TABLET 1 - Message on truth and justice -


Step 1 - 208 - Deborah dreamed (June 21, 1987 - Milan) that Peretz, Paolo, CarmineSaul and she were seated at a table. Peretz asked, “On what is the Redemption nourished?” Deborah answered, “On the truth”. Peretz then drank from a glass and the others drank from the same glass and Peretz asked, “On what is the New Law nourished?” Deborah answered, “On justice”. -

Step 2 - 253 - Paolo dreamed (Sept. 25, 1987 - second day of Rosh ha-Shana- Milan) that he saw a large tree without leaves. A voice said ‘This is the Tree of Justice’ -

Step 3 - The Final Redemption is nourished on truth and the New Law is nourished on justice and the New Law becomes the New Tree of Justice for mankind.

What is the truth of the redemption? First of all and always it is the Torah and the redemption revealed in it. What is justice? First of all and always it is the Torah and the Law of God revealed in it. The Tree of Justice derives from the Justice of the Torah branching out into the history of the world.

Step 4 - The Final Redemption is nourished on the truth of the first redemption and on the truth of the name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE revealed to Moses and written in the Torah. This name contains the truth of the first redemption, the truth of the second redemption of Purim and the truth of the Final Redemption.

Step 5 - The truth of the redemption was also distorted because of the long and conflictual gap between the historical redemption of the name ASHER and the historical Final Redemption in the name of the final EHEYE. The name, however, is a true name of God and it remains for all times in its perfect truth. The historical distortions of Christianity, for example, are corrected in the Final Revelation of the truth of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.

Step 6 - In Judaism, the distortions are mostly in outlook. These are historical distortions created by Israel’s inherent separation. In the last 400 years, unfortunately, theological distortions even worse than those of Christianity are to be found. In the Final Redemption are revealed the correction of those terrible errors that hold Israel back from its redemption as well as the Great New Reform in Judaism which resolves all distorted attitudes and the enormous confusion that the ‘closure’ of Judaism has created. Also Judaism, or rather Jews, must humble themselves to receive the Third and Final Redemption. It is not enough to read the prophecy in Jeremiah. One must believe that, in truth, the Final Redemption brings with it the Final New Pact which is NOT as the pact made with the ‘fathers’ in the past. This is an important truth of the redemption which Israel does not yet understand.

Step 7 - The reading of Torah and Prophets of itself does not represent the truth. The truth is IN the Torah and IN Prophets but many truths have remained hidden until they will be revealed and understood. The Final Redemption brings with it totally New Things unknown before. This is an essential truth of the Final Redemption. It is not secondary because if one is unwilling to search for those new things and accepts only that which he already knows, such a person cannot receive the Final Redemption which is replete with the prophesied New Things.

Step 8 - The Final Redemption is nourished on the truth contained in the Torah itself. Jews are well able to perceive the distortions of Christian interpretations of Torah and Prophets but they are unable to see their own lack of true understanding in the same prophecies. We are not speaking here of halacha but of all that which concerns the Final Redemption. The Tradition itself concerning the Final Redemption is often distorted or at best left unexplained. It is confused, for example, about what the New Law of the FR is supposed to be, although it recognises that such a New Law must be formulated for the nations.

Step 9 - Tradition recognises that the Final Temple at Jerusalem will be a House of Prayer loved by and even frequented by all the nations but it is unable to reconcile the fact that the Temple of the past, even with all the hundreds of laws concerning it from Torah and tradition, is of another epoch, past and gone, and could never satisfy the requisites of the prophesied House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. The fact of not knowing this is no fault. This was a necessary aspiration of Tradition which helped it along for the past 2000 years. The ‘fault’ lay in closing oneself into an idea without being able to listen to another. If one listens he can understand. As the first and second Temples were made in accordance with God’s will, so too the Third and Final Temple is made according to the will of God. This too is an essential truth of the Final Redemption.

Step 10 - There is a gap in Jewish understanding on the question of ‘law’. Since the halacha does represent the chain of ‘official’ Torah Judaism, a traditional Jew cannot envision anything else. It is hard for Jews to understand the ‘messianic’ dilemmas that have to be resolved in the FR. Also the nations who will eventually come under the truth of the FR need a Law to go by. The halacha, as it stands, is for Israel exclusively, designed to be used by Jews. It is very far from being a law for non-Jews. Were the dilemma only in this it would still be relatively easy to resolve. One makes a New Law for the nations, selecting and simplifying known Torah and Mishnaic law. The Jews remain with the halacha and the nations take on the New Law. Hee-Haw. The greater dilemma is that only a small percentage of Jews follow or desire the halacha. And even those who follow the halacha today have broken up into hundreds of factions etc. etc.

