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Sefer Mishnat Haim

Petal 2 - Sefer Ha-Hhok Ha-Hhadash (The Book of the New Law of the Third and Final Redemption -

TABLETS of the NEW LAW - November 8, 1996


Tablet 1 - TABLE of FAITH -- general, Jews, Moslems, Christians etc.

Step 1 - In formulating the laws of faith for the New Pact of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Final Goel, Haim, born in Saana Yemen *, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his life-time, the chosen Judge Resurrected into the New Prophesied Kingdom of Heaven, we are indeed in a new realm, unknown in the past, even though the knowledge of the true faith in God is as old as our first father Adam **. Has the true faith, then not been explained before? Was it not explained by the Sages of Israel in the Mishnah and in the Talmud? Is the faith not itself explained in the Torah and in Prophets?

** Tastes of Life: Without diminishing anything of the true Tradition of Israel and of the many particular traditions that have developed throughout the centuries, Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Italian etc. etc., I believe that the Yemenite tradition in the pure faith of the Torah, the faith lived and breathed by the Yemenite Jews for over 26 centuries in Yemen, contains a certain level of superiority compared to the other traditions of exile Judaism.

“Even Ben Gurion” the Tzadik Haim would say. “when he had the Yemenite Jews transferred to Israel in operation ‘al canfei nesharim’ (On the wings of Eagles) believed that the Yemenite Jews were the purest and truest Jews of tradition, maintaining their Torah and derech eretz unaltered from antiquity.

I have had the great privilege to be introduced into the Yemenite tradition by the Tzadik Ha-Kadosh Ha-Nistar, Haim. The Tzadik Haim taught the true reason of such a merit. For if it is true that the Yemenite tradition possesses a particular superiority in respect to the other Jewish traditions, there must be a reason for having earned such a merit from before the Holy One, Blessed is He. The reason goes back to the time of the great and holy Prophet, Jeremiah who for twenty years prophesied to Israel before the destruction of the First Temple. He warned them to repent and when they did not repent he warned them with prophecies of that oncoming destruction.

Of those who heard his prophecies, there were only 80 men at Jerusalem, talmidei hhachamim, sages in the Torah and tradition, able to distinguish the truth of Jeremiah’s prophecies. They came before the Prophet (perhaps some 15 years before the destruction) and they took council with him as to what they must do, for it had been said in prophecy that it was better to leave Jerusalem than to remain. With the blessing and advice of Jeremiah, these 80 sages gathered together their families and their possessions and set out southward. When they finally arrived at Gebel Innegum (Mountain of the Stars) in Yemen, they received clear signs that they should settle in Yemen.

The rest of all Israel, not having obeyed the Prophet’s warnings underwent the battles and finally the destruction and exile. A great deal of the antique tradition was lost in the terrible confusion of those events. It must be understood that tradition is not simply the number of texts held in custody. It is the living tradition in the light of the sanctity and of the holy Shechina Divine Presence. Only in those 80 sages and their families at that time was there the Presence of God manifest in their spirit and their whole being. Only in them the tradition went on unbroken, the tradition of the Great Faith of Moses, our teacher, and the tradition of Elijah, the Prophet, of blessed mentioning.

Throughout the ages, the Yemenites have lived in their faith and have seen great miracles of God. Certainly there had to be a remnant of the true antique tradition for the sake of all Israel. All this was taught to me at length by the Tzadik, Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. How much more so is this corroborated by the fact the Tzadik, Haim, son of that tradition, after his last suffering, was chosen by God Almighty as the Final Redeemer of all Israel and of the world. Not someone of any other tradition was chosen.

So too is it demonstrated by the great war against the false tradition of the Zohar and kabbalists of the Hhacham Yihhye Ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh from Saana, Yemen. As the Redemption proceeds, it will become understood that the truest tradition concerning the pure faith came out of Yemen, more specifically Saana, Yemen, also for the sake of correcting the errors of the false tradition.

