Step 1 -

(363) - Daniel dreamed (Sept. 20, 1988 - Milan) that he saw in the sky a small red-coloured object which descended towards him, growing larger and finally taking form as it landed close to him. Inside this form was a man who exited and said, “I am the Teacher Haim”. Daniel said nothing and had doubts; he followed and observed him to see all his moves. Entering into a small mensal, where also Peretz was eating, Daniel noticed that Peretz did not change attitude and kept on speaking and joking with the pupils around him. The man who said he was the Teacher went over to a person who was eating alone, began to make signs and then performed a type of magic, elevating 4 spoons and having them descend slowly back on the table. Peretz observed everything and said, “He is not the Teacher, but the Tempter” and the dream finished. After this, Daniel dreamed that he saw Peretz who explained, “Whenever the Teacher made a ‘sign’ he never showed himself to anyone. What you saw were strategies of the Tempter”. Peretz then explained to the pupils the strategies of the Tempter. -

Step 2 - The Tempter comes with ‘miracles’ of his own but they are never true miracles of God; he knows the foolishness of people’s thoughts and uses that foolishness to have them think as he desires. Smart, hah? From where did he get such a power? Well, he was not born yesterday, you know. He is a great angel, the Ancient Serpent. How might he have gotten into the Garden otherwise! He is, indeed, so knowledgeable that he knows the entire Torah as well. He is hardly from below, as many mistakenly say. He is from high above, an angel quite distinct from any other, the only angel, in fact, to have free choice himself.

Step 3 - It’s not so easy to get rid of him. He’s the type that gets under one’s skin, even though he speaks from without and cannot come inside unless he is expressly invited. He plays on human thought all day and riddles mankind into error by night. And yet most people like him very much and, without knowing it, they believe him a friend and do not understand what game he’s making them play. He has much of the world under his clasps and if you want to see one of his favorite houses of prayer, go to the nearest Gambling Casino. The world always falls pray to his showmanship and is ready to pay whatever the ticket costs.

Step 4 - How does he do it? How does he get to everyone? How does he always fool people into thinking that it is they when it is he that is thinking for them? How does he so endear himself to people and make himself so loved? What kind of canny cunning does he incarnate into mankind’s brain so that its gears shift only to the drive he wants? One must give him credit! He is not just good at throwing people down and making them deviate from every merit. He’s a downright genius. He's the great wizard of utilising mankind’s weaknesses.

Step 5 - For sure the world would have been dull without him and insipidness would have reigned supreme. The Lord created him, for He knew that we’d never get smart if there was no clever Snake around to throw us down. The Lord, our God, would not have left us without the knowledge of falling so that we might learn how to stand up again. We don’t want him but we need him, for he is such a clever angel that if we are willing to combat all his approaches, something of his wisdom will eventually rub off on us as well.

Step 6 - At times the entire Torah is called a remedy of spices to heal the wounds that he inflicts. He's very big Snake and, in truth, there’s no fooling around. Oh, how he dances when he makes people angry and throws their spirits down to the ground. He hollers with laughter for the delicious portion that he has gained in fulfilling his command. And we, o humanity, have been his bread and he has eaten us up and down, inside and out. Nor does he tire. At most he just changes costume and continues on well after working-hours. Indeed he’s got those vigorous advantages over us. He doesn’t sleep and his patience is immeasurable. He just waits and waits and waits until the moment of weakness comes and then, just look, there he is again as if no time had passed.

Step 7 - He cannot be eliminated because even cats wouldn’t mate if that angel were dead and people would never get married. In the end there will be some re-proportioning, that’s true, but do not think you’ll never hear of the Snake again. There are too many good purposes that he fulfils for the sake of mankind. The pure results of wisdom and the completeness in comprehension would be totally lacking without him. People, of course, must be wise enough to understand and recognise his strategies. And to be wise, we need some of the Snake’s cunning in order to distinguish what we should and what we shouldn’t. For he already knows it; he’s an expert in God’s Law and therefore he knows how to tempt us into doing the opposite.

Step 8 - He knows each person’s weakness even deep inside. He’s got no qualms of discreteness and he crawls into the thoughts of one’s heart. He gives over feelings of mercy and heart-felt love for that which is prohibited by God. But he doesn’t leave it at that. He conjures up rationales with perfect logic for every forbidden desire that he awakens. Who but a very great angel could have such a snaky knowledge! Who but a poisonous viper of a higher understanding might ever take us in that way! In truth, he is a marvellous creation, that Serpent we must fight by night and day.