Step 11 - The New Law of the FR does not and cannot come only for the nations. The New Law is nourished on the truth of God’s Law. It is the New Alternative Mishnah which can also be followed by Jews. The truth of the FR gives this possibility and reveals the New Law, for Jews, for the Lost Sheep of Israel who return to Judaism and for the nations. The House of Prayer of the Final Redemption is a great new truth revealed by God. It is no less true than all that which was revealed in the first redemption. This is alluded to in the fact that the final name EHEYE is the same as the first name. As the first EHEYE gave over the Law, so to the Final Redemption gives over the New Law. Both are based on the same truth given by God. This is an essential truth of the Final Redemption.

Step 12 - This truth was revealed to us in a redemptional dream, ‘In the first redemption Moses received the Law from God; in the Final Redemption all can receive the New Law. - - In fact, most of the laws of the New Law are revealed in dreams to the pupils of FNP. Nothing, therefore, in the New Law is outside of the Justice loved by God. It is His Law. The manner of reception is very different but both are equally truth and justice. The Lord, our God is One.

Step 13 - Truth is truth and justice is justice. The FR is the completion of the truth of the redemption of the Torah. We have the important Sign of the Torah Enlarged. The Amazing News of the FR completes the Design of God’s redemption. When this Design is understood and historically appreciated, it enlarges the truth of the Torah throughout the world. The great prophetic, redemptional and messianic Design, inherent in the Torah, becomes a universal patrimony. The New Law of the FR completes the justice of the Laws of God in the Torah for the world. The prophecy is extremely explicit that it would be considered a small thing if the truth and justice of the Final Redemption were only for Jews and for the Lost Sheep of Israel. The light of the FR, its truth and its justice, must absolutely be extended even to the far off islands and the extremities of the earth. This is a truth revealed by God Almighty to the Prophet Isaiah.

Step 14 - It is also the proper justice of God, so to speak, that His truth and justice be revealed for all the nations. As the Final Goel, Haim, exclaims, “We are all of the same flesh”. It was the lack of such a justice that made it impossible for the second Temple to go on in history. And because of such a desired justice, the messianic mission of Yeshua had to come out and eventually had to be extended to the nations, to recompense in some way for what Israel had not merited to do. This is the truth but its true understanding requires the new revelation of the Completed Signs. The mission of Yeshua was a decree that issued from the Higher Tribunal of that time in ‘jealousy’ for the justice of God Almighty. In the end, all will admit ‘The Lord, our God, is just, and we are all as fools without comprehension.

Step 15 - It was not the purpose of God’s justice that only Israel know what is right and wrong, what is good and what is bad, what is in agreement to the nature of the world and what is against it, what is pure and what is impure. The nations, however, were far away from any true knowledge of God’s redemption and of His justice. Israel was able to continue its historical course only by way of its separation. The nations were idolatrous and hostile and they refused to believe in the Law of God or to respect the chosen people. Also the nations, however, had their stages and levels of development. The time of the Torah was not as the time of Purim and the entire period of the second Temple was not as the time of the first Temple. Nevertheless, although Israel was ordained to live in its separation, it was also prophetically ‘destined’ to be a light unto the nations. This is an undeniable prophetic truth. The separation of Israel and its Law was NOT in contradiction to Israel’s becoming a light of true knowledge and true justice and true faith for the world.

Step 16 - We are speaking here of true ‘messianic’ logic. Israel has been ‘angry’, so to speak, with Jesus because of the mission that he undertook. But if you see the question justly, Israel is unjustly angry with Jesus in assuming the messianic mission that the ‘messianic’ people of God had refused to do at all. This is the truth and we have received a new mishna to confirm this. Baby-Prophet-Giuseppe received it in a dream. The Archangel Michael, (Ministerial Angel of Israel) declared "Three are called the men of the redemption Moses, Yeshua and Haim." This is a phenomenal affirmation, especially for Jews, but it must be believed because it is true, new kabbalah of the FR. It is no less Mishna than anything in the traditional Mishna.

Step 17 - That It is yet far from Jewish understanding is because the true concept of the justice required by God that Israel’s light be extended to the nations has been closed off to them in all these centuries. When this concept will be truly seen by them, however, they will complete their knowledge of truth and justice. Not even the Tzadik, Mordechai the Jew, who was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, as revealed by the Tzadik Haim, is considered one of the 3 men of the redemption. It would seem outrageous indeed to say such. Purim is the second redemption and it was in itself a complete redemption at that time etc. Of Jesus’ mission, we know too well all its idolatrous distortions in the Christianity that issued and the hatred to Israel that it caused throughout the centuries. And yet it is Yeshua and not Mordechai ha-Tzadik who is called the second ‘man’ of the redemption. Gevalt geshrigen I hear some Ashkenazi Jews exclaim.