So too the highest ‘secret tradition’ was in Saana Yemen, the chosen Tzadik Haim having received the Hidden Tradition of the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim from his father Mosheh, zecher tzadik le-bracha.

**. To speak of a ‘new’ faith would seem to be a contradiction in terms. The fact is, however, that the term ‘faith’ includes many things. When we speak of the ‘doctrinal’ faith, meaning the pure monotheistic faith, there is no other ‘doctrine’ outside of the Second Commandment. No true theology exists if it is not based on the faith in the absolute Oneness of God as commanded in the Second Commandment. God is One. He is the Creator of all that exists. All service to God must be to the One and only Creator of the universe. The Creator, Blessed is He, has no associates in the act of creation. He by Himself created all and all exists by reason of His will. This is the only true faith and no other faith is true. Nor is the Second Commandment for the people of Israel only, although it was highly sanctified as a commandment to Israel at Sinai. The essence of the commandment of the true, pure, monotheistic faith, however, was part of the 7 commandments to the children of Noah.(see Table- 7 Comm. Children of Noah).

As known in tradition, great confusion came into the world concerning the Creator at the time of Enosh the son of Seth, son of Adam and Eve. Their confusion was not as to belief in God, the Unique Creator of the universe but as to the object of their service. They believed that the One Creator of the universe was so far above the creations that it was impossible to be in a relationship with Him. Thus He created the stars as His visible governors over the world; it was therefore proper to recognise the Higher Unique Creator but to give honour and service and prayer to the Great Governors which He had given them etc.

This is the root of all idolatry, the disassociation of one’s service from God, Creator of all, to something or someone else. The origin of this disassociation was at Enosh’s time and it is called the father of idolatry or the ‘sin of the fathers’ of the Second Commandment. Indeed all the future idolatry in the world had its roots in this error. (see Five Tablets of the Pact). At the time of Alexander the Great, this error was formalised into a metaphysical doctrine by Aristotle. Christianity crystallised the error in the doctrine of the Son of God: God the Father was too far away; you needed the Son who had taken on human form and was thus closer to people and to him was it desired also by his Father that all service be given. This, however, is in direct contradiction with ‘And My Glory shall I not give to another’ etc. Later on this same error was astutely enmeshed into the doctrine of the Five Partzufim and the Ten Emanated Sefirot of the Sefer ha-Zohar. The EIN SOF or Infinite One is totally above the reach of the creations and therefore It hid Itself allowing for myriad emanations to evolve downwardly until was formed the Cosmic-Man-God ZEIR ANPIN, the Divine Son of PARTZUF ABA (FATHER) and of PARTZUF EMA (MOTHER) to which all prayers, service and mitzvot must be intentioned. This is the false tradition unfortunately incorporated into the Judaism of the past 400 years, as explained at length in Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem (see Five Tablets of the Pact).

Another great source of confusion

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: (dream 79) - Giordano dreamed (Nov. 2, 1985 - Milan) that the pupils of the Teacher Haim were standing somewhere outside, close to a large gate. On the other side of the gate, extremely tall, surrounded by an ‘incredible cloud’ was the Tzadik Haim. Giordano, through the bars of the gate, held fast to the legs of the Teacher. The Tzadik announced, “Tell them that I am the Tzadik who is incarnated three times”.

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: - Adam dreamed (July 18, 1987 - Milan) the Tzadik Haim who said to Peretz, “Peretz!” (he arose to his feet immediately) “Who am I?” Peretz answered, “The Tzadik Haim is the Goel, even if only a few know it as yet”. -

Step 2 - The world, however, is now found in the end-period of the 4000 year cycle of the Star of Abraham, our father, father of the pure monotheistic faith, inherited by Israel and much later on in history by Islam. Abraham, our father, however, is not only the father of Israel or the father of Ishmael, but the chosen father of a multitude of nations as well, nations which are destined to return to or to come under that same pure faith in God, received and taught by Abraham. And yet, at this time, in this famous Fourth Generation of the Great and Swift World Changes, the world, it seems, is on the very opposite extremity compared to the prophesied Redemption era in which ‘All will know Me, from the greatest to the smallest’ etc.