Step 9 - One needs a lot of strategies to combat his cunning. The problem is that he’s won so many times. He manages to make people weaker in their weaknesses instead of making them stronger in standing up against his cunning. Oh, don’t ask Israel, his first and foremost target for 3500 years. “You are the commanded ones” he says, “you just won’t get me off your backs like that”! Indeed, he commands many armies and he sends his generals to the nations in his name. But with Jews, he himself never lets up and he uses his highest strategies of all. His generals, however, have learned much from his strategies with the chosen people, so they use them with the nations. The difference is that Israel always gets it first.

Step 10 - There’s a potent verse that says ‘Let the Lord yell against you, o Satan’. As great as he is, this angel just cannot stand these words and when he hears them directed at him, he flees as far as he can. And yet most often, he manages to make people forget the verse until they have already fallen into the pangs of error. He is so clever that he makes ugly skin become so beautiful that it is licked with overwhelming passion. One must have wise guts to understand how he does it all. How does he get inside the person if he is standing from without? How does he know where rationality stops and rationales begin?

Step 11 - Anger is his bread and impatience is his wine. The weaknesses of mankind are his best friends and arrogance is his precious maid-servant. Day and night he relishes his bread and drinks down his wine with hearty laughter. One of his most treacherous wives is called Fear and he sends her into every weak heart and every weak character to create great barriers against rationality and to block up the sub-conscious from facing reality and from seeing the defects in oneself. For sure, he has a degree in psychotherapy and he knows how to twist people’s psyches around. Not only under the skin, then, but under the brain as well! How will we be cleansed from all this and how can we see him to know where he is or where he’s not?

Step 12 - The first strategy, of course, is that you must believe that he exists and know for sure that he is there. This is to combat the incredible strategy he has in making people believe that he is not. What a whopper of a publicity stunt he’s found, “Don’t believe in me and you will have life a whole lot easier and you’ll be as innocent as siblings who know no right and wrong”. How many he’s taken in with this slogan. It works, so he uses it. He’s a very practical angel at that. And yet he fools us again and again and we still refuse to know that he is there. Are we more stubborn than he or he more stubborn than us? And why must we be responsible for what our eyes cannot behold? Don’t think about that one too much because we are, in truth, responsible for many things, in faith, that we cannot see.

Step 13 - I suppose that he’s an ugly angel, I don’t know. I’ve not seen him up close. But that’s because he has a very ugly work to do, to throw down mankind and further it away from its Creator. In truth, it’s not a pleasant thing to do with the selected creation of God. He is, of course commanded, and he cannot go against the Creator and he does his work diligently and with all his force to accomplish the task given him. Perhaps he is beautiful. I really don’t know, but one thing is certain, without him we could never have been able to distinguish between ugly and beautiful. He is the great demonstrator of false beauty and we must study the truth of his ugliness to know the falsehood of the beauty that he shows. Which work is greater, his or ours? I really don’t know; it’s hidden from my eyes.

Step 14 - You cannot slap him in the face so easily. He’s an angel. You can’t tell him what to do. He has the given right to tempt us and to do his best to make us fall into error or sin. You can’t rightly be angry with him for coming but you may get angry at him and send him away. He will wait, of course, until he sees you somewhat tired and slightly slipping into some desire well below the level of mankind’s proper elevation. Then he comes and tries once more. If, however, you are firm in your decision, then you will get angry each time he comes and send him away again. When will it end? When your constancy is stronger than his obstinacy, he will become afraid to come, for it is very shameful for such a great angel to be rejected and made to flee for the word of a human being.

Step 15 - To say the truth, if we may so rightly be amazed with him and marvel at his power and his immense reign, we must, of course, not be less astonished at the power on our tongue. With an intoned word and the right intention, you can send the great Serpent flying to some other backyard. And he, in all his cunning and his greatness, will be afraid to approach you, and you may become free of his poison forever, if you are constant and more cunning than he. You can reach it, though; this is the astonishing fact upon which you might meditate. We, a few pounds of skin and bone, can frighten an angel of God into fleeing! It’s nothing short of powerful, true?

Step 16 - Let us say, you must be courageous, to look him in the face, even if you don’t see him, and to say with belief, in the force of the word of God, ‘EL SHADDAI yells at you, get you far away from here’. I know, it is not easy to gather such courage, especially in this generation of great spiritual and physical weakness. Man does have this force, however, for mankind is chosen to battle his free choice with the free-choice given it. He is so strong because the God-given gift of free-choice is the strongest and most potent gift given to mankind. He is the one who allows us to merit in the use of that free-choice by proposing the worse choices and by making them seem the best. If you ‘yell’ at him, you are exercising your free-choice against his and it will ‘work’ if one is constant.