Step 18 - It is not my fault. I have not invented this new teaching. We must accept it and then we will understand it. It is explained in the New Message of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ that the general purpose of the need for Yeshua’s mission was at first expressed in his sermon on the mount in Matthew. Two ideas are prominent in this sermon 1) the lamp of Israel that was placed under the table instead of above it for all to see and 2) the justice that had not been done with the poor of spirit, the thirsty for justice and the suffering masses etc. Truth and Justice. Israel had the truth but it was not living in the truth received. Israel knew what justice was but it was not practising it. This is what did not allow the redemption to come. From that Israel no light could be witnessed by the world nor could justice be taught to the nations while in Israel itself most of its inhabitants were treated unjustly.

Step 19 - The intentions of Yeshua were truly redemptional. His was the messianic purpose of admonishing that generation of its falsification of the truth of Israel’s inherent closeness to God and of extending the justice of God to all the people of Israel, not only to the Sages and the Doctors of the Law. These pure intentions and the fact that Yeshua was ready to give his life for them represented a level of truth and a love for justice that were loved before the God of Israel, especially in that dark epoch of history where only the opposite was found. In his jealousy for truth and justice, Yeshua is considered the second of the 3 men of the redemption.

Step 20 - The fact is that Israel was so closed into its separation that it was unable to see the truth and justice of the redemptional prophecies, not only at the time when Jesus spoke of them but for centuries gone by with the Temple standing. This is one of the many reasons for which Israel was exiled and thrown into the caldron of the nations, for in exile it would be separated from but mixed with the nations at the same time. The exile of Israel among the nations, however, also corresponded for the most part to the historical extension of Christianity to those nations. Most of the Jews in most of the countries of their exile were directly faced and most often chastised by Christianity. Only the Final Redemption, when it would come, was destined to resolve the long and drawn out Esau-Jacob conflict. A hitherto unrevealed truth and a new vision of justice would appear in the world, brought by the Prophet Elijah and the Final Goel (erringly King-Messiah in Jewish tradition) which would resolve the hostility and the disharmony forever. Justice would be done and all would follow the truth.

Step 21 - It is so. There are many truths revealed in the final revelation of the final name EHEYE unknown and unheard of previously. Also the justice of God which will be extended to the world by way of the FNP and the New Law is based on the precept expressed by the Final Goel, Haim, ‘We are all of the same flesh’. One great truth of the FR unknown and unheard of before is that the Final Goel is in the New Kingdom of Heaven and that the messianic missions on earth are Donkeys to the true redemptional mission of the Final Goel. The King-Messiah of tradition is, in truth, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. Even the messianic mission of the son of David which will be established at Jerusalem at the time of the Third and Final House of Prayer of the TAFR of 7 Floors and 13 Altars will be directly under the ‘higher unction’ of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel Haim.

Step 22 - The New Law represents the new, final justice of God for all mankind. It completes the justice of the Torah which was given to Israel. The Torah was spoken to Israel. The New Law speaks to humanity at large, recognising, of course, the many particular obligations of Israel. As it is received with us, ‘All that which a Jew might accomplish in terms of the commandments and obligations in the traditional Synagogue, he can equally accomplish by way of the New Law and the New Rite for the Altar of Judah in the House of Prayer of the FR. This is the truth. It comes from God above. It is not our doing. That the New Law, even for the Altar of Judah, is, in many ways, ‘easier’ than the traditional halacha, such, for example, of being able to build the Succah inside one’s house, is a lessening of the severity of the previous sanctification of Israel and it is desired by the God of Israel for all those Jews who do not follow the halacha.

Step 23 - DIARY of the Donkey: June 1, 1998 - Anna Gasparotti, our first Priestess of the Altar of the Nations, called this morning, the second day of Shavuot, with a question. With a long introduction of hope in not being in fault for asking this question, she asked, “Why is it that we say that only one third of humanity will be saved in the Fourth Generation and that two thirds will be destroyed? Since the Final Sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim represented a salvation for the whole world, why must two thirds of the world perish”?

There is a great deal of tmimut and unadulterated sincerity in Anna’s dilemma, even after 15 years of following the Signs of the Final Redemption. Since we are speaking of truth and justice, I suppose that it is ad hoc in this context. Also many others, hearing that two thirds of the Fourth Generation will not make it to the generations of the redemptional periods ahead, might well get confused.

Step 24 - The matter is certainly ‘confusing’ if one tries to think about it. Indeed, it is not really possible for us to imagine it or properly think about it. The brain cannot really conceive of such proportions on a worldly basis. Nevertheless, the question of Anna is quite simple even if it touches a dangerous zone. In effect, she is asking why the merit of the Final Sacrifice of the Final Goel was not sufficient to save the whole world in this Fourth Generation? In truth, Anna knows too much to ask this question but her anguished heart for the plight of mankind needs an answer to stand on and she certainly deserves one.