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: - Adam dreamed (Jan. 6, 1990 - Bersheva) that he saw the Tzadik Haim who was together with a massive crowd composed of people of all kinds and all races. The Tzadik Haim, with extreme humbleness and immense love, embraced one by one, without distinction, each person of that enormous gathering which included very poor and humble folk, and said, “We are all of the same flesh”. *

* it seemed to Adam that this took place in South America, although, in essence, this is irrelevant. This affirmation “We are all of the same flesh” represents the Central Pillar of the Teachings of the Final Goel Haim.

Step 3 - If we speak of Judaism or Islam, it is one thing; if we speak of Christianity, it is another; and what of the other many nations of the world with religions even further away from the true faith than Christianity? At the time of the New Pact of the Final Redemption, the Gates are opened for the first time to explain the true faith to all the nations.

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: - Daniel dreamed (Oct. 27, 1993 - Sombrero) that he was in a large Roman type arena where the Ministers of the Nations were present; many wore military uniforms. Suddenly, from the top of the Arena, the High General of all the Ministers stood up to speak. He began: I have descended here in the world and I have seen that both the Israelis and the Arabs have, in the interior of their hearts, the clean faith in God. -In that moment there was absolute silence in the Arena. The General continued: Yes, it is true. In the world both the Israelis and the Arabs have, with respect to the other nations, a higher interiority due to the faith in their heart. When they pray, they call to God and God is with them and inside their hearts. When they pray, their souls ascend to the heavens and praise God. Look at the Moslems, for example, when they pray to Allah, how they stimulate a feeling of the fear of God around themselves. It is true, they also have many defects, but when they pray to Allah, they themselves do not know how much they are loved. - In that moment, a strong fear of God fell over all the Ministers of the nations. Again the General took up: Instead, I have seen in Christianity an enormous superficiality in the faith and in the way Christians judge Israelis and Arabs. - The General stopped speaking. Many Ministers were frightened and whispered consultations among them were heard. Then the Minister ‘defence lawyer’ of Christianity, dressed in black garments all worn and torn, took up the discourse, saying: Why is it said that we have a superficial faith? We teach love for one’s neighbour, charity, the faith in Saints and in God; the Israelis and Arabs, on the other hand, have great defects in their behaviour, and they believe themselves to be who knows what! In that moment Daniel had permission to speak. He interrupted the Minister of Christians, saying, “Be careful how you speak. You immediately turn to speaking about the defects of the others. Remember well what the General said. He said both Israelis and Arabs have a clean inner faith in their hearts; he didn’t speak about their various attitudes; who is there in the world that doesn’t make mistakes! You Christians, however, not only do you have defects as all the others, but the very faith in your heart is defective. You have never taken up profoundly your theology to see its errors; on the contrary, you have justified it.” - The Minister of Christians, flustered and angry, answered Daniel: How can you say this! We have had many miracles of the Virgin Mary; she has saved many people. Many saints are seen in dreams and dreams come by way of God. - Daniel interrupted him again, exclaiming, “This is idolatry! The Madonna is an impure spirit hated before Heaven.” The Minister, furious, said: Now I will call the Madonna, Mother of God, the Queen of the Heavens, and she will convince you that our faith is just. - The Minister then made a sign and the Madonna appeared in the Arena, all covered over (veiled). Daniel looked at her with hatred in his eyes. The Virgin Mary then stripped naked before all, assuming an aspect of the rock-star Madonna. At one side of the arena there was a painting picturing the Pope (Woitylla) who guided the Madonna, trying to have her do harm to Daniel. Daniel took hold of her and he violently trust her into a hole of a toilet and said, “May God curse you and destroy you in the excrement”. The Madonna was completely swallowed into the hole. - - - - and Daniel woke up from this extraordinary dream. -