Step 17 - The fact is that strategies can work only if the person has decided to take on the battle of winning over the strategies of the Tempter. Jews, because of their being commanded, are obligated to take on the battle. Not to accept the battle is equal to being thrown down. Therefore the Sages, of blessed memory, explained that the Torah is the great spice-remedy against him. The spices of the Torah are the tasty pleasures involved in understanding each law or each question of the vast and sumptuous tradition of Israel. These spices are needed to combat the Yetzer ha-ra because one needs to understand many things in order to understand wherein lay the strategies of the contrary tendency.

Step 18 - The nations not commanded in the Torah have a much, much smaller battle to begin with. They are not commanded in the prohibitions of work on the Sabbath and on Holidays. They are not commanded on what they eat or do not eat. They are not commanded in any of the laws of sanctification etc. etc. The Satan has much less to gain with them. Therefore he sends smaller angels to deal with throwing them down but also these smaller angels work very, very well and also they do not sleep and they are brilliant in many areas of illicit desires and abominable actions, of hatred and of calumny and evil-tongue and arrogance etc. etc. As far as I know, there is as yet no problem of unemployment among them.

Step 19 - The fact is that this has little relevancy when mankind reaches the Fourth Generation. Whether of pre universal-flood antiquity or of every other epoch of history, the sad fact remains that, on the general level of the world, either Satan has been too strong or mankind has been too weak, but the portion that he eats is immense while the souls of mankind cry for the merits that they could have gained but lost and people grit their teeth and murmur excuses but the lost rewards for not fulfilling God’s will do not return. We can only say, ‘Thank God that we have reached until here, and now finally in the FR the New Law comes as medicine to all in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. One must begin afresh on this new historic path so that mankind can finally participate whole-heartedly in loving and fearing and serving the Lord, our God. From the New Law of the Tzadik Haim, mankind will learn ‘how’ to gain merits before Him, merits that are valid both for this world and the next.

Step 20 - Be not fooled, nevertheless, even in the best of the redemptional generations ahead. None can elevate himself or herself without passing through the personal battles of the Yetzer ha-Ra who comes to impede all meritorious endeavors. This is the way that one grows and develops while gaining strength and wisdom. This is the way in which mankind is given to demonstrate its being a true man or true woman before God and before the world. One must overcome many obstacles in order to be fully trained. One must know the pit-falls before one can be a guide. One must know the contrast of darkness before appreciating the light.

Step 21 - Great changes will come, however. Even the level of free-choice itself is somewhat diminished after the Fourth Generation because of the Great Revelation of the Third and Final Redemption and with mankind’s return to the just measures in all things. At that time, truth and justice will flow as a great ocean over all humanity. In time, the strength of the opposition is weakened by a mankind that walks upright with intelligence and a pure heart. The strategies of the Tempter will be greatly lessened when finally they become understood by a majority of people in the world. For all his strategies are illusions. It is enough to recognise them for what they are. Until now that recognition has been very hard to come by because the rest of the darkness in the world all around has always aided in being fooled by false lights. Afterwards, however, that power of recognising the root of one’s thought or desire will be greatly helped by the great light of truth and justice that will be in the air breathed by all.

Step 22 - At that time humanity will ‘use’ his strategies instead of being fooled by them. They will use his strategies, however, for positive purposes and not for illicit dealings of any kind. If not for some of ‘his’ spices, men and woman would have no attraction for each other and there would no procreation nor intimate relations. People will find many ways to use his strategies for serving God and not for the opposite. As lies, sometimes they are prohibited if they damage others or if they damage credibility but many good, white-lies are downright wisdom when they come to create peace and are helpful to others.

Step 23 - I have thus explained on one foot all the generalities of Satan’s power upon mankind. The details of his strategies must be learned day by day and experience by experience. If, however, you do not have the parameters of the true faith in the One Living Creator of the universe and the parameters of the Ten Commandments, you will have no reference points upon which to base your judgements and you will not be able to distinguish what is just and comes from God and what is wrong and comes from Satan or from the corresponding yetzer ha-ra (the Evil Inclination) that gets into mankind from the inside. You see then how necessary the Serpent is; he comes to help us stand upright in the perfect faith of God Almighty.