Step 25 - The justice of God is perfect as He is perfect but it is most often not possible to understand that perfection. Some generalities, however, may help us see the matter more exactly. First of all one essential point must be clarified: the merit of the Final Goel, Haim, whether for the hidden works of his lifetime as the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim and as the ’Hidden Goel’ of the world in all those years, whether for the terrible, final sacrifice that he undertook, or whether as the chosen Final Goel and Anointed Judge of the KOH, DOES NOT TAKE AWAY OR DIMINISH THE FREE-CHOICE OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

Step 26 - We can learn this from the first redemption in which, of the children of Israel, only two fifths were redeemed. Three out of five were not redeemed because they did not believe in the mission of Moses. In tradition it is known that they died out during the plague of darkness. The merit of Moses was most certainly and beyond any doubt sufficient to save each and every descendant of Jacob, our father. It was sufficient also to save those of other nations as proven by the mixed-multitude that went up with them. ) So too, the great merit of the Final Goel, Haim, of itself was sufficient to save and to redeem every individual in the world. This depends, however, on the free-choice of people, not on that merit alone.

Step 27 - At the time of the Tzadik’s sacrifice, there was a decree upon the entire world. We cannot imagine with any clarity the vastness of that decree, except to say that there was nothing similar to it in all previous history, at least from the time of Abraham, our father, until now. Immediately after the death of the Tzadik Haim, I received it that his suffering had been considered a suffering of 35 years and that it had thus annulled that decree and given 35 years of respite to the world. I knew nothing then of the length of the Fourth Generation and only later we received the exact number of years of the Double Fourth Generation in terms of 35 and 30 years respectively. Other Signs indicated that in the first period of 35 years, the Grace of God, so to speak, still remained in the world, whereas, in the second period of 30 years, the sins of mankind would be so great that the general protection of God upon the world would be taken away* and the world would become worse than a jungle of hungry beasts. The great and terrible day of the Lord would take place in that second period, especially because of the sins against nature perpetrated at that time.

* except for the Protection of the FNP - Israel and Jews in general, however, are not included because the Holocaust represented the particular Fourth Generation for the children of Israel

Step 28 - The decree annulled in merit of that Final Sacrifice had given the world 35 years of relative ‘clemency’ in which to observe the Signs of God and become afraid and to return to the ways loved by Him. In this period the FNP of the TAFR descends to prepare the Mission of the FR on earth to extend the news and to warn of the Fourth Generation. The decree annulled by the suffering of the Tzadik, Haim, was thus comparable to the great and terrible day of the Lord. That decree was annulled and the world was given time, 35 years, so that the News of the FR become extended. It is not that the decree annulled was postponed; it was annulled, but, unfortunately, people go on in their way as before. There are many sins against people and against nature and against the true faith in God Almighty, Creator of the universe. These build up again and even though there are warnings and ‘signs’ in heaven and on earth, those whose ways have been so distorted that they do not and desire not to return to Good will be destroyed by the end of the Fourth Generation. The merit of the Final Goel would be sufficient to redeem all people but, unfortunately, only a third of the world truly wishes or is worthy of the redemption, and this itself is with great optimism.

Step 29 - There is an allusion to this in Prophets ( - Zaccharia - 13,8)

And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, says the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third part shall be left therein. and I shall bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on My name, and I will hear them; I will say, It is My people and they shall say; The Lord is my God.

I learned of ‘one third’ directly from the Tzadik, Haim. “So has it been seen by the Prophets of Israel” said the Tzadik and he confirmed its truth.

The many Prophetic Signs received of the Fourth Generation confirm the terrible decrees that will fall upon the world, especially in that second period. The Fourth G. is unlike any other. It is, so to speak, the Day of Judgement, not only for the present, but for family lines of the past. Not that fathers are blamed for sons or sons for fathers, but each person has a long line himself, because the souls of all people were already in the world many times. It is thus the ‘general’ day of judgement for each soul, past and present, each soul waiting the decree of judgement, to know if its ‘line’ is desired for the FR or not. There are thus entire family-lines that will be destroyed and entire family-lines that will be redeemed. No similar judgement has ever been upon the world such as this nor will there be again after the FG.

Step 30 - Ours is only to try, first of all, to walk as just men and women who live in their faith before God Almighty. After this, ours is to try to be good little Animals and to prepare the means for extending the Great New Message of the Final Goel, Haim, hoping innocently that the whole world will hear, understand, correct and return to the Lord, God, King of the Universe. The Great New Message speaks only the truth and it represents the New Justice desired by God. May that the whole world change its attitudes and desire for itself the New Heart of the FNP and be redeemed, they and with them their future generations, in the light of the Great Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim who has been chosen by EHEYE ASHER EHEYE to teach those who desire to serve the Lord, our God, the beloved ways of truth and justice. Amen, and so may it be.