BREAD OF THE DONKEY: In 2001, Giuseppe received an extremely important dream in which was present Mohamed himself. There was a room, rather dark, with many kinds of signs around, on the walls. There was a table on which were prayers used by Moslems, translated into French. The great Moslem Messenger was present and was astoundingly happy and enthusiastic about this Rug of Islam in the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. Also present were Peretz and Rav Raphael Peretz of Congregation Ahhidat Ahhim in Bersheva. With immense enthusiasm Mohamad distributed those prayers to other Moslems. - -

Until now (I'm revising here April 30, 2006) this is the only revelation of the Head of Islam. It is, however, enough, to confirm the Rug of Islam in the House of Prayer and to establish, especially for believing Moslems, the fact that Mohamed himself desires with great love this new unification in the House of Prayer in the Third and Final Redemption.

Step 4 - As in the upsurge of Islam, in lands where, for the most part, Arab peoples had for centuries practised idolatrous cults, the stellar moment of those peoples searched and found a perfection which they had not known before. The same was true in Christianity’s outspread, especially in its first 400 years, when the pagan religions of Greece and Rome no longer satisfied the spiritual needs of a higher morality and of a concentrated faith. The stellar moment sought its elevation and found a higher perfection in Christianity. So now the stellar moment of the 65 year period (from April 1983) of the Fourth Generation has opened its Gates to the desire of a higher perfection, previously unknown, and this opening is for all the nations. So has it been decreed above and so is it about to descend into the world during this Fourth Generation.

Step 5 - We are thus in a new historical position, as demonstrated clearly by the Completed Sign of the Stars. The entire world is in a state of renewal, now within the framework of the new stellar context of the Final Redemption. The New Messages of the Completed Signs are those of God Almighty, as the words received by Moses, our teacher, to write in the Holy Torah, and as the words of the Prophets of Israel sent by God to His Prophets to awaken Israel to its errors and to explain what the Lord, our God, desires of His people and eventually of all peoples. We are now, for merit of the Final Goel Haim, in the new position of the New Brit in which the truth of the ancient Pacts is finalised and the fulfilment of the true faith comes exclusively through this new revelation, as it states:

Behold, days are coming, saith the Lord when I will make with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah a new covenant; not like the covenant that I made with their fathers on the day that I took hold of them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; for they have broken My covenant, although I was become their husband, saith the Lord. But this is the covenant that I shall make with the house of Israel, after those days, saith the Lord, I will place My law in their inward parts, and upon their heart will I write it; and I shall be unto them for a God, and they shall be unto Me for a people. And they shall not teach anymore every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying: Know the Lord, for they all shall know Me, from the least of them even unto their greatest ones, saith the Lord, for I will forgive their iniquity and their sin will I not remember anymore. Thus hath said the Lord, who bestoweth the sun for a light by day, the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, who stirreth up the sea that its waves roar - The Lord of Hosts is His name: If these ordinances ever depart from before Me, saith the Lord, then also shall the seed of Israel cease from being a nation before Me during all time.

Step 6 - If the New Pact here in Jeremiah makes particular reference to the House of Judah and the House of Israel, there is another prophecy which extends the New Messianic and Redemptional Revelation until the extremities of the world as a Great New Light unto the nations, as it states in Isaiah 49, 5-6:

And now the Lord who formed me in the womb to be His servant, to bring Jacob back to Him, that Israel should be gathered to Him, now the Lord calls me again: it is too slight a task for you, as my servant, to restore the tribes of Jacob, to bring back the descendants of Israel: I will make you a light to the nations, to be My salvation to earth’s farthest bounds.

