence, its history will become more and more miraculous. Let us sing with Baby-Prophet-Giuseppe:

(620) - Giuseppe dreamed (Dec. 21, 1989 - Milan) that he was in Israel. He saw all its territory illumined with many lights. He looked at Haifa, at Jerusalem and at Bersheva. He felt an enormous love for the people of Israel and from his mouth came a song of prayer to God ‘Israel, with Great Love’. -