Step 24 - Diary of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: Shabbat 6, Menahhem Av, 5757 - August 9, 1997 - Sign before the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, I called to EL SHADDAI. I signalled that the Yetzer ha-Ra should be present. I said to EL SHADDAI: Lord of the world, how will the pupils progress if the Yetzer ha-Ra throws them down each time. They are not able to cope with this battle against him. Each time he comes and throws them down. They want to progress and they make tremendous efforts to go ahead but the Yetzer ha-Ra comes each time and throws them down and ruins their progress. They are also unable to conduct this battle with the Yetzer ha-Ra. It is not in their bearing.

Step 25 - They are also people who want to live, not only to fight battles against the Yetzer. Are we again in the crucible of Sinai where the Yetzer ha-Ra threw down the children of Israel at every instance? These are a few handfuls of pupils who have passed the crucible of the passed 14 years and the chaff has been filtered, but they are unable to maintain this battle with the Yetzer ha-Ra. It is too much for them. I ask of EL SHADDAI, make a change in the measures, otherwise they can make no progress. I am nothing EL SHADDAI and I know nothing. But You know the measures, EL SHADDAI, and I beseech You to change these measures for all those who come under the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. Is the Yetzer’s kingdom not yet large enough, with the whole world under his clutches?

Step 26 - Yet the pupils until now have had to pass from test to test, from test to test, tests that were extremely difficult for them and those few who have remained have passed every test of fidelity. And nevertheless, the Yetzer ha-Ra whose patience never finishes waits for the moment and throws them into error and all but annuls any progress. Enough EL SHADDAI. I beseech You in the Sign of the True Donkey in the Sign of Tzeref, Man of the Tablets, I do not know how it is but change this measure to the measure that is proper for them for their sake and for the sake of all those who will come.

Step 27 - If those who come might have to pass the tests of these, all will flee from the Mission. Let these have the merit that they deserve and let all those who come to the Mission from now on not have this same merit. Take the 7 Books, of the Family Levi, of Anna Gasparotti, of Adam Kamkhaji, of Paolo, of Daniel and Giuseppe Manigrasso, and of Deborah, the Double-Tail, and take the faithfulness of all the others who have remained faithful, and close the ranks on the old measure and create the new measure, EL SHADDAI, and from now on let there be progress in every sense. Thank You EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is great, EL SHADDAI is One. - -

Step 28 - I have been feeling that this prayer has been accepted (it’s now Sunday) and I announced it to Paolo, Deborah, Shaul, Rahhel and to Adam in Israel. It has been received by them with great joy. There was an indication that there were 250 ‘present’ in the Tribunal when I spoke out this request. That sign was in the dream of Giuseppe which indicated a ‘jump’ of level from 36 to 250. In that same dream Giuseppe saw David in his battle with Goliath. Goliath was so big and tall that his head was not seen. David came and lifted him up and threw him down in victory. I’m a Donkey and quite small, but me thinks that Giuseppe’s dream passed by here early Sabbath after 1:oo in the morning.

Step 29 - Be humble, very humble, with others and within yourself. Do not praise yourself. If you have a good quality, let others say it not you yourself. The Tzadik, Haim, taught me an Arab proverb which translated means ‘No one praises himself except for Satan’. Be neutral in every judgement of yourself; see yourself guilty on one side and innocent on the other, but weigh upon the guilty side first, for wisdom does not come without clear introspection and no introspection will be valid if one is not able to see himself guilty or defective. If one cannot look at his own defects with neutrality, as a judge, he will never understand from which part or which aspect the Tempter has chosen to bring him down. You must know yourself before you can understand what the Serpent is doing with you.

Step 30 - True humility is the virtue needed to see yourself correctly for one must be humble in order not to cover over one’s defects. Whoever is arrogant or self-conceited will not suffer to see defects in himself because he wishes not to have a contrast in the high image that he has of himself. The Serpent then will be able to bring him away easily from the right path because the true path of a person is the one he is on. His own path will be impeded by the defects that are in him. In order to continue in his path, he must correct his defects and then he can go on until the next defect shows its face. If, however, the person refuses mentally to look at himself or herself with objective eyes, that person, not being able to continue on his own true path which was made for him, this will cause him to deviate and to seek another way that is easier or more comfortable etc. Let then each person walk upright on the path of his life before the Creator, knowing that path and loving it and being jealous against anything or anyone who would try to make him lose that precious portion.