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: (dream 455) - Deborah dreamed (Jan. 14, 1989 - Milan) the Prophet Jeremiah who announced things to the people; the people laughed at his words. The Prophet said, “Whoever does not believe in the words that God has sent me to say for you will die for having made fun of me because I carry the word of God”. After this, Deborah saw that she was announcing to people as did the Prophet seen in the dream, but now she was announcing the prophecies of the Fourth Generation. Also she repeated the words of the Prophet against those who made fun of her words. -

The bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: (dream 482) - Deborah dreamed (Feb. 2, 1989 -Milan) that she saw the Prophet Isaiah who said, The first commandment is ‘the just man lives in his faith’ (Habakuk) not only for the just but also for the simple person. A woman hearing this said, “It is not true; the commandments are only for the just” The Prophet Isaiah, of blessed memory, repeated that they were also for the simple person. -

Step 7 - We, however, are not the bringers of a new religion. We received a sign.

It happened sometime in 1987 that Claudio (Deborah’s brother), having had to write a paper for school on ‘religion’ and having chosen to write about the Final New Pact. brought his report to the Cemetery (where we were gathered) to read it before the grave of the Tzadik Haim. In his report there was a reference to the New Pact as a New Religion. I was bothered by this expression and I concentrated on receiving a message from the Tzadik. This is what I perceived: The New Pact is not a new religion but a new way of life and of all that which concerns life.

Step 8 - This message is in perfect harmony with the New Spirit of the New Pact of the Final Redemption which teaches the true nature of the many aspects of life. It teaches one to appreciate with faith, humility and wisdom the many God given gifts that each person possesses. It teaches extensively the concept ‘and the just man lives in his faith’.

Step 9 - What is the new way of life and of all that which pertains to life? For sure we are not speaking of a change in faith, nor are we speaking of any contrast to the Holy Torah or to the tradition of Israel. Our faith is in and of the Holy Torah and in the words of the Prophets of Israel and in the oral tradition of the Sages, of blessed memory. So too are the thirteen principles of faith of the Rambam, peace be with him, faith to us. The answer is that the New Way of Life is that which comes about through living in the faith of and within the framework of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Goel, Haim.

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: - Giordano Levi dreamed (Shavuot - June 1984 - - Milan) that the pupils were seated at a table. Peretz was speaking about the Clouds of Glory that accompanied the children of Israel in the desert for forty years. As he spoke, there was a Miraculous Cloud present. Giordano was filled with fear. -

Step 10 - Living in the light and guidance of the Completed Signs is equal to the children of Israel’s living in the light and guidance of the Clouds of Glory. Those holy and marvellous clouds helped all Israel and each Jew in the desert for forty years, straightening the way before them and permeating their existence with holiness and higher thoughts. Each person walked in the light of perfecting every aspect of one’s life. The marvellous cloud of God’s glory on each person helped him or her to listen to, to feel and to see the works of the Almighty and to live constantly with the guiding spirit that He sends to aid those who cling to Him with fear and with love and who walk in the commandments loved by Him.

Step 11 - He who said ‘I am the Lord, your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage’ walked with the children of Israel for 40 years in the desert, close to them, in contact with them, by way of the marvellous clouds of His glory. Not philosophy or words or ideas but His living presence guiding each person in the form of the Clouds of Glory, visible and felt and prophetic in essence. Such was the manner and form of the Guiding Presence of the Living God of Israel and the loving God of all humanity.

Step 12 - The Completed Signs of the Final Redemption contain the power of the original Clouds of Glory and they come to bestow the same marvellous kind of life in the living guidance of God Almighty. They are the great gift to the mankind of the Final Redemption when each person will come to know the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. The principle manner of the revelation of the Completed Signs is through prophetic dreams. These are the ‘redemptional’ dreams and prophetic visions prophesied in Joel:

There after the day shall come

when I shall pour out my spirit on all mankind;

your sons and daughters shall prophesy,

your old men shall dream dreams

and your young men see visions:

Step 13 - The Completed Signs of the Final Redemption are not outside of the Holy Torah nor are they outside of all Jewish Tradition and, nevertheless, they are Universal Signs, intended for and receivable by all, whether Moslem or Jewish or coming from Christianity or coming from Buddhism or from any other religion or coming from no religion. All can receive Signs if they are humble and they walk in the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham. They must, of course, believe in the Completed Signs and in the Mission of the Final Goel, Haim, resurrected into the New Kingdom of Heaven.

Step 14 - Jews must, of course, remain Jews. Moslems will justly remain Moslems. Christians may not remain in traditional Christianity. They must believe in the New Message of the Final Redemption concerning the Historic Mission of the Sacrificed Ram. The Completed Signs of the Final Redemption correct and complete the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs received by traditional Christianity after they were known and held secretly in the School of the Essenes and were brought outside by John the Baptist and by Jesus of Nazareth. All those coming from Christianity may enter into the Final New Pact * of the Third and Final Redemption on the Altar of Malchitzedek.

* see below Gno. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 on Renewed Universal Pact

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: - 149 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed (Nov. 22, 1986 - Milan) that she was in a large and luminous Catholic church, filled with people. No one listened to the Priest when he spoke, however, and each person did something different. A Deacon read from the Gospels with mistaken accents, points and commas. The expressions remembered from his reading were ‘The Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven’ and the ‘Signs of the Donkey’. Anna understood that those were the Incomplete Signs that had reached the Catholic Church. Later Anna tried to speak to a priest about this fact but he tried to avoid the question. In the end he admitted only that the Sign of the Kingdom and the Sign of the Donkey had been received by them. Anna understood and was joyous because Christians would be able to be saved through the Completed Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Donkey who eats Bread, having previously received the Incomplete Signs in the Gospels of the Kingdom and of the Ass ridden on by Jesus. Anna danced and jumped for the unrestrainable joy that she felt. - *

* note - the first part describes the general situation that exists between the Catholic Priesthood and the public- the second part explains that the non-comprehension between the Catholic Priesthood and public can be overcome only by way of the Completed Signs -

Step 15 - Every form of idolatry will impede a person from receiving and certainly from entering the Final New Pact and from being under and part of the Completed Signs. All those who love money more than the Completed Signs will be impeded. All those who are not humble and who do not practice derech eretz with all people, using the proper manners and the correct behaviour and with a good heart will be impeded from entering the Completed Signs. All those who do not hold respect for the Jewish people will not be allowed to come in.

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: 531 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 27, 1989 - Milan) that he was at School in a class of about 30 pupils. The teacher interrogated a certain pupil named Galasso. In one of his answers, this Galasso began to say things against the Jews. Giuseppe rose to his feet and had Galasso repeat his words about the Jews. Then Giuseppe said, “It is time that this story finish! Enough! Now the time has come in which the person who curses the Jews will be cursed”.

Step 16- All those who belong to other religions which are, in terms of idolatry, even further away from the true tradition than Christianity, after knowing and believing in all the principles of the New Pact of the Final Redemption, may enter the Completed Signs by way of the Altar of the Malchitzedek (Altar of the Nations for females). Once they are in the true faith they are considered the Descendants of Malchitzedek, as received by us in a Sign that ‘all those who do not have the force or the desire to ascend to the Altar of Ephraim are considered the descendants of Malchitzedek.

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: - 821 - Deborah dreamed (Nov. 1992 - Sombrero) that two women had both just given birth to a son. One of the woman cried desperately, saying that the child before her was black, small and without life. The other woman said to her, “Do not cry, your son is this one, the live one. The dead one is mine; he died because I must have a child later on, not now”. - Then Deborah saw that Peretz and Paolo were in the School. The School was similar to a large, circular market. A man showed a red textile to Deborah. Deborah said that she wouldn’t buy it now but later on. Then Peretz, Paolo, Deborah and that man went outside in the garden; it was night and the stars shone. The man said to Peretz, “I am Malchitzedek e I have come to say that I will have no descendants afterwards”. Peretz answered, “No, the world cannot be of only Jews; that would have no sense. Not everybody will become Jewish; there will be three categories: Jews, Ephraim and those who have not the force to become Jews; these latter will be your descendants.- - *

* these correspond to the Three Altars: Judah, Ephraim and Malchitzedek -

Step 17 - This is true not only of those coming in from Christianity but from all peoples and religions. Their place in the House of Prayer is on the Altar of Malchitzedek. For aside from the many peoples who have been brought into the faith of Islam which has its place on the Rug of Islam in the Final House of Prayer, many of the other nations have come under Christianity. And those who have not become Moslem or Christians generally have no knowledge of the revelation at Sinai and of the historic mission of Israel etc. Therefore those entering from outside of Islam and outside of Christianity must bind themselves to the Final New Pact of the Final Redemption on the Altar of Malchitzedek.

Step 18 - Those of the Altar of Judah enter the New Pact of the Final Redemption in virtue of the prophesied brit ha-hhadasha of Jeremy 31. The Final New Pact of the Altar of Malchitzedek is the Altar for ex-Christians who were either bound to the Christian New Testament previously or for those who were not bound to any Pact. Therefore the Pact here is also called the ‘Renewed Universal Pact’ because it completes their transition. Those of other religions who were in a state of ‘Pact’ with the ‘god’ of their religion need the same Renewed Universal Pact for the sake of their total renewal. Those who were not bound to any Pact cannot simply enter the New Pact by virtue of the prophecy of Jeremy or by virtue of the Jewish tradition because they were not bound to any tradition. They enter the New Pact by way of the Renewed Universal Pact on the Altar of Malchitzedek.

Step 19 - Those of the Altar of Ephraim are the lost sheep of the house of Israel who have returned to the Torah and to the tradition of Israel by way of the New Law of the New Pact of the Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. All those of the Altar of Ephraim, unless they were born of parents already part of the Altar of Ephraim, were previously part of the Altar of Malchitzedek. After their conversion and ascent to the Altar of Ephraim, they are bound to the New Pact by the tradition of Israel, as those of the Altar of Judah (there are, nevertheless, some differences concerning the level of Sanctity). For they were Jews who were lost to their own tradition but they have returned to the tradition of Israel, as it states ‘and the children will return onto their confines’.

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: Giuseppe dreamed ((July 24, 1988 - Milan) that he was on a beach. Peretz, with a grey and black tunic and the Sceptre of the Donkey, walked around amidst the people. Then he saw all the pupils on a boat. Many people arrived; they were almost all Jewish. After this, now all back on the beach, Paolo took to singing in Hebrew ‘Hhanukat Ha-Hhanukot’. There were many Jews on the beach who followed Paolo and sang with him, making a beautiful chorus. After this, Giuseppe looked at the sun and thought, “This is the Sign of the New Light for the Jews of the New Message”. Then Giuseppe was at home and at his house were many Jews. He said to them, “I am Christian, but I love the Jews and Israel. I hope one day to become Jewish as you, because my soul is of a Jewish root. I am a lost sheep of the house of Israel. Do you know who the lost sheep of the flock are?” He asked each one present but no one was able to answer. Giuseppe went on, “The lost sheep are the ten tribes of Israel dispersed. These have been assimilated into Christianity. We come to be saved by way of the New Pact sent by God, Blessed is He, who said, ‘I will make for the house of Israel and for the house of Judah a New Pact which will not be as the pact made with their fathers’. -

Step 20 - These are distinctions between the Altars of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption, but as far as faith is concerned there is no difference at all. * The Renewed Universal Pact is in essence only a term for the purpose explained but in truth it is an integral part of the Final New Pact of the Final Redemption. The only difference, in substance, between them is that those of the Altars of Ephraim and Judah are obligated in the commandments of the Torah whereas those of the Altar of Malchitzedek are obligated in the Seven Commandments of the sons of Noah as received by us for the New Pact. Therefore also those of the Altar of the Nations (Malchitzedek) must believe in the truth of the entire tradition of Israel.

* The Renewed Universal Pact came as a result of the Correction of Christianity of the first four years of the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread but it also contained the all important Renewal of the Ancient Pacts in the New Pact. It could not, however, properly take on the title of New Pact until the Sign of the Great Reform in Judaism had been received by us in Israel. It remains as a term only but there is no separate Renewed Universal Pact. We have the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption. The Documents containing this New Pact are three, the 41 blessings of Shemini Atzeret, the 50 blessings of the Pact of the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread and the 32 blessings of the Pact of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot.

Step 21 - Those who belong to the Rug of Islam in the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption must believe that it was Isaac, our father, and not Ishmael, father of the Arabs, who was taken to be slaughtered on the altar as commanded by God. Ishmael, the son of Abraham, received two great blessings from an angel of God as written in the Torah. It was this enormous blessing of God which greatly propagated the Arab peoples and which eventually, in the 6th century after the Christian era, brought the sons of Ishmael back into the true and pure monotheistic faith of Abraham by way of the expansion of Islam.

Step 22 - The three Patriarchs, however, are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The sons of Isaac, through Jacob, our father, received the particular blessing of God reserved for the children of Israel. It is they who were redeemed from Egypt by the strong hand of God and they who witnessed the opening of the Red Sea and they who received the Ten Commandments directly from God at Sinai and afterwards the entire Torah and the Oral Tradition from Moses, our teacher.

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: - 511 - Giuseppe dreamed (March 6, 1989 - Milan) that he saw Saeed; they were in a room; there was a book on a table; the book was open, showing three designs that represented the three Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Saeed said (in Arabic), “Abraham, Ishmael and the Donkey” (Ibrahim, Ismail wa-il-hhamir) . Giuseppe said that the third one is the Jacob of history. Saeed repeated the names but for the second Patriarch he said nothing. Giuseppe said to Saeed that the third is always the Jacob of history, but that in the design there was shown a half-donkey which progressively completed its form until it became a full-fledged donkey. Saeed confirmed this, saying, “The third is the donkey”. *

* see explanation in New Law – Message to Arabs - this is an extremely important message essential to Moslems for understanding the terms of the Final Redemption-

Step 23 - The tradition of the Torah concerning Ishmael is the true history of what happened. Isaac, our father, was taken to be sacrificed on the altar, upon God’s command. Ishmael, together with another youth of the house of Abraham, remained at a distance from Mount Moria and they did not see the entire happening. Nor did they know that Abraham had been commanded to sacrifice Isaac or that an angel of God stopped his knife from the slaughter or that a ram, in that moment, happened to get his horns caught in the thicket and was taken to be a holocaust in place of Isaac. *

* see Completed Signs: there are two dreams of Giuseppe which explain the question of the three Patriarchs to Muslims. -

The Bread of the Donkey dressed as a Lion: (dream 390) - Giuseppe dreamed (Oct. 25, 1988 - Milan) that he saw Saeed with the pupils of the House of Prayer. Saeed said, “We await a man who will give explanations to Jews, Christians and Moslems”. In the same room was the Tzadik Haim who was smiling. -

Step 24 - As Ishmael, so too Islam, could not see the chosen Binding of Isaac nor would it recognise the sacrificed Ram. Every word of the Holy Torah speaks prophetic truth. So too the separation of Ishmael from the house of Abraham, at the behest of Sarah, our mother, was a prophetic necessity of that moment which would become prophetic history upon the return, in the merit of Ishmael, son of Abraham, of the true monotheistic faith of Abraham in the form of the religion of Islam. In essence the prophesied separation was both geographic and religious.

Step 25 - To sum it up, the enigma of Isaac, perpetrated by God, Blessed is He, in the Divine Design of History, has not been understood by anyone. It was a closed book until the arrival of the Final Goel, Haim, and the descent of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption for the Great Congregation of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.